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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 248: Peerless White-Robe

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Chapter 248: Peerless White-Robe

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"It’s been said that the Black Dragon Crown Prince is possibly recuperating in the vicinity of Mount Sanqing. Someone had reportedly seen a black snake as large as a mountain," the black yak replied.

"Mount Sanqing." Chu Feng frowned.

That place wasn't so simple. It was a famed mountain of Jiangxi and one of the heavenly grottos of Taoism. Chu Feng calculated the time and realized Hei Teng should already have recovered.

The two oxen were not privy to the Peacock King’s location and had failed to track the mysterious expert.

Yellow Ox was quite evil inside despite his age and gave Chu Feng some advice. "Don’t be in a hurry to get back at them. You can take your time since you're the one in the dark. You can go knocking on their doors one by one and finish them off. That would be even better."

"That sounds logical," Chu Feng laughed out loud. He had the same idea—there was no need for him to jump out and become the common target—he could just maintain his mysterious stance and "shock" his enemies.

The black yak told him to hold back his temper and move cautiously, "Wait for my news. The Manchurian Tiger had recently befriended a few marine race experts. I’ll have him investigate the situation and see if the Black Dragon Crown Prince is indeed at Mount Sanqing."

At the same time, the two oxen gave Chu Feng the details regarding some beast and human race experts. They planned to have these people suffer some lightning strikes.

Chu Feng smiled as the whole thing was just up his alley.

"I’ve been out in the wilds so long that I’ve almost become a forest dweller." Chu Feng laughed in self-ridicule; he had been traveling through mountains and forests for so long.

The world used to be a modern society, bustling with human activity, cars, and high rise buildings, but everything had changed after the upheaval—he had gone from living in a city to traversing great mountains and fighting with king level entities.

Chu Feng decided to find the nearest city get some rest while waiting for more news from the two oxen.

Hongdu was the largest city in Jiangxi. It was quite close to Mei Ridge and didn’t take Chu Feng much time to arrive there.

News of the Raven King being struck by lightning shocked everyone. It was even more of a sensation in the human society because he had invited so much hate. Everyone clapped their hands in approval as soon as they recovered from their initial daze.

The beast kings were all dumbfounded. Could such an uncanny coincidence be true? They immediately realized that something fishy was going on.

But news arrived from Mei Ridge that black thunderclouds had indeed formed over the mountain but dispersed not long afterward.

"Was he really struck by lightning? This Raven King had sinned so much that he was struck by heavenly lightning," a beast race member sighed.

This incident felt rather unnatural but it was not completely unacceptable. After all, it wasn’t normally unheard of to see lightning in the mountains.

"It might be a heavenly tribulation!" some beast race members spoke with solemn expressions.

They understood a fair bit after reaching the king level. According to legends, their races were usually considered as great demons during ancient times. These great demons would occasionally suffer lightning strikes.

Obviously, many people weren’t of the same opinion. Some human experts and those top beast race experts felt something was odd about this incident. They suspected whether the Raven King had suffered an ambush.

Mount Sanqing. The beautiful scenery was decorated with ancient pines standing alongside flying waterfalls and mist rising up amongst them. It was a like an immortal paradise.

Ancient trees grew sparsely throughout the mountain range but all of them were tall and upright. A giant black snake could be seen on the highlands, basking in the sun’s rays. The horned snake was hundreds of meters long with metallic scales and appeared like a coiled black dragon.

"Chu Feng, are you still alive? I hope you return with full health because I want to tear you apart slowly!" Hei Teng growled.

He had been recuperating here during the recent days and had almost been fully healed.

He hated Chu Feng greatly because he, a proud dragon race expert with six severed shackles, had almost died in the fight, simply because he couldn’t utilize his full strength.

"Don’t tell me you’re involved in the Raven King’s death. Wait till I exit my seclusion, I’ll definitely go over to kill you!" Hei Teng swore vengeance and couldn’t wait much longer.

The Golden Sea Villa just outside of Hongdu.

A white-robed youth stood in the guestroom of a splendorous and majestic mansion. A smile was drawn across his handsome and refined face. He possessed a clear and outstanding elegance.

