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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 263: Outrageous Mistake

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Chapter 263: Outrageous Mistake

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"Ah, what a shock. What’s the situation with the great battle at Mount Yunluo? No one can get close with the army blockading the whole area, their fierce-looking mutant corps surging with killing intent!"

"I also heard rumors that a certain major character had died there and that the army is out for revenge!"

The news spread like wildfire and caused quite a commotion.

Who was it that died? What could cause the army to mobilize with such momentum? Many people guessing. They had gone through a whole list of major characters.

"It’s too shocking. It’s been said that lasers and missiles filled the sky that day and completely annihilated Mount Yunluo!"

"It’s truly a shocking battle! The infuriated government seemed to have made their move on a certain beast king."

A certain person wanted to confirm this, but failing to get close, he turned to the town a few kilometers away. Interviewing the residents confirmed that there had indeed been a battle involving large-scale artillery bombardments.

A few townspeople witnessed the mountain being destroyed amidst a torrent of blinding lights.

Everyone, within the nation and outwith, was greatly alarmed.

At the moment, only the first-rate organizations and the higher-ups of major nations were aware of the details as the satellites afforded them first-hand images of the battle. Meanwhile, all sorts of theories and debates were taking place among the unknowing civilians. The commotion was like a huge tidal wave.

Suddenly, everyone seemed to have a different theory. Some people guessed that the Master of the Hollow Jade Temple had died in battle!

That was likely because the mobilized mutants corps mostly belonged to the Hollow Jade Temple. It was obvious that the incident was closely related to them.

Some said that the Wudang Grandmaster was assassinated by a coalition of marine race experts and that Mount Yunluo was stained with his blood. It was truly heartbreaking.

Too many different notions had sprung up due to the lack of detailed information.

The numerous rumors all had something in common. They all stated that a major human character had suffered badly, causing them to utilize large-scale weaponry in retaliation.

"This is really stifling! Just who was it that encountered misfortune?"

Everyone wanted to know but no one was able to find out the details.

While the people were engaged in guesswork, some of the beast race members began to sneer because most of them had more or less heard about certain things. Many beast kings were headed out to kill Chu Feng and their target was Mount Yunluo!

Only a select few were privy to this information because they had to keep it confidential.

Those of the beast race who knew about it were laughing after hearing the recent news. They felt that the humans were retaliating with large-scale weaponry because the scheme to kill Chu Feng had succeeded.

But what if they did use laser weapons? All beast kings possess keen divine instincts that would allow them to evade in advance!

"Ha, these ignorant humans are all babbling nonsense!"

A beast race member stood out to express his opinion with a mocking tone.

Some scions of beast king tribes began to join the discussions. They were clearly aware of the situation after hearing of it from their tribes.

There was no longer a need to keep the scheme confidential since the outcome had already been decided.

Some of them wanted to show off. They felt somewhat proud of being the only ones clear about the situation.

"What actually is it all about? Tell us if you know!" Many people eagerly questioned.

"There’s no harm in telling you all. Demon King Chu has been killed by a host of beast kings at Mount Yunluo. The lockdown at the Mount Yunluo area is related to his death and has nothing to do with the other people."

A beast race member couldn’t resist revealing the "truth".

This undoubtedly explosive news stunned almost everyone. The expert who had died at Mount Yunluo was actually Chu Feng!

He hadn’t revealed himself since killing ten kings in one night as if he had completely vanished. Many people had been searching for him during this time; how did he suddenly die at Mount Yunluo?

Some suspected that he had died from his wounds after the great battle that night. Some thought that he had encountered a mishap because he hadn’t shown himself at all since then.

But no one had expected that it was only now that he had truly died.

"Who can tell me how Chu Feng died at Mount Yunluo?"

Great tidal waves were suddenly stirred.

Even those from abroad were quite shocked. Chu Feng had gained a fair bit of fame in the West after the Vatican incident and the battle of Mount Kunlun.

His death naturally caused a great commotion.

"Chu Feng has died? Impossible, I refuse to believe he was really killed by the beast race!"

Chu Feng had certainly gained a fair bit of popularity after the baptism of many a great battle. Many people sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t encounter any mishaps but were overwhelmed after hearing this news.

