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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 254: Treasure

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Chapter 254: Treasure

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"You actually know about it?!" Hei Teng felt a chill in his heart. Could it be that the treasure had fallen into this man’s hands after the four sea generals were killed?

He had collapsed in the mountain woods, his body severed and drenched in blood. He was suffering intense agony, and despite this grimace, he glared vindictively at the human.

"Naturally!" Chu Feng nodded.

The energy on his body hadn’t yet dispersed. Lights were flickering on his body and his hair was translucently radiant with flashes of lightning in his eyes. He was like a demonic god looking down upon the black flood serpent.

"Ah…" Hei Teng coughed up blood. He hated this man to the bone and was so filled with fury and dejection that he even forgot about the pain momentarily.

As the Black Dragon Crown Prince and an expert with six severed shackles, he had rarely ever met a worthy opponent. He had always looked down upon the other experts, but today, he had suffered such a miserable defeat.

What truly frustrated him was that this human had used him as a practice dummy to train his fist technique and had even robbed him of the four bronze pillars.

Hei Teng was furious and wished nothing more than to bite him to death.

After the curtains fell on this great battle, the land had been completely ruined. Giant trees and mountaintops alike had been shattered and crushed into pieces.

At this moment, Hei Teng’s detached lower body had begun to revert to its true form. The body was completely black and shining, with a cold luster as it lay in a pool of fresh blood.

"Such a gigantic snake carcass! It’s hundreds of meters long, how will I ever finish it?" Chu Feng was speechless. He had no way to finish everything within a few days even if he was a glutton. The body was even longer than a train!

Hei Teng’s eyes almost shot out flames. A member of the dragon race had actually been reduced to being another’s food. Preposterous!

The upper part of his body was, at this time, in human form—his hair was in complete disarray and his complexion was pale—he was truly not reconciled!

The forest had been washed with fresh serpent blood, painting everything a translucent red. The blood itself was surging with the aura of vitality—every part of a six shackle expert was a treasure.

"Chu Feng, after killing me today, you’ll soon be slaughtered by the dragon and die a horrible death to accompany me in burial!" Hei Teng begged not for mercy and instead threatened coldly. He knew he had little chance of survival.

Strong and tyrannical, Chu Feng replied fearlessly, "I’ll be looking forward to meeting your dragon race. But I’m not the passive type—since you’ve provoked me, I might pay a visit to the southern ocean and plunder the southern sea dragon lair!"


Hei Teng’s heart sank. If this human was able to defeat him so easily after severing five shackles, he would surely become a great disaster for the southern sea dragon race in the future.


At this moment, Chu Feng had shot out the diamond chakram, striking Hei Teng’s horn. The force behind it was considerable even without injecting much energy.

With a crack, the black horn was broken and fell to the ground, swiftly reverting to its original size several meters long.

Chu Feng wasn’t careless even after capturing Hei Teng and duly broke off his horn. As a rare flood serpent, his horn naturally contained a terrifying amount of energy.

Hei Teng roared and shot a terrifying glare as his body spasmed under the intense pain.

He felt greatly humiliated because the horn which symbolized his relationship to the flood dragon had actually been broken. His hatred was quickly approaching madness.

After losing his horn, the essence energy within his body receded like the tides and he went from rolling in pain to being completely quiet and dejected.

Hei Teng’s face was completely pale and his eyes appeared empty and devoid of spirit. He lay there motionless—all his hopes had turned to ash—only an indescribable sense of defeat remained in his heart.

Chu Feng stood where he was and used his spiritual energy to move Hei Teng’s upper body over.

There wasn’t the slightest sign of resistance as he arrived before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng extended his hand but something surprising happened at that moment—where did his hand go? He violently roared and began to glow with light. A terrifying aura surged out as he prepared to resist.

"Go in, dammit!" At this moment, Hei Teng was incomparably cold and sinister. He appeared sickly and morbid, but his eyes erupted with black light as he burned all of his remaining energy.

