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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 246: Satisfied

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Chapter 246: Satisfied

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Dawn over the mountain woods was covered with a hint of mist as the sun leapt over the distant mountains, washing its redness over the foggy forest. Everything was glittering with a touch of gold and stained with a prismatic hue, a truly enjoyable view.

Chu Feng was enveloped by the warmth of the rising dawn as he circulated his breathing technique—this was his "morning service"—at the same time, he was observing the two king-level entities, barely containing his appetite.

He traversed the mountain woods without so much as a sound and approached his quarry.

Even after reaching the king level, the beasts could scarcely do away with their racial habits, with the pheasant bobbing its head forward with each step it took. "Could it be that Chu Feng has really died and got eaten by wild beasts?"

The moose was also quite dissatisfied. "Just where is this Demon King Chu? It’s already been so many days but we’ve yet to find him. This is truly odd!"

The Pheasant cursed, "Dammit, he actually disappeared without a single trace. I really wanted his breathing technique. Just where did he go and die? It’s as if he simply vanished."

They were actually both quite apprehensive at the bottom of their hearts. They feared Chu Feng might actually come back for revenge but they also hoped to find some clues regarding his whereabouts.

Chu Feng wasn’t resentful or angry at this moment. He only stared at his prey through eyes filled with love and delight.

The pheasant was as tall as a man and was comparatively on the smaller side, but it could be considered a concentration of essential flavors. Their race was truly the delicacy of the mountains.

The moose beside it was adorned with a multicolored coat of fur which shone lustrously. Its hooves were golden yellow and its body was glowing with astonishing vitality.

The moose was the very picture of well-fed. Its skin and fur were glistening, and its dazzling body was comparable to jade while its horns emitted a hint of spiritual light.

Chu Feng wiped the drool from his mouth and began closing in. There were less than a hundred meters between them.

The pheasant was still complaining, "Why doesn’t he die a few days later and leave the breathing technique?! We went through all that for nothing. This damn human! He definitely won't be missed!"

The moose shook his head. "It is indeed regretful that we had missed out on a powerful breathing technique."

Chu Feng arrived at that moment like a silent spirit. He approached them from the back and stopped hiding his presence.

"I’m here."

A mere word caused the two king-level entities to tense up as they suddenly turned around and glanced into the distance.

Much to their fright, they saw Chu Feng standing there. They were talking about him just now and speak of the devil!

The pheasant and moose were flabbergasted.

"You… Why’re you showing up?!" The peasant was upset.

"Weren’t you two looking for me?" Chu Feng smiled amiably but the saliva dripping out of his mouth destroyed the image.

"You… What do you want?!" The moose was shocked and felt greatly uncomfortable.

"I’ve come to deliver the peerless breathing technique," Chu Feng replied. His glowing eyes were fixedly sizing up the two as he couldn’t help but say, "How plump!"

The two king-level entities felt their scalps go numb after facing the terrifying Demon King Chu. They didn’t even realize his arrival.

"King Chu. We feel relieved after seeing that you’re fine. Actually, we weren’t willing to become enemies with you," said the pheasant. He wanted to settle Chu Feng with a few words and run away.

Chu Feng merely laughed and walked over to them.

The pheasant felt greatly troubled after seeing Chu Feng fast approaching. He wanted to turn around and flee for he dared not fight against the latter.

The moose was also feeling the same. They had long since established deep enmity after trying to kill Chu Feng last time. There was no way they could talk their way out of this or convince him to let them go.


The two king-level entities broke through the sound barrier and ran in different directions for their lives.

But their speed was far from being Chu Feng’s match.


The pheasant spread its wings and tried to fly away, but after barely leaping a hundred meters into the air, Chu Feng had already caught it by the neck, dragging it back to the ground as he went towards the moose.

The pheasant was furious and resentful. It was still a king level entity and yet it had been captured in one grasp.

What sort of situation was this? How come it had been immediately captured without any chance to react?

It struggled to break free. Its body began to glow and its brightly colored feathers puffed up. Its golden claws tried frantically to grasp at Chu Feng.

"You better behave!"

Chu Feng delivered a solid slap on its skull, sending it into a momentary daze. Its brain had almost shattered under the immense force.

It understood that Chu Feng had simply given it a random slap without much force behind it.

This time, the pheasant felt chilled all over. It had been frightened out of its wits after finding that Chu Feng’s strength had risen dramatically and they were no longer his match.

The moose ran with all its might. It felt especially delighted after seeing Chu Feng go after the pheasant. It thought it might yet live to see another day.


The mountain rocks and giant stones were shattered along the way as it violently charged. It had to search for powerful reinforcements and return to kill Demon King chu.

"What's the rush? Slow down."

Suddenly, the moose heard a familiar voice close to its ears. Its hair all stood on end as it turned its head sideways rigidly. There he saw Chu Feng approaching rapidly, grasping the pheasant by the neck.

"Crap!" the moose cursed out loud and was badly startled. It was ridiculous! Chu Feng had actually caught the pheasant from the opposite direction and arrived beside it?


