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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 228: Acquisition

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Chapter 228: Acquisition

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The soil within the fifth stepped field was lustrous and bright. The lush green plants gave Chu Feng quite a start; these plants had surely formed a shadow in his heart.

Just as expected, a flash of lightning burst forth as several sweet potatoes emerged from under the ground. They shot out amidst swooshing sounds and transformed into silver bolts of electricity which bombarded the whole area.

His hair were all standing straight while his skin had been lacerated in many places. The arcs of electricity had left charred marks on every inch of his skin. It was apparent that he’d received a great deal of damage.

If only he hadn’t formed such an astonishing amount of protective energy within his body after becoming a king level entity, he likely would have been blasted into pieces and burnt to ash by now.

"Too unlucky!"

The silvery lights weaved throughout the whole area as the sweet potatoes flew about in all directions. Chu Feng was helpless amidst the maelstrom and could barely hold on.

He really wanted to curse out loud. What the hell is wrong with this place? Had all these eggplants, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes all gained some for of spirituality? Even someone as powerful as him could hardly endure the relentless onslaught.

He realized that if he survived this incident and recounted the horrible experience to someone else, he would surely be laughed at—almost blasted to death by sweet potatoes? Who could be more miserable?

Chu Feng endured the agony and summoned his spiritual energy to, once more, move himself out of this electric inferno.

During the process, the crackling sweet potatoes would jump up and crash into him. The agony was difficult for a bystander to imagine; he felt as if he was about to be cooked through.

He could clearly smell the odor of burning flesh, and it was definitely not Schiller’s.

He suddenly wavered; was this karma?! Could it be retribution for all the king level entities he had roasted?


Finally, he escaped the fifth stepped field and landed on the mountain. He fell down with a thump and could no longer find the strength to move for the time being.

"Did I escape?!" Chu Feng was overjoyed as he lay on the ground gasping for fresh air. He didn’t want to move a single muscle.

At that time, the the fragrance of earth and grass drifted into his nostrils and embraced him with unprecedented comfort.

Chu Feng immediately circulated his breathing technique. Crackling sounds continuously rang out from within his body as the residual electricity scattered from his body.

Many parts of his body were numb and almost burnt to a crisp.

Fortunately, the breathing technique had wondrous effects on his wounds. The damage was rapidly controlled, and the pain began to subside as the energy within started to rejuvenate his body.

After a while, he sat up and looked down onto the stepped fields below. His brows locked into a frown as he saw the purple gold eggplants, jade green cucumbers, the scarlet tomatoes, the golden yellow pumpkins and the silver white sweet potatoes all jumping about happily amidst flashes of dense electricity.

He observed these rare and mysterious crops. The plants were indeed corporeal, but the fruits were formed from electricity.

He wanted to curse loudly at the ancients’ wicked humor in using vegetables and fruits to punish their descendents with such lethal force.

These plants were extraordinary; they could accumulate lightning and use it to form fruits. These terrifying and destructive fruits would then grow on the plants like any other crop.

He pondered further and speculated that this shouldn’t be their full power yet. With the revival of the heaven and earth, theses plants would probably grow even more powerful and form five minefields.

"Inheritance?!" Chu Feng heard Yellow Ox’s telepathic transmission. There was indeed a stone tablet in this safe zone with some indication of it.

"A hidden lightning technique?"

There were words carved upon the stone tablet which notified the descendants that only those who were able to endure the lightning and survive were worthy of receiving the Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique.

"The ancient Heavenly Master usually used the power of lightning to exorcise demons. Could this be his so-called demon subduing technique?"

Chu Feng frowned as he stared at the words at the back of the stone tablet. He would actually have to go back into the fields and slowly comprehend the power of lightning to be able to receive the inheritance?

He had just escaped from hell and now he was expected to go back in?

Chu Feng sat there, cross-legged, as he circulated his breathing technique to recover his wounded body. At the same time, he was observing the fields below for traces of Schiller. The most important task at hand was to kill off this old bastard.

The enemy didn’t climb up here? Had he been killed by lightning?

He couldn’t feel at ease without at least finding Schiller’s corpse. It was hard to believe such a vicious character would die so easily.

"Please don’t tell me that madman has coincidentally understood the secret and is trying to comprehend the demon subduing technique?" Chu Feng was inwardly frightened.

With a swoosh, he flew through the air with the help of his spiritual energy and gazed downward in search of Schiller. He found something odd just as he imagined.

Schiller sat within the golden pumpkin patch, enshrouded by a hazy glow. He had almost turned into a charred mass, but he was still alive.

At this time, the lightning was no longer striking at him incessantly, but had turned into a screen of light which covered him.

"Does this old demon still want to create a miracle?!" Chu Feng was both shocked and anxious. If Schiller didn’t die and was successful in cultivating the demon subduing technique, it would definitely bode ill for them.

He braced himself and dove into the thick of the lightning. He endured the familiar pain from the lightning strikes to reach Schiller’s location, where he used his scarlet flying knife to hack at the latter.


The light screen was as hard as metal. Sparks flew in every direction as the flying knife struck its surface but didn’t destroy it.

At the same time, Chu Feng noticed Schiller’s peculiar posture. He had lost his right hand, but his left was upon the pumpkin as if he was comprehending certain things. Despite his charred complexion, his face was that of great satisfaction.

Chu Feng tried several times but was unable to break the barrier. With a swoosh, he left the place and arrived at the first stepped field where he sat down and began to attempt comprehension.

