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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 243: Boiling Blood Energy

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Chapter 243: Boiling Blood Energy

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Lu Tong knew not how to respond after hearing such vicious words out of Chu Feng’s mouth. He was previously worried after failing to contact him and his heart was burning with the stress.

Who would’ve thought this brat would show up with the savagery of a man starved for meat, shouting about roasting beast kings.

The more he thought about it, the more upset he became—he had been so stressed about how to save Chu Feng for the past few days that almost half his hair had fallen off—but this brat appeared to be absolutely fine! He appeared just as spirited and boisterous!

"You little bastard!" The old man exploded.

"Hey, old man why do you sound so pissed? Perhaps you haven’t been in harmony with your partner for the past few days? Tell me all about the situation in Jiangxi. I’m going to charge right back after a couple days!"

The quarrel of the two finally caused Lu Tong to throw away his communicator in anger.

He was sure that this brat had long since recovered all his vigor and had probably even grown stronger than before. He probably has something up his sleeve since he had been speaking about going back to kill all his enemies.

Lu Tong felt greatly relieved and didn’t even bother to ask about the details. He had been annoyed greatly by the little brat.

Although Chu Feng had almost died in the wilds, he didn’t spend time complaining about it to Lu Tong. After all, he could always do that later on. His only concern now was to break through and go back to Jiangxi for revenge.

He soon contacted the two oxen and understood that they were both back at Jiangxi, ready to fight to the death. Chu Feng stopped them hurriedly.

"I’m quite fine at the moment. Don’t join the battles just yet and hide yourselves for the time being. Wait for me to return!" Chu Feng was afraid they would land in danger.

They both already knew that Jiangxi was now filled with large batches of various experts. In addition to people like the Peacock King and the Golden Crow, there were those experts who had established the earliest sects and also the tyrants of the marine race.

Jiangxi, right now, was a dangerous gathering of experts.

It has been said that various clashes between experts had already taken place. The Peacock King and the Hollow Jade Temple Master, the Wudang Grandmaster and the marine race experts, had crossed blows. The battlegrounds were absolutely terrifying.

"Frankly, I’d rather you don’t return here. We’re relieved to hear that you’re fine. Just hide somewhere safe." The black yak warned.

There were too many king level experts rumored to have arrived in Jiangxi, and there were also vicious people who had arrived with hidden identities. The situation was truly terrifying.

"There’s someone who has mastered all twelve true forms of the Xingyi Fist and is absurdly powerful! There’s also a mysterious expert who has practiced the Bagua Fist to the extremes and is able to throw punches like thunderbolts. These people were all previously unknown!" Yellow Ox informed. Many people were there for Chu Feng and his breathing technique, including some marine race experts with six severed shackles. Thus, it was best for him to lay low for the time being.

"The old demons and the proud geniuses of the sea have all been searching around the Mount Longhu area but made no progress. As such, they’re looking to hunt you along the way."

"Setting their sights on me? Do they think I’m Tang Seng? These monsters are all tired of living!" Chu Feng found himself being considered a soft persimmon.

It appeared that a large portion of these gathered experts was here for him.

"Who are you calling evil monsters? Don’t bundle us along with them!" The black yak was obviously unhappy.

Chu Feng forced a laugh and asked them to keep an eye out for the situation regarding the various powerful races. He then added, "Please note down all the edible ones among those who came for me. I’ll treat you both to a luxurious meal afterwards."

The two oxen glanced at each other. With so many experts arriving in Jiangxi, even those with six severed shackles had appeared in the vicinity. Chu Feng still wants to come despite the danger?

"Don’t worry, I’ll come only if I have the confidence to do so. You two be careful yourselves, don’t get into trouble," Chu Feng reminded them to stay low.

"We’re fine. The Manchurian Tiger has arrived along with some of our brothers from Kunlun. Although this bunch is always looking to fish in troubled waters, they still treat us well." The black yak reassured him.

"Very well. Please observe the situation and investigate which corporations are searching for me." Chu Feng was furious about the battle that night. The human race experts were exceedingly hateful.

He wanted to know just which party had dispatched those agents.

Although he wasn’t clear who they were back then, he would surely be able to tell once they meet again in battle. His keen divine instinct had locked onto and memorized all their auras.

"Fine, agents from various powers are all looking for you at the moment. I’m sure they’ll expose some clues very soon," Yellow Ox replied.

Currently, everyone was of a thought that Chu Feng was on his deathbed and perhaps recuperating in secret. Thus, everyone was searching madly for him.

This was especially true of those kings who had participated in the battle that night. They personally witnessed the large see-through wound on Chu Feng’s chest and were clear as to how bad a situation he was in. They were confident in capturing Chu Feng once found.

"It’s best that they think I’m still badly wounded and struggling between life and death!" Chu Feng laughed coldly.

Finally, he added, "You guys should also investigate which experts possess breathing techniques, regardless of marine or continental origins. I’ll definitely rob those people who’re plotting against me!"

"Consider it done. We’ll wait for you to rob a few breathing techniques!" the black yak replied.

