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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 247: Roaring Thunder

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Chapter 247: Roaring Thunder

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Peace and quiet could scarcely be found in the Jiangxi region these days. Commotions large and small were frequent as the kings of various powers came together.

Chu Feng killing ten kings in one night had caused a huge sensation and many people were here for him. The various human kings appeared in succession along with the proud youths and old demons of the marine race with six severed shackles.

During this time, the Peacock King and the Hollow Jade Temple master were fighting intensively while the Wudang Grandmaster and the marine race experts crossed swords.

It could be said that Jiangxi had become a land of unrest.

Battles were taking place with increasing frequency as experts made their appearance.

However, where actually was the star of this show? Everyone wanted to know about this man who had seemingly disappeared under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Not even his shadow had been spotted for several days now. Word out there was that he might already have died.

That night, his dazzling battle shook the whole of the East and made everyone turn their attention towards him. That one glorious battle had gained him astonishing martial accomplishments, but he was nowhere to be found.

Some people believed that Chu Feng had suffered unimaginable injuries after his struggle against the group of king level assailants and that he might have died in some unknown cave.

There were more people who thought that he had already been killed in secret. There were, after all, no shortage of people who wanted to keep the matter of his breathing technique a secret.

"Immortal Chu, you haven’t really perished have you?"

Many discussions and debates had already caused great waves on the internet with everyone offering different opinions.

Some were of a resolute opinion that Chu Feng was still hiding due to his serious injuries and that he would not appear for a long period of time while he recuperates. Other pessimistic people were of a thought that he had passed away.

"You think he’s really a god?! He’s definitely dead. Tsk, he’s just a man with flesh and blood. Stop flattering him so much just because he’s had some accomplishments."

Everyone had a different idea. Some with evil intentions even spoke words that were unpleasant to the ears.

Those from the beast race with enmity towards Chu Feng stepped out and began to ridicule him.

Chu Feng’s old enemies such as the Golden Eagle and the Ash Wolf tribe were among the most active in this regard.

"Demon King Chu has finally received his retribution. What a great death! We’re truly grateful to the kings of Jiangxi. They had truly gone through a lot that night!"

The Ash Wolf Tribe was even celebrating quite pompously drawing a fair bit of attention.

Many people were furious and couldn’t stand them but could do very little against those tribes for they had already entered the Peacock King’s area of jurisdiction.

"Unfortunately, it appears our Peacock King’s efforts were wasted in traveling south because Chu Feng had unfortunately fallen to a mob attack." Some from the Peacock race spoke out as if they were regretful about how the Peacock King had lost the opportunity to make his move.

"Ha! Just what kind of identity does the Peacock King possess?! Is a mere Chu Feng qualified to have the elders make their move? It’s good that he had already died lest people say the Peacock King bullied him."

Doubtlessly, these words were spoken by those of the beast race, including those beast kings who had attacked Chu Feng that night. They naturally sided with the Peacock King.

Although what they sought for was Chu Feng's breathing technique, doing the Peacock King a favor was also one of their goals.

"How hateful! What kind of words are those?! Do you lot need to act this way even if Chu Feng really is dead?!" Many people were unhappy about this.

"Can’t you stand the truth?! You all saw how badly wounded he was that day! Glorious accomplishments and killing ten kings in one night matters little when he’s almost half dead with disheveled hair and blood-drenched body. It’s just a bullsh*t Immortal Chu!"

One person rudely and disrespectfully ridiculed Chu Feng, saying that he was miserable and humiliated.

"Who the hell are you? What right do you have to mock Chu Feng? What good does it do for you? You should stop speaking without thinking!" Some people were infuriated.

No one knows if he’s just unbridled and bombastic or doing this intentionally but his location could be seen clearly—Mei Ridge, Jiangxi.

"That grandson from Mei Ridge, do you know how to speak human? Stop cooking up all of this nonsense and rubbish. You’ll reap what you sow," some people rebuked.

"Is there any great immortal willing to head to Mei Ridge and eradicate this fellow?! It’s been said that the ridge is occupied by the beast race. Perhaps he was one of those who had attacked Chu Feng that night," someone speculated.

This person was obviously no saint. Tyrannical and short-tempered, he couldn’t stand any sort of provocation.

"What? Did I touch a sore spot? I say what I want. What can you do about it? Haha, let’s see if the heavens will smite me. Honestly, this king had indeed taken part in the battle that night and saw Chu Feng miserable and half dead. I made my move against him but he escaped by sheer luck. He doesn’t amount to much and will surely die!"

Such a response enraged countless people.

"I believe such a malicious character will receive his just deserts. The heavens will surely kill you and be done with it!"

"He’s definitely from the beast race. He might actually have participated in the attack on Chu Feng as Mei Ridge had been occupied by some beast race demons. I hope the heavens really strike down those who harmed Chu Feng."

Many people were guessing his identity. Most of them believed him to be the raven king from the Mei Ridge.

People suspected he was related to the Golden Crow since both belonged to the same family, with the latter having achieved superior evolution after its divine avian bloodline began to take form.

At the Mei Ridge, the Raven King was dripping cold sweat. He wasn’t too proficient in his understanding of these human communicators and was found out after posting a few messages on the internet.

But he wasn’t afraid because he was closely related to the Golden Crow and was under the protection of this peerless beast king.

