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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 223: Prophecy of God

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Chapter 223: Prophecy of God

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Chu Feng immediately contacted Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng, and the rest, telling them to keep quiet about the Phoenix King’s arrival.

Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng were moving at a slower pace and hadn’t arrived at Mount Longhu. Without the Undead Phoenix around, they were feeling much more at ease as they chatted and laughed.

They were all surprised after receiving such an instruction and quickly made plans to pretend as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Let’s hope the Manchurian Tiger arrives sooner. It’ll be perfect if we can ambush Schiller at this point!" Chu Feng mused.

The black yak called the Siberian Tiger once again and urged him to hurry. He wanted nothing more than to have him arrive immediately. They needed him to finish off Schiller quickly.

"I’m very close now, wait for me! Let’s take Mount Longhu together and ascend to become sages together."

The Manchurian Tiger shouted through the communicator; he was looking forward to this quite a bit. Now that he had completely thrown his lot in with the Eastern Camp, calling the Kunlun demons brother and getting acquainted with experts like the Elder Ape and the Golden Roc, his days were quite comfortable.

Chu Feng and the two oxen were making plans. When the time arrived, they would have to land a swift and decisive blow on both fronts. Schiller must not be allowed to live or else he might prove a threat one day.

"The lamp in Yamen’s hands is really frightening. I fear it’ll cause trouble at the critical moment. Shall we join hands with the Undead Phoenix and kill him first?" Yellow Ox suggested.

He knew much about these ‘Magical Weapons’. That silver lamp contained the flames of ultimate darkness. If this extraordinary fire was utilized to its full potential, it could possibly cause the whole mountain to erupt into a sea of magma.

"I’m also hoping to kill him as soon as possible!" The black yak revealed a cruel glint in his eyes.

Chu Feng frowned. "If we kill him earlier, it’ll most likely scare Schiller away. He’ll notice things are amiss once he contacts Yamen. Once he escapes, it’ll be hard to say when he’ll strike at us from the shadows."

They decided that it was crucial to observe Yamen’s behavior—the subtle changes therein may be indicative of Schiller’s imminent arrival—that would be their cue to make their move on this God’s messenger.

The Undead Phoenix approached. Clad in a black skirt and over 175 centimeters in height, she was truly outstanding. She was surrounded by glowing flames which contrasted with her frosty gaze; a gaze which hinted that she couldn’t wait to kill Schiller.

She met up with Chu Feng’s party, and after agreeing with their plans, she proceeded to hide herself.

All of them moved out after the discussion, paying close attention to Yamen and familiarizing themselves with the local terrain. A great battle was soon to occur.

Chu Feng stepped onto the cliffs and tread across the vines like a bird king with open wings. He would, at times, fly hundreds of meters through the sky in a single leap.

The main peak of Mount Longhu was glowing with a light golden brilliance. The divinity was terrifying—no one, up until now, had ever succeeded in ascending to its peak. Chu Feng naturally wouldn’t risk going up there at the moment and only walked around its vicinities to observe.

"Old Black, I’m 40 kilometers out and about to arrive soon." The Manchurian Tiger was indeed traveling at full speed.

"Brother Tiger, hide yourself and don’t let anyone discover your presence. We’re catching a big fish after a while!" the black yak warned.

"What kind of business are we talking about?" the Manchurian Tiger asked.

"We’re preparing to ambush a fast sheep and rob him of his breathing technique. It’s definitely worth making a move," Yellow Ox explained. He had to twist the words around so that the Manchurian Tiger wouldn’t get cold feet and run away.

This Manchurian Tiger had no integrity at all and everyone knew it. They needed to trick him here first.

The Manchurian Tiger was quite excited after hearing this. His tiger eyes went wide and whispered, "Ambushing fat sheep is my hobby. This is something I’m most proficient in. Just wait for me to arrive before springing the trap!"

He excitedly told the party to wait for him.

Yellow Ox was extremely calm. "Don’t worry. We definitely won’t leave you out on such a rare occasion. Good brothers should support each other for better or for worse. We naturally wouldn’t forget you when there are riches to be acquired—let’s make our move when you arrive."

"Little Ox, you’re so kind!" The Manchurian Tiger was in high spirits. He felt his blood about ot boil—he had long since wanted a breathing technique for himself. With such a valuable treasure, he would be able to raise his strength to a whole new level.

The long distance posed no difficulty for the Manchurian Tiger. He stooped down and took on his true form before rushing over, leaping from one peak to the next.

At this time, Chu Feng and the others had already committed the geographical features of Mount Longhu to heart.

"Little Yellow, Old Black who is that we’re ambushing?" The Manchurian Tiger had just arrived.

He approached them with passion burning in his large eyes. He couldn’t wait to obtain a breathing technique.

Chu Feng glanced at this cowardly tiger with litlte to no moral integrity. Will he be able to summon that courage for this fight or will he run away in fright as usual? This was a serious problem.

"Little Chu, why are you looking at me like that?" The Manchurian Tiger looked back at Chu Feng.

"Tiger King, I’m afraid you’ll be scared out of your wits and disappear without a trace. So I’m admiring your presence while I can," Chu Feng replied with a laugh.

"What’re you implying?!" The Manchurian Tiger’s hair stood on end. How could someone say such a thing to an expert with six severed shackles?

"We’re waiting to ambush Schiller in a while." Yellow Ox’s little face was the picture of calmness as he told him directly.

"Ah?!" The Manchurian Tiger’s previous imposing manner deflated in an instant. His eyes were drifting erratically.

