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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 225: Grievously Wounding a Peerless Expert

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Chapter 225: Grievously Wounding a Peerless Expert

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Yamen was suffering intense pain throughout his whole body. He had crashed on his head and all his hopes and dreams had been dashed. He was a messenger of god and believed himself to be above all others, treating Chu Feng and the two oxen in blatant contempt. But now, what had become of him?

His heart started beating especially fast when he met Chu Feng’s gaze, a gaze full of unadorned scorn for him.

Yamen’s mind was thrown into unbearable chaos. The people he was disdainful of had dealt him such a blow and dragged him from his cloud castle down into dirt.

Just who was being disdainful of whom? Now he had fallen to a position where he was being looked down upon. He felt restless at the thought of this and the pain wasn't helping at all.


A thunderous explosion came from the distance. The battle between peerless experts shook the earth and sky!

The brightly colored colossal tiger leapt up from within the forest. With claws as large as a small hill, it swiped towards Schiller amidst explosive lights. It was as if a small nuclear weapon had detonated.

The scene in the air was excessively terrifying. The energy fluctuations rippled outward and washed over the earth and sky.

Schiller was indeed unprepared for such a battle. He was sent flying with deep claw wounds on his back and his mouth full of blood. It appeared he had been badly wounded this time, and he almost came close to being blasted apart.

If the light and dark energy within his body didn’t surge out to protect his innards and guard his bones, he would probably be dead by now.

The Manchurian Tiger had attentively lain in ambush to deliver this coup de grace. He went all out at the critical juncture.

The king of the woods and the master of beasts, he was innately proficient at hunting and stalking. His talent in this regard only increased after his evolution.


At almost the exact same moment, the Undead Phoenix rode in upon black flames like a sable sun shooting through the skies, crashing directly into Schiller with supreme momentum.

This time, the sounds of cracking bones were emitted from Schiller’s body. He had suffered grievous injuries and had cracked at least three of his ribs with blood flowing out of his seven orifices.

Furthermore, the flames enshrouded him and continued to burn amidst sizzling noises. Very soon, he was charred black by the Undead Phoenix Flames.

Schiller could have dodged this attack if the Undead Phoenix wasn’t as adept at ambushing.

However, he had already received heavy injuries at the hands of the Manchurian Tiger and his body had lost its balance, greatly reducing his reflexes.

And thus he suffered a terrifying follow-up blow.

"You’re all courting death!" Schiller roared as he charged out of the dark flames. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, and his whole body had been charred black with traces of blood all over. He appeared truly miserable.

Back at the Vatican, Schiller had been amiable and calm. He had always worn a smile like a benevolent old man, but today he had lost his composure.

It had always been him ambushing others, as was the case with the cultivation of the Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine where he slaughtered countless beast kings. But today, he was on the suffering end of the ambush.

At the moment, despite his combat capabilities being greatly diminished, his will to do battle was burning brilliantly. A pair of luminescent wings appeared behind him, one of which was brilliantly radiant and the other jet-black.

This was Schiller’s powerful hidden ace. His whole body was permeated by the powers of Western Legends, overflowing with two opposing types of energy. It was a terrifying sight to behold.


He charged at the Manchurian Tiger. "You shameless traitor, hand over your life!"

The Manchurian Tiger had also thrown caution to the wind. With a loud roar, his body shrunk swiftly until he was barely three meters in length. He understood that a large body would make for an easy target.

"Schiller, you tricked me back then. This king was foolish back then, but with my outstanding wisdom, I’ve now forsaken the dark and joined the light," the Manchurian Tiger roared.

He had no moral integrity to speak and was naturally unafraid of being exposed. He was even arguing with great conviction as if he was just and right.

The main reason was that he knew there was no turning back from the current situation. He would be in mortal danger as long as Schiller lived on.

"You still have the audacity to claim another to be shameless? Is there any person more sinister and despicable than you are?!" The Undead Phoenix had just transformed back into her human form. Clad in a black gown and adorned by wings made of black flames, she tore through the skies and dove in for the kill.

The phoenix’s strength was truly great; she was much more powerful than the Black Dragon King. Otherwise, how could she have fled with her life back despite her near lethal wounds?


She spewed dark flames from her palms as she dashed forth which took the shape of a sharp blade, hacking down towards Schiller.

