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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 216: Ancient Tome of Legends

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Chapter 216: Ancient Tome of Legends

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A legendary ancient tome? This surprised Chu Feng. He was rather interested, but he was able to maintain his composure. There were no waves of excitement in his voice as he informed the other party that he was busy and that they should meet at noon the following day.

Qi Honglin furrowed his brows. His keen senses told him that this powerful youth was not to be trifled with.

He had imagined the other party would be overjoyed at the mention of an ancient tome and actively seek to meet him. That would be the perfect opportunity to resolve this incident.

However, Chu Feng’s calmness was quite problematic.

Qi Honglin felt that this Demon King Chu was intentionally giving him the cold shoulder in order to pressure him into increasing his "sincerity".

"It’s unfortunate that he’s not my grandson." He sighed lightly.

But then he shook his head and laughed out loud. That person was a living ancestor, he didn’t possess the qualifications to have such a grandson.

Off to the side, Qi Sheng’s expression was rather ugly but he didn’t dare to complain. This calamity was his doing; he had single-handedly dragged the Pre-Qin Research Institute into this.

It was also after experiencing this ordeal that he started looking forward to reaching the king level. A single person with enough power to threaten a whole corporation!

This was especially true of this Demon King Chu. He was notorious for… eating everyone that crosses him! His violence and ferocity had the whole Pre-Qin Research Institute in a state of panic.

White Dragon and Xia Lan were both honored guests from the Marine Race, but even these experts were knocked down by his demonic fists and quickly became takeout food for a later feast.

The Marine Race would surely come to demand an explanation, but Demon King Chu had already decided that the Pre-Qin Research Institute would have to shoulder this burden!

Qi Honglin was feeling greatly troubled at this moment. He looked at this grandson hidden within plaster casts and fixed with metallic supports; he felt the urge to slap him to death.

"You think you’re so smart! You think it’s easy to scheme against a king level entity? Didn’t you ever stop to think of your own identity? Even as a whole corporation, we have to think twice before fighting it out with him, not to mention you alone!"

Qi Honglin waved his sleeves in anger, his face ashen. He walked out in large strides and didn’t want to see this grandson for the time being.

At this time, Chu Feng was eating and drinking together with a group of familiar people. The clairvoyant, the clairaudient, Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan were among them.

The clairvoyant Du Huaijin was absolutely stunned when he saw the king level lobster meat.

"Such a large lobster. It must’ve gained spirituality for hundreds of years at least. It's as if you captured the fabled 'shrimp soldiers and crab generals'. I’ve never seen such food my entire life, what fragrant lobster meat!"

"Our chief is so powerful. We were quite depressed when you went missing last year. Back then, sister Qingrou couldn’t stop crying. We even made a cenotaph in your name and burnt paper offerings." The clairaudient Ouyang Qing recalled.

"Who was it that cried?!" Ye Qingrou rolled her large eyes, her long beautiful hair forming several curly waves.

They were all feeling downcast at that time when they heard news of Chu Feng’s fate in the West. Ye Qingrou did indeed sob in secret because she thought Chu Feng had really died at the Vatican.

Later on, they received news that Chu Feng was still alive and kicking. They were incomparably excited when they saw him slay a dragon at the base of Mount Kunlun and continue on the Western Punitive Expedition.

"You group of cheeky bastards! What are you doing to such precious king level meat?! Why haven’t you sent it to the research lab?!" Lu Tong had just arrived amidst several complaints and was stomping his feet.

"Don’t worry, I’ve left half a dragon for you. You can take it for research," Chu Feng replied.

The white electric eel was tens of meters long. They certainly couldn’t finish it all by themselves. Although the eel was much more powerful, it didn’t taste as good as the lobster.

Lu Tong was first to criticize them, but he wasn’t one to hold back when it came to the actual food—he ate just as much as the rest of the youngsters before burping in satisfaction—after a touch of alcohol, he was singing continuous praises of the exquisite taste.

That night, Chu Feng was playing with the string of broken pearls which he had just obtained. Over 20 of them had been directly blown apart while the remainder were also cracked badly.

He contacted Yellow Ox and consulted him about this peculiar weapon.

Yellow Ox told him that it was possibly a "magical weapon". These rare instruments had gone beyond the level of cold weapon and were capable of releasing mysterious energy.

