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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 249: Obtaining the True Form

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Chapter 249: Obtaining the True Form

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The white-robed man walked around the villa in leisure for some time, calm and refined throughout the whole process.

His eyes were very spirited with a hint of scholarly elegance and appeared confident as if everything was in his grasp. The thought of having Chu Feng willingly deliver up his life to them made him smile mildly.

Chu Feng had long since arrived in the vicinity of the stylish manor and was ready to attack.

He entered the living room with an agile flash. The room was never locked and thus saved him a lot of trouble.

"I hope I can conceal myself from his divine instinct," Chu Feng muttered to himself. His whole being had completely merged into the surroundings like a dead tree, devoid of any and all signs of life.

After reaching such a level, his control over the body had reached an astonishing degree. At the same time, his spiritual energy had completely fused with his physical body, making it seemingly incorporeal.

The white-robed youth walked calmly with even steps. If anyone were to measure meticulously, they would be surprised to find that the space between his steps was completely uniform. It was as if he was walking to a specific rhythm which corresponded with his breathing.

Only someone at Chu Feng’s level would be able to sense such things. This white-robed man was indeed not simple. It could even be said that he was somewhat frightening.

His every move was suffused by an odd charm which conformed with his breathing. A frightening level of vital energy was contained within his seemingly tranquil exterior, which upon eruption would break forth like a mountain flood.

The white-robed youth walked silently into the guestroom still maintaining his light but rhythmic footsteps.

He was thinking how to set up the trap. Everything had to be natural—from Shuntian to Jiangxi—he had to effectively lure Chu Feng into a rampage and deliver himself up of his own accord.

He revealed a smile after perfecting his plan.

He was momentarily lost in thought and hadn’t noticed that someone was behind him.

He was extremely powerful and had no need to fear any other expert especially since he had another expert of the three-eyed race sitting in this guestroom until just recently. He never expected someone to have the courage to sneak into the room.

Furthermore, even the movement of grass in the wind couldn’t escape his powerful divine instinct. He would know immediately if anyone was approaching the vicinity; not even peerless experts could escape his sense!

And thus he paid no heed.

But apparently, something out of the ordinary was happening today because, in Chu Feng’s current state, he was able to conceal himself from all kings!

At this moment, Chu Feng was squinting to prevent his bright eyes from alerting the other party as he raised the weapon in his left hand.

At merely 30 centimeters, the violet lightning hammer wasn’t very large, but it was intricately crafted from an unknown violet gold metal.

Before activation, the hammer was somewhat dim and traces of the vicissitudes were visible on its timeworn body.

Suddenly and violently, the hammer in his hand swung towards the back of the white-robed youth’s head.

He swung it with full force but didn’t activate the magical weapon. Lightning wouldn’t burst out from the weapon if it wasn’t injected with energy and could only be used as cold weapon.

It even made Chu Feng wonder if this exquisite little hammer was kept in a museum somewhere because it was so well maintained. Normal people had no way to activate its power even if they possessed the weapon.

Such a movement had obviously alerted the white-robed youth. As a top-grade expert who had completely mastered the Xingyi Twelve Fists, he was definitely a talented individual.

One had to know that even old martial arts masters were only barely able to study one true form in their lifetime and those who were able to master two or three forms were extremely rare.

It has been said that those who were able to master six of its forms could be considered an absolute genius!

But this white-robed youth had actually mastered all twelve true forms of the Xingyi Fist. His talent was indeed terrifying!

He immediately noticed the abnormal movement behind him despite his wandering thoughts. His body immediately tensed up as he swiftly formed certain fist seals for retaliation.

The reaction was simply too fast. His back arched and took the shape of a dragon as he displayed his dragon form. His energy was centered around his lower back and abdomen, ready to strike out at a moment’s notice—this was the tiger form. He also planted one foot on the ground and the fowl form took shape; the golden rooster standing on one leg! He then leaned forward to evade the hidden attack while one of his legs whipped towards the back with the flexibility and potency of the serpent form. The retaliation was aimed to rip apart the enemy behind his back.

The reaction speed was simply divine!

Within that single moment, his body began to crack loudly like frying beans as his bones moved into action. It was a terrifying scene, and even Chu Feng had to sigh in admiration.

This man’s reaction speed far surpassed all the other kings. He had actually displayed the dragon, tiger, fowl and serpent true forms within a split second!

This was absolutely shocking. Not to mention striking out with four true forms at the same time, it was already good enough for the normal person to be able to fully display one form.

This man was truly terrifying!

But Chu Feng was even faster—he had been lying in wait just for this opportunity.

The advantage was obvious in this clash between one who had launched a premeditated strike and the other unsuspecting party.

Additionally, Chu Feng had also prepared the killing move in advance.

His ambush was anything but ordinary. The uncanny attack came through like a flood dragon pouncing upon its prey. Chu Feng had leapt up and swooped down from above, effectively evading the white-robed man’s retaliatory snake form kick.

