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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 256: Convergence of Kings

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Chapter 256: Convergence of Kings

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It was a rare to see Lu Tong agree with Chu Feng’s words. With a frown, violence and ferocity flashed through his eyes. "We definitely have to establish our might. Otherwise, they’ll think the number one mutant organization is a soft persimmon that they can bully. A random beast king thinks he can deploy agents to sneak into the Hollow Jade Temple. What Impudence!"

The old man became increasingly enraged. There was that one time with the weasels of Mount Pan, and now a beast king from Jiangxi tried to act in secret.

They didn’t seem to be taking the number one mutant organization seriously. Did they think they can barge in here and kill people at will? Lu Tong was furious.

The Yellow Weasels of Mount Pan had been eradicated by Chu Feng, establishing his might as Demon King Chu, and now it was time for the Hollow Jade Temple to do so. They had to kill one to warn the hundreds in a display of tyrannical might.

"Now you’re talking! Old man, keep up the aggressiveness. Don’t always tuck your head and tail inside. If you can’t decimate an area of 50 kilometers and turn it into raging inferno, then you’re still not cruel enough." Chu Feng urged him towards the imminent chaos.

That was because he was truly enraged that someone tried to move against his parents. Although they had prepared well in advance and his parents were safe and sound, it was still touching his reverse scale.

This time, he decided that he might as well let the Hollow Jade Temple handle flattening the opponent’s mountains and rivers. The greater the commotion the better. That should intimidate everyone.

"Heh!" Lu Tong was now in high spirits. He understood that this brat wanted to see the big fireworks go off but what if they harmed the innocent by accident?

"All outstanding fame comes stained with blood. You have to be cruel!" Chu Feng reminded.

"Enough, stop fanning the flames." Lu Tong hung up quickly, knowing full well that the brat was intentionally trying to provoke him. He wanted to borrow the Hollow Jade Temple’s power to cause a huge commotion and warn the enemies.

The old man duly contacted the related authorities and arranged this lethal operation in great secrecy.

Chu Feng continued practicing his fist technique in peace and quiet. Mount Sanqing was truly an extraordinary location.

On the three main peaks, old pine trees grew verdant and were glistening with dew. Auspicious purple clouds rose up in spirals beside the silver waterfalls. It was truly like an immortal cave residence.

The glaring noon sun poured down its rays upon the Taoist temple of the main peak. Even the roof tiles were glistening with a golden yellow, imbuing them with a hint of holiness.

Chu Feng drank some spring water and proceeded to stretch his muscles and tendons. His joints emitted popping sounds as he repeatedly practiced the Xingyi Twelve True Forms.


The exhaled air formed a white column of mist like sharp blade which shot out tens of meters and sliced off a protruding cliff.

He was extremely calm as he practiced in leisure while waiting for Lu Tong’s news. He was well-prepared to help with the suppression!

The Taoist temple on top of Mount Yunluo appeared quite imposing under the burning sun.

This place was 2000 kilometers away from Mount Sanqing. It couldn’t be considered a famed mountain but was nonetheless quite famous. It had been mentioned in certain Taoist classics after all.

But there was no longer a Taoist priest here after the great upheaval. The empty Taoist temple was occupied by an old badger, a king level entity.

He could be considered an expert within the Jiangxi Region.

He had also participated in the previous assault on Chu Feng. Something so certain had turned into a failure in the end when Demon King Chu escaped their grasp, causing him to feel uneasy ever since.

No one knew the old badger lived here because Mount Yunluo wasn’t famous.

He never expected disaster to fall from the sky. A three-eyed marine race expert had seized the place and forced him to become a scapegoat.

The old badger wanted to cry but couldn’t find his tears. He duly ordered an agent to sneak into the Hollow Jade Temple and attempt to kill Chu Feng’s parents. This was a serious case indeed, and most importantly, it had nothing to do with him. He felt rather wronged.

