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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 229: Crisis

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Chapter 229: Crisis

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Fresh blood spurted out as Schiller’s head left his body. Severe pain assaulted his senses and aroused incomparable fury within his heart. But, most importantly, he was puzzled.

Schiller wanted to curse out loud. How come such a saint grade weapon was ineffective?!

What a fraud!

During his last moments, he was cursing inwardly at how things had turned out. The broken sword in his hand was radiating extraordinary radiance and was obviously an exceptional item.

Although barely three inches of the blade remained intact, it should still a weapon possessing legendary might.

As a knight of the Holy See, Schiller understood very well just how powerful and terrifying these weapons were. This was especially true for those weapons produced over 2000 years ago. They were supposed to be world-shaking weapons!

It wouldn’t be difficult to cut a king level entity in half even if it couldn’t burn the mountains and boil the seas.


At that moment, he let out a loud howl as blood spurted out of his decapitated body. The cry came, obviously, not from his mouth, for his head had long since left his body; it was transmitted via telepathy.

Chu Feng was also surprised. He thought Schiller’s desperate strike was extremely powerful. How come he had easily beheaded the latter with a single strike of his blade?

That sword—he was suspicious because in his last moments, Schiller was still staring at its hilt—perhaps he thought it was his key to turning things around.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s pupils constricted as he felt something was amiss. The light on that broken sword hilt was beginning to change. It was quickly becoming stronger, and the pulsating silver light gushed out like raging flames.

Chu Feng quickly used all the energy available to him to attack!

A surprising change took place. That ancient sword hilt immediately became as brilliant as the sun and blinded everyone in sight. The most terrifying thing was that these changes were accompanied by the echoes of Schiller’s howl.


Chu Feng’s left hand began to glow as the lightning symbol accumulated into a powerful thunderbolt which shot out and crashed directly onto the hilt of that broken sword. Schiller’s remains were also engulfed in the explosion.

Furthermore, his flying knife flew out and slashed down at almost the same time. It drew a scarlet arc in the air as if a brilliant flood dragon was gliding through the glow.

He then retreated at full speed. The diamond chakram was already in his hands and ready to fly out at a moment’s notice.

The scene was most terrifying—the flashes of lightning and the roar of thunder shook the earth and sky. It was like an avalanche or a tsunami as the lightning came into contact with the broken blade.

Suddenly, time appeared to have frozen and then it began to reverse. Several terrifying scenes appeared in succession.

Were those the Holy Knights of the Vatican? Legions of powerful soldiers clad in ancient radiant armor arrived in order to lay siege to Mount Longhu, their reasons unknown.

Finally, a few Daoists appeared and made their move. They fought against the Easter Punitive Expedition of old in a battle which upturned the land.

Chu Feng immediately understood that in the distant past, there had also been an Eastern Punitive Expedition which attempted to invade Mount Longhu but failed.

It was absolutely inconceivable! During which era did these things actually happen? How come there were no remaining records of such a grand battle? It appeared to be lost in history.

Mount Longhu was the ancestral court of Taoism. It was also known as the Dao Capital!

It was the capital city of Taoism, and such a place was naturally of great significance. The Vatican’s attack on the East was a cause for endless speculation. It truly gave one the urge to know what truly happened back then.

The Eastern Punitive Expedition was annihilated in the end.

The scenes quickly flashed by and disappeared in the end. The broken sword seemed to be a catalyst in which these old incidents were recorded.


With an alarming explosion, a huge lightning bolt shot out from Chu Feng’s palm, its strength colossal. This was the Demon Subduing Technique of Mount Longhu displaying its might in a reenactment of the battle between the Dao Capital and the Vatican.


Much to Chu Feng’s dismay, the flying knife was destroyed as the flashes of light crossed each other. This scarlet flying knife had always been indestructible, but now, it was completely helpless against this broken sword hilt.

Resplendent radiance comparable to the blazing sun engulfed the sword hilt. The power emanating therein was extremely fierce—it was as if a primordial beast was coming back to life.

Chu Feng decisively activated the diamond chakram with the full extent of his available energy, increasing its destructive might exponentially.


It was as if a giant comet had struck the earth. A force enough to collapse the sky and shatter the earth erupted from the midst of that collision.

