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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 239: Killing Ten Kings in One Night

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Chapter 239: Killing Ten Kings in One Night

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The "kill" that they were referring to wasn’t actually taking Chu Feng’s life but to cripple him instead. The reason all these people had made their move on him was to obtain the breathing technique Chu Feng possessed.

It became doubly so after experiencing Chu Feng’s terrible abilities just now. Their eyes were all bloodshot with jealousy.

They had personally witnessed Chu Feng circulating white mist from his nose and mouth. This was a sure sign of a special breathing technique.


A pangolin leapt up, his strong scale-armor glowing with golden light as he crashed towards Chu Feng.


There were simply too many enemies to deal with. Chu Feng was struck flying while coughing up blood. His eyes were frosty and cruel; this pangolin had struck him once too many times.


He raised his left hand in midair and fired the demon subduing technique. A bolt of lightning struck the dozen meter long pangolin, scorching it black and sending it flying with blood spilling out of its mouth.

One can’t help but admit, this kind of king level entity possessed tough scales and stout bodies. Their vitality was also extremely powerful; it scrambled up once again after it hit the ground.


Chu Feng was one step too late. The Golden Condor King came slashing with his lustrous longsword and was finally able to wound him across the ribs.

Fresh blood spurted out as Chu Feng was assaulted by sharp agonizing pain. The serious wound caused him to drop to the ground and stagger back.


A human expert with rapid speed landed a tyrannical blow on his back. Chu Feng coughed up more blood and leaned forward from the force of the blow, nearly falling onto his face. His ears were ringing with thunder and his blood was boiling.

Within a few moments, he had taken horrible damage and was lucky to have survived.

There were over 20 king level experts surrounding Chu Feng, who was already exhausted and wounded. How was he supposed to kill so many people?

"Chu Feng, as long as you recite the breathing technique, I’ll let you live!" At this time, a white fox spoke out. Although he didn’t join the mob in beating him up, it was no saint either—it had used its powerful spiritual powers to interfere with Chu Feng’s battles time and again.

"Give it up and we’ll let you go!" the Golden Condor King said as he stared intently at Chu Feng. He was 190 centimeters tall and handsome looking with golden hair which draped down his back.

"People, don’t rush. Let’s cut off one of his legs first lest he runs away. We can interrogate him slowly afterwards," the armored man with the purple hammer suggested.

He had lost an arm to Chu Feng’s flying knife, which even his armor cast from rare metals couldn’t stop—now, his eyes were sparkling with coldness.

"That’s right, Demon King Chu is too dangerous. We should remove a few limbs before starting any discussions about the breathing technique!" another human in silver armor chimed in.

At this time, the battle had slowed down somewhat. Chu Feng evaded a few vicious attacks and wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

These people were truly vicious—one more so than the next—they actually wanted to treat him with such viciousness. Chu Feng, at that time, was emanating dense killing intent and wanted nothing more than to kill off all these people.

"Chu Feng, don’t worry. If you cooperate with us, we’ll reconnect your limbs afterwards," one of the attackers promised.

"Will you yield or not?!" a golden-haired monkey impatiently cried out.

"I’ll not pass a great technique to just anyone. I can consider giving it to the strongest group amongst you," Chu Feng replied.

"Ha, stop trying to play this game. We’ve all reached an agreement to cooperate fully before we cripple you. Everyone, don’t waste any more time. Just deal with him first." The man with the violet hammer laughed.

He himself, however, was edging backward while trying to attach the severed limb. He was surging with vitality and spiritual energy.

"Kill, don’t hesitate! Don’t worry about killing him by accident. His king level body is extremely strong; we can still interrogate him as long as a single breath remains," the silver armored man shouted.

Chu Feng realized that these humans were even more terrifying than those beast kings. They really deserved to be made into mincemeat!

Although they were all of the same race, these inhumane people were even more treacherous than the beasts, all to obtain this breathing technique.

"Then kill!" the Golden Condor King shouted. He was an expert with five severed shackles and was extremely powerful. His words also carried much weight. Under his leadership, the great battle resumed once more.


The whole area was inundated with splendorous radiance as flames and supernatural energies surged. It was like a scene out of mythology.

Chu Feng’s situation was dire. He had forcefully utilized his full power to kill the lynx and black ape in succession but the expenditure was simply too great.