Every part of Chu Feng’s body could launch an attack. After fusing the demon ox and flood dragon fists, his back and waist were like a flood dragon. His speed was astonishing as he swung through the air and lunged forward in attack. His feet, akin to ox hooves, were capable of shattering whole mountains, and his hands were like sharp horns, able to tear through all things.


Chu Feng’s body was in midair. His legs, elbows and right hand were all ready to deliver heavy blows onto the white-robed man’s back as the hammer in his left hand descended.

As the two men came into contact, Chu Feng’s legs and elbow all landed on the opponent’s body. Additionally, the violet hammer found its mark on the back of the white-robed man’s head.

The blow was backed by a force sufficient to smash apart a mountaintop!

The man was destined to be defeated despite being able to display four true forms of the Xingyi Twelve Fist in a split second.

The assailant, Chu Feng, had attacked rather unconventionally, leaping up to attack his back from a height instead of rushing over from level ground.

The white-robed man suffered severe concussion as the hammer came down onto the back of his head with a dong. Radiant light flashed out from the back of his head as he attempted to use spiritual energy in defense, but that, too, fell short in the face of this near point blank attack.

At the same time, sharp pain arose from his back where Chu Feng’s elbow and knee had struck. The injury caused him to cough up blood.

Demon King Chu, at present, was shockingly powerful. He now had the qualifications to strive for the apex and could even fight on equal footing with the Elder Lion of the Eastern Punitive Expedition.


The white-robed youth suffered such a heavy attack. The amount of destructive energy he had received was frightening, and his white robe had even become torn and tattered.

His body unsteadily swayed—the back of his head hurt badly and his eyesight was growing dim—he had almost passed out in the process. But he forcefully roused his spirit to barely retain consciousness, hoping to find a chance to retaliate.

Losing the initiative, however, meant that he was always one step behind. He had fallen into a passive state with his head spinning and reflexes greatly slowed.


With a shout, Chu Feng activated a fusion of his demon ox roar and flood dragon roar, producing a thunderous, spirit-infused sound wave attack.

This attack immediately tore apart the white-robed man’s forcefully activated spiritual energy and sent him into a deeper stupor. His ears rang and double images appeared in his vision.


During the process, Chu Feng’s hammer descended once more upon the back of the white-robed man’s head.

The white-robed man could no longer hold on. His head had almost burst open and his vision went totally black.

When the third hammer struck, the man blacked out completely and fell to the ground.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng landed lightly on the ground behind him.

He looked down at the white-robed man and made sure that the latter was completely unconscious before sighing inwardly. He was indeed a powerful expert likely with six severed shackles. This shocked him somewhat—when had the human race produced such an expert? He never knew!

Chu Feng looked attentively and found that this person was 27 or 28 years of age, only slightly older than he was.

It was a hidden peerless expert of whom Chu Feng had never even heard of. Such restraint!

"He’s mastered the Xingyi Fist. By the looks of his expertise, he could certainly be termed a grandmaster in the art and such a young one at that! How frightening!"

Chu Feng didn’t feel this endeavor was overly risky. If he really wanted to kill, he would’ve activated the magical weapon right off the bat and have the violet hammer erupt with lightning. An unsuspecting enemy, no matter how fast, had no chance of evading a lightning attack. It was much more effective!

Very soon, Chu Feng’s eyes began to glow. This was an actual Xingyi grandmaster before him. He had always coveted this technique and had asked Lu Tong to help him gather all the complete manual but they had ultimately failed to gather every part. Thus, he had only learnt a few true forms to date.

"I wonder if he has a technique manual on him?" Chu Feng appeared hopeful but he didn’t dare expect too much. Who would carry the manual on the person at all times?

He searched the body and let out a sigh; it was indeed not there.

Chu Feng then carried him into the guest room and arrived near the sofa whereupon he found the tea-table which had turned to ash.

"Oh, what’s this?!"

He was shocked to find a yellowed fist technique manual lying on the sofa. He trembled slightly and was immediately overjoyed.

Chu Feng dropped the man to the ground with a loud thump.

He immediately picked up the manual, flipped through it, and found that it was the ancient Xingyi Fist which was slightly different from the ones in circulation. It was more complex and profound!

"There’s a hidden layer!" He discovered a hidden layer within the cover of the manual, and from within, he extracted a thin beast skin whereupon he suddenly became excited.

The beast skin parchment contained diagrams depicting the twelve true forms—not a single one was missing—the characters within were all vivid and lifelike!

Chu Feng was first astonished and then broke out into laughter. It was simply too unexpected. He had actually found the ancient Xingyi Fist Technique along with the diagrams of the twelve true forms!

"Young grandmaster of the Xingyi Sect." Chu Feng looked down at the white-robed man. It was rather unexpected that someone would carry the manual around.

