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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 222: God's Messenger

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Chapter 222: God's Messenger

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He skillfully landed with transcendent grace, his otherworldly temperament setting him apart from the crowd. A warm and amiable smile was drawn across his face as he looked towards Lin Naoi.

His long silver hair was flowing like silk and glistening with a silver halo. His fair countenance was accentuated by his jade blue eyes and prominent nasal bridge. He was a man of near perfect features.

He was every bit a western man and a very handsome one at that.


It really was Yamen, that messenger of God.

Chu Feng, Yellow Ox, and the black yak all recognized this person. They had met him in the misty valley on their way back from the Western Punitive Expedition.

Lin Naoi calmly ignored him.

"Brother Chu, we meet again." Yamen was smiling as he turned around towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was rather displeased after seeing this person. This was not the first time they met—he knew that underneath the latter’s amiable personality was a conceited and hypocritical personality.

But Chu Feng duly nodded and returned the greeting.

"The Ox King’s aura has grown even more impressive during the long period since our last meeting." Yamen faced turned towards the two oxen and waved his hand attentively in greeting.

The black yak just ignored him; he hated Yamen’s hypocritical character. When they first met this seemingly elegant man, they weren't immediately aware of the deep arrogance and disdain within his eyes.

Despite the group’s minimal reaction, Yamen was still just as cordial. He walked over to Lin Naoi and began to talk about his experiences back at Jiang Ning, thanking her for the hospitality he received from Deity Biomedicals.

Lin Naoi was unperturbed. She was neither as direct as the black yak nor as elaborate as Chu Feng, only returning some formal words in reply.

The White Tiger was thoroughly puzzled. He didn’t recognize Yamen, but seeing the divine splendor almost spilling out from his body, it was obvious that he was no ordinary person.

But it could be said that his observation abilities weren’t half bad. He quickly noticed from the two oxens’ reactions that this princely man was not at all what he seemed.

Yamen maintained his calm demeanor and nodded towards White Tiger and Lu Shiyun with a bright smile.

Chu Feng stepped forth and put himself between Yamen and Lin Naoi—he knew she has tagged along on this excursion just to avoid this man.

"Brother Yamen, let’s chat for a while." Chu Feng broke the siege on Lin Naoi and relieved her of this smiling hypocrite.

He was felt increasingly certain of this man’s insincerity from his behavior.

A glint of appreciation and warmth flashed across Lin Naoi’s eyes but was withdrawn just as swiftly. She originally wanted to deal with this herself without troubling Chu Feng because she felt this man was not simple at all. It was highly possible that he had a being of great power supporting him.

"Very well, Brother Chu. We’ve not met for quite some time and I’ve been hoping to chat with you." Yamen smiled candidly and walked over in large strides.

Yellow Ox frowned. The man still had the silver lamp on him, within which were the dancing black flames that made Yellow Ox feel rather apprehensive.

This was a terrifying weapon. It was also the reason behind Yamen’s confidence as he walked throughout the East lands. He believed himself invincible with its protection.

Although Chu Feng hated him so, he didn’t want to fall out with him just yet. He thus proceeded to converse in a peaceful manner, asking Yamen about his progress in the East.

"Not bad at all. The eastern kings were mostly reasonable and decided to forgive Schiller out of respect for our god," Yamen replied.

"Eh? Which expert would that be?" Chu Feng didn’t believe it. Contrary to his appearance, this man was far from being upright.

"Which bastard dares forgive Schiller? That’s simply inviting the wrath of the masses!" The black yak, who was first glaring at Yamen, suddenly started laughing, "I bet you’re just making things up." He was never one for niceties.

"The Ox King sure is tyrannical. Your language is simply too boorish," Yamen replied in a calm manner. Divine light flashed across his eyes but was never fully revealed.

"Aren’t we here to take a look at Mount Longhu? Are we still going?" Lu Shiyun mentioned.

Lin Naoi walked towards her and they soon left to tour Mount Longhu’s vicinity. Seeing how things had turned out, White Tiger left to follow the departing group.

"Heh, heh…" Yamen laughed out loud and glanced sideways at Chu Feng and the two oxen, unwilling to converse any further. His eyes were full of confidence and spirit as he left to follow the ladies.

"I hate this damn messenger of god. He’s acting like some bigshot when in truth he’s just the lapdog of a certain genius from the outer region. Calling himself god’s messenger, what a joke!" The black yak grumbled.

He was, of course, speaking telepathically. The area of effect was limited to the three of them.

The black yak revealed a violent expression. "Can we do him in?!"

He was certainly not the only one with the same thought. Chu Feng was also thinking it was better to kill this person sooner rather than later.

This Yamen was petitioning on behalf of Schiller and was obviously an enemy.

