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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 227: Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique

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Chapter 227: Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique

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"You old bastard, you still want to enter the Ancestral Court of Taoism? As if Mount Longhu will ever accept such a person. Don’t even think about escaping!" the black yak roared from behind.

He flung the violet copper blade at Schiller. With a loud droning sound, the saber tore through the air at several times the speed of sound.

In the distance, White Tiger and Lushiyun were dumbfounded. The great Schiller who was once able to shake the world was now in such a miserable condition. He was being hunted down with no place to run.

Yamen had totally lost hope and just sat there limply. Even the great Schiller had lost so badly. Who else would come to save him? Previously, he had been walking arrogantly all over the Eastern lands, but now things weren’t looking so good.

Schiller’s footsteps faltered as he approached Mount Longhu; he felt the danger within this place.


The black yak’s violet copper longsword whizzed past, almost hacking him in two, before shooting into the distant rocks.

Chu Feng had also halted his steps. The scarlet flying knife was hovering before him and ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

The black yak had also arrived from behind but avoided running too far in. He felt his heart beating wildly and his chest uncomfortable.

The Undead Phoenix and the Siberian Tiger frowned in alarm as they also sensed the same type of suppression.

The group of people didn’t dare to rush in recklessly. They proceeded slowly and cautiously.

"This place suppresses the beast race!" Yellow Ox warned in a low voice.

The ambiance at Mount Longhu was indeed extraordinary. A multitude of ancient trees were spread out like coiling dragons. Even the bare mountaintops hosted wonderful sceneries and were flowing with translucent luminescence.

These wonders were visible even at the mere base of the mountain.

Chu Feng’s eyes were fixed on Schiller and had already found his weakness. This was a great opportunity to get rid of a powerful enemy, but how come the Tiger and Phoenix hadn’t arrived?

He soon remembered what Yellow Ox was complaining about a while back. Mount Longhu heavily suppressed the beast race. Although they were still pushing forward, the rest of the party could only proceed cautiously at a much slower pace.

Schiller was now in quite a dilemma. There was danger whether he advanced or retreated.


Chu Feng made his move—the scarlet flying knife shot out towards Schiller without any hesitation. The old bastard was now quite weak and it was the best opportunity to kill him.

The palm-sized knife was flowing with colorful radiance akin to a bright piece of coral. It emitted terrifying energy fluctuations as it hacked towards Schiller.


Schiller moved his body sideways and glanced back. His pupils were emitting a chilliness which cut to the bones. He was feeling extremely resentful of having to run from a youth with four severed shackles. This would clearly be a joke to him of the past.

Furthermore, he had a vendetta against this youth. He hated the latter so much that he wanted to turn around and kill him, but his current condition wouldn’t allow it.

Chu Feng said nothing. He had seen through Schiller’s condition and put his all into controlling the flying knife, continuously launching attacks on Schiller.

Within a few seconds, sword qi was flying in all directions, weaving together with the crimson mist. The palm-sized little blade was like a small flood dragon as it crisscrossed through the air, closing off all of Schiller’s escape paths.

Schiller was indeed powerful. He evaded continually and didn’t dare to directly attack. But even so, he had still received several injuries; his left hand drenched in fresh blood.


During one dangerous exchange, the flying knife made a sharp turn and grazed past his neck. It came quite close to slitting his throat then and there.

"If you push me too far, don’t blame me for the life and death struggle," Schiller said coldly.

"This will not end until one of us dies!" Chu Feng replied. He had almost been killed by this old bastard back at the Sacred Medicinal Garden. He was just one of the fortunate few among the multitude of kings who had been harmed back then.

"Don’t force me to escape desperately and kill your parents!" Schiller’s expression was frosty, his eyes threatening and malicious.

Chu Feng’s mind was sent into turmoil. He attacked frantically because he knew this madman couldn’t be left alive. Schiller had already seen through him. Chu Feng had to cut off the source of future calamity by finishing him off on the spot.

Schiller only glanced coldly at him before charging right up.

The flying knife was like a flood dragon as it flew in pursuit. It had soon pierced a hole through the victim’s shoulder.

