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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 226: Ascending Mount Longhu

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Chapter 226: Ascending Mount Longhu

Translator: Alsey, Mike Editor: Chrissy
The force behind the Manchurian Tiger’s strike was exceptional, sufficient to flatten a small hill. It landed on Schiller’s body with a boom, causing several bones within his body to shatter.


Schiller’s mouth was full of bloody froth. Even his eyes and ears were bleeding as he flew out like a scarecrow, unable to withstand the trauma.

At this time, he was barely conscious. His vision was going dark as he felt his strength obviously waning.


The Manchurian Tiger roared; he broke through the sound barrier as he charged out. He was accompanied by strong whirlwinds which uprooted large trees and sent stones flying in every direction. The clouds obey the dragon and the winds obey the tiger; the scene was extremely violent.

The Manchurian Tiger’s right hand transformed into a large claw which raked at Schiller with lightning speed.


Schiller’s glowed with divine light as mysterious energy coursed through his body. Despite its protection, several bone-deep wounds had appeared on his body with blood flowing out everywhere.

This was especially true of the wound on his chest—a bloody hole had appeared where the "black tiger heart gouge" had struck—this can be considered a killer move of the tiger race.

Schiller growled as his hair all stood on end. His body, engulfed in flames, was emanating alarming energy fluctuations. He was absolutely furious.

He didn’t hesitate to burn his precious essence blood to release all the potential energy within his body. He no longer cared about harming his vitality because none of these would matter if he couldn’t survive.


He forcefully blocked the Tiger King’s claw with full force.


The Undead Phoenix’s tyrannical attack was even more powerful than that of the Manchurian Tiger. Flames rushed out from beneath her feathers, accompanied by a terrifying black radiance and phoenix cries.

One could clearly see the energy take on a corporeal form, turning into a black phoenix. The vivid and life-like bird enveloped Schiller with a loud boom!

This attack decimated the whole mountain. Hundreds of towering trees splintered and turned to ash while tens of thousands of volcanic rocks exploded and gradually melted to form magma.

The Manchurian Tiger swiftly leapt out of the way. He felt as if even he would drown within the raging inferno.

The Undead Phoenix’s eyes were burning. She had unleashed such a killer move because the situation required them to disable Schiller quickly and efficiently.

The attack was indeed terrifying. Schiller was flung into the distance by the explosive force and half his body was soaked with blood. Bones were even protruding from several parts of his burnt body.

Everything went south for Schiller after receiving a blow from Chu Feng’s diamond chakram, which severed a whole arm and drastically reduced his combat prowess. Following that, he had even received continuous blows from the Tiger and Phoenix King. He was now getting weaker by the minute.

Schiller was in great physical pain. He wanted to flee but he was stuck; the two powerful experts had him boxed in from the flanks.

He had almost died just moments ago.


He struggled frantically, waiting for an opportunity to break through the siege. He would be courting death if he continued fighting madly. Every moment he tarried brought him one step closer to death.

But the Undead Phoenix’s and Manchurian Tiger’s eyes were bloodshot, knowing they couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. The two of them bombarded their prey with full force, deterring his escape.

Chu Feng’s speed was exceedingly fast. He rushed up the mountain to retrieve his diamond chakram. The problem with this weapon was that he had to expend extra effort to retrieve it after every attack.

Fortunately, there was very little chance of losing it by virtue of his keen divine instinct. He found it very soon and retrieved it with his spiritual energy, returning the bracelet to his hand with a swoosh.

He then turned back immediately to deliver Schiller another blow.

Schiller was now in trouble. He found it difficult to escape under the continuous onslaught of the two great experts and would occasionally be sent flying. He could scarcely defend against the assailants now that he had lost an arm.

He had already dashed out several times in vain but still didn’t give up. His hair was disheveled and his body was enshrouded by a bloody mist as he cried out in fury. This was a sign of overload.

He put his life on the line to break through the mountainous terrain. He knew it was unwise to be tangled up with those warriors with six severed shackles; that was a sure path to death.


The Manchurian Tiger, wrapped in monastic robes, launched continuous attacks. Such an opportunity would never knock twice and he himself was one of Schiller’s hit targets.

Chu Feng glanced at the distant battlefield after his return and silently handed the diamond chakram over to Yellow Ox. He knew Schiller would be on high alert if he approached.

"We should be able to kill him this time!" The black yak was eyeing his prey like a tiger. He couldn’t wait to charge in but he understood that he was far from being able to contend with Schiller.

Even with severe wounds, Schiller was still one of the strongest experts at the moment. This was especially true now that he was like a cornered beast.

In the distance, Lin Naoi was rather calm. He hair was flowing in the wind as she looked on with her deep and clear eyes. She had seen many reports back at Deity Biomedicals and understood well how terrifying people at their level were.

What truly astonished her was how this "ex-boyfriend" of hers had turned the tables with a single strike of his weapon.

White Tiger and Lu Shiyun were stunned and badly shaken by the scene playing out before them. This was the first time they had witnessed a battle of peerless experts.

Especially the near-fatal strike delivered by Chu Feng moments ago which had caused the most ferocious man of the ages to lose an arm.

They felt, for the first time, just how powerful Chu Feng was. His strength had greatly exceeded their expectations by being able to take part in a battle between peerless experts.

It could be said that Chu Feng’s attack just now had arrived at the most critical juncture. It had swiftly crippled Schiller’s combat abilities and reduced his speed.

Lu Shiyun was so overwhelmed that her little mouth was in the shape of an "O" with her beautiful eyes opened wide. Even though she knew Chu Feng was powerful, she didn’t expect him to be able to cross swords with such peerless experts.