Yellow Ox warned Chu Feng to be wary of any foe wielding such a destructive weapon.

The messenger of God that they met in the misty valley on their way back from the West was also wielding such a weapon. The powerful silver lamp was able to harness the flames of ultimate darkness.

At noon the following day, Chu Feng promptly arrived at the appointed location.

This time, he was invited into the 'imperial court' room, which was vast and intricately decorated. There were even flowing springs and an arched stone bridge.

Qi Honglin was an elder with a flushed face and jet black hair who didn’t look old at all. He was well maintained like a man in his prime which probably had something to do with his cultivation as a king level expert.

As soon as they came face to face, Qi Honglin began to apologize profusely. He sighed with indignation and complained about his grandson's arrogance before promising to punish the latter severely for the problems he’d caused.

"If I wasn’t strong enough, I would have died in the hands of the marine race," Chu Feng complained.

Qi Honglin naturally realized that a simple apology wasn’t going to help much. This was the great Demon King Chu that his grandson had aggravated—what a disaster!

"Our Pre-Qin Research Institute favors the study of history, excavating historical remains and researching the truth behind myths and legends. Throughout the years, we’ve accumulated some rare ancient items that we’d like little brother Chu to evaluate."

Although they were bleeding themselves dry to offer Chu Feng a gift, he wasn’t that direct with the spoken words.

Qi Honglin retrieved a small, unadorned box, which he opened to reveal a couple of wooden bamboo slips. They showed signs of decay and were riddled with the mark of vicissitudes.

Such an item would immediately disintegrate once unearthed if appropriate measures were not taken.

Chu Feng was astounded. Were these the legendary ancient tomes they were talking about?

He received the items and examined them in detail. The ancient texts described certain legendary characters and vaguely introduced how these people were able to respire the mists and control their breathing patterns.

But this information was useless to him!

"Although I’m quite interested in historical facts and ancient legends, it's not to the point where I feel they’re more important than my life," Chu Feng replied.

"Little friend, don’t rush. The bamboo slip mentions a certain hidden treasure so powerful that it can cut down god level entities."

Qi Honglin patiently explained the contents of the bamboo slips.

Normal people were not familiar with some of the ancient texts within.

The records mentioned a certain item capable of beheading demons, subduing monsters, and even cutting down divine bodies. Such an item of astonishing power was hidden somewhere in this world.

Chu Feng realized this must be a mighty type of weapon. This weapon seemed to have been held in high esteem since ancient times and possessed unfathomable power.

"Where is it?" Chu Feng inquired.

He knew the other party didn’t dare to trick him with mere records about this treasure; they most likely knew where exactly this treasure was.

But he also understood that the location must be full of danger. Otherwise, why would they volunteer this information? They would have taken it themselves long ago if they could.

"Buried deep within a valley of great spirit and elegance," Qi Honglin explained.

"Since you’re unable to retrieve it, I’m inclined to believe it’s an incomparably dangerous location," Chu Feng replied.

This put Qi Honglin in an awkward position because that was indeed the case. Furthermore, the presence of that treasure was only speculation and had never been proved. Why else would they just give away the location?

Actually, the upper echelons of the institute had discussed this matter before. They considered it likely that someone else had already taken the treasure. The legendary weapon might no longer be in that valley.

"What are your speculations?" Chu Feng asked.

"Where the spirit of the dragon hangs thick in the air and the tiger’s malice gather. Only one location remains guarded by the tiger and the dragon." Qi Honglin sighed.

"Mount Longhu?" Chu Feng frowned.

"Correct. That is where the ancestral court of Taoism lies and only such a place can hide such a mysterious and ancient object!" Qi Honglin spoke in high spirits.

But the bamboo slips were too badly damaged and large chunks of text were missing. The only legible information described the existence of a certain legendary item with no other detailed description.

Chu Feng revealed a curious expression. If such a weapon was kept within the ancestral court of Taoism, it must be a terrifying weapon. It truly made one’s imagination run wild.

But very soon, he reverted to his stern expression. "Everyone knows how dangerous this Mount Longhu is. Countless beast kings have died there in the recent period. What’s your meaning in telling me this?"

