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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 252: Unparalleled Ferocity

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Chapter 252: Unparalleled Ferocity

Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy
The sun’s golden rays poured down through the glowing clouds and flooded over the mountain woods. It dispersed the mist, dying the whole region with a golden hue—even the jade green leaves were all glistening in the light.


Hei Teng’s roar shattered the tranquil morning. He was in the form of a hundred-meter long snake comparable to those legendary heavenly dragons. His sturdy body was seemingly refined from dark gold, while his scales, like palm-leaf fans, were glistening with a dark radiance.

His opened bloody maws were wide enough to swallow an elephant. His snow white blade-like teeth glowed with a sharp glint as he swooped down from above.

The air exploded with a thunderous boom as the large black head came diving down.

The mountain trembled and the woods swayed wildly. Countless leaves fell from their branches and filled the sky.

In the face of such a ferocious and gigantic flood serpent, Chu Feng’s expression didn’t change in the least. He was completely fearless and proceeded to attack with the Xingyi Fist in a disciplined fashion.

His body emanated a blinding light which was especially evident in his hands. Jingling sounds rang out from their midst like divine blades as they turned increasingly transparent. A powerful and terrifying aura was being emanated, seemingly strong enough to pierce through rocks and metal.

His hands surged with a peerlessly sharp and baleful intent as Chu Feng displayed his Xingyi Falcon Form!


His body, compared to that of the black flood serpent, was minuscule, but the energy fluctuations were not at all inferior. As the two clashed, his attack caused the giant snake’s house-sized skull to crack.

"You damned snake! You dare to scheme against me in this manner. You knew I liked to eat delicacies and so you sent disgusting sharks for me to eat, didn’t you?!" Chu Feng shouted loudly while he attacked. His eyes were stern and shooting out arcs of electricity.

After Hei Teng heard this, he was absolutely furious and wanted to curse out loud. The other party obviously ate them of his own volition and was now pushing the blame on him.

He was in a horrible mood—everything was going wrong—first he had lost four sea generals, and now that little bastard was taking it out on him. It was absolutely unreasonable! Hei Teng was so angry that he wanted to kill Chu Feng in one bite; maybe that’ll make him shut up!

"You reckless and foolhardy… thing! You keep provoking me time and again. What do you think you are?!" Hei Teng roared loudly. His gigantic body slid out and, like a vicious dragon soaring through the skies, moved to launch a fatal attack. "Last time, I was wounded on Mount Longhu and found you with less than one-tenth of my full strength remaining. Today, I will definitely kill you!"

Hei Teng had gone berserk due to the various accumulated grievances. His language was harsh, and his body was flickering with dark golden light.


The air exploded!

Hei Teng raised his head and looked down on Chu Feng as his lower body whipped out with the momentum of a black divine whip sweeping through a thousand legions.

With a swoosh, a tail as large as a train came smashing through the mountain woods, flickering with a metallic luster and blowing apart ancient trees and giant rocks in its wake.

Chu Feng leapt up tens of meters and evaded the incoming attack after which he swooped down with golden light flowing out of his every pore.

At that moment, he was like a falcon spreading its wings through the sky. His hands erupted with divine light no less blinding than the sun. The intense baleful intent, threatening to tear apart everything in its path, was aimed directly at the gigantic serpentine body.

The Xingyi Falcon Form had been maximally utilized by Chu Feng. This form was especially effective against serpentine enemies as it was infused with an innate racial suppression.

Hei Teng was very powerful and refused to evade. He moved his gigantic flood serpent body and formed a great wall of black iron to defend against Chu Feng’s killing move.


Astonishing lights flashed from their midst as the two clashed. A faint golden light and a dark radiance came into contact and exploded as if two differently colored stars had crashed into each other. A terrifying amount of energy erupted therein!

Within that single moment, all the beasts and birds within an area of dozens of kilometers wide were suppressed by a powerful aura and forced to crawl on the ground, trembling in fear.


The whole mountain region had exploded in the wake of the two expert’s powerful attacks. Earth and rocks collapsed and rolled over as gigantic trees were splintered.

The hill had been shattered. It rose and fell like the waves of the ocean, pulling away the soil, rocks, and trees in its path.

The most frightening aspect of these top-level experts was their immense destructive capabilities. If they were to take their fight close to civilization, they could easily wipe out whole cities along with their millions of citizens.

Chu Feng was soaring through the sky as if he was flying. Each and every of his pores was shooting out golden rays as he fought from the skies. Every time the two of them clashed, he would use the force to move upwards and had no need to land on level ground.