Blinding divine intent enveloped the whole area as the diamond chakram struck the sword hilt. Only the terrifying sounds akin to crashing tidal waves could be heard.

Divine hymns reverberated throughout the land as a holy aura diffused outwards and showered the all with radiant splendor.

Chu Feng continuously retreated at high speed. He feared something unexpected might happen—he had realized from the previous scenes that the sword hilt was of great origins. It was, in fact, a western legendary weapon.

Finally, the light began to recede and the landscape once again returned to view.

The sword hilt! Chu Feng was astonished to find that it had disappeared.

He found the diamond chakram, fortunately unharmed, at the bottom of the crater.

Chu Feng activated his spiritual energy and, with a swoosh, returned the chakram into his hands. He examined it carefully and found that it was completely unharmed; there was not even a single scratch upon it.

Chu Feng felt greatly relieved. One had to know that the weapon just now was a terrifying weapon of legends with overwhelming power.

Only then was he truly convinced about Yellow Ox’s words. This weapon was truly absurd!

Even Yellow Ox had to reevaluate this weapon recently. He felt the materials which made up this diamond chakram were truly mysterious. He first thought it was the legendary garbage material, but now it was hard to judge.

"Schiller, you’ll definitely not be missed." Chu Feng looked down on the bloody marks without a shred of sympathy.

Schiller's remains, including his head, had become a bloody mess within the explosion.

"Is this a dye factory?" The black yak and the others finally arrived, and all of them felt their chest tighten and their spirits throbbing.

None of them were used to such a suppressive force. Mount Longhu exerted powerful suppression over all divergent races; even powerful experts such as the Siberian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix were not an exception. They all wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Were it not for killing Schiller and picking divine fruits on the mountain, they would be quite reluctant to come up.

"Have you finished off Schiller?" The Siberian Tiger appeared to be in a daze. He appeared quite comical while wrapped up in monastic robes, and standing beside the black yak made it even worse.

"I almost died there myself. This place is full of evil and danger," Chu Feng explained.

The earlier lightning brought him immense suffering. His flesh still smelled somewhat burnt; it was blackened and blistered all over. He had received no small amount of wounds.

Chu Feng was somewhat regretful that he couldn’t find the blade anywhere even though he had searched the place thoroughly. Where had that weapon flown off to after being struck by the diamond chakram?

"Schiller is finally dead. We can finally breathe easy." The Manchurian tiger laughed loudly. He had always been stressed by the fear of Schiller coming after him.

The Undead Phoenix also sighed; she had also obtained her revenge. However, her memories were still yet to fully recover—this caused her to be somewhat frustrated.

"You guys take a look. What kind of place do you think it is?" Chu Feng pointed towards the large crater.

There were several sets of large demonic skeletons and a multitude of ancient Holy Knight remains along with broken weapons and armor.

To Chu Feng’s great surprise, there were even a number of western dragon skeletons. One could imagine the magnitude of this ancient battle; even the dragons had joined the battle.

The Dao Capital, the center of all Daoism, was once the target of hordes of western holy knights and legionnaires.

"Why did they come here?"

After hearing Chu Feng recount his experiences and witnessing the scene, everyone was astonished and began to wonder about the underlying story.

They searched throughout the place and found no small amount of broken armaments. In the past, such equipment possibly contained terrifying power. Today, they had all but deteriorated and fallen into disrepair.

In any case, Schiller was dead and that filled everyone with incomparable joy and relief.

As for the truth behind this ancient battlefield, it was not necessary to find immediate answers since it didn’t affect their lives to any great extent.

"Could it really be that there’s a legendary weapon hidden deep beneath Mount Longhu?" Chu Feng mused.

He recalled the information offered by the Pre-Qin Research Institute. It claimed that there was a certain terrifying weapon hidden beneath Mount Longhu that was praised and coveted even by the ancient and legendary characters.

Afterwards, they began to discuss whether or not to continue the assault on Mount Longhu.

Although the Siberian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix were powerful, they couldn’t exhibit most of their might due to local suppression.

"Let’s try fighting on!"

They weren’t willing to go back just like that since they had already reached this far.

