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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 233: Dragon Rider

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Chapter 233: Dragon Rider [1]

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At this point, Hei Teng opened his bloody maw and spat out a stream of jet black flames which covered the whole area in an attempt to kill Chu Feng.

Chu Feng escaped with a swoosh and appeared hundreds of meters away. The ground where he previously stood had deformed into a molten landscape. The ground had collapsed as if it was hollowed out.

The scene was fairly frightening, almost as if an annihilation was imminent.

Chu Feng was startled. This black snake was truly terrifying. It actually possessed the ability to spit out poisonous and corrosive black flames which would pose a threat to even king level entities.

The air vibrated with a droning sound as the black snake moved towards Chu Feng at lightning speed. Its serpentine body was like a small black hill as it pressed down upon its prey.


Chu Feng punched upwards!

The image of a black ox took form as Chu Feng explosively activated his fist seals. Its legs stood firm upon the ground and its head produced the sun, moon and starry skies above. It roared loudly as it charged towards the giant black snake.


The whole land shook violently as the giant serpent’s body swayed, its eyes cold and sinister.

The Black Dragon Crown Prince was greatly astonished. This human was actually able to block its huge body with a single fist. Although his opponent also shot back in recoil, it was sufficiently shocking for a human with four severed shackles.

Chu Feng flipped over and landed in the distance, his gaze fixed upon the snake.

He felt slightly relieved to find that this giant snake was wounded. There was a wound still being invaded by mysterious energy on its abdomen. The injury hadn’t healed at the moment and was gradually bleeding.

He could clearly see that the wound was terrifying and had almost cut this giant snake in two.

Chu Feng clearly understood how this wound came to be. He had seen this giant snake flee from Mount Longhu on the first day of his arrival.

He paid attention and found that there was also a bloody laceration on the snake’s skull bone.

Chu Feng immediately realized that the snake had suffered the same wounds as they two oxen. He had been affected by the divergent suppression and killing effect of Mount Longhu.

"Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea?" Chu Feng sought to confirm the opponent’s identity.

Back on Mount Longhu, Lin Naoi had told him that this giant snake was probably from the Southern Sea and the crown prince of a certain dragon race.

"You do have some knowledge after all," the giant snake coldly replied.

"I have no grievances with you. Why do you wish to kill me?" Chu Feng inquired further into the reason.

At the same time, he was trying to buy some time for the civilians to escape the battlefield. He had, at first, wanted to draw the snake away from this place, but unexpectedly, this overly arrogant snake attacked directly.

"Run! How could there be such a huge snake?!"

The people fled in a panic, losing their shoes or falling in the process. They were absolutely terrified for they had never experienced such a calamity. A giant black snake had struck a plane mid-air and ruined the runway. It was absolutely frightening.

"That’s because a good friend of mine lost his flying saucer at Mount Longhu because of you. He asked me to deal with you." The crown prince’s gaze was fixed on Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was furious. That flying saucer was obviously the one pursuing him! Forcing them to desperately run up Mount Longhu, resulting in the two oxen receiving grievous wounds and returning to Kunlun ahead of schedule.

But he hadn’t flipped out at that point. This owner of the flying saucer had actually sent someone to settle this debt?! What kind of rubbish logic was this? It was absolutely unreasonable.

"Who was it that asked you to come? Is he looking to die?!" Marine race crown prince or not, Chu Feng no longer cared about such things after becoming infuriated. He wanted to settle the debt with this mysterious owner after killing Hei Teng.

It was too infuriating. He had been attacked out of the blue and now he was being chased down like this. Did they really think he was a soft persimmon to be squashed?

"What do you think you are, daring to rave and rant before me?!" The black snake’s eyes were cold and cruel. He couldn’t be bothered to report who had sent him.

To him, this was only doing a small favor for the three-eyed race by killing this human, a simple enough task which didn’t amount to much. He wouldn’t allow such a person to speak rudely.

"Aren’t you just a sea snake? Why pretend to be so great?!" Chu Feng wasn’t thinking about manners any longer in his enraged state.

Hei Teng watched him with cold eyes. He was now already considered a flood dragon, an existence that could scarcely be compared with anything else.


The very next second, the colossal snake had made his move—his massive body came pressing down like a black mountain peak, emanating suppressive might and surrounded by sable mists—it was a terrifying sight.

Chu Feng swiftly dodged. It was rather intimidating to be pitted against such a huge animal.

