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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 264: Universally Shocking

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Chapter 264: Universally Shocking
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Mount Yunluo was bathed in the blood of the host of beast kings most likely killed therein. This explosive news would be definitely shocking once spread!

This shaking revelation was completely different from the earlier speculations. It seemed everyone was gravely mistaken.

Every race was dumbfounded. This was especially true for those overconfident races that were acting with arrogance previously. All of them were inflicted with a wave of cold from head to toe.

Many couldn’t believe this. Those with enmity towards Chu Feng, in particular, found this difficult to believe—their scalps had almost burst apart from the distress.

But those photos clearly displayed the truth.

Not only did the host of beast kings fail, but they also encountered a miserable fate!

A human wholly enshrouded in light had massacred the whole lot on his own. He was absolutely unstoppable; every punch he threw out blew the king level entities of Mount Yunluo into pieces.

He was like a deity who descended upon the earth!

Not to mention normal people, even those powerful king level entities felt a chill down their spine after seeing these pictures. They were infected by a certain feeling of helplessness.

It was a whole host of kings! But in the end, they were all killed by a single person. How terrifying was this?!

This god-like person was too terrifying. He was enshrouded in brilliant radiance and, like a demon, swept through the beast kings. No one could halt his advance!

The earlier statements from the beast race weren’t totally wrong. Those who went to Mount Yunluo did indeed meet a miserable end, that much was true. The victim, however, wasn’t Chu Feng, but instead the scheming host of beast kings!

That human was akin to a demonic god as he chased down the fleeing beast kings and reaped their lives as if he was mowing grass.

The satellites of the various nations had captured these images and recorded everything. Some of them could offer no resistance at all and were blown apart with a single fist!

Some bird kings spread their wings in hopes of flying away to safety, but the man leapt over a thousand meters into the air and bombarded it with his fist, sending blood spraying out in all directions.

These images stifled everyone!

Those insider beast race members stared at the circulating images and were all petrified. They couldn’t speak a single word for only deep fear remained in their hearts.

Who could resist such a powerful foe? None of them could muster up the courage to think about revenge because they were completely on different levels.

At the same time, they felt inwardly relieved that they didn’t go to Mount Yunluo at that time. Otherwise, they would’ve met the same inevitable fate.

They felt their hearts race as if they had gained a new lease on life.

A few prejudiced beast race members refused to accept this truth and headed to Mount Yunluo to investigate. They went completely pale after arriving and fell to the depths of despair.

King level blood dyed the whole place red while mountains and peaks had collapsed. Gigantic meter-wide crevices even covered the desolate earth.

Everyone was shaken after seeing the photos of the battlefield. The commotion even reached the West.

Is that Chu Feng?

The masses were guessing whether that god-like figure was Chu Feng because the host of beast kings had gone there to wait for Chu Feng’s arrival.

In the end, the hunters were all killed at Mount Yunluo. Could this mean that Chu Feng was behind all this?!

Both in reality and on the internet, debates and discussions endlessly broke out.

"Haha, this is awesome! I knew Immortal Chu wouldn’t die. I knew he’d come back with great momentum and kill all his enemies!"

The most delighted was the group of zealous youths who almost worshipped Chu Feng. Some of them felt their eyes redden when they heard of Chu Feng’s possible death.

Now, they were incomparably excited after hearing of this news.

"The virtuous are indeed rewarded. Chu Feng killed the Ashwolf, faced the Eastern Punitive Expedition, and lives up to his status as a mutant. It would be a great injustice if the heavens allowed him to die to those evil beast race schemes."

While some people were delighted and excited, there were also those who were frightened.

The few surviving beast kings who had made a move against Chu Feng in the past were all horrified.

And those agents from the major corporations who had once encircled Chu Feng felt their scalps go numb. They had a bad premonition.

"Perhaps he is alive but I refuse to believe the man at Mount Yunluo is Chu Feng. How is it possible for him to kill a whole group of beast kings at four severed shackles?"

Some people weren’t satisfied and believed that the god-like expert at Mount Yunluo wasn’t Chu Feng.

That man was completely enveloped by a divine radiance like a sun traversing the skies. In the end, no one was able to confirm his identity even after going through all the images.

"This shameless Demon King Chu must’ve acquired the aid of the Hollow Jade Temple master and killed all those beast kings. This is too despicable!"

Certain beast race members cried out in a rage. Their tribe’s king had also gone to Mount Yunluo to hunt Chu Feng but had died there in the end, sending the whole tribe into a panic.

But those voices were soon drowned out amidst the protest of the masses. These beast kings had schemed together and laid an ambush to kill Chu Feng. Who’s to blame now that they were all killed instead?

Not to mention the humans, even other beast race members were shaking their heads. There was no one to blame for the death of these beast kings. It could only be said that their skills were lacking!

Not all beasts races members were against the humans. Most of them were able to get along with each other in peace.

"Old ancestor, how could you die just like that?!"

"You’ve walked hundreds of years on the dao before becoming a king during the great upheavals. Now you’ve lost your life just like that."