He sat on the sofa in a leisurely manner and placed the Xingyi Fist Manual on the table. "The Raven King has died and I don’t think it’s an accident. The so-called beast race heavenly tribulation is an ancient theory which is unproven and most likely imaginary. I only believe in evolution. Our target may have made his appearance."

"Are you saying that Chu Feng has returned?" A mysterious and handsome youth was sitting on the opposite sofa. His long violet hair hung behind him while the slightly shut vertical eye glowed with divine light.

"It’s highly possible." The white-robed youth nodded.

"Very well, I’ll head out to kill him and avenge Hei Teng!" His long purple hair was glowing radiantly while his whole body was enshrouded in a divine radiance, emanating a terrifying aura.

At this time, his third eye opened, whereupon a golden light spilled forth; he grabbed onto a blue dagger on the table and brought it into his hands.

"I want to slice him up slowly. A mere human with four severed shackles had actually made me lose my flying saucer, what a disgrace! It doesn’t beat a single flying saucer even if he has a hundred lives for me to kill!" The three-eyed man shot the dagger into the table with a swoosh.


The tea table split apart and turned into ashes!

His heart would bleed every time he was reminded of the destroyed flying saucer. Very few people had been able to excavate such a vehicle despite the number of marine race experts in the ocean.

"Keep calm and don’t be impatient," the white-robed man was fairly calm, "everything is purely speculation and he might not have actually returned. But even if it was indeed him, there’s no need for you to go and find him personally. Why not just wait for him to come to us and deliver up his life?"

"Why would he be so obedient?" The three-eyed man was puzzled. He knew the white-robed man had always been calm and steady. He was always well-planned and was never one to speak without good reason.

"He will, he definitely will come and forfeit his life to us." The white-robed youth put down the Xingyi Fist Manual and revealed a faint smile. "Every man has a weakness."

"Let’s hear of it." The three-eyed man regained his calm and retracted his previous killing intent.

"He had always cared about his parents. Do you remember that the battle in which he rose to fame was also due to his parents? He ignored all consequences and killed his way into Mount Pan and engaged in a bloody battle with the old Weasel who had mastered the Imperial Sword Technique. He proceeded to flatten the mountain and stronghold, shaking the world with his feats."

The white-robed main narrated the story with relative peace.

The three-eyed man was suddenly enlightened. Light spilled out of his eyes as a smile appeared on his face. "Make a move on his parents and lure him in?"

"Correct. Have the agents in Shuntian make their move. We don’t necessarily have to kill them but we have to cause a noticeable commotion as if we’re really about to make such a move. This will throw Chu Feng’s judgment off." The white-robed man smiled.

"Will he come over with just that?" the three-eyed man questioned.

"The agent at Shuntian must fail the assault and act as if he had been defeated. He must then proceed to reveal that he was instructed by someone from Jiangxi."


The white-robed man continued, "The act must be absolutely natural and not deliberate. Just like the saying ‘where water flows, a canal will be formed’, this is the most lethal plan. Just let a certain beast king from Jiangxi be the ‘culprit’. It’ll be for the best to choose one from among those who had attacked him last time to play the radical enemy working to kill his parents."

The three-eyed man asked, "According to your plan, we would have to go and take control of a certain beast king and have him become the perpetrator."

The white-robed youth nodded as an indifferent smile appeared on his face. "That’s right. It should be under his ‘orders’ that Chu Feng’s parents were put in danger and even wounded. This would cause Chu Feng to be angered beyond reason and urge him to go on a rampage."

"Will he fall for this?" The three-eyed man was hesitant.

"He definitely will. He is, by nature, very protective of his parents and will definitely react in such a way. He’ll go on a rampage and use it as a deterrent show of force to scare off others who harbor similar ideas. He had also sworn that anyone who touches his parents is stirring up his reverse scale and that it was even more serious than scheming against himself. The culprit would have to suffer his vengeance in full force!" the white-robed youth spoke with a vibrant smile.

"Interesting!" The three-eyed man laughed.

"He will definitely act this way to intimidate his enemies and ensure his parents’ safety. And when he makes his move, that will be your chance. You just wait here for him to come and deliver himself to you!" The white-robed man retracted his smile, and a cold glow appeared in his eyes.