He raised his head and sent his disheveled hair flying to his back, whereupon on his chest, a snow-white bottle came into view. The bottle glowed intensely as it sucked in Chu Feng’s whole arm, then his upper body and his remaining legs.


He quickly inserted the seal and grasped the bottle tightly in his hands before falling to the ground. He was sweating profusely and his breathing was obviously labored.

At this moment, he was about to die from the grievous wounds, but he was able to make a final comeback using this ancient device. It was beyond risky.

"Chu Feng, Demon King Chu, you want to go after my southern sea tribe with your meager abilities? Our dragon race’s resources aren’t something you can compete with! You have no idea just how many historical remains there are on the ocean bed."

Hei Teng’s malevolent expression was extremely frightening. He was enshrouded by a baleful aura and his eyes burnt like torches. He laughed loudly at that moment—a laugh suffused by both hatred and satisfaction.

The bottle in his hand was like the Bodhisattva’s suet jade bottle. It was a small and exquisite bottle only about three inches in length.

But Hei Teng naturally understood it wasn’t the legendary bottle. If it was so, he definitely wouldn’t be so miserable right now. He could’ve suppressed Chu Feng since the beginning.

This item was excavated from an underwater mausoleum. It didn’t have any combat potential in and of itself.

The bottle appeared small but its interior contained a large area of folded space which could be used to store things.

But the conditions were stringent—one needed to come into contact in order to stow things inside. It wouldn’t work remotely.

Hei Teng had wanted to use this item since he realized he was not a match for the enemy. Chu Feng, however, at that time, was moving as fast as lightning and his fighting spirit and spiritual energy were in high focus. Any hint at an ambush would be discovered immediately.

Hei Teng thus refrained from using it and kept it hidden until the perfect opportunity arrived.

It was only after the glow on Chu Feng’s body faded and his boiling killing intent relaxed that Hei Teng felt he should risk using it.

Chu Feng became much more relaxed after defeating Hei Teng and breaking off his horn.

He never expected Hei Teng to have such an item. He had thought that the four bronze pillars were all the latter had to rely on and didn’t realize that the four sea generals had also brought this ancient bottle.

This item wasn’t meant for battle but to collect the loot after he had ransacked all those famed mountains.

But Hei Teng had successfully utilized this item to capture Chu Feng at the critical juncture. He was exceptionally delighted, coughing blood and smiling at the same time.

"You want to contend with the dragon race?! You’re just courting death!" His voice became frosty. He had successfully launched the ultimate counterattack and turned the tables on the enemy.

But how should he kill Chu Feng? This gave him quite a headache. The bottle could store things inside but it couldn’t destroy things. It seemed he could only exhaust the enemy slowly.

"Despite its low value, this bottle is still a divine item." Hei Teng sighed.

With so many treasures under the sea, there were indeed people who had dug up devices with extraordinary abilities but only this internal qiankun storage was considerably mysterious.

A mere bottle was related to spatial powers—it was truly extraordinary!

This led the marine race to suspect whether this was the legendary suet jade bottle but was later refuted because it possessed no combat potential.

The southern sea dragon race had excavated some jade tomes from which they discovered many ancient secrets. They studied the records in detail and found that all those major characters from the past were all evolved beings.

Furthermore, there was no mention of a Bodhisattva among those "evolvers".


Suddenly, the bottle in Hei Teng’s hand began to vibrate. The tremors were especially intense at the cork as if it was under powerful attack.


Hei Teng was alarmed. This ferocious man was simply too absurd. Was he about to break open the bottle to escape? They had already tested the bottle many times and found that it was impossible to break out after being drawn in.

"Oh no!" He suddenly remembered the diamond chakram on Chu Feng’s hand. The latter was likely using that item to smash the cork loose.

He pressed down on the cork with all his strength but scarcely to any effect. The bottle stopper gradually came loose as the vibrations became more and more intense. It was about to come off!