Yellow Ox sighed. He analyzed the situation, "He’s not that easy to deal with. The silver lamp he wields is not just any ordinary weapon. Once unleashed, the fire of ultimate darkness from within will cover the skies with its black flames. Even an expert with six severed shackles might be burned to death. We’ll have to face dire consequences if we can’t finish him off with a single strike of Chu Feng’s diamond chakram. A weapon at this level can also protect the owner from harm. It’ll be difficult to kill the man unless we shatter the lamp completely."

If Chu Feng wanted to make a move, he would need to shatter the lamp quickly before the flames pour out into a raging destructive inferno.

The black yak’s eyes started to burn after hearing these words. If only he could obtain this overpowered silver lamp for himself, it would add a wonderful weapon to his arsenal.

Yaman stopped after a few steps and waited for the trio to approach. He was smiling indifferently; the radiance from before had all but disappeared.

He needn’t pretend any longer now that Lin Naoi and party had gone far ahead.

He knew these three harbored no friendship towards him since the day they first met. They also lacked reverence towards him and his god.

Yamen’s demeanor was fold. He believed himself to be a messenger of god and walked throughout the East in confidence. It humiliated him that a mere Demon King Chu and two oxen dared treat him with such disrespect.

In truth, he wanted to utilize the silver lamp and slaughter these three people. But for some reason, he felt threatened by them and never dared to make this move.

"Eh, why aren’t you smiling anymore? Where did that bright and bubbly personality go? Why are you staring at us like that?" The black yak questioned.

"I was waiting for the three of you for a chat," Yamn replied slowly. He had withdrawn his amiable personality for there was no longer a need for that.

"What do you want to talk about? About Mount Longhu? Or about the Oracle?" Chu Feng replied boldly.

"Our god has long since reserved Mount Longhu. You lot shouldn’t carry on with your wishful thinking. No one can climb to its summit… as for you lot… ha!" Yamen laughed disdainfully.

Now, the black yak really wanted to give him a taste of the hoof. He felt more and more disgusted with this prick who thought so little of them.

Yamen then turned to Chu Feng, "I heard you and Lin Naoi attended the same university and that you two were once in a relationship."

"Now you’re stalking people?" Chu Feng glared at him with a cold gaze.

Yamen lightly replied, "You’re not worthy of such effort. I was only paying attention to Miss Lin’s past."

He had completely given up disguising his arrogance.

Yaman proudly spoke, "I’m warning you to stay away from Lin Naoi. You don’t even have the qualifications to walk together with her. You’ll end up badly otherwise."

Even Yellow Ox was inclined to skin this man at the moment. This man was being so arrogant just because he has some backing and a superior weapon to rely on.

The black yak was already ready to make a move on this hypocrite who had finally revealed his true nature.

"You’re warning me?" Chu Feng blocked the black yak and looked towards Yamen. "What right do you have? You think you’re so high and mighty just because you’re running miscellaneous errands for some god?"

His voice wasn’t loud at all, but it reverberated in Yamen’s ears. The words stung badly as the flames of rage surged in his chest. He was greatly upset at being called god’s slave.

A stately divine messenger was being looked down in this manner. His eyes turned frosty as he grabbed the silver lamp, which produced a layer of black light around his body.

Chu Feng taunted the other party because he wanted to make his move.

The time was just right. He felt the Undead Phoenix King had already arrived in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, Yamen suddenly fell back a good distance. He had apparently changed his mind about attacking.

The man was truly cautious. He failed to see through Chu Feng and the two oxen all along. He felt a vague sense of mortal danger from them.

That was his advantage. His divine instincts were supremely sharp.

"Let me give you one final warning. Don’t even think about disturbing Lin Naoi’s peaceful life. She’s destined to be with our god and not someone the likes of you can hope for," said Yamen.

He then proceeded to laugh cheerfully as before. "A confrontation is not necessary since we’re not enemies. We might even be working together in the future."

He turned around and left at this point. He pulled out his communicator at an isolated spot. "Senior, come to Mount Longhu in due haste. Chu Feng is here without any other peerless experts. We can kill him with relative ease!"

"What god’s messenger?! He’s just a lapdog. How dare he act so arrogantly? I really want to kill him right now." The black yak was fuming from his nostrils.

"Don’t rush, the Undead Phoenix has already arrived. We only need to wait for the Siberian Tiger to arrive before we make a move and kill him, retrieving the lamp in the process."

"This man seems to have a grudge against us. He was already planning to attack just now, but he fell back in the end," Yellow Ox recalled.

"Don’t tell me he’s planning to… Schiller!!!" Chu Feng was startled.

This god’s messenger came to the East in order to speak for Schiller, who was also a servant of the same god. By this time, Schiller’s wounds should be more or less healed.

Chu Feng transmitted his voice towards the distant area, "Phoenix King, don’t show yourself. Lie in ambush to kill Schiller!"

"I hope the Manchurian Tiger comes sooner. Then we can kill Schiller together!" The black yak raised his fists in the air.

Even Schiller would feel pressured if two warriors with six severed shackles were to attack at the same time.
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