In truth, the white-robed man had just mastered the Xingyi Twelve True Forms and severed his sixth shackle recently. He was consolidating his newfound realm while comprehending the twelve true forms, and as such, the manual was near him at all times. He was quite confident in his own abilities and had never imagined that someone would snatch it from him.

But today, Chu Feng had ambushed him on a whim after seeing he was associated with those of the marine race.

"I do apologize, elder brother." Chu Feng felt somewhat guilty. The other party was, after all, a human even if he was a bad person associated with the marine race.

But he had no proof to back this claim nor had he seen the other party do evil. He felt somewhat uneasy after ambushing the other party like so.

If only Chu Feng knew this white-robed youth was scheming against his parents in order to force him to walk to his death, he would probably have eaten him alive.

"The Xingyi Ancient Technique and the diagrams of the twelve true forms came as a pleasant surprise!" The more Chu Feng scanned through the twelve true forms, the more he came to realize its extraordinary qualities.

His heart couldn’t calm down at all. He was extremely excited because this kind of technique was worth practicing. It was, after all, a human fist manual.


He was somewhat surprised. He had only made a slight attempt to comprehend the technique before he discovered that there was a mysterious breathing technique hidden within.

"Very good!" His eyes were shining resplendently like two little suns for he knew this breathing technique had to be special.

His current breathing technique only needed to be practiced for a short period each day; any excess would be a waste unless he was badly wounded.

Once every morning and night was the short effective period when cultivating it for evolution.

An additional breathing technique meant an extra method to achieve evolution. One could borrow its powers to strengthen the physique and lengthen the effective period.

Chu Feng continued his analysis and found that the breathing technique hidden on the beast skin was of extraordinary significance!

"My path to evolution has widened!" Chu Feng was wild with joy.

He looked down at the white-robed man and secretly apologized. Who told him to associate with those of the marine race? Most of them were his enemies.

Chu Feng safely put away the manual and diagram. He had no intention to return them for the time being and would consider what to do with them after he had comprehended everything.

It was obvious that he shouldn’t tarry for too long.

Chu Feng looked around the place and discovered a piece of torn paper beside the disintegrated tea table. On it was a name, crossed out in red ink.

"A hitlist?" Chu Feng was surprised. He had sensed a lingering killing intent from the piece of paper.

Chu Feng was unfamiliar with the name written on it. "Wu Qifeng".

"You not only associate with the marine race but also plan to kill humans. This smells like a dangerous conspiracy."

Merely, Chu Feng found it difficult to make a move against the man because he neither knew who this Wu Qifeng was nor did he have any concrete evidence.

Everything was pure speculation. If he killed the man without evidence and it turned out to be a mistake, the human race would’ve lost a young and peerless Xingyi Fist grandmaster.

"Let it be. I’ve already wronged him by taking his technique manual." With that, Chu Feng turned around and left.

But he began to frown after reaching the door. His intuition told him that something was really fishy about this man. He didn’t feel like a good person at all despite his good looks and scholarly refinement.

Chu Feng had no idea and never would’ve guessed that this man was a great enemy who was plotting against him.

It was simply an instinctive hunch that this man was not a good person.

He turned around, re-entered the villa and proceeded to carry the man out. On his way, he came across a gigantic garbage tank whereupon he tossed the man in and shut the lid.

"Ah, I don’t care anymore! I’ll just give him a second chance. So what if he’s really an enemy? I’ll just beat him up in a fair fight later on." Chu Feng couldn’t confirm anything else without further evidence and so he left just like that.

He didn’t dwell upon it any further for he now had the confidence to stand fearlessly against any enemy. With that, he walked out of the villa in large strides.

Very soon, he contacted Lu Tong.

"Old man, I’m back at Jiangxi. I’ve stirred up some trouble recently and can’t help but feel that hidden enemies are the most difficult to guard against. I’m worried about my parents since I’m so far away—please keep an eye out for their safety."

Lu Tong gnashed his teeth after hearing such words. This brat had definitely been up to no good! Otherwise, he wouldn’t say such things.

According to the old man’s understanding of Chu Feng, he understood that the brat had done something bad!

"Do you have a guilty conscience? Tell me what kind of immoral things have you done?" Lu Tong asked.

"Nonsense! I’ve always been righteous and just. Never have I done anything even remotely immoral!" Chu Feng calmly spoke, subconsciously touching the Xingyi Fist Manual tucked away in his chest and glancing back at the large garbage tank.

He soon vanished with a swoosh!

"Rest assured. With all the confusion going on in Jiangxi, I knew you were going to stir up trouble. Maybe even cause a gigantic commotion. I’ve long since transferred your parents to a safe location. The master of the Roaming Jade Temple is also there. I’ve also arranged for a mutant couple to move into your house."

"Many thanks!" With that, Chu Feng ended the call, greatly relieved.

At the same time, he glanced back once more, and somehow, he felt… less guilty.
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