Schiller was feeling extremely frustrated. He regretted how he didn’t manage to hold onto his ancient sword back when he was being hunted by the temple masters of the Hollow Jade, Eight Visions and Roaming Jade. If he had his ancient sword in hand right now, he wouldn’t be so miserable.

"Very well!" Chu Feng revealed an odd expression as he chased from behind. Mount Longhu was filled with dangers. It wasn’t a bad thing that he could force someone to scout the way ahead for him.

"Chu Feng, catch!" Yellow Ox roared from behind as he relayed the diamond chakram. He naturally didn’t inject any energy within, lest it turned into a killing weapon.

Chu Feng caught the bracelet with a swoosh and continued to chase Schiller with greater confidence.

"Dammit! Damn this place. I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable," the black yak roared.

The Manchurian Tiger also felt a fair bit of unease. They had been suppressed since the beginning of the climb and couldn’t unleash their full speed. There was a sense of dread lingering in the air.

Even the Undead Phoenix felt her heart palpitating. Black flames were encircling her vigilantly, ready to do battle at a moment’s notice.

There were skulls and broken skeletons along the way. There had been no shortage of beast kings who tried to make their way up the mountain in the recent days. They wanted to reach the top but could only escape begrudgingly and die on their way back.

Chu Feng maintained a steady pace and made use of his flying sword to urge Schiller forward. It was as if the latter was being forced to scout the path.

A large patch of stepped fields came into view. It was brilliantly verdant and filled with auspicious purple clouds. Even Schiller faltered at the astonishing scenery. Could this be a plantation of divine vegetation?

Chu Feng closed the gap between them and also witnessed the density of spiritual energy along with the auspicious glow weaving through the whole area.

A large stone tablet erected outside of the stepped fields read "Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique".

Although it was just a simple row of words, it instilled shock and awe in the beholder. This was no doubt a tablet which had risen from the earth following the great upheaval. There was no such thing on the Mount Longhu of the past.

Schiller’s eyes exploded with spiritual light. He had researched Eastern history in detail and was naturally familiar with these ancient words. It was obvious that he coveted this mountain.

He felt a rush of excitement despite his injuries.

One had to know that Mount Longhu was an extraordinary location—it was the ancestral court of Taoism, and according to legend, it was always personally overseen by a heavenly master. Anyone would feel excited now that such a stone tablet had actually appeared at such a place.


Chu Feng’s flying knife slashed down suddenly. Schiller leapt away to evade and continued to flee.

The two men were playing tag as they charged deeper and deeper into the stepped fields. They inwardly wondered just what type of plantation they had just encountered.

There were tens of eggplants with jade green leaves, flashing with a crimson glow. Each and every one of them seemed to have been refined from violet gold, emanating a metallic aura and suffused with violet mist.

Just what kind of situation was this? Chu Feng was puzzled.

Even Schiller was feeling doubtful. How could there be such eggplants within such a field where the Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique tablet was erected?

The plants seemed to have recently matured and their growth rate seemed pretty good. A great many fist-sized purple gold eggplants were releasing a mild fragrance into the air.

Could they actually be divine fruits? Chu Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

Schiller was also hesitant. He maintained a steady distance from Chu Feng but his eyes were burning with the flames of desire. If they were actually mutant fruits, he might be able to recover his injuries with excess.


Chu Feng made a sudden move and cut down towards Schiller. He had to stop this six shackle expert from recovering by ingesting these purple gold fruits.

"Heh. heh..."

Schiller laughed coldly. Killing him was no simple matter despite how weak he was at the moment. He dodged skilfully and rushed at a purple gold fruit. There were tens of those ripe for the picking.


The scarlet knife left a frightening wound on Schiller’s body, but at that same moment, the latter had grabbed one of the purple gold fruits.

Something unexpected happened at that moment. In a burst of violent mist, auspicious air surged out and rushed towards the sky accompanied by a great explosive sound.

The purple gold fruit immediately transformed into lightning and struck Schiller flying into the distance. His whole body was burnt and fumes rose from his charred wounds as he spasmed continuously on the ground.

Chu Feng didn’t have time to be delighted as he was also struck by the attack. There were too many eggplants on the ground. They dropped down pell-mell and turned into flashes of purple lightning.