His heart wound had once again opened up, and he was losing essence blood at a visible rate.

He was feeling incredibly tired, weak and had almost lost all motivation. The overdraft on his body was truly too severe.

He appeared as if he would fall down at any moment. The slightest mistake now could result in him being crippled—after which, they would cut off his arms and legs.

"Demon King Chu, do you only have this much ability? You look like an ill man. I’ve long since heard of your famous name but seeing you in this state makes me rather disappointed." A wild boar was provoking Chu Feng.

Chu Feng glanced at him coldly. It was truly a situation where the weakened tiger is being bullied by dogs. Even a boar dared to speak to him in this manner.

The boar was, of course, doing this on purpose—everyone knew Chu Feng had been badly wounded—he broke into a huge grin and revealed his fangs before charging towards Chu Feng like a tank.

The earth trembled and collapsed as the elephant-sized boar charged through. The boar looked like a small mountain as it barreled towards Chu Feng, aiming to trample him.


Chu Feng hacked down with the scarlet flying knife!


The Boar King swung its head, using its meter-long tusks to strike the scarlet flying knife away.

"Demon King Chu, you’re so useless. Did you want to help me scratch my back with that little knife?" the boar shouted insults non-stop, trying to provoke Chu Feng into doing something stupid.


It made a direct charge across the shattered earth.

Chu Feng evaded the attack with a flash. He frowned as he realized that his body was in an even more terrible condition; even his spiritual powers were waning. The flying knife’s might had also been subsequently reduced.


Flowers of blood blossomed as a golden-haired monkey king swiftly arrived behind Chu Feng and draw a huge bone-deep gash on his back.

"Ha!" The white fox giggled.

Chu Feng glared at it with cold eyes. He knew he had to deal with this fox because it had interfered with a psychic attack and slowed Chu Feng’s reaction just as the monkey’s attack arrived.

"Everyone try harder. Let’s cripple him and obtain the breathing technique together," the man with the violet hammer shouted.

At this time, his arm was glowing brightly—it seemed he was close to successfully re-attaching it.

After a short period of weakness, a flash of divine light shone in the depths of Chu Feng’s eyes. He planned to activate his full strength once more despite knowing it would further worsen his wounds. There was simply no other way.

He could only pray for his heart to hold out.

He wasn’t in a particular rush to burst forth with power; he was waiting for the best opportunity to deal the heaviest blow to the enemy.

Furthermore, he was prepared to escape the encirclement after this attack. He might be able to stun the enemies momentarily if he killed with enough ferocity.

"Demon King Chu, you’re too weak. I’m coming for you!" The boar challenged him once again with a disdainful expression before charging once again. The other kings also began to move.

Chu Feng stared at the gigantic boar, the white fox and the distant pangolin. These three beast kings were in situated in a straight line.

At that moment, Chu Feng, disregarding the consequences, activated the full extent of his strength and shot out the fully charged diamond chakram.

"How is that possible?!" The others couldn’t believe that such a weakened Demon King Chu could exhibit such power. It was as if he was still at his peak.


The diamond chakram shot through the wild boar and ground its heart to smithereens. Although its speed had been reduced, it was still going at supersonic velocity.

The smiling white fox was preparing to ambush Chu Feng with another burst of spiritual attacks, but it was suddenly shocked. Its eyes went wide as the diamond chakram erupted with power, shot through the boar and flew towards it at high speed.


It was too sudden for him to evade—the diamond chakram shot through its head which exploded into small pieces.


The chakram then proceeded to hit the pangolin’s body and sent it into a dizzying tumble with mangled flesh and blood.

It only escaped death by virtue of its thick scales and the two beast kings having reduced the chakram’s speed.

But it was gravely wounded and could no longer move.


A scarlet flying knife flew out immediately and drilled into the open wound between its scaly armor.


The pangolin screamed in agony before dying soon afterward.

Everything happened in an instant. Chu Feng’s sudden attack had actually killed off three beast kings. This shocked all the other people.

Suddenly, they all felt their hair stand on end; wasn’t this Demon King Chu supposed to becoming weaker by the minute? How did he suddenly erupt with such might?

Adding the mountain rat, the sparrowhawk, the black ape and the Lynx which he had killed earlier, Chu Feng had killed a total of seven great kings.

