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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 219: The Great Womanizer

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Chapter 219: The Great Womanizer

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Lu Shiyun was full of liveliness and had a sweet smile on her face, but after hearing those words, her face suddenly became frozen.

This black yak was still commenting, "Sister-in-law, you’re such a charming lady, even more so than those young demonesses. My brother sure is lucky."

What words were those? How could he compare a young and beautiful lady to a demoness? This was rather inappropriate.

Lu Shiyun’s appearance was sweet and charming. Even while pouting with her cheeks puffed up and her large eyes fixed in a threatening glare, her anger didn’t feel threatening at all.

The handsome White Tiger was standing to one side. As an elder brother, his face turned dark after hearing those words. He glared at the giant of a man with sunglasses and swept back hair.

The black yak was somewhat astonished after casting a glance at White Tiger. "Who are you? Stop clinging to my sister-in-law. I know just from a glance that you’re not a good person!"

Who didn’t look like a good person? Even the people from the Hollow Jade Temple were speechless, to speak nothing of the White Tiger siblings. No matter how one looks, it was the black yak who was like a thug and yet he still has the nerve to speak such words.

Fury burnt in White Tiger’s eyes. He was so angry that he wanted to beat the bastard into a pulp!

He had never met the great black yak in human form, so he didn’t know who this lunkhead was.

Chu Feng hurriedly moved in between them and effectively separated the two, lest they start a fight.

"Black Boss, don’t make such irresponsible remarks!" Chu Feng proceeded to introduce the two of them to each other.

"Oh, so you two are siblings! But why are you standing right beside your sister? Isn’t that place for my brother here? You’re not a siscon are you?" [1]

The black yak was abreast of modern development and popular culture after using the communicator on a daily basis. He was naturally familiar with terms like sister complex.

White Tiger had a sudden urge to beat the black yak but knew that he couldn’t beat the latter.

At this time, Lu Shiyun’s large and charming eyes had almost started to crackle with electric sparks.

However, she calmed herself in the end and began to smile sweetly instead. "So you’re brother ox. I’ve long since heard of your great name. I have so many sisters who like you."

The black yak felt greatly comforted after hearing those words, and he even started laughing. "They had great eyesight. This king is truly gratified. Tell me, what do they say about me?"

White Tiger speechlessly turned his head away.

Lu Shiyun looked pure and fresh in her white dress, and a kind of refined beauty permeated her whole being. Her long silky hair fell down to her snow-white neck. She smiled resplendently and replied, "They said it must’ve been quite difficult for an old ox to fall in love with the young and beautiful Immortal White Snake. They hope your love can successfully cross the bitter racial barriers and be able to live happily ever after as a family."

The black yak glared in fury. How was he old? He was on the prime of his life—on the contrary, it was the White Snake who possessed thousands of years of cultivation.

Furthermore, when was he ever infatuated with love? He felt like going crazy whenever this was brought up.

"Brother Ox, you’re fuming from your nose!" Lu Shiyun reminded with a giggle.

The black yak couldn’t help becoming enraged as he was reminded of Zhou Yitian. It was that bastard who framed him and made him into the star of an iconic bitter love story.

"Sister-in-law, if you didn’t mention this, I would almost forgotten it. Thank you! I have to go and find that bastard Zhou Yitian and settle some old scores. It's an absolute shame that my illustrious reputation had been tarnished by him!"

The black yak loudly roared and ran out almost immediately after that. He was on his way to find that lousy director.

Bad luck was about to befall Zhou Yitian. The black yak was sure to take it out on him.

"Don’t act recklessly!" Chu Feng shouted and chased after the black yak. He was afraid that the latter would cripple Zhou Yitian amidst the explosive rage that had pent up for so long.

"Don’t worry, I won’t endanger his life." With a swoosh, not so much as a shadow remained of the black yak.

As Chu Feng returned, he happened to witness Lu Shiyun in the process of teasing Yellow Ox who was in the form of a beautiful boy. She pinched his little face, saying, "Call me big sister."

Yellow Ox glared at Lu Shiyun with big watery eyes. Although he was not very old, his temper was by no means immature. He found himself in a difficult position, now that he was being teased.