With that, they proceeded to march up the mountain, but before even reaching half the mountain, Yellow Ox’s expression had changed. He felt odd geomagnetic fluctuations and realized that there was ‘field’ energy being generated here.

"Formations and fields are similar. They are reliant upon specific modification of the terrain to produce a mysterious zone which can readily trap and kill powerful experts." Yellow Ox felt apprehensive.

He could feel a mysterious type of energy field here. In words easily comprehensible by Chu Feng and the rest—there was a formation.

"The energy field here is terrifying. It won't be easy to break through!" Yellow Ox spoke solemnly.

Sure enough, the Manchurian Tiger was badly wounded and the Undead Phoenix Coughed up blood.

Solar essence flames had gushed forth and engulfed the Manchurian Tiger from within a deep ravine halfway up the mountain. It elicited cries of agony from the beast king even with the monastic robe protecting him; he might’ve lost half his life without it.

The Undead Phoenix felt she could charge through due to her expertise in fire control. But unexpectedly, she was struck by a thunderbolt and flung into the distance, almost breaking her bones and tendons.

With their two most powerful experts wounded, they could only halt their advance and return the way they came.

They sighed dejectedly; as expected of the ancestral court of Taoism, Mount Longhu was too difficult to climb. There were complex geomagnetic abnormalities and terrifying energy fields along the road.

"Schiller’s dead?!"

Xiong Kun and the others were flabbergasted.

As for Chu Feng and Yellow Ox, their group was feeling dispirited regarding their failed attempt at climbing the mountain, a stark contrast from those waiting at the mountain base.

White Tiger and Lu Shiyun gasped in surprise. Such a powerful and peerless expert had died in Chu Feng’s hands after coming to Mount Longhu. This was indeed shocking news.

Lin Naoi quietly walked over and helped Chu Feng to dress and bandage his wounds. She was also quite excited at the news of Schiller’s death.

In the distance, Yamen was absolutely crestfallen. He had lost any and all hope of survival. With Schiller dead, who else would save him? His only hope was for the so-called god to descend.

But according to his knowledge, god was still unable to cross over. He needed more time to prepare and wouldn’t come over blindly.

"Now tell us everything about that so-called god of yours!" Yellow Ox was personally performing the interrogation. He was quite concerned and wanted to know which world this man was from.

Yamen had long since collapsed mentally. He told them everything he knew and understood. Unfortunately, he was merely a pawn from this world in service of that god and knew very little.


Finally, the black yak gave him a swift and satisfying death with a swing of his purple longsword.

Two days later, Lin Naoi left them after being urgently summoned by the people from Deity Biomedicals.

On the third day, the Undead Phoenix said farewell and returned to the West in hopes of finding her lost memories. With her vengeance exacted, she had no other reason to remain here.

She had also attempted several times to climb Mount Longhu and failed every time. It was meaningless to continue trying.

Five days later, the Manchurian Tiger had once again suffered severe injuries. The tiger valued his life too much and decided to leave as soon he recovered. He booked a flight towards the West. He planned to call on the old llama, return the monastic robe and apologize for it.

"Brothers, let’s go visit that thunderous Buddhist temple in the Himalayas along with the Mount Kunlun group. Don’t waste your time here any longer." The Manchurian Tiger urged Chu Feng and the two oxen.

At this time, the Clairvoyant, the Clairaudient, Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan had also arrived, but after experiencing the terrifying and dangerous situation at Mount Longhu, they could only sigh in dejection. Finally, they all left along with Xiong Kun and the White Tiger Siblings.

Only Chu Feng and the two oxen remained.

They were also prepared to leave if they made no progress after further observation.

During that time, Chu Feng had transmitted the lightning talisman to the two oxen and had them comprehend its profundities. Perhaps they could borrow this power to help them ascend the mountain like a key of sorts.

It was at this time that a shocking news was spread, causing huge waves throughout the world.

A rumor had spread, saying that Chu Feng possessed a type of mysterious and exceptional breathing technique and that it gave him terrifying combat strength, allowing him to suppress all peers.

Although the news had just started to spread, Chu Feng’s expression turned serious because he knew someone was trying to stir up trouble for him.
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