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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 230: Against the Wind and Waves

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Chapter 230: Against the Wind and Waves

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The words breathing technique and exceptional hinted at its extraordinary qualities. At the same time, it made Chu Feng into a living target in the eyes of the public. He was certain to encounter disaster once people began to covet it.

It was especially easy to believe because, along his path to power, Chu Feng had always killed people who were stronger than him. First, he killed the Ash Wolf, then he took down Mount Pan before rampaging through the West and joining the intense battles at Mount Kunlun…

As someone of mediocre origins, his absurdly fierce growth caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

Just who would spread this kind of news? Chu Feng pondered as many faces flashed in his mind but then faded away. It was truly difficult to grasp the culprit.

There were simply too many people who could’ve done this. No proof was needed; one could simply spread his subjective opinion to the public and effectively make Chu Feng the public enemy.

It could be an enemy from the West or it could be some of the beast races who have grievances against him. It might even be some of the major corporate powers that were apprehensive of his rise in power.

Last time, White Dragon had guessed Chu Feng possessed a special breathing technique and wanted to take it for himself.

At that time, Mu Tian, Qi Sheng, and Jiang Luoshen were all present. Maybe these people or the powers behind them were motivated by this possibility.

Chu Feng’s eyes were clear and profound; whoever wanted to harm him must pay the price!

To sum it up, he had become a target because of his meteoric rise to power—Chu Feng felt somewhat calmer after thinking of this—there was nothing to fear.

The black yak cursed, "What a malicious bastard! He made Chu Feng into a target without expending any energy. Who knows what kind of reckless people would come running to us demanding the breathing technique."

Yellow Ox nodded worriedly.

No one understood more about the miraculousness of this breathing technique. If it really spread to the outside world, even those powerful experts would be scrambling to fight over it.

Fortunately, no one yet knows the actual name of this breathing technique or its origin; it was only the work of someone who wanted to harm Chu Feng.

"How about this? Let’s spread our own piece of news and muddy the waters!" Chu Feng replied.

After the two oxen were told of Chu Feng’s plans, their eyes turned sinister as they nodded in agreement.

"Although somewhat mean, it is only natural for us to find some scapegoats to split the damage, haha," the black yak laughed.

Before long another shocking news had spread.

Mu Tian of Deity Biomedicals appeared to have obtained a certain type of breathing technique and it was suspected to be an inheritance of the ancient immortal Guang Chengzi.

There were ancient records which described Guang Chengzi as one of the earliest immortals in history.

This news caused great waves. Very soon, there were people leaking even more hot news.

Although young, Mu Tian had already become a mutant 21 years ago and currently possessed unfathomable power despite his low key nature.

Following that, some mutants stood out to testify that Mu Tian was indeed super powerful since he was a young boy and that he was proficient in several fist techniques.

These kinds of rumors only required partial testimony before exploding into an overnight sensation.

Guang Chengzi’s inheritance? This astonishing news had many people locked in heated debates.

Those from the Mu Family wore ugly expressions. This kind of exposure put them in the limelight and was it would do little to explain at this moment.

Following that, there was also news saying that the Pre-Qin Research Institute was like a sacred library. The corporation was hoarding countless amounts of classic tomes and ancient scrolls, including records of ancient breathing techniques.

"That couldn’t be; is the Pre-Qin Research Institute that powerful?"

"Naturally. Don’t you lot know that the institute has excavated countless tombs and gravesites? They’ve dug up countless emperor tombs and collected things far beyond your imagination. It’s only natural that they have a few breathing techniques."

"That’s right. I just remembered a report from a few years ago saying that the Pre-Qin Research Institute had gone to dig up the tomb of the ancient immortals Chi Songzi and Jiang Ziya."

This news caused shock and envy in a great many people.

"There’s even more. The Pre-Qin Research Institute once took their excavation to the bottom of the sea and obtained some remnants from the legendary dragon palace!" someone chimed in and intensified the rolling waves.

People from the Pre-Qin Research Institute were all feeling dispirited because such news was terrifying for them. It was as if they had been put on the roasting spit.

Things didn’t just end there. Bodhi Biogenetics was also dragged into the waters.

"Bodhi Biogenetics possesses the Sakya Breathing Technique!"

The news shook the whole world.

Everybody had heard of there being a Sakya scion within the corporation and they had always suspected Bodhi to have obtained the Sakya inheritance. But now, everything was as good as confirmed; people didn’t need much convincing on this matter.

"Whose work is this?!" Jiang Luoshen’s beautiful face was now decorated with black lines. To think they had actually been dragged into all of this.

With news of breathing techniques popping up everywhere on the internet, the people began to discuss which kings might be in possession of one.

With the waters thoroughly muddied, Chu Feng put his communicator to rest. He had only dragged three parties into the fray to share the "burden".

Chu Feng was previously worried that someone was guiding the topics of public discussion in order to suppress him and maybe even announce his own breathing technique.

But now, he was ready to boldly meet any and all challengers. Just come if you dare!

"Schiller has been killed by Chu Feng!"

The whole world was shaken as this news spread. The people’s attention was all focused on Chu Feng.

After Schiller’s death, Chu Feng’s party had kept it hidden and were not in a hurry to tell the world so as to avoid unnecessary attention which might affect their assault on Mount Longhu.