"Don’t think I don’t know who you are. You were the one who smacked me from the back at Taihang Mountain, right?" Lu Shiyun ground her teeth and refused to release the hand pinching Yellow Ox’s small face.

Back then, Yellow Ox had ambushed her from behind and knocked her out cold with a single strike of his hoof. This led to the disastrous aftermath. Even now, she was suffering from fear of skewers.

Lu Shiyun was all smiles as she stared at Yellow Ox and said, "You’re actually a little girl, right? It’d be a pity if such a beauty belonged to a boy."

Yellow Ox had a vague urge to hammer her. He extended his little arms to remove her fine and delicate hands. While glaring at her, he sternly warned, "That incident with Chu Feng on his bed…"

"What?!" White Tiger was now worried. He wasn’t aware of this incident since the beginning and had never heard his sister mention anything about it. Just what kind of frightening story had taken place back then?

As an elder brother, he greatly treasured his sister and was always afraid she would get hurt. He suddenly broke into a frown and the flames of fury began to burn in his eyes as he lunged towards Chu Feng.

"Demon King Chu, what did you do to my sister?!"

"I did nothing." Chu Feng felt truly wronged. Although that day, he had been lying comfortably on top of the soft little white tiger, it was completely unintentional.

"Brother!" Lu Shiyun called out.

She had previously drove away an angry black yak, then proceeded to tease the Yellow Ox with a brilliant smile on her face. But now, she had almost lost her composure to humiliation and anger. She felt nothing could’ve been more disastrous than the incident back at the Taihang Mountain.

"You’re still trying to deny it? I’m not gonna just let this go, I tell you!" White Tiger had gone mad with anger. He grabbed onto Chu Feng’s shoulders and planned to duke it out with him. He had forgotten to consider the latter’s king level entity—the incredibly strong will to protect his sister had won over rationality.

"The solution to this problem is quite easy. You just have to become his brother-in-law," said Yellow Ox calmly while hugging his shoulders.


Lu Shiyun had smacked him.

"Ah, what’s the matter?" Old man Lu Tong had just arrived and was looking left and right, somewhat puzzled.

"Brother, stop messing around!" Lu Shiyun ran over in a hurry. She was feeling highly embarrassed.

At this moment, Wang Jing had also appeared and was wearing an odd expression. She had come to send her son off because she heard Chu Feng was about to leave. Coincidentally, she witnessed the whole incident and heard just about everything.

"Child, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you. I guarantee he’ll take responsibility or else I’ll break his leg and kick him out of the house!"

Wang Jing had arrived at the critical juncture and announced her verdict in a tyrannical air. She then proceeded to hold Lu Shiyun’s hand and size her up before voicing her complete approval.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, just wanted to turn around and leave. He already had his back to them. What a huge headache it turned out to be—his mom had actually arrived at such a time and heard almost everything—things were turning out to be disastrous.

"Aunty, you’ve misunderstood. There was no such case…" Lu Shiyun’s beautiful countenance was flushed red with embarrassment from all the mess these people had caused. Despite her normal liveliness, she was feeling totally helpless and awkward at the moment. She had never experienced such a situation.

"What a good child." Wang Jing sighed. She felt this lass was being too kind; she wasn’t willing to cause trouble for them even after suffering a disadvantage. She was even being considerate and speaking up for Chu Feng.

Chu Zhiyuan had also arrived at that moment and was looking on from the sidelines. Although he didn’t say anything, he was also feeling quite satisfied after observing Lu Shiyun.

Wang Jing liked the girl more and more. Not only was she a perfect beauty, but she also possessed a kind nature. Lu Shiyun was simply the perfect daughter-in-law for her.

She immediately removed the dragon horn bracelet from her hand and fastened it onto Lu Shiyun’s wrist, saying, "Child, keep this item safe. It’ll keep you beautiful and nourish your complexion.

"Eh?" She soon noticed the other sparkling and translucent dragon horn bracelet on Lu Shiyun’s hand. It looked extremely familiar. Wasn’t this one of the bracelets that Chu Feng had brought back recently?