With a thump, the ground surrounding the airport had burst apart with stray rocks and debris flying in all directions. A huge crack had opened up on the ground, throwing the distant planes into the air.


At the same time, that black serpent gave chase. The black mountainous mass was poised to bury Chu Feng into the earth.

Chu Feng shifted out of the way. His speed, by virtue of his divine feet, was just a tad inferior to that of an expert with six severed shackles and was much faster than this huge serpent.

Hei Teng’s glare was sinister. He felt astonished after failing to kill this human with several tries. It once again opened its great jaws and spat out black flames.

"Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea, do you still have any morals?!" Chu Feng provoked as he dodged.

The giant serpent looked down at Chu Feng with a puzzled expression. He had no idea why Chu Feng had thus spoken to him.

"Didn’t your parents teach you not to spit everywhere?!" Chu Feng shouted from hundreds of meters away.

Hei Teng’s eyes were now even frostier. There weren’t many people who would dare to taunt him like so. This petty human has quite the nerve! His scales all opened up with a loud boom as he stood erect.

An incredible scene played out; the snake’s whole body began to radiate a dark glow which gradually collected at the tip of his horn. He then shot out beam after beam of light and bombarded Chu Feng.

That horn was indeed terrifying. It continuously shot out dark beams akin to blade lights.

Chu Feng was surprised as he dodged frantically before releasing his own flying knife. It shot out like a scarlet beam, hacking down upon the enemy.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The scarlet knife came in contact with the giant snake’s horn amidst flying sparks and thunderous explosions.

Chu Feng was quite certain that this giant snake had been wounded quite badly. Otherwise, there would be little chance for him to fight toe to toe in this manner. The enemy was, after all, an expert with six severed shackles; his strength was terrifying.


The black snake let out a roar. He felt increasingly frustrated as he failed to capture this low-leveled human after so long.

He forcefully utilized all his strength but he was struggling due to the severe wounds he had sustained. It was difficult to release his usual terrifying strength.


His black tail whipped out like a divine dragon conquering a thousand soldiers. The airfield was reduced to a rubble of flying dust and stones. Two airplanes were caught in its wake and exploded immediately.

Chu Feng took to the air and evaded the blow. He was still hesitating whether or not he should use his diamond chakram. It might kill his opponent in a single blow, or it might have no effect at all if he missed.

The wide and open area was extremely suitable for evasion. It would’ve been much easier if the place was a bit narrower.

No time to care about these things. Just shoot!

With a swoosh, Chu Feng shot out the diamond chakram from mid-air; an explosive amount of energy had been injected into the weapon. It made directly for the serpent's head.

He was certain the chakram would crack open the serpent’s skull if it did hit it. Even an expert with six severed shackles would not be able to resist.

The diamond chakram was extremely brilliant as it came barrelling towards the snake like a small sun. This fiery scene was simply too terrifying.

Hei Teng did see the weapon but the short distance and his gigantic body made it difficult to dodge.

Nonetheless, he was still an expert with six severed shackles. Even with such grievous wounds, he wasn’t something normal kings could compare to.

With a draconic roar, his body glowed with dark radiance as he lowered his head at lightning speed.


The diamond chakram came into contact with the single horn on his head. A mixture of light and dark radiance burst out from their midst, a truly horrific scene to behold.

The black serpent’s body swayed violently before falling, head first, to the ground. This single attack was too terrifying. The sudden concussion made the black snake’s head spin accompanied by intense pain from his skull.


The next moment, he had risen up again. This time, he was absolutely furious.

He could clearly see that his horn had been somewhat damaged and even cracked in some places. This was definitely the diamond chakram’s handiwork.

This was especially true for the base of the horn where it was attached to the skull. Blood was flowing out and the flesh had been lacerated by the direct trauma.

Chu Feng was like a giant roc spreading its wings as he leapt into the air and threw himself at the snake’s torso. He didn’t even have time to retrieve the diamond chakram.


He utilized his divine feet and, with its extraordinary destructive powers, stomped onto the giant snake’s body. After the initial contact, he swiftly ran upwards, each step delivering a powerful stomp onto the snake’s body.

His divine feet were able to shatter a small hill under normal situations. But on the snake’s great body, it was far from being able to tear it apart. It, however, caused the snake’s old wounds to open up and bleed profusely.

