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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 224: The Peerless Diamond Chakram

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Chapter 224: The Peerless Diamond Chakram

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Yamen coldly laughed and looked on in disdain at the group before him. He had sealed their fates the moment he called Schiller over. He was feeling rather amused at how these people were clueless as to their imminent fate.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s diamond chakram was ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

The black yak was incredibly nervous. He was waiting for Schiller to approach and enter the ambush lain by the Manchurian Tiger and the Undead Phoenix. The first strike of the ambush would decide the flow of the ensuing battle.

Even Yellow Ox was unable to keep his calm. His small face was tense with anxiety. Their plan today involved a fair amount of risk, but it was worth the gamble. It would be even more dangerous if they waited for Schiller to completely recover from his wounds—by that time, he would be free to assassinate them at will.

In the distance, the Manchurian Tiger and the Phoenix King were lying in wait. They had long since sealed their aura and breathing, ready to charge out and deliver a fatal blow.

They knew Schiller was on his way. The slight fluctuation Schiller had carelessly emitted couldn’t hide from the two experts with six severed shackles.

Schiller’s incomparably cold gaze was focused on the distant mountain. Unless some peerless experts were guarding them in secret, it would be difficult for them to escape his grasp even if they had wings.

He was confident that not many people would be able to deter him at his level. The mutants of the lower realm were like frail scarecrows to him.

With a swoosh, he moved out in large strides. He glided along the forest’s edge and charged through as if the land was growing ever smaller in the face of his incredible speed. He was about to start a satisfying massacre!

Schiller was no longer his old amiable self as he was back at the Vatican. His smile, at the moment, was cold and cruel.

If anyone asked him who he hated the most, it would definitely have to be Chu Feng. The latter had blasted his medicinal garden apart and destroyed his Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine. He could still feel his heart bleeding to this very day.

If not for this incident, he would probably be the first ever expert with seven severed shackles.

Who, at that time, would be able to stand in his way? He would’ve taken one step ahead of the others and his every subsequent step would be unhindered. He would be able to look down on all the kings of this world and obtain the divine resources throughout the land.

As for the home of Myriad Gods, he was already so sure he had everything in his grasp. He was confident that he would be able to find his fortune there, but it turned out contrary to his expectations.

At this point, he had arrived on top of a small hill. He revealed himself and glanced down at Chu Feng and the two oxen.

"Those who destroyed my treasured medicine, don’t even think about living!" he cursed under his breath.

He then leapt up from the small hill and tore through the air. It was as if he was flying close to the forest’s edge and was just about to arrive at the target destination. He was about to kill his most hated enemy.

Yamen saw everything clearly since he was facing the direction from which Schiller was coming. He smiled brilliantly at Chu Feng and the rest, "Everyone, take care on the road."

He was extremely conceited. He was fully confident that these people wouldn’t dare target him with Schiller breathing down their necks. He anticipated that Chu Feng and the two oxen would fall into a state of panic and attempt to escape before succumbing to Schiller’s merciless onslaught.

But the unexpected happened at the next moment as things spun rapidly out of control.

While Schiller was flying atop the forest, a gargantuan tiger leapt up from below. His claws, bursting with an intense light brighter than the sun, crashed down upon Schiller’s back.

Those claws were as large as a small hill—the force behind it was staggering—the direct force of this blow violently shook the land.

At the same time, the Undead Phoenix had also crept up. She was enshrouded in jet black flames as she rose from the woods and tore through the sky in but a moment, releasing a powerful strike towards Schiller from a different angle.

In the distance, Yamen was puzzled at the sudden developments. Someone actually dared to attack the all-powerful Schiller?! One had to know that even with the silver lamp, he was quite apprehensive of Schiller.


Chu Feng immediately made his move. The ultimate results didn’t matter at this crucial moment—it was the right time to eliminate this Yamen. They couldn’t allow him to fully release the Flames of Ultimate Darkness; the consequences otherwise would be dire.