Yellow Ox looked at him and calmly spoke, "You’ve already joined the Kunlun Camp, but you’re just one critical battle away from being one of its core members—this is your opportunity."

The Manchurian Tiger was furious. "Little Yellow, you tricked me!"

Chu Feng chimed in, "Tiger King, you have to know that Schiller hates you and me the most. I flattened his Vatican City while you stabbed him in the back at the critical moment. I’d bet anything he hates you more than he does me. If we don’t get rid of him today, you’ll die in his hands sooner or later."

The black yak honestly spoke, "Brother Tiger, if you run away like last time, our brothers at Kunlun will despise you and possibly denounce you."

Yellow Ox added, "At that time, I bet everyone will call you the running tiger. You’ll be famous throughout the East and West."

"Damn you!" The Manchurian Tiger glared at him. He felt he had made a grave mistake in coming this time. They were driving him into a corner and forcing him to do something beyond his abilities." [1]

He realized that if he did run away this time, his name would truly be spat upon by the masses. There would no longer be any faction willing to accept him.

"I’ve been tricked! Dammit!" The Manchurian Tiger ground his teeth in indignation. He was no longer in high spirits but rather a murderous light shone through his eyes as if he was ready to silence all witnesses.

He was also puzzled as to how they planned to ambush Schiller with just the three of them—it was an almost impossible feat—Schiller possessed indomitable might.

The Undead Phoenix appeared at this time. She was surrounded by raging flames as she stared at the Tiger King. "Little kitty, how little courage you possess! You may leave now. I can deal with Schiller myself."

The Manchurian Tiger was absolutely shocked. How was the Undead Phoenix alive?!

He was furious. He was, after all, a king among hundreds of beasts. His blood began to boil in anger. "Do you really think I’m a cat?! This daddy has decided to kill Schiller today!"

Finally, they concluded that they needed to work together to ambush Schiller.

The Manchurian Tiger and Undead Phoenix vanished from sight, lying in wait for Schiller to appear!

At this time, Chu Feng and Yellow Ox hurried to rejoin the entourage and monitor Yamen. The moment he tried to leave or use his communicator would be the moment of Schiller’s arrival.

Yamen, in this scholarly and refined state, was still in the company of Lin Naoi, Lu Shiyun, and the White Tiger at that time.

After seeing Chu Feng’s party catch up to them, the corners of his mouth rose slightly to reveal a mocking smile. He stood in place and allowed the incoming party to approach.

"Brother Chu, I feel it’s better that you keep a distance like before. The scenery here is indeed unparalleled, but none of them can be yours," Yamen said calmly.

He glanced at Lin Naoi momentarily while he was speaking, then swept his gaze towards Chu Feng. He was speaking as if it was the most logical thing in the world as if he was being considerate of the other parties.

"You pretentious wolf!" The black yak could no longer endure the bastard’s hypocrisy and wanted to deliver a kick to the head.

Yamen wasn’t angered at all. "Ox King, I’m quite disappointed in you. With your character, I fear you’ll be hard-pressed to live very long. I can vaguely sense God’s Prophecy at times, and I think I see you losing your life in the near future."

He was laughing inwardly because Schiller was about to arrive. When he does, these people will surely die a gruesome death. Yamen wouldn't even need to exert any effort unless some unexpected event occurred, in which case he would step in and stab them in the back.

"Eh, you can really communicate with god? Perhaps you can also see your own fate relative to mine?" Chu Feng prodded cautiously.

Yamen only looked at him and shook his head. "Brother Chu, I can also vaguely see your tragic fate. Sigh, you’re quite extraordinary to reach the king level at such a tender age, unfortunately, your ending is quite miserable."

Chu Feng laughed. "Is this a prophecy?"

Yamen proudly replied, "This is god’s prophecy. You don’t seem to understand that, as a messenger of god, I’m able to receive his divine enlightenment. I have a feeling that your life trajectory is growing dimmer by the minute. This is a precursor of diminishing life… I truly wish you the best."

In the distance, Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng, and the other few people were stunned as they looked at each other, but they refrained from commenting.

Yamen looked at them and said, "The lot of you can follow me. The future road I offer is even and full of light!"

They had long since understood the situation from Chu Feng and although they were cursing inwardly, they weren’t in a hurry to express it.

"Do you see your own fate in this so-called prophecy of yours?" Chu Feng flatly asked.

"Splendorous and brilliant. I’m destined to achieve divinity in the end." Yamen proudly explained—he had completely shed all pretenses at this moment. His silver hair was dancing in the wind and emanating radiant splendor as he looked towards the surrounding lands. "Mount Longhu will soon become a divine land and it is here that our sect is destined to expand and rise."

After saying these words, his communicator began to vibrate. He didn’t take the call and instead replied with text. He advised Schiller not to hesitate; it was time to strike!

Schiller had already arrived about five kilometers out.

At the same moment, Chu Feng felt his heart throbbing. His overly keen divine instincts allowed him to feel the arrival of a critical juncture.

Yamen took a few steps back and acted as if he was full of sympathy. "Brother Chu, please do your best—you really should’ve believed in fate."

"What do you mean?" Xiong Kun asked.

Yamen looked at him with undisguised scorn. It was time for him to watch the show; the so-called Demon King Chu and the two oxen were about to die very soon.

He knew very well that Schiller had a blood feud with them. The moment he made his move, there would be no survivors.

Yamen stood on top of a rock, maintaining a superior attitude. "Tragic scenes are playing out across this mortal world. The prophecy demands that some petty characters be eliminated, but these potential victims are pitifully unaware of their imminent fate. How lamentable!"


[1] The idiom used here literally translates to "ducks being driven onto the perch".
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