Chu Feng’s countenance was frosty. He knew the Pre-Qin Research Institute, Bodhi Biogenetics, Deity Biomedicals and the Extraterrestrial Civilizations Research Institute had all attempted an assault on Mount Longhu and failed miserably.

God knows how many kings have perished there. Rumor has it that an unbeatable anomaly resides at the summit.

"Were you hoping to entice me to charge in and succumb to the perils of Mount Longhu?!" Chu Feng raised his voice.

"Little Brother Chu, please don’t misunderstand. I’m just giving you the whereabouts of a secret treasure without any ill will." Qi Honglin vigorously shook his head and admitted in the end that he was hoping to cooperate with Chu Feng.

Chu Feng coldly laughed. "You lot sure know how to plan!"

"Little brother Chu, I’m not joking. We really hope to cooperate with you because this is a place of great significance. There’s been news of the Marine Race having their sights set on this location.

Qi Honglin informed him that the ancestral court of Taoism, Mount Kunlun, the Buddhist Ancestral Grounds, and the Pilgrimage Grounds are some of the most pivotal locations which even the Marine Race are jealous of. It’s said that some of their experts are on their way to vie for them.

He added that a huge battle is imminent because these locations all contain great secrets and that they must be conquered as soon as possible.

Chu Feng had long since set his sights on Mount Longhu. He felt doubtful after hearing these things—was the Marine Race really going to assault Mount Longhu?

"In order to express our sincerity, I’ve come to inform little brother Chu about a critical matter. Another ‘upheaval’ is coming soon and it’ll be in your best interests to conquer a famed mountain in advance. The Taoist Ancestral Court is, without doubt, the best choice for one with sufficient strength."

"I know the world is about to change again," Chu Feng spoke calmly as he looked toward Qi Honglin, "is this bamboo slip all there is to your ‘sincerity‘? Is this the so-called ancient tome?"

This wasn’t enough sincerity by Chu Feng’s standards.

"I’ve prepared a big present for little brother!" Qi Honglin helplessly produced a small box. It was barely one foot in length and contained a small chopstick-sized silver spear within.

It was glittering with silvery light and appeared extremely sharp.

Chu Feng was moved. He probed the small silver spear with his spiritual energy and it flew out with a swoosh. The spear circled around the room at high speed before piercing clean through the iron wall.

"Not so bad." Chu Feng nodded. He was inwardly delighted because the silver spear was no weaker than his own scarlet flying dagger. The quality appeared even slightly higher.

Qi Honglin’s heart was dripping with blood. This weapon was excavated from an ancient ruin and he knew it was an extraordinary divine weapon.

But none of them were able to use it because they were not proficient in the Imperial Sword Technique.

He brought this item along to bribe Chu Feng only because he felt too pressured.

"The Pre-Qin Research Institute sure lives up to its name. You lot indeed have some rare antiques but what of that ‘legendary ancient tome’ you were talking about?" Chu Feng commented.

"Does the silver spear not satisfy Little Brother Chu?"

"That bamboo slip obviously isn't the legendary tome you contacted me about. I’m sure you have other things that you’re hiding." Chu Feng pressed on.

"I certainly do have a very rare and curious item. Very well then, we’ll add this item as a gift to little brother Chu." Qi Honglin brought out a small piece of jade. It lacked the normal luster of jade and was apparently an antique.

Qi Honglin informed Chu Feng that this was a mythological jade tome and within it are possible records of ancient techniques. But unfortunately, they weren’t able to find any words within it, only the image of a single flood dragon.

"This item is truly extraordinary. We found it at the bottom of the ocean several years ago and realized that it was an item of immense value but our research revealed nothing of note. Today, we’ll gift it to Little Brother Chu to sow good karma between us. We hope that, with this, we’ll be able to turn hostility into friendship," Qi Honglin explained.

Chu Feng took the item and observed it in detail. Within it was the silhouette of a flood dragon with no other significant features.

He probed it for a while and found no response whatsoever.

Chu Feng photographed the jade stone and sent it to Yellow Ox, explaining the situation to him and asking him to evaluate the nature and worth of this item.

Yellow Ox immediately replied with great urgency, telling him to hold onto that item without fail.

Chu Feng put away the jade stone without any fluctuation in expression and proceeded to ask Yellow Ox what this thing was.
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