"He was a person who had killed ten kings in one night—his accomplishments are nothing short of glorious! He should be returning with great momentum after a full recovery. How could he die just like that?!"

Some people found it difficult to believe. Some of the youths who favored Chu Feng found their eyes turning red; the news was indeed depressing.

Some of the beast race members became increasingly confident. They pretended to be calm and collected as if they had already expected the outcome.

Many people couldn’t help but ask them about the details. Only then did some of the beast race members slowly reveal the information.

"Let me tell you the truth. Chu Feng died quite miserably. It could even be said that he had delivered himself up on a silver platter. Needless to say, he was killed by a mob of beast kings!"

Many found it difficult to believe this startling piece of information.

"Nonsense! You beast race members must have arranged all of this beforehand. I don’t think it's even certain if Chu Feng is dead or alive!"

"Why would he deliver himself up to be killed? You’re just trying to sully him!"

The human crowd was furious.

The "knowledgeable" few from among the beast race were relatively unperturbed. They only sneered and proceeded to pick at their scabs by telling them the "truth".

"In truth, the whole incident at Mount Yunluo was pre-orchestrated in order to kill Chu Feng. Making the first move on his parents…" The people were sent into an uproar when the truth was explained.

"How despicable! You lot would resort to such treachery in order to kill Chu Feng!"

The beast race forum was almost bursting at the seams with the indignant condemnations of countless people.

The masses were similarly furious in reality. Mount Yunluo was actually a trap laid out especially for Chu Feng.

A beast race member taunted, "It can only be said that he himself was to blame for all of this. Who does he think he is? He wanted to seek revenge under the delusion that he could conquer the mountain and destroy their stronghold but instead paid with his life. It’s quite laughable. Does he think he’s unrivaled under the skies?!"

These words invited great resentment from the humans who were all seething with fury. It was too excessive of them to mock Chu Feng after he had already died.

"Ha, what’s even funnier is that you deluded humans wanted to use large-scale artillery to kill the host of beast kings in order to avenge Chu Feng. Don’t they know that it’s completely useless when the beast kings can sense danger with their divine instinct? What a stupid waste of ammunition!"

The people were all riled up and wanted to immediately declare war on the beast races. They kept making cynical remarks even after harming Chu Feng.

People like the Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Ye Qingrou couldn’t believe this. They immediately went to Lu Tong for some answers and were absolutely shocked.

"How could it be? Don’t tell me he didn’t make it?" Beast race members like Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng were astonished. The emotions in their hearts were difficult to clarify.

"Oh? So this so-called Demon King Chu doesn’t amount to much after all. We thought that our marine race might have to lend a hand in order to kill him. Unexpectedly, his head had been claimed so quickly."

The outside world was boiling over with countless quarrels and jeers.

The subject of all this attention, Chu Feng, was still at Mount Yunluo. He was guarding the place until the laboratory personnel had finished moving away the king level corpses.

"Brat, you sure know how to stay composed. The whole world has almost flipped over with the commotion. Aren’t you going to reveal yourself yet?" Lu Tong asked.

Chu Feng calmly replied, "There’s no rush. I want to see who among them will step out and which corporation will try to add fuel to the fire or perhaps show signs of schadenfreude. That’ll make it easier for me to settle scores with them. I’m still undecided which of them to start from."

As time moved on, the ones who truly knew about the scheme at Mount Yunluo could no longer remain calm because they couldn’t get in touch with the participating beast kings!

A large number of king level entities headed towards Mount Yunluo, but unexpectedly, all of them were missing!

At their level, normal people could hardly enter their eyes. Only other king level entities could befriend them.

Now, these knowledgeable kings were all distressed because the group had vanished into thin air; all methods of communication had failed.

These kings had also wanted to go to Mount Yunluo previously but were unable to go in the end due to various reasons. But now… it seemed that something was off and even somewhat terrifying.

"Oh god, could it be completely different from what we were thinking?!"

These beast kings felt their scalps growing numb with the passage of time. They felt a chill climb up their spine.

They decided to dispatch agents to investigate further.