He appeared more and more like an actual falcon. His arms moved in a practiced fashion, soaring over the mountain woods and surging with incisive killing intent as he sought to kill the black serpent.

A divine falcon against a flood serpent!

The two races were inherently antagonistic, and here Chu Feng was playing the falcon with his Xingyi True Form in a showdown against Hei Teng. The two exchanged continuous blows which emitted earsplitting blows akin to clashing metal. Sparkles flew off in all directions from the flood serpent’s black scales.

"Black Snake, you sure are capable. I never expected you to have the ability to keep defending against my falcon form and still not die!" Chu Feng commented.

His hands launched a stream of torrential attacks onto the serpent’s body with sparks flying everywhere. The onslaught gradually caused some bloody streaks to appear between the black scales.

Hei Teng was furious. He had thought he could easily kill Chu Feng after his recuperation simply because they were on completely different levels.

He never expected that this human’s strength would’ve grown so explosively on their second meeting and was no different from an expert with six severed shackles. The latter was attacking madly while mocking him at the same time.

"I’ll definitely have you die today!" Hei Teng’s pupils were cold as his gigantic body moved as if he was dancing, shaking the whole mountain peak.

Everything his black body touched would explode. It was as if an ancient and vicious flood dragon had broken its seal and come into being.

"You want to compete with me with your meager abilities? I’ll tear you apart!" Hei Teng was indignant and felt everything to be rather unreal.

Not long ago, he was able to look down on this human, whose level was far from his own. He could kill the latter with relative ease after recovering his true strength—the two were originally on completely different levels.

Thus he felt upset and frustrated now that Chu Feng was able to fight on par with him.


Black light erupted from Hei Teng’s body as he surged towards the skies. It almost appeared as if boundless black flames were about to burn through the skies and engulf the world. He had released his most powerful energy to kill Chu Feng.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The gigantic flood serpent rushed in with great ferocity and almost managed to wrap around Chu Feng a number of times. Intense vibrations and explosions filled the air; this supersonic battle was truly intimidating.

Chu Feng tore through the skies, evading at extreme speeds and would soar up once again after barely touching the ground. But even so, he came dangerously close to being wrapped by the snake several times.

The colossal serpentine body, after all, possessed powerful destructive abilities.

"Damned snake, what are you being so arrogant about? Last time I cut you in half, this time you can forget about escaping. I’ll stew you and make up for my loss regarding the shark meat," Chu Feng shouted.

The next moment, his whole body began to glow with golden light as if his body was cast completely from gold. His hair was becoming increasingly translucent and astonishing energy suffused his whole being.

The falcon soars through the skies!

At this time, he had become a falcon circling high in the sky, ready to do battle.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The divine falcon’s torrential killing blows landed on the black flood serpent’s body. Sparks flew in all directions under the relentless assault of the Xingyi Falcon Form, its baleful intent sufficient to shoot down the stars in the sky.

At this moment, Hei Teng’s body shook violently. Many scales on his body had been torn and shattered, splattering serpent blood in all directions.

Additionally, some scales had come loose after being torn out by Chu Feng’s attacks.

Chu Feng was attacking continuously from the air as if he had turned into an ancient bird of prey hunting a heavenly dragon, spreading its wings to strike at the heavens with unparalleled ferocity.


Hei Teng disappeared in a flash and broke away from Chu Feng to appear on a mountain two thousand meters away. From there, he gazed down at the figure within the ravaged mountain region.

He was both frightened and enraged after being wounded at peak condition. The human hand launched continuous and intense attacks, tearing his scales apart—the whole situation felt unreal.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

Chu Feng rushed out in pursuit. His falcon form and divine feet working in concert almost allowed him to fly through the sky as resplendent lights shoot out from under his feet.

He crossed the mountains with extreme speed to resume his attacks on the serpent.

"You’re looking to die!"

Hei Teng raised his head. The red tongue within his mouth moving rhythmically as he hissed loudly. His large hundred-meter long body erupted with blinding lights and moved to suppress Chu Feng, planning to wrap the latter within.


But Chu Feng duly evaded the gigantic black snake whose body ground the whole mountaintop into pieces. The scene was absolutely horrifying.

This was Hei Teng’s strength. He was positively mad right now and was darting about continuously in order to kill Chu Feng, breaking off quite a few mountaintops in the process.


The force behind his thrashes were sufficient to crush whole mountaintops.

The scene playing out here was that of a world-shaking battle!

