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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 260: Indomitable

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Chapter 260: Indomitable

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"You dare touch the people under my protection, you’re looking to die!"

The three-eyed expert Qian Yue glared coldly. The vertical eye on his forehead was emitting a terrifying aura like a dormant dragon on the verge of awakening.

"Merely two human degenerates—I've already crippled them. What can you do about it? Besides, just what do you think you are?"

Chu Feng immediately rushed over. His fist was glowing with golden light—the air in the vicinity trembled and explosions rang out throughout the mountain woods—the energy fluctuations were truly terrifying.

Furthermore, his whole body was glowing with intense radiance. The 36,000 pores on his body were all spilling golden light. At this moment, he was like a golden sun crossing the skies, blinding and brilliant.

The marine race expert Qian Yue didn’t try to flee but instead burst forth with violet light.

"I should’ve been able to kill a bug like you with a single slap but I was careless and allowed you to become powerful. Since you’re able to threaten even peerless experts with six severed shackles, I’ll spare no effort to kill you today!"

Qian Yue grumbled before raising his head abruptly. His long violet hair danced behind him, and his handsome countenance stained with malicious killing intent. His eyes were cold and incisive while the vertical eye between his brows began to glow with divine light, adding to his mysterious temperament.

He was tall and straight. A single step seemingly caused the mountain woods below to move in reverse as if the earth below had shrunk to mere inches. He arrived in the blink of an eye to confront this human whom he didn’t admire.

But even so, he could no longer afford to take the other party lightly.


The two clashed together in a simple and direct blow. Neither dodged—both were of a mind to fight it out the hard way and find out who was the stronger of the two.

It was as if the sky had collapsed and the earth split open. Terrifying sounds rang out akin to ghosts wailing and deities sobbing.

The mountainous terrain collapsed amidst the blinding rays as incomparably terrifying energy flooded over the entirety of the mountain woods. Shrubbery, ancient trees and giant rocks alike dissolved akin to snow before the raging flames—ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

And thus the two experts clashed hundreds of times within the span of a single breath. This was likely the most intense contest of strength.

Chu Feng deployed the Xingyi Crane Form, the embodiment of grace and sharpness. He was enshrouded in brilliant divine light like a proud celestial crane spreading its wings in a frightening attack.


Chu Feng’s arms were like blades as he erupted with blazing radiance. Like a white crane unfolding its wings, he was surrounded by a frosty splendor which almost struck Qian Yue’s neck.

The attack, however, only managed to cut off a few strands of the opponent’s hair which rained down amidst strong winds. They exploded into fragments the moment they touched the ground, not unlike ashes in the wind.

Qian Yue was astonished. This human was indeed quite problematic—his physical attacks had actually reached such a terrifying level—he was truly a big enemy.

It further shocked him after sensing that this human had five small suns within his body generating a steady flow of glowing energy. The latter was only an expert with five severed shackles—someone who ought to be one whole level below him—but in truth, Chu Feng was able to fight on par with him.

Chu Feng’s posture shifted. He was no longer drifting elegantly but had become ferocious and violent like a primordial tiger coming into being.

The glow on his body was blinding and his attacks were lightning fast. His hands took on the tiger form and attacked swiftly and relentlessly. He made no sound but tiger roars were being emitted from his body.

This was the Xingyi Tiger Form. The ferocious aura of a primordial tiger erupted from his body as he moved his limbs. The image of a ferocious black tiger could be seen leaping through the starry sky seemingly about to extinguish the galaxy itself.


Firm and powerful energy rushed out along with Chu Feng’s attacks, causing the three-eyed marine race expert’s heart to race as he staggered back. He chose to evade Chu Feng’s relentless and tyrannical attacks.

"Damn, I let you create such a scene. If I’d known earlier, I would’ve come myself to flay you alive and pull out your tendons instead of asking the wounded Hei Long!"

Qian Yue’s cold voice was tainted with hints of regret. If he had made his move back then, he would’ve been able to directly kill this human.