Crackle! Crackle!

Chu Feng was badly shaken by the lightning strike and had no time to evade. Arcs of lightning were flowing across his body—it was incomparably agonizing.

He hurriedly activated his own energy. His left hand began to glow with the power of lightning—the ability he had gained from severing his fourth shackle had the power to control electricity.

Even with that, he was still in a miserable situation. His whole body had been charred black as he was flung into the distance.

Damn that Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique! Chu Feng was cursing inwardly.

Chu Feng leapt out of the Stepped Fields with a swoosh and rushed upwards. He felt greatly distressed upon landing to find the fields full of jade green cucumbers enshrouded in crimson mists.

Schiller was absolutely miserable. He had been sent flying by the lightning eggplants only to land in the middle of the cucumber field.


The cucumber above him immediately exploded and turned into azure lightning which weaved throughout the air and struck the two unfortunate victims, turning them into a charred and spasming mess.

The two were madly attacked by the lightning strikes, adding more and more injuries to their weary bodies. They were in great pain despite not being lethal for the moment.

This was especially true for Schiller, whose wounds were now bleeding profusely and emitting a charred odor.

There were too many cucumber creepers in the area, filling the whole area with countless bolts of lightning. They could only attempt to escape for there was no way for them to linger.

It was almost impossible for them to head back because the purple gold eggplants were waiting for them menacingly. The dense patch of violet lightning barred their path.

Chu Feng could only brace himself and push on towards the peak.

Although Schiller was badly wounded, he was still extremely fast when it came to fleeing. He immediately sped towards the next stepped field.

The area was truly odd. They would invariably land in the neighboring field with each leap forward no matter how much force or momentum was behind that jump.

Their faces immediately turned green as they witnessed the bright red field beneath them. The whole field was filled with red tomatoes that were growing bountifully. Each and every tree bore several mist enshrouded fruits.

Their most dreaded nightmare had taken form once again. Scarlet red bolts of lightning arced over each other as the red tomatoes began to transform into flashes of electricity.

"F*ck you, Schiller, why’d you have to go and pick that damn eggplant!" Chu Feng cursed.

Had Schiller not activated the purple gold field of electricity, they wouldn’t be in such a precarious situation. Now, they were being bombarded with electricity, without even touching the red tomatoes. They were simply transforming of their own accord.

This time Chu Feng was in bad shape. His whole body was in pain and white fumes were released whenever he exhaled, accompanied by crackles of electricity.

Schiller was in an even worse condition—the smell of well roasted flesh began to fill the air—the wounds he had suffered until now were causing a great reduction in his defensive capabilities.

"Curse it! What kind of situation is this?!" The black yak was dumbfounded. How was the field above flashing with bright bolts of lightning?

Furthermore, they vaguely noticed the eggplants, cucumbers and red tomatoes dancing amidst the chaos. The scene was peculiar beyond compare.

"Purple gold eggplants, azure cucumbers and red tomatoes… this is the Penta-lightning Bombardment of the Taoist lineage!"

"What kind of place is that? Could Chu Feng be in danger?!" the black yak asked concernedly.

After being swept over by the red tomato lightning, the two fled with all the strength they could muster and arrived at the fourth stepped field.

"There’s even more?!"

Chu Feng and Schiller were cursing inwardly, especially after they had witness what awaited them below. It was a pumpkin patch.

Each and everyone of them were a bright golden color and each were as large as a wash basin; much bigger than the previous vegetables.

This time, Chu Feng had no intention to resist forcefully. He stepped onto the flying knife and wobbled his way upwards.

Schiller’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he struck down with his palm from midair. This activated the golden pumpkins immediately.

"Damn you Schiller!" Chu Feng roared with hatred.

Crackle! Crackle!

The golden flashes of lightning wove through the air and struck Chu Feng who was still swaying in the air. His whole body was permeated by the arcs of lightning and began to fume incessantly.

He endured the immense pain and urged the flying knife further, piercing through the lightning and landing in the fifth field.

"Chu Feng hang in there! That should be where the inheritance is!" Yellow Ox’s shout crossed through the electric inferno and barely made it to Chu Feng.
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