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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 245: Jiangxi Once more

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Chapter 245: Jiangxi Once more

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Chu Feng revealed a smile and basked in the delightful aftertaste of success.

He had succeeded without the help of divine pollen. He had depended on his own strength to sever the fifth shackle and greatly increased his strength.

He could clearly feel his strength increased by a great margin. His physical and mental faculties had all strengthened exponentially.

Deep at night within the quiet mountains woods, Chu Feng raised his arms amidst the darkness as if he was supporting the firmament above. Each step he took almost shattered the mountains and rivers.

Naturally, this was just a misperception obtained from the rapid increase in strength, but nonetheless, he had indeed become much more powerful and his combat prowess had indeed surpassed all his peers.

At this time, his heart was beating at a steady rate and was no different from any normal person’s. However, he understood the power hidden within as it transported vigorous energy towards every part of his body.

Chu Feng activated his internal vision and found the agate-like bright red and crystalline heart glowing with interwoven beams of scarlet light.

That was the source of his most intense divine energy.

The heart houses the spirit, embodies all life and was the purest of yang—it was the container of boundless life energy. It was like a divine furnace forging a continuous stream of life energy to nourish the body.


Chu Feng moved out, severely shaking the whole mountain with each step. He rushed out with a thump, leaving a powerful explosion where he once stood.

His speed had reached an extreme; he had vanished within the blink of an eye and caused cliffs and rocks in the far distance to explode as he charged through them. Nothing could stop his advance.

Chu Feng plowed through everything as he traversed the long distance.

His speed was simply too terrifying; he only heard the shocking explosion after he had stopped running.

A field of carnage followed him wherever he went—giant trees and mountainous rocks were all sent flying only to explode mid-air.

"I’ve reached five and a half times the speed of sound." Chu Feng concluded after some testing. He felt surprised because there was no one, to his knowledge, who had reached such a speed.

Even some experts with six severed shackles had to push themselves to the limit in order to barely reach Mach V.

With Chu Feng’s current speed, he could chase down any life form he locks onto. There was scarcely any way to outrun him.

"Black Dragon Crown Prince, your time is up. Let’s see where you can run!" he muttered.

The black flood dragon was extremely fast, but Chu Feng was confident he could definitely kill him if they met once again.


The earth exploded as Chu Feng leapt up. Even the sturdiest rocks couldn’t withstand the force.

With a swoosh, he landed on a thousand meter peak with relative ease. He wasn’t flying; a mere leap from ground level brought him to such heights.

This was sufficiently overwhelming to dumbfound any spectator.

Apparently, it wasn’t even the full extent of his power, but it was already quite terrifying and extraordinary to be able to reach a high peak in one jump. It felt like something out of a legend.

With a single step, Chu Feng rushed out from the summit like an arrow and traveled a thousand odd meters to reach another summit within a single moment.

A terrifying scene took place atop the previous peak. Cracks ran down the peak before it exploded with a bang, sending rocks and debris flying in all directions. Thereafter, a mountaintop had disappeared.


A red beam of light shot out from Chu Feng. It was a flying knife erupting with scarlet radiance which obscured the weapon’s true form. It turned into a mass of scarlet light and shot out at lightning speed.


The scarlet light slashed through the rocky mountain across where he was and hacked through a mountain hundreds of meters tall. The scene was absolutely terrifying; almost comparable to some mythological battles where the ancients would cut mountains and rivers.

Chu Feng believed his strength to be now comparable to those experts with six severed shackles, perhaps even stronger. He was confident enough to challenge the various experts around the world!

He felt the effects of his breakthrough this time were rather impressive. His physical strength had increased by absurd amounts.

Yellow Ox had told him before that the experts with six severed shackles could look down on the world, unbeatable by experts at any other level. Even those experts at five severed shackles would be easily suppressed in battle.

But Chu Feng’s strength at the moment was far stronger than those king level entities with five severed shackles. This was likely related to how he had always relied on pollen to pass each threshold of evolution and the type of breathing technique he used. It was also likely due to this fifth shackle which he severed on his own.

Other beings mostly relied on mutant fruits to achieve evolution.

Chu Feng stowed the flying knife away and began to observe the various changes in his body. What ability had he obtained during this breakthrough?

Normally, there should be one unpredictable ability after severing every shackle.

After the evolution, he felt his physique improve by leaps and bounds—his strength had increased by an overwhelming amount.

He felt an inexhaustible amount of energy with every punch and kick.

His heart was surrounded by a scarlet glow which worked to nourish his body and afford him tyrannical strength!

"Could I have obtained the strength of a Vajra, increasing my strength explosively?" Chu Feng mused.

In truth, the sheer magnitude of his strength was exceedingly terrifying and had long since surpassed his growth in speed.

"The heart is the source of all energy and vitality. Such an explosive growth in power is quite logical."

Very soon, Chu Feng found that something wasn’t quite right although his body had grown much stronger. This strength wasn’t the ability he had obtained from the severing.


Finally, Chu Feng discovered that he had obtained a miraculous ability the moment his heart erupted with bright scarlet light following the severing.