Yamen was now dispirited and listless. He couldn’t run even if he wanted to since his legs had been cut off. His face was deathly pale after witnessing this battle; even his spirit was quivering.

The Demon King Chu he looked down upon had actually gravely wounded Schiller!

He cast his gaze between the graceful Lin Naoi and Chu Feng. He then noticed the miserable Schiller amidst the intense battle and felt that all his hopes had turned to dust—there was no way for him to escape.

Schiller’s profound eyes suddenly seemed to have calmed down and was looking for an opportunity to break the siege.

He had, unfortunately, rushed over as soon as he got the news from Yamen, hoping to kill Chu Feng with relative ease. Never did he expect he would fall into such a trap.

Schiller had never been impressed by Yamen. He felt this hypocrite was unlikely to be successful, but he never expected Yamen to drag him into such a mess.


Schiller was once again sent flying. His whole body was full of wounds but he still hadn’t succeeded in breaking out of the encirclement between two peerless experts.

The next moment, the Manchurian Tiger’s great claws had left deep and bloody gashes on his back.


At the same time, the Undead Phoenix had transformed into her true form; a pair of razor-sharp wings came swinging down from above and almost eviscerated Schiller. The latter retreated close to the ground. The terrible wound on his abdomen dyed the ground red with his blood.

Schiller was now rather anxious. He couldn’t even fly out because his back had been torn out. Although the light and dark wings were composed of energy, they still had to manifest upon the physical body.

Mount Longhu!

Finally, Schiller’s eyes surged with raging flames as he ground his teeth and decided to charge into the ancestral court of Taoism. He desperately needed to find a way out of this impasse.

The Manchurian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix were barring his path of retreat. The path towards Mount Longhu was relatively unguarded because everyone knew no one in their right mind would possibly climb up this land of death.

Schiller had no other choice. This was his only hope for salvation, his only chance at survival.

He was now rolling on the ground, soiled in blood and mud. Despite the miserable situation, his eyes were emitting an intense fierceness. He suddenly rushed towards Mount Longhu with a swoosh.


His cold eyes glanced over at the distant Chu Feng. This youth was the culprit for the destruction of his Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine, and today, he had, once again, made him lose an arm. His hate for Chu Feng was exceptionally strong.

Schiller’s body began to emit a bloody glow as he expended even more energy. A murderous glint flashed through his eyes as he pushed himself over his normal capacity to destroy Chu Feng in one fell swoop.

Just moments ago, he was struck by Chu Feng’s diamond chakram. He had been careless that time, not expecting to be tricked with a fake bracelet. This time, he won’t be tricked!


A rain of blood showered down from Schiller’s back as he overutilized his strength, the side-effect of exceeding his physical capacity. His body began to crack apart with blood bursting out in large amounts.

Chu Feng was standing there on purpose in order to draw Schiller’s attention and allow Yellow Ox the opportunity to deal a fatal blow. It was a risky endeavor since he no longer had the diamond chakram for defense. He would have to forcefully block a desperate blow from a fierce expert with six severed shackles.

The Undead Phoenix and the Manchurian Tiger was stunned. They didn’t expect Chu Feng would risk approaching the battlefield once more. They were wholly focused on the pursuit, thinking Chu Feng had already fled to a safe distance.

"Schiller, go to hell!" Chu Feng acted as if he was about to shoot the diamond chakram.

Schiller’s stance suddenly turned much more agile—he shuttled left and right through the air, his eyes shooting out meter-long beams of lights akin to divine blades as he gazed fixedly at Chu Feng. His spirit was absolutely focused, ready to dodge the snow white bracelet at a moment’s notice.

Yellow Ox, in his current form, was no different from a five-year-old child. With silky golden hair, refined facial features and large sparkling eyes, he seemed absolutely devoid of killing intent.


The air exploded as the diamond chakram was shot out at six times the speed of sound!

It was surging with extreme white brilliance like a sun shooting through the skies as it barreled towards Schiller.

Yamen shouted loudly from a distance, but the warning didn’t arrive in time.

The shiny bracelet was traveling at supersonic speeds. With a ‘pfft!’, it shot through Schiller’s radiant body, causing him to stagger back amidst a rain of blood.

The diamond chakram entered from his back and penetrated his chest entirely. Its great destructive power immediately shattered one lobe of his lung into many fragments while his right chest had burst into a bloody hole.

Yellow Ox was inwardly lamenting that he had missed the heart. Otherwise, Schiller would already be dead in a single strike.

But with this, Schiller had grown even weaker than before. The Manchurian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix could easily kill him In his current state.

But Yellow Ox was astonished to find Schiller still charging towards Chu Feng despite his grave trauma. With a murderous glow within his eyes, he slammed down with his palm amidst splendorous lights.


Chu Feng had shot out the scarlet flying dagger. It shone brilliantly in the sky like the twilight glow.


Schiller’s left arm was pierced through as blood sprayed out in abundance.

"Eh?!" This astonished not only Chu Feng but also Schiller himself. His pupils constricted rapidly; he knew he had overdrafted his body and the energy therein was rapidly drying up.

How otherwise could he have failed to block such a strike from the flying knife? It wasn’t quite possible to kill him with such attacks in his normal state.

Schiller decisively pulled away after being seen through by Chu Feng and hurriedly ran in the direction of Mount Longhu.

Seeing this, Chu Feng followed suit while brandishing his flying knife.

"Where do you think you’re going, you brute?!" The black yak rushed out in pursuit.

Schiller ran up the mountain with Chu Feng at his tail, stepping into the Taoist ancestral court together.
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