This was a type of torture. He was feeling pain all over his body, now completely bound by threads of violet lightning. The bolts were poised to penetrate right into his body.

He didn’t know how Schiller was able to control the lightning to form a barrier. Perhaps it was just luck or perhaps he was just that powerful at comprehension. Either way, it put great pressure on Chu Feng.

His grasped an eggplant in his left hand and felt the electricity run through his skeleton as if he was being refined by lightning. It indeed appeared to have some effect.

The lightning ability he gained in his left hand after severing his fourth shackle catalyzed his comprehension.

Several strands and patterns began to form within the eggplant field and coalesced on the palm of his left hand.

"So this is the demon subduing technique?" Chu Feng was astonished.

According to legends, the ancient Heavenly Master favored the use of talismans which could summon thunderbolts when deployed.

"Could this be a talisman?" Chu Feng was suspicious.

However, it was not quite similar to those described in the legends—the pattern wasn’t drawn, but had instead simply coagulated into a talisman on his palm.


The moment he raised his hand, a bolt of lightning swiftly shot out from his palm and struck the distant rocks, shattering them directly.

To his amazement, he realized that the electricity within the field had become much gentler and was no longer assaulting him.

"It’s that easy?" Chu Feng was stunned.

He grasped an eggplant and with it was a set of patterned lines which he congealed on his palm. Despite this, the mechanism behind all this was still a mystery to him.

So this is the so-called comprehension? He was highly suspicious.

However, Chu Feng didn’t have time to worry about that at the moment. He grabbed another eggplant and checked if it contained a different pattern.

In the end, he found out that all the eggplants within the plantation possessed identical patterns.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng climbed onto the second stepped field and obtained another pattern from the cucumbers. The pattern on his palm had grown in complexity.

"Isn’t this too fast?!"

Actually, with Yellow Ox around, he could naturally confirm this. Chu Feng’s absurd comprehension was indeed related to the ability gained from severing his fourth shackle.

Everything from then on was smooth sailing. He collected all the patterns which formed an odd lightning symbol on his left palm.

It wasn’t visible when idle, but as soon as he activated the lightning, the symbol would appear with a brilliant glow.

"My ability to control lightning has increased several times!" Chu Feng was astonished.

A lightning bolt had formed in his left hand. It was several times more powerful than his previous ability and could probably kill a king level entity in one strike!

"This is only the beginning and yet my lightning had become twice as powerful." Chu Feng was shaken; the Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique was indeed extraordinary.

Since ancient times, the divergent races feared lightning the most and it wasn’t wrong to call it a demon subduing technique.

In the distance, Schiller was shocked; he had just finished comprehending the patterns from the pumpkin field when all the lightning disappeared. He felt both regretful and apprehensive.

The other four fields were no longer filled with raging thunder and had already regained their calm.

"You’ve obtained the complete inheritance?!" He glared at Chu Feng, unwilling to be outdone.

"Time to die!" Chu Feng shouted. Although charred and riddled with wounds, he was still in a much better shape than Schiller. The latter had long since become half-crippled.


His left palm began to glow as an electric symbol appeared therein. A beam of blinding radiance flew out and barraged Schiller with even greater speed and ferocity than the flying knife.

Schiller was startled. He realized that the opponent had completely obtained the demon subduing technique of Mount Longhu. This was a horrible outcome for him.

Because, he already guessed that the demon subduing technique was a test. Only after passing it and obtaining the secret inheritance would one be able to occupy Mount Longhu.


Schiller counterattacked. He naturally wouldn’t sit still and take the beating. Despite his near crippled state, he was still desperately fighting for a chance at survival.

As they exchanged moves, the whole area collapsed; the five stepped fields caved in and the vegetation immediately withered.


Rocks and gravel burst out as a huge hole appeared in the area, exposing many worn-out weapons and skeletons. All of them appeared to be from the ancient age.

Chu Feng was surprised. There were a great number of beast race skeletons beneath the five stepped fields, some of which were enormous. To the ancients, they were probably thought of as "demons".

"How is this possible?!"

Schiller was quite shocked to discover a number of human remains. He recognized the dilapidated Western armor on the remains as radiant armor belonging to the Holy Knights.

Just how old were these ancient remains? Schiller was rendered speechless.

"Eh?!" Suddenly, he noticed a certain skeleton still glowing with faint light. It obviously belonged to someone far more powerful than the others here.

Schillers eyes were as wide as saucers and was almost quivering.

The armor on this powerful knight belonged to an era in which the church had produced a saint! It was at least over 2000 years old.

Could the Church have invaded the East over 2000 years ago, during the era of their saint?


Chu Feng’s killing blows rained down once again.

Schiller dared not defend head on. He recognized that he would probably die if he was hit in his current condition.

He rushed towards the remains of that powerful knight, therein lay a three foot long broken sword, emanating silver radiance.

He suspected it was one part of a powerful ancient weapon!

He had decided to bet on this. He knew he wouldn’t survive a direct confrontation with Chu Feng and yet he could neither escape due to his bad physical condition.

Perhaps that powerful ancient weapon would be able to tilt the scales back in his favor.

Schiller swiftly grasped the hilt of the sword and turned around to confront Chu Feng in battle.


The lightning struck him directly, causing the lower part of his body to explode.


At the same time, the flying knife arrived and cut off his head, sending blood gushing into the sky.
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