The white diamond chakram glowed with resplendent lights as it spun through the air at several times the speed of sound. The seen was overwhelming; it was like a comet shooting through the skies!

The weapon was extremely mysterious. It only weighed 64 kilograms originally but would grow to tens of thousands kilograms once injected with energy. It was a terrifying transformation.

As Chu Feng’s strength increased, so did the amount of energy he could inject. This increased the diamond chakram’s weight noticeably!

The diamond chakram broke the sound barrier and caused the air to explode. Like an exploding cloud of flames, it arrived carrying fatal destructive power.

Yamen was stunned. Everything was going according to plan just moments ago. He was secretly ridiculing the people before him, thinking they knew nothing of the fate that was soon to befall them.

He never expected the situation to change within seconds.

Despite all this, his reaction wasn’t slow. He raised the silver lamp in front of him and shot out a stream of black flames to protect himself and burn the assailants.

But it seemed his combat experience wasn’t nearly enough and he wasn’t well prepared beforehand. At this moment, he could only defend in haste.

The diamond chakram arrived in a flash; its speed had exceeded a person’s reaction time. It was emanating an aura of terror as it came hurtling towards his body.

"No!" Yamen cried out in alarm.

The black flames flickered momentarily before flowing towards his body to form a screen of light, shielding him from the incoming attack. Furthermore, the lamp itself moved to his front, dragging his hand along with it.

Yellow Ox’s worries had come true—the extraordinary weapon could shield its owner. The flames released brilliant light which spread out to encompass the whole area in front of Yamen.

It was an alarming sight; the black fire flickered as it took on an increasingly corporeal metallic glow akin to a shield.

Yellow Ox inwardly cursed. Things were certain to go south if the other party was able to survive this blow and given time to release the flames of ultimate darkness. Their chances of survival, at that point, would be quite troubling.


Contrary to expectations, a violent explosion took place as the diamond chakram came into contact with the metallic aegis, which was immediately penetrated.

It then crashed directly onto the silver lantern, releasing a blinding flash from their midst.

Black flames were still dancing on the silver lamp. Mysterious energy surged out in an attempt to immolate the diamond chakram, its temperature was terrifying.


But at that moment, a crisp sound was transmitted from the lamp, much like the sound of shattered porcelain. Cracks gradually filled its surface before the whole treasure fractured into four or five pieces.


Yamen cried out in misery. His hand grasping the silver lantern had turned into a bloody mist which evaporated almost immediately. Not even bones remained.

Yellow Ox was flabbergasted. That magical weapon was extremely powerful, but the diamond chakram had forcefully shattered it.

He felt he had underestimated the bright little bracelet. It was even more astonishing then he had expected.

In truth, Chu Feng had long since felt the diamond chakram's might increased as he poured greater amounts of energy into it. He knew it was much more powerful than in the past.


Droning sounds were being emitted from the diamond chakram. It had been temporarily halted by the impact against the lamp, and its speed had decreased a fair bit. But that wasn’t enough to stop the spinning chakram as it shot through and blew Yamen’s shoulder apart, causing the remaining arm to fall to the floor.

Yamen screamed in agony as he staggered back, his whole body drenched in blood. He was now sweating buckets and the unbearable pain almost made him faint.

"God’s messenger? What are you without that lamp?!" Chu Feng landed in front of him and gave him a hard kick.

With a thump, the kick landed on Yamen’s lower jaw and immediately sent him flying.

The black yak rushed over and swung down with his violet long sword. In one annihilative stroke, he cut off the messenger's two lower limbs. The latter had now completely lost his combat abilities.

This was actually being quite merciful. They still wanted to keep him alive for questioning. His head would otherwise be like a splattered watermelon by now.

Chu Feng flew out immediately to search for his diamond chakram. He found it very soon using his spiritual energy and with a swoosh, it was back in his hands.

Yamen’s face was deathly pale as he lay barely conscious on the ground. He was full of indignation. He was previously mocking them, thinking they were pitiful bugs that were about to die, but now it was him who had been defeated by their counterattack.
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