They weren’t the only ones with this thought. All the other organizations had also sensed that something was amiss, because although the satellite images weren’t released, the contents were already being discussed among the elites.

"Oh? There really are some people who don’t fear death. They dare come here to investigate?!"

Chu Feng raised his head within the ruined mountain woods as he sensed a king level entity in the distance.

He vanished with a flash and reappeared within the distant forest.

At that moment, a certain startled bird of prey immediately rushed towards the sky, climbing over a thousand meters in but a moment. The gigantic black bird measured 20 meters in wingspan. It was completely covered in sturdy metallic black feathers which shone lustrously like black gold.


A shadowy figure leapt off a mountain and chased it a thousand meters into the air. A punch was thrown out with a loud thud whereupon resplendent light burst out to cover a hundred meter radius.

Fresh blood spurt out as the bird king’s body was pierced through. It fell to the ground with a miserable cry.

Chu Feng hadn’t used all of his strength this time and left the bird with a sliver of life.

The falling bird king destroyed a huge patch of forest with a boom, its whole body stained with blood. It saw its assailant and was incomparably terrified.

"It's actually you! That means, they’ve… they’ve all been killed?" The bird king was frightened out of his wits after seeing Chu Feng alive. Did this mean that the other missing beast kings had all died?!

Its feathers stood on end due to the terror. Recalling the news spreading in the outside world, its heart was filled with one thought—the beast race was about to face a great calamity!

"Old man, weren’t you complaining about how I beat the other beast kings into pieces? I’ve caught one alive for you and it's still whole!" Chu Feng informed Lu Tong.

Lu Tong was dumbfounded after hearing this. Although he was quite delighted, he still wanted to say that this kid was simply too ferocious!

The knowledgeable insiders were all terrified when the bird king didn’t return after a long time. They felt their blood run cold, realizing that a major event was imminent.

It seemed that the optimistic guesses that their race members had made before the masses were about to be proven wrong. They had spoken quite a bit but now everything seemed ridiculous because the truth was certain to be cruel beyond compare.

"Oh god, don’t tell me all of those beast kings have died!"

They were all greatly alarmed despite being king level entities.

The ruckus was still continuing in the outside world. Those unknowing people could no longer be stopped.

For instance, the Peacock Tribe still hadn’t realized that the Peacock King had retreated without a battle. They were now laughing coldly. "Who can contend with us once our race’s king makes a move? It’s only natural that Chu Feng dies since the Peacock King had personally traveled south in order to kill him!"

They were still quite restrained in that matter and didn’t say much. The Ashwolf Tribe, however, was much more insolent, "Demon King Chu has finally died. This is such delightful news, haha…"

The race was quite unbridled. They indeed hated Chu Feng to the bone because he had killed their Ashwolf King.

"Oh, this well-planned trap was able to make Chu Feng deliver himself up. How clever! If not for this incident, our race was also planning to kill his parents, draw him out and then kill him!"

The Ashwolf Tribe was gloating on Chu Feng’s misfortune. They began to brag loudly after receiving news of Chu Feng’s death.

But just about then, the satellite images began to circulate over the internet.

The Ashwolf Tribe were immediately shut up. They felt greatly distressed after realizing that the situation was far from encouraging.

They weren't the only ones who turned silent as the satellite images were revealed one after another and toppled all the previous conjectures.

After the heavy weaponry had subsided, a man enshrouded in hazy light was massacring all the host of beast kings like a god. The scene was absolutely terrifying.


The whole world was shaken badly.

Was this the actual truth? Everyone was stunned.

Following that, several large trucks were seen leaving Mount Yunluo along with the special mutant corps. Only a ruined and bloodstained forest was left behind.

Many beast race members rushed over immediately to seek confirmation.

The ground was stained with blood and the whole mountain was ruined beyond recognition. There were bony fragments of the beast kings, bloodstained feathers of bird kings and even fragmented pieces of scales and horns.

"Oh god, the truth is too terrifying!"

The mutants and beasts kings scattered immediately.

The leaked satellite images caused a great commotion among the masses.

They all realized that their earlier guesses were wrong. They were outrageously mistaken!
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