Schiller’s expression was cold. He didn’t pay attention to the Undead Phoenix from behind and was focused on killing one first. His speed increased explosively with a flap of his light and dark wings as he charged towards the tiger king.

"Schiller, you shameless bastard. Do you really want to fight to the death?" the Manchurian Tiger roared wildly as he resisted and disrupted the incoming attacks shamelessly.


Intense energy waves rolled through the air like molten lava, filling the air with blazing terror.

The Manchurian Tiger coughed up blood as he was sent flying with severe wounds.


At that same moment, Schiller’s wings shook violently and was on the verge of being destroyed. The Undead Phoenix’s attack had landed with tyrannical momentum, causing Schiller to cough up blood once again.


Schiller’s face was devoid of expression as he evaded the phoenix king with a side roll through the air. His light and dark wings shook once again as he darted toward the tiger king with reckless abandon.

"Schiller, you bastard!" the Manchurian Tiger let out a curse. He was in a precarious situation after receiving Schiller’s sole focus. Although they were fighting two against one, it appeared he would die before Schiller.

"Brother Tiger, he’s trying to force you to run away. Don’t fall for his psychological attack. He knows that you will transform and flee once you sense danger," the black yak shouted from the distance.

"Dammit, I’ve been tricked to death by you lot!" The Manchurian Tiger had flipped out. He had also guessed that Schiller was playing specifically to his weakness. The plan was to crumble his morale and force him to run away, then hunt each down separately.


At that moment, Schiller’s fists began to glow brilliantly. The Manchurian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix both felt their hair stand on end after seeing the tyrannical and penetrative energy.

Schiller’s right fist was spewing snow-white divine radiance in all directions while his left was covered by a sinister jet black glow.


He had utilized all the energy within the two fist strikes to bombard the Manchurian Tiger.

At this time, the Undead Phoenix let out a sigh. Schiller was indeed extremely powerful; even she would not be her match in a one on one battle.

She also felt somewhat terrified. She was worried that the Manchurian Tiger might not be able to receive that blow and suffer disabling injuries.


The black flames surged as she mustered up all her might to launch an attack towards Schiller, hoping to impede Schiller’s assault and help out the Manchurian Tiger in the process.

The Manchurian Tiger felt his blood run cold as he roared madly.

"You think this grandpa is a sickly cat?!"

This time, he spewed out a stream of crimson mist from his mouth which transformed into a resplendent monastic robe which flew out to block the incoming fist.

The scene stunned not only Schiller but also the two oxen at the back. Their eyes went wide.

Weren’t these the old llama’s robes? Back then, this extraordinary defensive treasure had even blocked a fully powered blow from the Elder Lion.

As expected, Schiller’s expression shifted. When both his fists crashed onto the robe, strands of light began to crawl over its surface as tremendous counter force rushed out.

At that same time, the Undead Phoenix’s raging black flames arrived and drowned Schiller within.


Schiller rushed upwards into the sky, roaring in agony.

"I have fortunately stolen the old llama’s robes. Otherwise, I would’ve paid with my life here," the Manchurian Tiger muttered to himself.

These words rendered Chu Feng speechless. This bastard was indeed not a good person. He actually stole the old llama’s monastic robes! This truly was his talent. No other person could achieve such a feat.

Schiller stared at the two opponents with cold eyes.

The Undead Phoenix rekindled her flames and charged forth to launch another round of attacks.

The Manchurian Tiger had taken human form, gaining more confidence after wrapping the robes around himself. He charged right into the air while shouting, "Here comes the peerless deity! Schiller, you ignorant lout, hand over your life!"

In the distance, Xiong Kun was sweating. "This grandpa tiger is shouting his title while wearing monastic robes. Is this even suitable?"

The battle in mid-air had reached an explosive peak. The two peerless experts taking action together was able to suppress Schiller.

It was rather fortunate that their earlier ambush was successful. If Schiller hadn’t suffered some serious wounds back then, it would be difficult for the two to go up against Schiller.

The black yak and Yellow Ox wore ugly expressions. It seemed this Schiller was at least on the same level as the Elder Lion King!

Schiller might not have been wounded back then if the three masters of the Hollow Jade, Eight Visions and Roaming Jade temples weren’t the ones who hunted him. This man was really too powerful.