This was absolutely unbelievable.

The enemies had previously guessed that Chu Feng had already lost half his life and was already on the verge of death. Thus, they steeled themselves to fight it out with him, believing the latter would only be able to drag a couple down with him. They didn’t think he would have any chance at all with so many kings surrounding him.

Who would’ve thought it would turn out like this. He had killed seven of them in succession.

Now he had killed three with a single blow. This caused everyone’s scalp to go numb in fright. It came as a great shock to them.

But some were fearless thinking that Chu Feng would surely die after expending so much energy.

Furthermore, many had noticed the wound on his chest spurt out a large amount of fresh blood as if his heart had ruptured.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

The several human kings immediately made their move in order to snatch the diamond chakram.

In truth, Chu Feng had already moved one step ahead of them because he simply couldn’t let this weapon land in enemy hands.

Furthermore, this was the perfect opportunity that he had been waiting for. He had calculated beforehand that the chakram would be stopped by the pangolin.


Chu Feng arrived on site and immediately collected the chakram with his spiritual energy. His frosty gaze was locked towards his front as the flying knife hacked down violently towards the enemy.

The flying knife was much more flexible than the chakram and its range was also very wide. He began to direct his full force at the incoming human kings.


The human king with the purple hammer struck the flying knife with his magical weapon, causing it to bound back in recoil.

"Kill!" the others roared in unison as they charged towards Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng was already determined to break the siege. He would kill whoever blocked his way regardless of the costs.


The lightning talisman in his left hand shot out a bolt of bright lightning which struck the bolt from the violet hammer.

Chu Feng’s heart was in pain but he circulated his breathing technique and maintained a steady deep breath. He had activated every ounce of his strength in desperation.

Chu Feng killing three great beast kings in an instant had obviously intimidated the Golden Condor King and the other beast race members as all of them came one step slower.

Chu Feng was given the opportunity to directly cross swords with the human expert while the others had yet to catch up.

At this time, he was a peerless king with four severed shackles. Even if his heart was at its very limits, he had no other choice but to activate his full strength to massacre these people.

He not only slashed his way forward with the flying knife but also activated his demon ox flood dragon aggregation at its full power to bombard the people in front of him.


The powerful strike caused resplendent lights to burst out in their midst and illuminated an area of ten square meters with a brightness comparable to that of day. The silver armored human king was struck flying and burst into pieces mid-air.

Blood rained down as a human expert lost his life.

The man wielding the violet hammer lost his composure as wild energies rampaged through the arm he had just reattached. The arm soon dropped off and fell to the ground.

After losing his arm again, he was soaked in fresh blood, his body spasming. Although he used all his remaining strength to activate his violet electric hammer, he was only barely able to strike way the red flying knife.

His face was pale during his final struggle in this fight—Chu Feng arrived before him and a brilliant fist accompanied by the images of an ox and a flood dragon smashed into his body.


The man was flung upwards and burst into small fragments.

At the same time, Chu Feng leapt up and grabbed the violet electric hammer which he then used to bombard the remaining human expert.


Arcs of lightning weaved through the air and sent the man flying.


Afterwards, Chu Feng followed up with a slash of his scarlet flying knife and cut the man through the waist.

He had once again killed three great human experts in mere moments before leaping into the forest and disappearing into the night.

The remaining human experts were all drenched in cold sweat and some other beast kings were shaking in fear. They were truly frightened.

Chu Feng had already killed ten king level experts!

What an impressive martial accomplishment! If this news were to spread, it would surely shake the world!

Everyone present was momentarily hesitant because they hadn’t expected the weak looking Demon King Chu to erupt with such explosive power and massacre so many of them. It was that moment of delay that allowed Chu Feng to break through their encirclement and escape.

It was truly an awe-inspiring battle. Chu Feng, bathed in king-level blood, had stunned them with his martial might!

"Give chase!" someone shouted. There was no way they could allow Chu Feng to escape.

This roused the others from their momentary daze. They were now ever so sure that Chu Feng was already close to exhaustion. Once they caught up with him, they would cripple him and interrogate him about the breathing technique.

But even after chasing him until daybreak, they couldn’t find Chu Feng even after scanning with strong divine sense.

It seemed they had lost him in the end.

Chu Feng had killed ten king level experts in one night! This was bound to shake the world!
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