"Ha, very good. I’ll wait for him to actively deliver himself to me," the three-eyed man nodded, "and it so happens that I’m headed towards Mount Sanqing to call on the black dragon. Shall I tell him about our interesting plan to kill this Demon King Chu?"

"We naturally have to tell him and have him join hands with us. When the time comes, us three experts will take him down together," the white-robed man replied.

"Is there such a need? I alone should be able to handle him with ease." The three-eyed man revealed a cold and disdainful smile—he simply didn’t put Chu Feng on the same level at all.

"We will invite the black dragon over for safety—it’s not my style to take chances—we will take him down and absolutely give him no opportunity to escape. Everything will become troublesome if he flees." The white-robed man insisted with a brilliant glow in his eyes.

"Very well, we’ll do as you say. I’ll head over to Mount Sanqing and select a suitable beast king along the way to be our ‘mastermind’, heh, heh!" The three-eyed man rose and left. He had originally planned to head to Mount Sanqing that day and now he couldn’t wait to get there.

The villas outside the city saw a drastic drop in prices since the great upheaval. No one was interested in buying them because of safety issues.

So many desolate mountains had appeared outside the cities from which the cries of apes and tigers could be heard even from a distance. Who would dare live outside under such circumstances?

Chu Feng walked through the vast lands and prepared to rest along the way. He decided the avoid the cities in order to avoid being recognized.

But he suddenly sensed powerful energy fluctuations which, even to the other kings, would be terrifying.

"An expert with six severed shackles?" He was astonished.

The frightening fluctuations originating from the three-eyed youth as he angrily stabbed at the tea-table with the blue dagger was clearly sensed by Chu Feng.

Now that his strength had increased by leaps and bounds, his divine instinct had become terrifyingly sharp. He could sense such energy fluctuations from the villa hundreds of kilometers away.

Chu Feng approached the area like a drifting spirit and leaped into the villa area. He hid within the trees in the courtyard and stared fixedly at a certain area.

His divine instinct had long since locked onto the most stylish manor in the area.

Before long, he saw a white-robed man walk out accompanied by a purple haired man.

"Terrifying amounts of blood energy are contained within their bodies. Both of them are definitely not simple. One of them seems to be leaving?" Chu Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

Following which, his attention was fixed on the purple haired man. There was actually a vertical eye between his brows which proved he wasn’t a human.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng wasn’t aware of his identity as the master of the flying saucer that had attacked him back at Mount Longhu.

But Chu Feng noticed that the white-robed youth was definitely not a good fellow. Arriving in Jiangxi with an expert of the divergent race could actually mean that they were here for him.


With a loud roar, the three-eyed man disappeared into the distance like a flash of purple lightning. His speed was extremely fast, quite befitting of a peerless expert.

Chu Feng didn’t move one bit and only continued hiding there. Since his spiritual and physical faculties fused as one, he gained a mysterious ability which rendered the other kings’ divine instincts ineffective.

During his last battle where he killed ten kings in one night, he had borrowed this ability to escape his pursuers. He fused his spiritual energy with his body as he was fleeing and was able to escape without leaving any trace of his aura, effectively losing his assailants.

"This white-robed youth has an amiable smile and looks quite handsome." Chu Feng was surprised to see that the other party was a man of exceptional beauty.

However, intuition told him that this person was no saint. This feeling was further reinforced by the fact that he was walking alongside the three-eyed man.

The two oxen told him that several marine race experts had come ashore, among them were dragonesses, sea-god tigers and those of the three-eyed race. Could it be that this purple haired man belonged to the marine race?

"Marine race!" Chu Feng’s eyes turned frosty for he had zero good impression regarding those of the marine race.

Earlier, there was a so-called white dragon that wanted to kill him for his breathing technique but the result was that both the white dragon and the lobster were killed by Chu Feng.

Not long ago, he had encountered the black flood dragon who called himself the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea who came to stand up for his friend and take Chu Feng’s life. There he had to, once again, fight an intense battle.

It was also this battle that led to his grievous wounds which subsequently made him a prime target for the other kings. He had nearly died after being surrounded by a mob of kings.

"I don’t give a damn who you are. You can’t be a good person if you’re colluding with the marine race. I’ll deliver a sledgehammer blow from the back first and then see what I should do from there." Chu Feng made his decision.
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