But in the end, he gritted his teeth and acquiesced. After all, he had already participated in the attack against Chu Feng and was already irreconcilable. If push came to shove, he would take shelter with the Peacock King or the marine race.

Qian Yue, the three-eyed marine race expert, possessed a head of long purple hair and a handsome countenance. The vertical eye between his brows glowed with deep and clear divine light. He stood within the temple on Mount Yunluo, waiting for Chu Feng to arrive and deliver up his life.

The old badger accompanied him on one side and had some transformed beast race members to pour wine for them. He was smiling brightly and offering his compliments on the three-eyed youth’s strength for he had already severed six shackles at such a tender age.

The Mount Yunluo of today was like a demon residence; everyone here was of the beast race.

Qian Yue calmly replied, "Don’t worry, even more experts are on their way. Killing a mere Chu Feng is as easy as slaughtering a chicken. I won’t let any accident befall you. Just sit tight and wait for his head."

He was completely unperturbed. He would immediately suppress Chu Feng the moment he made an appearance. He could kill the latter with a single slap!

But, Xu Qing, the human he was working with was rather cautious and insisted that they surround and kill Chu Feng as a group in order to avoid any mishaps. This young Xingyi Fist Grandmaster was afraid that Chu Feng would escape.

What upset Qian Yue the most was that the white-robed Xu Qing had invited the Peacock King!

He was greatly dissatisfied because there was truly no need to mobilize such a large group for a mere Chu Feng. It was fine as long as they killed him the moment he appeared.

But Xu Qing told him that they had to be on guard against other experts like the Hollow Jade Temple master and the Wudang Grandmaster. After all, these people had connections to Chu Feng.

Even if they were far away at the moment, no one could say for sure that they wouldn’t rush over suddenly.

"Sigh, this Chu Feng is only a human with four severed shackles. After we had mobilized so many resources just for you, it’ll be difficult to escape this time even if you have wings!" The three-eyed expert Qian Yue’s face was grim and cold. "My flying saucer was destroyed at Mount Longhu because of you! This time, I’ll definitely stomp you to death!"

Qian Yue felt that everything had been well planned out. They had left some clues for the other party to follow and deliver himself up. The idea was quite brilliant.

In truth, Chu Feng was indeed oblivious of their schemes and even Lu Tong hadn’t uncovered anything. They all thought that the sinister old badger had wanted to harm Chu Feng’s parents in secret.

But Xu Qing and Qian Yue both failed to guess that Chu Feng had already severed his fifth shackle and was now able to contend with peerless experts.

Furthermore, after killing Hei Teng this time, he had been practicing his skills and nurturing his spirit in order to cause a great commotion. He had persuaded Lu Tong to launch a direct assault on Mount Yunluo.

The old man was also furious and agreed to establish their might by washing the land with blood.

Before long, a secret news was being circulated among a select circle of the beast race. It was that the Peacock King had moved out to kill Chu Feng!

If this news was spread out, it would definitely be an explosive headline.

"Who would’ve thought Chu Feng was still alive? He has the devil’s own luck! But it would be quite difficult for him to escape this time since the Peacock King had found out where he is."

"Demon King Chu is finally about to die. Once he’s been found by the Peacock King, how can he ever hope to survive? He will die without a doubt; even ten Chu Fengs put together can’t escape being killed by the Peacock King!"

The small circle of Jiangxi beast kings discussing this matter were all descendants of the Peacock tribe or people related to them. They were all excited, knowing that something big was about to happen.

They believed that with the Peacock King personally making his move, Chu Feng would certainly die ten times over.

"Let’s go along. Although the Peacock King can easily kill Chu Feng on his own, we want to personally witness Chu Feng’s head falling off!"

The beast kings who had participated in the hunt against Chu Feng happily made plans to join the "ritual".

Although only a small circle of people knew of this confidential matter, all of them were trusted king level entities.