Wang Jing suddenly broke into a smile and turned to Chu Feng. "So you do have some conscience after all. Don’t dare betray this fair maiden!"

Chu Feng was unable to retort at all during the whole process. He could only stand there wide-eyed and wonder how to untangle this deep misunderstanding.

As for White Tiger, he kept on glaring at Chu Feng with flaming eyes. But after seeing the two bracelets on his sister’s hand, he lost the strength to be angry.

Last time, he had seen that brat chatting suspiciously with his sister and even gifted her a string of dragon horn beads. After his supposed discovery of this "secret love", he looked towards the sky and sighed.


"What are you sighing for?! This is a happy occasion!" Lu Tong smacked him in the face.

"Aunty, you’ve all misunderstood." Lu Shiyun tried her best to explain.

But Wang Jing was incomparably passionate. "Don’t worry child, don’t try to say anymore. Aunty understands everything. From now on, you’re my own daughter—if that little brat dares to bully you, just tell me!"

Lu Shiyun was at wit’s end. She massaged her temples and wondered what to do. Finally, she began to smile and replied, "Aunty, since you insist, can you punish him for me right now?" She turned her gaze towards Chu Feng.

Wang Jing didn’t say another word before walking towards Chu Feng and began to lecture him. She was really poised to put him in his place.

She said in a whisper, "What are you going to do about that black dressed lady from the recent blind date. That one’s also quite elegant. How do you plan to clean up this mess?"

Chu Feng felt completely wronged but there was no immediate way to clear up the misunderstanding.

Wang Jing pinched Chu Feng in order to help Lu Shiyun vent her anger. "You little brat. Why can’t you be like me and your dad? When did you become such a womanizer? If I’d known sooner, I wouldn’t force you to go to that blind date party. I’m warning you, don’t hurt any one of these nice ladies. You have to find a perfect ending for all parties!"

Lu Tong had also come over and started to lecture Chu Feng. He stated that although youthful activities are all good and natural, he shouldn’t hurt other people in the process.

Yellow Ox was delightfully looking on from the side. He was finding everything very interesting.

White Tiger was grinding his teeth as if he was unreconciled. In his view, although there was little fault to be found in Chu Feng in all aspects, he was a womanizer. He had personally seen this chap join the blind date party and leave with the black dressed queen in the end.

"Mom, please rest assured! Brother-in-law, stop grinding your teeth. I admit to everything!" Finally, Chu Feng spoke out loud.

Because he saw Lu Shiyun giggling in the distance as if she was not a part of all this. She was obviously waiting for Chu Feng to stand out and explain the state of affairs to her brother, but before that, she had still pushed Chu Feng into troubled waters. And so Chu Feng decided to vocally confirm everyone’s suspicion.

"That’s great!" Lu Tong slapped his legs and laughed out loud. He was prepared to arrange a banquet not just to send Chu Feng off to the south but also to celebrate this joyous occasion.

In the end, the giddy little white tiger just got up and ran away.

Chu Feng voluntarily received the lecture that came afterwards, feeling somewhat guilty inside.

This went on until the black yak returned. Only then was the siege broken and Chu Feng found refuge from the suffering.

Zhou Yitian had also come. His nose and face were swollen—god knows how many rounds of beaten he had suffered. Despite all that, he was still just as evil, walking with his arm around the black yak’s shoulder. They were chatting and laughing along the way as if they were the best of friends.

The whole group was stunned!

"Little Zhou has agreed to produce another movie just for us. It’ll be about an earth-shattering battle. The movie will be called ‘the peerless and unrivaled demon ox king!’" The black yak laughed loudly.

This thick-skinned yak had not only battered Zhou Yitian, but also forced him to produce a big film named after him. There really was no other person like him.

"Let’s move!"

Finally, they set off on their journey.

The White Tiger siblings still joined them in the end. Others like Ye Qingrou, Clairvoyant and party along with Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng had also tagged along.

They arrived at Jiang Ning the following night.


[1] Siscon: A person with an unusually strong and probably sexual attachment to their sister. One of the numerous Japanese "complex" portmanteaus that indicate real-life creeps and fictional doujinshi protagonists.
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