Hei Teng was thoroughly enraged. He violently turned around and opened his gigantic mouth from which gushed torrents of prismatic lights. The scene was truly terrifying.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng jumped up once again and shouted, "Aren’t you a dragon? Then from now on, I’m a dragon rider!"

He rushed onto the giant snake’s back and released a ferocious punch. It exploded with incomparably powerful energy as it hurtled towards the snake’s back, aiming to pierce through it.


At this moment, a terrifying aura spread out as the snake’s scales began to shine. Its body rose into the air with the temperament of an expert.


Chu Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was flung into the distance. He used the momentum to fly towards the diamond chakram.

He was somewhat shocked. It was indeed frightening once the enemy utilized his sixth shackle powers. He had been wounded in that single exchange.


The giant snake chased over—it was obviously enraged—a human with four severed shackles had actually forced him into such a disadvantage. He felt it to be unbearable.

Chu Feng maintained a certain distance and used his spiritual energy to pick up the diamond chakram. Upon looking back, he discovered that the snake was now glowing with dark radiance and overflowing with terrifying amounts of energy.

He felt the chances of successfully hitting the enemy with the diamond chakram at this point wasn’t too high.

Thus, he frantically ran away at full speed. His every step on the airfield caused the tarmac to collapse and burst open—the power was simply too great—he soon raised his speed to four and a half times that of sound.

Hei Teng’s horn had been badly damaged. His eyes were cold like blades as his large body slid across the concrete, destroying and collapsing the ground in its wake.

He had released the fullest extent of his power in his fury. He destroyed everything he touched in his path.


A plane was struck in the process and exploded amidst flames.

At this time, the experts who had come over from Mount Longhu arrived in succession and were all astonished after seeing the situation.

"Chu Feng is being chased down by the Black Dragon Crown Prince!"

This news was transmitted almost immediately accompanied by photos.

The outside world was shocked. How come Chu Feng had become involved with the Dragon Tribe of the Southern Sea?

Not long afterwards, Chu Feng arrived on top of a big mountain and was observing the local terrain for a good opportunity to attack with his diamond chakram. It wasn’t as spacious here, so it would be much more difficult for the snake to evade his strike.

However, once the Black Dragon Crown Prince arrived here, he transformed into his human form.

He was obviously weary of the diamond chakram.

Black scale armor covered his bronze-colored skin and he was wholly enshrouded in dark radiance. His eyes were frosty and his dense black hair was spread out behind him.

Chu Feng was shaken. As expected of an expert with six severed shackles; he was even able to materialize armor and clothing.

Hei Teng’s forehead was dripping with blood and a huge gaping wound could be seen on his abdomen that nearly cut him in half. These were the wounds he sustained on Mount Longhu.

"Eh?!" Chu Feng realized that his opponent’s wounds were all torn open and his body was almost about to collapse.

Chu Feng guessed that this was a result of forcefully utilizing his most powerful energy reserves. His previous wounds could not handle the stress from such an overdraft.

"You want to chase me down when you’re in such a situation yourself?" Chu Feng laughed.

"It’s enough to kill you!" Hei Teng replied. He closed a gap of hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye to arrive before Chu Feng and began to rain down successive blows.

"Conveniently, I happen to be lacking a beast for transportation. I’ve chosen you!" Chu Feng provoked, hoping this terrifying snake would flip out.


A great battle ensued. Chu Feng stopped running away because he realized Hei Teng wouldn’t be able to utilize his power with ease. Otherwise, he may be torn apart under the stress.

"What’s this situation?! Chu Feng isn’t running anymore but had instead turned around to meet him in combat?!"

"It’s been said that the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Seas had long since severed his sixth shackle. And yet, he is now struggling to fight with Chu Feng. Could it really be that Chu Feng has mastered an exceptionally powerful breathing technique?"

Some other beast kings and corporate agents arrived at the scene and were all flabbergasted.

Some were transmitting the news to the outside world with photos, causing a huge stir on the internet.

Chu Feng’s duel with the Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea was extremely intense.

The outside world boiled over as more and more people came to know of this.

"Your friend the Black Dragon Crown Prince won’t fail, will he?" the white-robed man asked. He had just seen the news on the internet and felt quite surprised.

The handsome man with a third vertical eye was wearing a frosty expression. He had asked his good friend for help in a fit of anger after his flying saucer was ruined. How could there be any mishaps? Hei Teng was a bona fide expert with six severed shackles.


[1] The word translates both as "knight" and "rider". I decided to go with rider here because it better describes the situation.
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