The undercurrents were truly terrifying—everything was being done in secret.

Once this matter came to light, it would surely shake the world!

They saw that the marine race experts were powerful and even possessed equipment like the flying saucer. They should use this opportunity to form some friendly relations.

These king level entities all merrily moved out, imagining the scene of Chu Feng’s head falling to the ground. With the Peacock King and marine race experts working together, who would dare to act impudently?!

On top of Mount Yunluo. Qian Yue’s purple hair was glistening while glimpses of divine light could be seen from his vertical eye. He was trying to contact Hei Teng to tell him it was time to head over.

But he simply couldn’t reach him. This caused him to frown slightly.

Very soon, he felt relieved when he recalled that the southern sea dragon race had delivered the dragon locking pillars to him. Hei Teng did say that he was going to employ them to kill all the dissatisfied experts from the continent.

He imagined Hei Teng should still be working on the four pillars and that the domain would likely interfere with the communicator signals.

Qian Yue gave it some thought and then decided to leave Hei Teng a message, telling him to come to Mount Yunluo and wait for Chu Feng to come knocking on the door!

Mount Sanqing—Chu Feng was staring at Hei Teng’s communicator with great vigor in his eyes. He had immediately guessed the situation.

After killing Hei Teng, Chu Feng found a few odds and ends within a pocket under his scales. There were some unknown electronic devices as well as a human communicator.

When Qian Yue called Hei Teng, Chu Feng didn’t dare take the call for fear of being revealed. But the subsequent text message greatly alarmed Chu Feng.

"Old man, things have changed!"

Chu Feng immediately contacted Lu Tong and told him that Mount Yunluo was a trap.

Lu Tong suddenly felt quite distressed. Even Hei Teng was supposed to join them?

"That’s bad. The Hollow Jade Temple master has moved to another district while fighting against the Golden Crow and so has the Wudang Grandmaster in his battle against the marine race and the Nine-Lives Cat." Lu Tong was dripping with cold sweat.

He had originally thought that he was going against a normal beast king. Never did he guess that there would be peerless experts participating.

"Fear not, I’m a peerless expert. I’ll head over there personally! This time, I must make them blow their top! They think I’ll come knocking to deliver my head on a silver platter? I say they’re just tired of living!" Chu Feng was completely unafraid.

"Brat, don’t be reckless. Wait for me to invite more experts to work in unison," Lu Tong warned.

"It’s too late. Those men aren’t saints—they intentionally left clues for me to follow—if I don’t appear soon, they’ll realize something is wrong. You go and prepare as many weapons as you can immediately. We need the most powerful types of weapons that can kill beast kings as well as high-output laser weapons; the more the better. You blast the mountain sky high and leave all the survivors to me!"

Chu Feng coldly spoke. Even after knowing there were people waiting to kill him, he was completely fearless. The recent increase in strength had given him enough confidence.

Who could stop him with his current strength? There was almost no one he couldn’t beat. At five and a half times the speed of sound, he was virtually unparalleled!

"The beast kings possess keen senses. What if they sense the danger preemptively?" Lu Tong was worried.

"You have me, don’t you? I’ll make my way there. I promise to help you solve this problem!" Chu Feng confidently said. He felt that if there were only a few beast kings, he could use his own divine instinct to interfere with them so that they won’t sense the danger in advance.

There might be a problem if there were too many beast kings.

Chu Feng was prepared to go and set up the four bronze pillars. These mysterious items could interfere with the local geomagnetic properties and affect the victims’ senses. It should suffice to solve Lu Tong’s concerns.

But Mount Yunluo was quite large which meant that the four pillars would have to be placed quite far apart. This would greatly diminish the ghostly labyrinth effect.

But now wasn't the time to worry about that. It would be enough if he could interfere with their senses!

"Very well then, I’ll arrange everything. I’ll call in the artillery and shoot Mount Yunluo into the western skies!" Lu Tong ruthlessly said.
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