Tribes in many different locations had fallen into a panic. Some were crying and some were so terrified that they couldn’t get through the day. Their remaining days were bound to be full of hardship after losing the protection of their tribal king.

Another upheaval was already brewing and when it does arrive, the resources will be decided by strength. Without a king level entity, their tribes were certain to fall behind the others.

It could be said that this battle had spelled the inevitable decline of several king level lineages.

Both the East and West were shaken. The effects of the battle at Mount Yunluo exceeded their expectations. It made global headlines on paper and even more so on the internet.

Was that man actually Chu Feng? This was a mystery yet to be confirmed.

The eyes of the whole world were on this character. Who was he really?

Although many were guessing him to be Chu Feng, they all felt it was somewhat unrealistic for his strength to increase so fast.

He still shouldn’t be a match for peerless experts even if he did sever his fifth shackle. This was what everyone was concerned about.

One would have reached a completely different level after severing his sixth shackle. The difference of a single shackle would allow him to look down on all other kings as those with five severed shackles could hardly resist the onslaught of a peerless expert.

This was common understanding.

It was definitely the truth until now. Even Yellow Ox had once warned him that they were no match for an expert with six severed shackles, and they could only run in the face of such an adversary.

The first five shackles belonged to a phase. From the sixth onwards, the cultivator would’ve entered a completely different stage. Between them was a large dividing range.

Although the black yak was powerful and ferocious, he was still no match for peerless experts after severing his fifth shackle.

But Chu Feng was different!

He had completely merged his spiritual energy with his physical body on the verge of death and therein found the secrets of this breathing technique. Furthermore, he had always depended on pollen and not divine fruits to evolve. This time, he had depended on his own strength to sever the fifth shackle, whereupon his combat strength broke through the suppression of this dividing breach to reach unprecedented levels!

Both humans and beasts were puzzled as to who this person actually was.

"I don’t believe it’s Chu Feng. I’m more willing to believe he’s the vicious man from the Roaming Jade Temple!" The Ashwolf Tribe was quite frightened at first, but after calming down, they felt it couldn’t be Chu Feng. How could the latter cross two levels in such a short time?

"I believe this new risen peerless expert is Chu Feng!" Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng spoke resolutely.

"That’s right, it’s definitely great Demon King Chu!" Ye Qingrou, Ouyang Qing and Du Huaijin’s group also chimed in. They even added a "great" before his title.

The world was abuzz with discussions.

Among them, certain corporations were holding emergency meetings to discuss their strategy. They were apprehensive of the potential danger!

"Old man, have you found out where the Ashwolf Tribe is? I have to go and settle the scores!" Chu Feng inquired.

"I’ve found them. They’re under the protection of the Peacock King and living at Mount Putuo," Lu Tong informed.

"What?! They’re actually there?!" Two beams of light erupted from Chu Feng’s frosty eyes.

Mount Putuo was one of the four famed Buddhist mountains. Known as the Buddhist Kingdom of the Sea or the Southern Sea Sacred Realm, it was one of the most important holy grounds of Buddhism!

Some time ago, it was said that Bodhi Biogenetics had captured that place and caused a great commotion. One had to know that it was a very difficult place to conquer.

But it was rumored back then that Bodhi was working together with certain beast races.

That indeed seemed to be the case. It was obvious that the Peacock Race and Bodhi Biogenetics, indeed, share a close relationship since the former was actually living there and even protecting the Ashwolf Tribe.

"If the Peacock King takes action, the Nine-life Cat and the Golden Crow will surely reinforce the cause. It’s no wonder they were able to take Mount Putuo," Chu Feng muttered.

Everyone was shocked when the unbelievable news came about that Bodhi Biogenetics had taken Mount Putuo.

But now it seemed rather reasonable considering they had a few peerless experts in addition to the manpower and heavy weaponry from Bodhi Biogenetics.

"I don’t care who they are. I’ll ascend Mount Putuo and settle this debt. Let’s see who can stop me!" A hundred-meter radius around Chu Feng was inundated in terrifying radiance as his killing intent raged.

"Don’t act recklessly!" Lu Tong warned.

"This Ashwolf tribe was announcing that they had also planned to kill my parents. What’s more, the Peacock King has really crossed the line this time. If he was there to simply kill me, I’ll naturally confront him in battle, but he had participated in the Mount Yunluo scheme to harm my parents and lure me into their trap. All these people will have to suffer the flames of my wrath!"

Chu Feng had decided to attack. His target, Mount Putuo!

He had to assume a strong stance. Even if it was the Peacock King himself that had touched his reverse scale, he would still kill his way to the end.

Only this way could he prove that his bottom line absolutely shouldn’t be touched.

Mount Putuo was located in the Zhousan Archipelago around Zhejiang.

Due to the appearance of folded spaces after the great upheaval, the distance between Hongdu City and Mount Putuo was roughly 7000 kilometers.

The distance between the two places had increased by several folds but this was nothing to Chu Feng.