"The first move didn’t kill him. Now, thing’s don’t look too good," the black yak whispered. Now that the ambush failed and they were all tangled in a melee, it would be easy for Schiller to escape. That would lead to a future calamity.


A devastating fate befell the forest. The whole area had been flattened in the wake of this battle between three great experts—their destructive powers were terrifying!

Chu Feng silently approached, his diamond chakram at the ready.

He was worried that the Phoenix King and the Tiger King wouldn’t be able to capture Schiller even while working together.


Amidst the debris of the shattered mountain, Schiller was coughing up large amounts of blood. His expression was beyond ugly—he had suffered grave injuries from the ambush and was feeling rather weak.

He wanted to finish off the Manchurian Tiger quickly, but that shameless beast had clad himself in the treasured monastic robe and was unusually resilient.

"Schiller, you’re just targeting me personally! Its painful!" the Manchurian tiger cried as he fought.

Schiller’s expression was serious. He felt that this shameless tiger was intentionally taunting him. The aim was to make him attack continuously so that his wounds worsen.

"Siberian Tiger, I’ll take your head one day!" Schiller threatened with great loathing.


With that, he turned and fled decisively. He didn’t want to drag this on and exhaust his energy. It might even become dangerous for him.

Just as he was leaving, a vicious glint flashed through his eyes which were fixed upon Chu Feng. He hated this youth even more than he did the Manchurian Tiger.

"Die, you insects!" Schiller charged.

Seeing how things had developed, Chu Feng immediately raised his hand and threw out the diamond chakram.

Schiller’s pupils constricted. He had just witnessed the shattering of the silver lamp and was rather apprehensive of this seemingly tiny bracelet. He understood that it contained great power within and that he should avoid it at all costs.

He dodged immediately and flew hundreds of meters away, but soon realized that Chu Feng hadn't actually thrown the weapon—it was a feint!

"Schiller, where do you think you’re going!" The Manchurian Tiger came chasing after him. He was desperate to have Schiller killed. He wouldn’t be able to live in peace if the latter escaped.

Schiller was sure to hate him even more after today’s incident.

The Undead Phoenix had also caught up. Dark flames gushed out from her red lips and engulfed Schiller.

Schiller coldly snorted and made up his mind to kill Chu Feng. He evaded the onslaught of the two experts and continuously approached Chu Feng.

The next moment that he rushed in for the kill, Chu Feng’s hands shook. A brilliant show white bracelet shot out at the speed of sound.


Schiller evaded skilfully and revealed a cold smile. He charged in recklessly for he no longer had a reason to fear Chu Feng.

"Retreat, leave this area!" The Undead Phoenix interfered with Schiller’s path, buying some time for Chu Feng to escape.

The Manchurian tiger glanced at the bracelet which had disappeared over the horizon. He thought how good it would be if the weapon had hit its mark.

"Puny little insects, die!" He calmly swung his fists and smashed forth.


But soon, he was greatly startled. A brilliant silver light comparable to a flaming sun had shot out and crashed into him.

It flew at 50 times the speed of sound and was almost impossible to evade at such a close distance.

Schiller was wrecked with shock and fury. Hadn’t the diamond chakram already flown away? How did it appear again? He was beyond puzzled.

Back at Shuntian, Chu Feng had once discovered a living silver mine and a peculiar tree, the pollen of which had the ability to trigger evolution in metal. He had brought a piece back to the Hollow Jade Temple. A large portion had been given to research, while a small piece of it was made into a bracelet and rewarded to Chu Feng.

In truth, the design of the current diamond chakram was based on the previous snow-white bracelet and crafted by the refinement ancient tree at Kunlun.

It was also this very bracelet which Chu Feng had thrown out initially. Only now did the real diamond chakram make its appearance.

Schiller wanted to evade, but he wasn’t fast enough.


His right arm was struck and burst open—his whole arm had been torn asunder.

One had to admit that a being with six severed shackles was indeed terrifying. Even with such force, the severed limb was only torn off and didn’t turn into a bloody mist.

Schiller’s vision blurred as intense pain struck his body. He staggered back and almost fell head first onto the ground. One had to know that he had already been wounded quite severely.


The Undead Phoenix’s strike connected and Schiller was sent flying.


The Manchurian Tiger roared and strike out once more. The bloody Schiller was sent flying once again.
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