His participation in the attack that night was also on the Golden Crow’s orders. He was tasked with helping the Peacock King kill Chu Feng.

He had put in much effort and displayed great enthusiasm during that rally.

"Chu Feng, could it be that you’ve truly encountered misfortune? We hope you’re alright. Please show up soon and give these arrogant bests a lesson."

"Immortal Chu, we hope you return alive and refresh the Gourmet Rankings. These beast race members are truly too hateful and should be eaten!"

Chu Feng traveled through the mountains and woods, checking for new information on his communicator every now and then.

He incidentally saw a certain beast king cursing at him on the forums and it attracted his attention.

"Mei Ridge?" Chu Feng was surprised because he was just passing through that area! Perhaps he could... drop in.

He conveniently added a reply, "Crow, you’re definitely going to suffer lightning strikes and roaring thunder!"

Everyone else was more or less saying the same thing.

Chu Feng knew the beast king was likely a crow. It had certainly participated in the battle that night but the crafty bird hid itself and only attacked from a distance. Its cowardice had saved it from a calamity that day.

"It so happens that I’m searching for you lot. You still dare to mock me so loudly—I’ll take you for first blood!" Chu Feng raised his speed and shot out into the distance like a bolt of lightning, entering Mei Ridge directly.

Mei Ridge was called Little Mount Lu because of its lofty peaks and dense mountains. There was an abundance of waterfalls and was exceptionally beautiful year round.

Now, the mountain had been occupied by a raven. Before him, it was occupied by the Black Ape King and the Sparrowhawk King. The former had broken his fifth shackle, and he was one of the most powerful beast kings in the area.

But after a single night, the Black Ape King and the Sparrowhawk King had both met their end. The land thus fell to the Raven King.

He was currently packing his things and preparing to leave. He was very cautious and was afraid some experts would come to kill him.

But he was currently not in a huge rush because even if some people were coming over, they would still take some time before arriving at his door.

"I really hope that Demon King Chu has died. I can forfeit this breathing technique if it means that walking calamity goes to hell!" The Raven King laughed coldly.


Suddenly, the whole of the Mei Ridge was violently shaken. Chu Feng jumped up from ground level and crossed a thousand odd meters to land on a certain peak.

With a thump, the mountaintop he had landed on began to crumble and collapse.

"Who goes there?!" The Raven King was astonished and frightened. He directly transformed into his true form and rushed toward the skies, planning to leave the area first before thinking of anything else.

As he charged toward the skies, his eyes momentarily landed on the uninvited guest and were frozen in place. It was actually Chu Feng!

He felt his bones grow cold and flapped his wings frantically in an attempt to leave the mountain area and escape into the distance.

It was simply too terrifying to him. He was just cursing Demon King Chu and now he had come back from the dead?!

"It really is you!" Chu Feng revealed a wide smile and raised his left hand. The lightning talisman activated amidst interweaving arcs of electricity. At the same time, his right hand was wielding the violet hammer which was glowing intensively.

This violet gold lightning hammer belonged to the human race expert who had attacked him that night. It was now being activated at this moment.

"Chu Feng you… no!" the Raven King cried out loud and transformed into a black beam of light shooting away from the Mei Ridge.

But, unfortunately, it was too late. How could the raven outrun lightning, no matter how fast he was?

The violet hammer erupted with lightning bolts which, aided by Chu Feng’s left hand, shot out with terrifying might.


That single bolt of lightning struck the Raven King’s body. His feathers wall burst apart and rained gradually towards the ground.


Following that, under the intersecting arcs of lightning, the Raven King cried out in agonizing misery. His body had burst apart and was torn into several charred pieces which subsequently fell to the ground. He had died rather tragically.

Chu Feng didn’t spare him another glance and wasn’t interested in crow meat because these birds liked to eat rotting carcasses.

It was really quite a coincidence that several thunder clouds floated over with loud rumbles.

Chu Feng left the place without delay.

That day, the internet had blown up with news of people having witnessed roaring thunder and lightning near the Mei Ridge. One large bolt had landed upon the main peak amidst a dazzling display of terrifying light.

"Don’t tell me that the raven has truly been struck by divine lightning?"

Finally, several mutants climbed the mountain. To their surprise, they unexpectedly found the raven king dead and had apparently been struck by lightning.

"Oh god, our words have come true. That Raven King had truly been struck down by lightning!"

This caused a huge commotion and many people were dumbstruck.

Yellow Ox and the black yak immediately contacted Chu Feng because they knew he had already recovered and had arrived in Jiangxi.

Naturally, Chu Feng didn’t hide anything from them.

The black yak immediately became spirited and asked in excitement, "Brat, you shocked that crow to death didn’t you?!"

"Indeed, it was I." Chu Feng laughed and told them not to worry. He was now confident in dealing with these powerful enemies and had no more fear for those experts with six severed shackles.

"Are you kidding me?" The black yak was excited and almost fanatical as he brought up a rotten idea, "Let me tell you that me and Little Yellow have grasped all the detailed information about the various king level experts in the region and also know where these bastards are hiding. You can continue deceiving them and finish off a batch of them first. That’ll really shock them!

"That sounds reasonable; I’ll ambush some of them first. But, I want to know where the Peacock King and the Black Dragon Crown Prince are. Do you know their whereabouts?" Chu Feng asked directly.
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