Chu Feng’s expression sunk after hearing this. The whole incident infuriated him to no end—being chased by a flying saucer for no reason at all and then being attacked by Hei Teng—he had almost lost his life both times.

This three-eyed marine race expert was actually mentioning past incidences with such resentment. This made Chu Feng quite angry.

"Three-eyed monster, are you trying to remind me how you had offended me time and again?! You’re looking to die!" Chu Feng loudly shouted.

Cracking sounds rang out in succession as Chu Feng’s spine began to emanate explosive energy fluctuations like that of a dragon. It was as if a true dragon was sleeping within him.

His Xingyi Dragon Form had revealed itself. His body relaxed and the core of energy release was from his spine. A great hibernating dragon had revived, greatly increasing Chu Feng’s physical energy.

Chu Feng’s spine was comparable to a dragon while his claws were that of the tiger form. A dangerous aura pulsated around him as he went berserk.


Energy flowed from his radiant spine towards his left hand and formed a terrifying dragon head.

His right hand and body were still in the Xingyi Tiger Form!

The dragon and tiger forms had appeared at the same time in great harmony.

He made no sound but his body was emitting draconic chants and tiger roars which shook the whole mountain.

This was one of the ultimate moves from the Xingyi Twelve Fists—"Dragon and Tiger Contend for Hegemony"!

Thump! Thump! Thump…

The dragon form left hand and the tiger form right hand struck out in succession. Amidst the surging divine lights, one could clearly see a dragon rush out from Chu Feng’s left hand and a primordial tiger from his right. The scene was quite frightening.

The earth and sky were trembling under the terrifying explosions of energy.

Giant rocks thousands of kilograms in weight were sent spinning into the air before bursting into fragments.


Qian Yue was forced to defend passively against Chu Feng’s onslaught. He staggered back while coughing up blood.

He had been wounded. He was thoroughly suppressed under this Dragon and Tiger Contend For Hegemony and drowned under the brilliant radiance.


In the end, he was sent flying through the forest.

Chu Feng maintained a close pursuit. His feet kicked off the ground and rose high into the sky, soon appearing well over 500 meters away. He caught up with the marine race expert and once again launched a flurry of attacks.

"I’ve been restraining for too long. You should be the one to die!" said Qian Yue.


The vertical eye on his forehead opened and released a light so bright that it caused the sun and moon to dim in comparison. The red light was accompanied by auspicious violet clouds and dense killing intent as it flew towards Chu Feng.

The distance was too close to raise any form of effective defense—Chu Feng’s shoulder began to bleed as a terrifying wound appeared therein.


With a cold snort, golden light surged on Chu Feng’s body and erupted into an energy vortex which obstructed the purple rays.

"Die!" Qian Yue loudly shouted. Beams of light successively shot out, sweeping through everything with terrifying destructive power.


The two arrived on a small hill nearby while fighting. Chu Feng evaded the beam which struck the hill, first drilling into the mountain and later causing it to explode.

It was frightening.


Finally, Chu Feng failed to dodge as a scarlet beam tore through his arm, causing fresh blood to spurt out.

"Your time is up!" Qian Yue growled.

"You’re full of nonsense!" Chu Feng taunted. Furthermore, his wounded arm trembled slightly before it began to heal at a visible rate. Soon, it was fully healed.

"This…" The three-eyed marine race expert focused his eyes after seeing this. What kind of ability was this? The recovery was so fast that it caused him to be greatly alarmed.

After severing his fifth shackle, Chu Feng gained terrifying regenerative abilities apart from the surging blood energy and power.

Pfft, pfft!

The three-eyed man was frantic as the vertical eye between his brows flickered, shooting out beam after beam of light in swift succession. Chu Feng’s body was struck twice under the onslaught and fresh blood flowed out from his sanguineous wounds.

Before long, however, his wounds began to show some wriggling movements before closing up—this swift growth rate was quite alarming.

One had to know that the beam shot by the three-eyed marine race expert was able to shatter a mountaintop, yet Chu Feng’s physical body was able to withstand such a blow.

Even so, Chu Feng couldn’t help but sigh; this three-eye marine race expert was indeed extremely powerful. Much more so than Hei Teng.