He decided to act directly and rush towards the Zhousan Archipelago at five and a half times the speed of sound. If there really was something fishy going on there, he would fight to the death with the forces at Mount Putuo.

He could maintain this speed for roughly half an hour. He tore through the skies like a bolt of lightning and nothing could stop him. Everything he brushed past would immediately explode.

During the larger part of the journey, it could be said that he was crossing through the air. Every leap would take him over a kilometer as the air exploded behind him, truly a terrifying scene to behold.

Only after half an hour did he reduce his speed. His whole body was burning hot and his blood was boiling like a river. All his pores were releasing white steam.

At this time, he had already covered over 3000 kilometers.

"We refuse to believe that man is madman Chu. It’s still acceptable that he was able to escape the encirclement last time, but it’s delusional to think that he can kill a host of beast kings by himself. Who do you think he is? He doesn’t have this kind of strength. He couldn’t have become a peerless expert overnight!" The Ashwolf Tribe expressed their opinion, absolutely unaware that Chu Feng was already on his way to Mount Putuo.

Chu Feng proceeded at a slower pace to lower his body temperature.

He already knew that the Ashwolf Tribe was under the protection of the Peacock King, and as such, it wasn’t a surprise that they dared speak out. He smiled coldly—he would start his killing spree from this particular tribe under the Peacock King’s protection.

He proceeded steadily towards his destination, resting amply before raising his speed once again. Every step took him a few kilometers ahead as he crossed the skies at five times the speed of sound.

He had already entered the Zhejiang Region and was already headed towards the sea.

Another 3000 kilometers was covered in half an hour. Chu Feng was now closing in on his destination and the sea was becoming visible!

Finally, he stepped onto a piece of wood and began to cross the ocean waves!

His physical energy was fully released as he urged forward the wooden board beneath his feet. He steadily approached the Zhoushan Archipelago, his clothes fluttering amidst the wind and waves.

He had arrived at this destination!

He released his divine instinct after disembarking and focused his sight on the distant Mount Putuo.

"Eh?" Chu Feng soon found the Ashwolf tribe. They were located in the forest at the foot of the mountain instead of living on the mountain itself.

Chu Feng approached them slowly and circulated his breathing technique along the way, regulating his body temperature and recovering his essences to their peak.

By the time he arrived at the foot of the mountain and entered the Ashwolf lair, he was enveloped in a translucent radiance and glowing brilliantly.

"Who goes there?! You’re…"

The Ashwolf tribe members began to cry out in surprise after seeing Chu Feng and almost collapsed on the ground. Who did they just see? It was invariably, the great Demon King Chu!

They were discussing him just now. Who would’ve thought he would directly appear before them?!

The Ashwolf tribe was alarmed. Many gigantic wolves appeared in succession. They were as large as small hills and emanating an aura of terror and resentment—the man who had killed their king was standing before them.

"You lot want to touch my parents, I heard?" Chu Feng coldly asked.

"Chu Feng, don’t act rashly. It’s all a misunderstanding," an elderly wolf said in a trembling voice.

"There’s nothing to misunderstand!" Chu Feng replied.

"Chu Feng, you have to know that we’re under the protection of the Peacock King. You’ve already committed an offense by barging into this place. You’ll invite mortal disaster upon yourself if you cross the line by killing us!"

Chu Feng spoke in a profound voice, "The Peacock King’s protection?! I still have to go up the mountain to settle some scores with him! You guys are only the beginning, some accomplices of his that I decided to eliminate out of convenience. The Peacock Tribe and many others will suffer my wrath today!"


The next moment, Chu Feng erupted with resplendent radiance like a raging sun and was enveloped by divine splendor.

"It’s you. You’re the one who killed the host of beast kings at Mount Yunluo!" the wolves cried out in terror and were thoroughly cowed.

The characteristics were simply too obvious. His whole body was shining with great resplendence like the sun. There was no doubt that he was the peerless expert being discussed by the masses.


With a wave of his hand, several gigantic wolves with bloody jaws were sent flying before breaking into pieces mid-air.

He could send these thousand kilogram wolves flying with a few casual slaps, painting the forest red with their blood.

"The one who killed the host of beast kings at Mount Yunluo is Demon King Chu!" The Ashwolf Tribe hoped to seek external reinforcements. They posted several blurry pictures and attached to them were their last words, "Sire Peacock King, please save us or avenge us!"

With their inferior status, they were completely unqualified to know that the Peacock King had actually gone to Mount Yunluo before and had retreated without a battle.

These photos began to circulate in the outside world and caused great waves among the people.

They found that the man within the photo was brilliant like the blazing sun and enshrouded in divine splendor. He was definitely the peerless expert from Mount Yunluo!

"Oh god, it’s really Chu Feng. The Ashwolf Tribe is being ravaged!"

People finally knew who the mass killer was and were all shaken. The Ashwolf Tribe had encountered a great calamity as Chu Feng arrived to settle the scores and was only able to release this news before their swift demise.

This shocked the entire world!
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