Back when he had attacked the shackle with all his strength, Chu Feng coughed up blood and was somewhat wounded.

But within the blink of an eye, he was as fit as a fiddle and had completely recovered. It was indeed too quick.

He slashed his radiant skin with the flying knife. Even the incomparably sharp knife had to be backed with some force in order to cut through his resilient skin.

Chu Feng ignored the fresh blood flowing out and soon found that the wound was moving ever so slightly, making small rustling sounds. It actually closed itself rather swiftly with a scarlet glow and was soon healed.

Not even a scar was left behind in the end.


Chu Feng struck himself viciously with the flood dragon fist, causing blood to seep out of the corner of his mouth.

But soon, the pain from the injury receded and he soon recovered.

This was especially evident when Chu Feng circulated his breathing technique to support this ability. He was soon perfectly healed after a short while; his body glowed with a translucent radiance, and his blood energy was strong like the tides.


Chu Feng was absolutely delighted. Severing the heart shackle not only granted him an exponential increase in strength but also such a mysterious technique.

This must be the regeneration ability spoken of in legends!

After extensive testing, he found that any wound on his body could be rapidly healed, including bone-deep ones. The rate of regeneration far surpassed any other king level entity.

This put a brilliant glow in Chu Feng’s eyes. This heaven-defying ability was just what he needed! It would grant him several more lives in battle!

Especially if he were to encounter a powerful foe of the same level, he could absolutely win a battle of attrition.

Now, he need not fear even if he was surrounded by a group of kings. Even if it would be difficult to evade all the attacks, he would be able to regenerate the wounds he suffered. He could depend on this ability to kill his enemies in every direction.

"The heart is the source of life. It truly does makes sense!"

Chu Feng was satisfied—he wasn’t lacking in killing moves—the divine feet, his lightning attack or his two fist techniques were quite sufficient.

Now, with increased regenerative abilities, others would find it hard to compare with him. He was now fearless and powerful.


Finally, his stomach began to growl—the pangs of hunger had finally begun. Testing his new abilities and physical state had exhausted large amounts of energy and magnified his post-evolution requirements.

Hunger was something that would assault him after every evolution.

He would feel extreme hunger every time he evolved. The sensation was previously suppressed on purpose but now it was becoming unbearable.

Chu Feng’s stomach rumbled nonstop like the rolling thunder.

He knew that normal food was useless in such a situation. He required high energy food to satiate his ravenous state.

At this moment, he recalled the night he had killed ten king level entities and felt it to be too great a waste. He didn’t get to eat any of them despite killing so many.

"I have to go… to Jiangxi!"

Chu Feng rubbed his roaring belly and felt his mouth full of acidic saliva which had rushed up from his stomach.

He recalled the king level entities such as the Golden Condor, the pheasant, and the moose, causing him to drool incessantly. He could take it no longer.


He shattered a mountaintop with a single step and crossed a thousand odd meters like a bolt of lightning. Very soon, he was running madly towards the east amidst loud explosions.

Chu Feng couldn’t wait a moment longer and ran through the night without a rest. He wanted nothing more than to meet his sworn enemies and cook up a feast!

His speed at the moment was absolutely shocking and the uptime had increased exponentially since he severed the shackle on his heart. He was an extraordinary supersonic vehicle!

He covered extreme distances with each step before an explosion took place behind him.

It was rather fortunate that Chu Feng was traveling through the forest and nowhere near human settlements. He would surely make headlines as soon as he was discovered.

That was because his speed had surpassed all known experts and was overwhelming.

In order to cook up a feast and satiate his extreme hunger, Chu Feng ran at terrifying speeds and only slowed down to rest when he felt his blood boiling and his body reaching its limit.

Finally, he arrived in Jiangxi as the sun rose up.

At this time, Jiangxi was a gathering place of high-level experts from various powers. It was a place of various battles for supremacy.

Innumerable king level entities had made their appearance in Jiangxi in the recent days.

The cause for all of this was Chu Feng!

Those most concerned about Chu Feng were naturally the ones who had participated in the group hunt that night. They feared he would return for vengeance if he was able to get through this calamity.

"Everyone has been searching for so long. Just where is he hiding?" Some beast kings within the forest were discussing with hushed tones.

"Oh, could it be that he had already died? We did, after all, dealt quite a lot of damage to him. His heart was almost torn asunder and a huge cavity was visible on his chest. It’s not so easy to survive such injuries!"

These two were a large pheasant and a moose. The pheasant wasn’t small; its body was adorned with bright feathers and with a colorful radiance. The moose was sturdy and muscular with glowing light enshrouding his whole body.

They were the more fortunate survivors among those who had attacked Chu Feng that night.

But their luck had just run out today as they patrolled the Hubei border for they were soon discovered by the returning Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was standing in the distant forest at this time; his keen eyes had already discovered the two king-level entities.

"How lucky to be able to run into wonderful ingredients as soon as I return!" Chu Feng could no longer control the flowing saliva as his eyes suddenly flashed with a mischievous glow.
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