Hei Teng had flown into a rage of humiliation. He wanted to leverage his gigantic mass to suppress Chu Feng, but unexpectedly, he had been wounded instead and was drenched in blood.

"Go to hell!"

With a swoosh, the horn on his head began to glow, shooting out beam after beam of black blade intent.

His body surged with the glow of several small suns which formed numerous flood dragons in the air. They shot towards Chu Feng amidst a torrent of terrifying auras.

Hei Teng was madly displaying all his abilities in order to kill Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s eyes were cold and cruel. A clear clang rang out from his left hand whereupon appeared a violet hammer in its grasp. The lightning symbol appeared within his palm, which, upon activation, erupted with arcs of electricity.

Arcs of lightning crisscrossed through the skies, deterring the beams shot out from Hei Teng’s horn and the numerous flood dragons.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Powerful explosions rang out in midair as the lightning dispersed Hei Teng’s incoming attacks.

Chu Feng once again utilized his falcon form and rushed forth to suppress the flood serpent. His hands were glowing resplendently as if he was poised to tear the sky asunder.

He had intentionally trained the Xingyi True Form with great ardor and, as such, had grasped all the profundities therein. He had taken the art to the next level and was nearing perfect comprehension.


Hei Teng evaded swiftly but he had already lost a large chunk of flesh amidst a shower of blood.

"Do you only know this move? If so, you can go to hell now!" Hei Teng’s wrath was explosive. His body shrunk back to human size with a boom.

He was proud of his race and, in his conceit, planned to suppress Chu Feng with his true form. However, it seemed the snake form was too bulky and prone to damage.

At the same time, he was also wary of Chu Feng’s diamond chakram since the beginning. He had to split his attention to keep an eye on Chu Feng’s hands at all time. But after transforming to human form, he no longer needed to be so cautious.

Chu Feng heartily laughed. "I’ve become quite proficient in the falcon form with your help. Prepare to suffer!"

He tore through the skies with his stallion form. His body became a beacon of white light—dazzling radiance burst forth from his feet like a heavenly horse galloping in the moonlight as he charged towards Hei Teng.

Back in his human form, Hei Teng’s disheveled hair hung loosely behind him and his eyes were deep and profound. His body was the color of aged bronze and contained an explosive force within. He smiled coldly as he made a move to counter, "Kill!"


Chu Feng’s divine feet erupted with boundless strength and had fused with his stallion form. His now silver-white body was flooded with seemingly enough power to crush mountains and rivers!

Thump… Thump… Thump…

From the air, Chu Feng launched repeated attacks using his legs. He stomped down several times toward Hei Teng’s head and chest like a true "heavenly stallion crossing the skies"!

Hei Teng’s eyes were frosty as he focused his mind to release an ancient fist technique. He was like a human-shaped flood dragon; his every fist was flowing with black radiance and dozens of black suns exploded fearlessly in response to Chu Feng’s incoming attack.

At this time, Hei Teng’s terrifying fist attack had shot out—the mountains crumbled and collapsed under his stomp.

At that moment, however, Chu Feng’s stallion form divine feet struck him, and Hei Teng couldn’t help but tremble and stagger back. The force behind it was incomparably frightening!


Chu Feng madly transformed from his Xingyi Stallion Form to the Tiger Form and let out a loud roar. His body was enveloped by black radiance and his aura was swiftly changing.

He swooped down while enshrouded by black lights, as if an ancient tiger had come into being, his terrifying killing intent surging to the skies.

The vicious tiger’s murderous slash! It was a thing of the legends!


Wild winds raged as Chu Feng went in for the kill. These extraordinary black astral winds tore through whole mountaintops—the clouds obey the dragon, the winds obey the tiger—the squalls took the form of a Xingyi Tiger. The scene was absolutely terrifying.

The mountaintop was torn to pieces under Chu Feng’s mid-air killing blow. Giant boulders rolled apart and the mountain itself was lacerated.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Chu Feng had Hei Teng crossed hands several times. The former appeared to have been refined from black gold and was, at this time, a primordial tiger assaulting the flood serpent.

Hei Teng’s body received several injuries and was coughing up blood. The strength forced from the attack forced him to stagger back. Under the relentless assault of the Xingyi Tiger’s killing intent, he had fallen into danger.


Chu Feng loudly roared like a mad demon and reached out to grasp at Hei Teng’s right forearm the moment he touched the ground.

With a pfft, he had torn off half of Hei Teng’s arm, sending blood spurting out in all directions.

At this moment, Chu Feng was a terrifying being. He had become one with a vicious primordial tiger and was erupting with boundless energy!
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