Now, someone had leaked news of Schiller’s death and that it was Chu Feng who jad killed him. This was absolutely explosive news. Chu Feng immediately contacted people like Xiong Kun and Ouyang Qing but they all denied their involvement in this matter.

"Oh heavens, God Chu is simply too powerful. He actually killed Schiller! It seems he does have an exceptional breathing technique!"

"Too frightening. Could the effects of a breathing technique be that significant? It even allowed him to dominate across levels and compete against a peerless expert with six severed shackles."

The whole world was boiling over.

Chu Feng’s expression was dark—he knew someone was indeed targeting him—no sooner had he somewhat defused the previous situation than this person appeared to deliver such a fatal blow.

This time, he had completely entered the limelight. It was impossible not to draw attention to him.

His previous fights with the Golden Lion King and his slaughter of Chilin were still explicable. But this time, he had killed a peerless expert! This was too astonishing.

Lu Tong immediately contacted Chu Feng and asked about the situation. After analyzing the rumors, he concluded that there were ulterior motives behind the announcement regarding Schiller’s death. It was likely several parties acting in concert.

News of Schiller’s death shook the Western world immensely and caused great waves.

"That eastern Demon King Chu actually killed Schiller?!"

"Oh, the Gourmet Rankings were also set up by him. He has indeed proven himself extremely powerful."

All kinds of news were being circulated at this moment. The halo of attention had completely fallen upon him both in the East and the West; it had become a hot topic of discussion.

Chu Feng’s fame had increased explosively and he was earning various praises in an exaggerated manner. All his secrets were being exposed one by one, but in the end, everything was pointing towards his possession of a breathing technique.

The dangerous praises, the incited enmity and being made into a target made Chu Feng rather depressed.

"Chu Feng has completely conquered Mount Longhu and occupied the ancestral court of Taoism!" This news stunned everyone.


Someone was laughing sinisterly within a palace made of gold and jade. He was fairly young, clad in white robes and appeared rather handsome. He sat on the sofa and swirled his wine glass as he savored the fragrance from within.

His expression was calm and amiable, but the corners of his mouth were curved into a mocking smile. "The one releasing all of these rumors is definitely someone of inferior strength. Why else would he resort to mere trickery? But this is certainly interesting. I’m guessing that Chu Feng is probably under pressure at this moment and might even succumb to the stress."

There was a youth before him; a man so unnaturally handsome that he could cause many a lady to feel inferior.

Furthermore, a third vertical eye could be seen upon his forehead. Although it was shut tight at the moment, it added to his mysticism and allure. He spoke with an enchanting voice, "Do you plan to join in?"

"Yes, I definitely feel that he has an extraordinary breathing technique. It wouldn’t hurt us to add momentum to the rolling waves." The white-robed man smiled in a scholarly manner and added, "Only strength matters in the end. We’ll not make a move on him just yet, but instead let him scout the dangers of Mount Longhu."

The bewitchingly handsome man opened his vertical eye as divine light circulated within. "You might not even be his match—even if you’ve mastered 10 of the Twelve Xingyi Fists, it’s not that easy to block his powerful strikes.

"This friend from the marine race, I’ve actually mastered all 12 forms of the Twelve Xingyi Fists and grasped the profound breathing technique hidden within," the white-robed man corrected.

"If that is so, then I look forward to a joyful partnership!" The three-eyed-man raised his cup.

"Let’s hope Chu Feng succumbs under the pressure and charges up the mountain in his rush for greater power, paving the way for us in the process." The white-robed youth downed his cup and laughed.

"What if he just leaves and gives up on assaulting Mount Longhu?" the three-eyed-man asked.

"Then we’ll trouble you to deal with him," the white-robed youth replied.

"Don’t you want to compete with him?" the three-eyed-man asked.

The white-robed youth shook his head with a smile. "I’m too lazy to fight it out with him. There’s no point in comparing strength and ferocity when you have a very powerful weapon available. We can interrogate him afterwards and obtain his breathing technique."

In the following days, Chu Feng and the two oxen used every method at their disposal to try and ascend Mount Longhu but to no avail. They were even wounded in the process.

Now that the whole world knew he possessed a breathing technique, Chu Feng felt pressured to increase his strength. Only with superior strength would he be able to forcefully destroy all plots and schemes!

Eventually, a dozen batches of people arrived at Mount Longhu. There were beast kings and corporate agents among them who wanted to work with Chu Feng to conquer Mount Longhu.

"The rumors are being circulated with malicious intents. They want to drag Brother Chu into the wind and waves. This is truly despicable!"

"Don’t worry, we’re not three-year-old kids. Everyone is naturally aware of the meaning behind this kind of instigation."

These people all came to express their stance. They wanted to earn Chu Feng’s cooperation during their assault on the ancestral court of Taoism.

Recently, Yellow Ox and the black yak were both studying the Heavenly Master’s Demon Subduing Technique and analyzing the lightning patterns. However, they weren’t quite convinced about Chu Feng’s theory that it was the key to successfully climbing the mountain.

Chu Feng attacked the mountain several times together with the newly arrived experts, but was stumped time and again by the geomagnetic forces and the solar essence flames.

"Let’s stop here." Chu Feng consulted the two oxen. They certainly possessed insufficient strength to climb this dangerous mountain.

The other beast kings felt quite dispirited when Chu Feng told them of his intentions, but what else could they do?

"Eh? What’s that? A flying saucer?!" Everyone was startled. They saw a flying machine charging towards them at high speed.
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