Chu Feng almost wanted to slap himself as he landed within the bottle. He had suffered a careless failure and had the tables turned on him at the last moment.

At first, he was really worried that the bottle would be one of those legendary weapons that could turn him into a pool of blood.

But after a while, he realized he was overthinking it—one couldn’t trust all of those ancient legends. He found himself in an odd cylindrical space over ten meters in height, three meters in diameter at the base, and less than one meter at the top.

He began to launch violent attacks at the bottle stopper, first with his fists and then later with the diamond chakram.

He didn’t try to shatter the bottle because he felt it would be a huge waste. To him, this was a rare equipment that could be used to store things.

"It’s not looking good!" Hei Teng was astonished as he forcefully pushed back the stopper and, bearing the immense pain, swiftly leapt up towards his detached lower half. He forcefully reattached his body amidst bright lights and immediately fled.


Finally, Chu Feng struck the cork flying and escaped his temporary confinement. He stretched his limbs and moved into a guarded stance with his hand on the diamond chakram.

But he found himself in mid-air. Unleashing his divine instinct, he found Hei Teng seventy to eighty miles out. The latter fled after abandoning both man and treasure.


Chu Feng collected the bottle and its stopper with a wave of his hand before landing on the ground.

With a huge boom, the point of impact collapsed as rocks and earth flew in all directions. The powerful force was astonishing, but this was nothing to Chu Feng right now; he could hardly be wounded even if he fell from high in the sky.


The air exploded as Chu Feng broke through the sound barrier at Mach V, shattering the mountain he had kicked off from.

How could Hei Teng escape? Half his body had been cut off and was only forcefully reattached. His movements were clumsy at best and he could hardly reach supersonic speeds.


Chu Feng delivered a mid air kick and sent him flying with his body severed once again. His dark lower serpentine body was sent rolling on the ground, splintering several trees in its wake.

"You've quite the tolerance, waiting until the last moment to make your move. You almost trapped me inside." Chu Feng was incomparably cold. This time, his eyes were like flashing lightning. None of his opponent’s moves, no matter how small, could escape his notice.

Hei Teng was now completely disheartened. Everything was now dark and hopeless for him, for he no longer had any means to turn things around.

What tolerance?! It was obvious that this bottle couldn’t be used for battle.

"Collect!" Chu Feng shouted and injected his energy into the bottle, hoping to store him inside. But the bottle remained unresponsive. He soon realized how the bottle worked and was dumbfounded.

But he was still very happy because the item contained a separate space within and was definitely a legendary equipment.

From now on, he could store his things inside this bottle and have no fear of them being destroyed in battle or being overloaded.

"Let’s go!"

Chu Feng carried Hei Teng and crossed 1500 meters in an instant to arrive at that special boundary.

He circled once around the area and made sure where the pillars were before tossing Hei Teng into its center.

Hei Teng was truly regretful. He knew that the four sea generals had planted the pillars in this area but didn’t know the exact location. If he had known earlier, he could’ve tossed the jade bottle into it.

But now, on the contrary, it was him who had landed within.

Chu Feng was greatly satisfied and began to kindle a bonfire nearby. He sat there appreciating the snake meat and jade bottle in turn.

The bottle was clear white and appeared just like the suet jade bottle described in mythology. It was three inches long and exquisitely crafted.

The stopper was jet black and appeared to be made of a certain type of wood but it was heavier than metal.

He had to infuse it with his energy to draw items into the bottle or out. Otherwise, the bottle could only be displayed as an archaeological antique as normal people wouldn’t be able to use them.

"Very good, now I have a place to store the four pillars." Chu Feng smiled because it would be too eye-catching after he dug up the four pillars. Who would be running around carrying four large pillars?

Very soon, he found that Hei Teng wasn’t cooperating at all. The latter only lay there without the slightest motion.

Chu Feng then left, caught a few wild animals and birds before placing them into the special region.

"Is this a ghostly labyrinth?" Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression after observing the animals he had tossed within.
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