When the moose finally turned its head towards the front, it found itself running headfirst into a mountain rock weighing thousands of kilograms. Although the rock itself had been split apart by its horns, the impact caused it to stagger back and almost fall.

"I told you to slow down. You just won’t listen." Chu Feng arrived with the pheasant in his clutches like a roc soaring through the skies and blocked the road ahead.

"Demon King Chu, I’ll fight it out with you!" the moose roared. It was shocked and apprehensive at the moment. Its horns began to glow with a sharp sword-like radiance and shot out beams of blinding light.

Chu Feng dispersed the incoming attack with a wave of his hand and arrived before the moose in one step whereupon a slap was duly delivered. "You also better behave!"

With a thump, the moose felt its head spinning before falling to the ground. It was seeing golden stars and couldn’t get up for quite a while.

It was thoroughly horrified. Demon King Chu’s strength had far exceeded its expectations, likely even more powerful than their last encounter. Even the Peacock King should only be just as powerful.

A simple slap had sent the moose sprawling onto the ground. A chill ran down its spine at the thought.


Chu Feng tossed the pheasant onto the ground and went looking for a source of water nearby. He soon found a peaceful and beautiful spring nearby.

Following which, he began gathering a whole pile of firewood.

"You… what are you doing?!" the moose asked in terror.


Chu Feng’s stomach let out a loud rumble at that moment as he wiped the drool from his mouth. His eyes were especially ardent.

"You… you…." The pheasant was shaking all over. It didn’t take a lot of intelligence to guess what Chu Feng was planning.

The moose cried miserably, "No… anything but that!"

They had all heard of Chu Feng’s notorious gluttony. He had even organized an Eastern Punitive Expedition Gourmet Ranking which had caused quite the commotion a while back.

The two kings wanted to flee but suffered yet more slaps before collapsing.

At this moment, Chu Feng couldn’t pretend any longer for he was absolutely ravenous. He had already found water and timber, and the only thing which remained was to clean the game.

"Tell me about the recent situation. Where are your accomplices?" Chu Feng had brought them to the waterside.

"Save us! Have mercy!" the two beast kings cried loudly.

Not long afterwards, an aromatic fragrance of cooking meat spread throughout the forest. Chu Feng began to wolf down his food with great momentum.

He was absolutely starved at that time. He held fast onto a pheasant drumstick as tall as himself and roasted it to an oily and golden yellow perfection before chewing off large chunks.

In the process, he felt all the pores on his body relax and some sticky oily material was expunged from his body—his metabolism was somewhat shocking.

It wasn’t that his appetite had become exceptionally large but that his digestive ability had been strengthened by a huge margin. He was actually able to refine all the king level ingredients into essence energy and absorb all of them without any waste.

The energy was then distributed throughout his flesh and blood where the impurities were cleansed, leaving only the essence.

At the same time, he was still evolving. He had broken through to the next level without the support of pollen, and thus, his body was almost in deficit from the colossal energy expenditure.

As such, his energy requirement this time was much greater than the previous breakthroughs. He ate and ate, transforming food into essence energy to be absorbed by the body.

At this time, his metabolism was incomparably astonishing. This was worked to perfect his severing process.

Chu Feng tossed away the remains of the pheasant’s legs and bones and began working on the roasted moose. He had to obtain the required energy for his body.

The intense fragrance of golden yellow moose meat assailed his nostrils, momentarily jolting his appetite. He began to gulp down the food in large mouthfuls—this kind of king level meat was extremely tasty as it melted within the mouth.

Another reason was that these two king-level entities had just been freshly killed and their energy had not yet dispersed. This was probably the best way to enjoy such delicacies.

During the process, he had to stop to wash his body twice because he was sweating profusely. His metabolism was raging as if he was fighting an intense battle!

Chu Feng ate to his heart's content. A fragrant aftertaste lingered in his mouth while his pores were all relaxed and surging with essence energy which gradually modified his body and perfected his evolution.

After finishing all the moose meat, he felt his body become once again sticky and dirty. His body was being tempered and baptized by the king level energy as he ate.

"How comfortable!"

Chu Feng let out a long sigh as he finally felt satiated. That was one big problem solved.

He lay there with great satisfaction and didn’t feel like moving.

He only got up only after a long period of rest and the surging radiance had receded. With a splash, he jumped into the spring to thoroughly wash the grime off of his body.

He came ashore after a long while. A layer of treasured splendor was flowing on his body which had become much stronger and now possessed a sense of beauty akin to that of deities.

With that, Chu Feng set out on his way to Jiangxi. How could he not drop in after seeing such liveliness in the area?

He kept stuffing various fruits into his mouth which he picked along the way. "I’m always feeling slightly peckish. After enjoying mountain delicacies, I think it's time to finish it off with some seafood."

Chu Feng glanced into the distance as he traversed the mountainous woods and muttered, "The Peacock King wants to kill me, does he? The marine race also wants to join in on the fun and rob me of my breathing technique? And these large corporations think they can scheme against me? It’s time to settle some scores!"
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