In the couple days that followed, Chu Feng no longer concerned himself with the matters of the outside world. He concentrated on regulating his own condition.

After all, he had suffered such grievous wounds after consecutive battles. It still worried him somewhat despite having recovered.

Currently, his spiritual energy was distributed throughout every inch of his flesh and blood. He was able to sense all the changes in his body.

"All my wounds have healed and even the scars have disappeared. It was as if I had never been wounded!"

Chu Feng looked down at the cavity on his chest. It had recovered its normal skin color from the previously reddish hue.

His whole body was now perfectly normal and was even emitting a translucent radiance!

His heart and bones were completely intact and were all suffused with a radiant warmth. Not even a single scar remained.


Chu Feng broke into a sprint using the full extent of his strength and broke through the sound barrier. He ran as fast as lightning and was even somewhat more agile than before. He rushed out of the forest and almost flew through the air.

The scene of the air exploding was truly intimidating!

He began to vigorously exercise to test out his physical condition and check whether any form of disability was left behind.

He ran through tower mountains and steep cliffs covering hundreds of meters with every step and even a thousand with each leap. Sometimes, he would jump off a mountaintop towards the next summit like those flying mythological characters.


Whenever he exerted strength, the mountain beneath his feet would shatter, sending rocks and debris flying in all directions.

Chu Feng confirmed that nothing was wrong with his body and it could even be said that he had become stronger after comprehending another secret of the breathing technique—combining spiritual and physical faculties had made him so much stronger!

At this time, he was in optimal condition. His essence energy levels had reached new heights and his blood was boiling with inexhaustible amounts of energy.


Within the isolated mountains, Chu Feng threw out a punch backed by the power of the Demon Ox Fist in conjunction with the Demon Flood Dragon Fist. The punch released brilliant radiance akin to a descending thunderbolt, accompanied by arcs of lightning.

At the same time, the image of an ox and a flood dragon appeared behind him amidst the starry skies. The scene of the two combined fist techniques was incredible and terrifying.


As his strike landed, a whole cliffside was pierced through and the mountain behind it was cracked, releasing clouds of dust into the sky with boulders rolling the cliff.

"My fist techniques have also grown more powerful!"


He shot out the flying knife and hacked down violently, shaving off a whole mountaintop, yet another terrifying sight to behold.

He realized that his spiritual energy had strengthened exponentially and his body was in top condition.

Chu Feng paused his rigorous activities and stabilized his breathing. "That should be enough. Once I recover my spiritual and blood energies to their maximum capacity, I’ll attempt a breakthrough!"

The region was one which appeared due to space folding after the great upheaval, dotted with desolate mountains that were thousands of meters tall.

Wild beasts roared and vicious birds roamed the skies within this majestic mountain range. It was like a scene from the prehistoric era.

Chu Feng entered with large strides. He had been hunting such powerful lifeforms every day to nourish his blood energy. He had been wounded before and thus required sufficient amounts of high energy food.

One didn’t need to look very far in this region; there were roaring beasts charging at him the moment he entered.

But unfortunately, king level entities could only be found in the misty depths of the desolate mountains. Chu Feng wasn’t willing to head there just yet.

Because Yellow Ox had once warned him that the depths of these folded spaces were connected to mysterious spatial realms. It was best not to head into these uncharted waters.

The flames danced in the night. After Chu Feng had his fill, he began to circulate his breathing technique to regulate his essence blood and nourish his spirit.

He felt his body to be in top condition and that there were no more problems.

The great mountain wasn’t peaceful deep that night. The roar of various beasts and the cries of night birds could be heard frequently.

Deep within those mountains, Chu Feng was glowing with resplendent light as if he was burning. His body was releasing a radiance which even the night couldn’t obstruct.

He had begun to break through and was now realizing a superior evolution. His body was becoming increasingly terrifying.

"The heart, the origin of all bodily energy, rapidly transports blood, nourishing the whole body. There’s a shackle right there. Will my strength increase rapidly if I sever it?" Chu Feng selected the shackle.

Before long, blood energy boiled within his body, sending his blood whistling throughout his vessels towards his bones and muscles. His heart was emitting thunderous rolls as if a heavenly drum was being beaten continuously.

Chu Feng noticed his blood energy was vibrant and his spirit was saturated. He let out a shout and began to attack the shackle!


Lightning was interweaving throughout his body at this moment. Divine light shone resplendently through his skin, which was accompanied by loud sounds.

With his internal vision, he could clearly see that his viscera were releasing intense light like radiant lightning. It was simply too brilliant!

Chu Feng frowned because he found that severing the heart’s shackle was rather difficult. The shackle there was exceedingly strong and was releasing brightly colored lights.

His body shook as scarlet blood energy boiled out of his pores. His heart was burning with resplendent radiance like the brilliant sun.

Chu Feng exhausted his full power to attempt the severing time and again. He truly wanted to break that fifth shackle!

He firmly believed that he could contend with and even sweep through all the current king level entities after severing his fifth shackle.
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