"I won’t give you any chance. I must slaughter you today!" Qian Yue roared. His long purple hair danced in the wind as an intensifying aura spread out.

"Do you really think you’re peerless?" Chu Feng laughed. "I only want to use you to practice my fist technique!"


The next moment, Chu Feng raised his left hand and shot out lightning from his palm. The bolts arced and hacked towards Qian Yue.

These lightning bolts were just as swift as the opponent’s beams, and evading them was rather difficult.


Lightning enveloped Qian Yue as he was struck. His body staggered back with black marks over his shoulders. His hair wildly danced in his fury as he coldly said, "You bug, I’ll never let you develop and cause future trouble!"

Chu Feng calmly replied, "Deformed three-eyed man, you've got the audacity to call me a bug when it's obvious that you yourself have just evolved not so long ago. Who knows what kind of thing you were before this?"

He shot out even more flashes of lightning while speaking, filling the area with interwoven arcs of lightning. It was the Demon Subduing Technique from Mount Longhu which had fused with his own ability.

"You don’t understand a thing. We’re a race of deities that have existed since time immemorial. It’s understandable for a petty person like you to not know." The three-eyed man’s vertical eye began to glow with a scarlet radiance which shot out to block the incoming lightning. Bitter waves of energy rolled out from the points of collision.


Chu Feng displayed his Xingyi Fist with increasingly terrifying proficiency—he was borrowing the enemy’s hand to hone himself and was poised to push his arts to the next peak.

He no longer activated his lightning. Instead, the life-like images of a dragon, tiger, falcon, crane, and bear took shape around him, all formed of energy.

Five true forms revolved around him with increasing swiftness and seemingly formed a light screen akin to a great bell covering over him.

Tiger roars, draconic chants, the song of falcons and cranes along with the roar of giant bears could be heard around him. These were all produced automatically as he displayed his Xingyi Fists.

Chi! Chi! Chi…

The three-eyed man continuously shot out fierce beams while brandishing his fists at the same time. He became increasingly violent because he wanted to shoot down Chu Feng as quickly as possible.

At this moment, however, something unexpected happened—all the scarlet beams were actually blocked with ease by the large bell comprised by the five rotating true forms. It appeared absolutely indomitable.

Chu Feng himself was quite astonished. He had been pondering over the technique along the way but only now did he suddenly experience this kind of fist intent. It could actually form a golden bell out of energy.

And this was only the work of five forms. How terrifying would it be if all twelve forms materialized around him, resonating with each other?

It would probably lead to true invincibility!

Dong! Dong! Dong…

The three-eyed marine race expert continuously brandished his fists and shot out violet beams from between his brows but was ultimately unable to penetrate the Xingyi Bell. The strikes only elicited booming sounds of a tolling bell.

He was incomparably shocked. "How come you’re also familiar with this type of method? Did you also obtain the Xingyi True Inheritance?!"

At first, he had thought that Chu Feng only knew a handful of true forms and decided not to think too much about it, but now, he was greatly overwhelmed because this was, doubtlessly, the true ancient inheritance.

Wasn’t white-robed Xu Qing the Xingyi Inheritor? How come this person was also proficient?!

"Interesting, the secrets hidden within the Xingyi Fist Technique are truly abundant!" Chu Feng laughed loudly. Even he himself hadn’t expected to be able to form an indomitable defense in the form of a golden bell!


With a swing of his fist, the golden bell transformed—five true forms accompanied his fist strike and erupted towards the front. It was as if this golden bell had traveled through time and age as it rang out with a deafening sound like a giant golden tuning fork. The sound was as alarming as it was enlightening.


The three-eyed expert Qian Yue coughed up large amounts of blood after being struck by this blow. The bones in his body audibly shattered as his body was flung into the distance.

The dragon, tiger, falcon, crane and bear true forms resumed their revolution around Chu Feng. The golden bell formed by the five true forms became increasingly brilliant. His every step forward was accompanied by an absolutely indomitable spirit, poised to kill this marine race expert!
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