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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 214: Slaying a Sea Dragon

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Chapter 214: Slaying a Sea Dragon

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White Dragon advanced step by step and closed in on Chu Feng. Trees and plants burst apart around him, and the imitation mountain in the courtyard had all but shattered. The other decorative rocks were also thrown into the air.

A powerful energy fluctuation emanated from the White Dragon and shook the ancient establishment.

The people in the distance who were previously drinking merrily had all turned silent. They felt an inexplicable terror which caused their hearts to race.

For them, it felt as if a colossal beast was coming into being in this generation as the frightening aura suffused the whole area.

White Dragon stared deeply at Jiang Luoshen with an ashen expression. He then turned back to focus on Chu Feng!

He was clad in white robes and his long hair was dancing in the air as his furious gaze fixated on Chu Feng. "How do you want to die?"

A flash of lightning burst out of his eyes and crackled through the air. His whole body was mysteriously glowing with resplendent lights.

"Pack the remaining lobster meat and leave," Chu Feng ordered Xiong Kun and party. There was no way they would be able to finish such a large portion of lobster.

It was his intention to have people like Hu Sheng and Lu Qing retreat from the immediate area. The farther they go the better because a king level battle was imminent.

Mu Tian disappeared in a flash. He retreated far away after picking up Qi Sheng and the others.

Jiang Luoshen also fell back swiftly. Her beautiful face was full of indignation and embarrassment. She had just experienced something so… suffice to say she hadn’t expected Chu Feng to be so frivolous.


The White Dragon’s eyes were frosty as brilliant divine lights burst out from his body.

Chu Feng gazed calmly at this person. This was no small matter—the marine race expert’s energy fluctuations were extremely powerful. He was a supreme king level entity!

It was undeniable that the White Dragon had few opponents beneath the realm of six severed shackles, a truly powerful and terrifying expert.

"A mere human dares to challenge my dignity and eat my follower. It’ll hardly suffice to alleviate my fury even if I flay you alive!" White Dragon roared, expressing his resentment.

There was also another reason behind his dislike for Chu Feng and that was the latter’s close relationship with Jiang Luoshen. The fires of jealousy gnawed at this powerful and tyrannical marine race expert.

"A mere sea creature dares act arrogantly before me?" Chu Feng spoke coldly.

At his current level, he had no need to fear anyone below six severed shackles. He was confident that he would be able to sweep through his enemies like a paragon.

"You have no idea what kind of existence you’re up against. I would’ve killed you long ago if I wasn’t interested in your breathing technique!" White Dragon snarled.

He was burning with inexhaustible rage at this point. He had always been confident in his peerless strength, but now this Chu Feng was looking down on him.

He believed himself capable of looking down on the mainland "prey" and that no one, apart from those with six severed shackles, could stop him.

He had made his move in the blink of an eye and closed the distance with a single step. His smile was cruel, frosty, and full of arrogance. His fist glowed like a small sun as it smashed towards Chu Feng’s face.

This kind of tyrannical attack was indeed rare, going for the opponents face right off the bat. He wasn’t even taking it seriously as if he was the most supreme, wanting to finish off the enemy in a single blow.

Chu Feng was relatively calm and didn’t get worked up over his opponent’s attitude. Light flooded out from his eyes as he met the incoming fist with his own.


A bright explosion took place in mid-air as if two suns had collided. Waves of energy surged out from their midst, producing a scene that was incomparably frightening.

The palace was blown apart within the brightly colored maelstrom of lights and had completely disappeared. Not even the neighboring courtyards and halls were spared; the imitation mountains were churned into fine powder by the majestic force.

Even the small lake and waterfall were immediately evaporated!

This single exchange was absolutely shocking!

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression—this White Dragon was indeed very powerful—he was able to block Chu Feng’s violent blow.

In truth, the White Dragon was even more astonished. If it was any other lifeform with five severed shackles, he would’ve beaten them black and blue.

But this human with just four severed shackles was able to fight on par with him!

The White Dragon’s eyes began to burn brightly afterward. He had already suspected that this person possessed a powerful breathing technique.

There was no other way to achieve such a level of perfect evolution without the aid of a powerful breathing technique.

"You’re destined to be my slave!"

The White Dragon’s eyes burned with madness. His excitement was increasing, and so was his cold murderous intent. He had to suppress this opponent and obtain his breathing technique!"

The next moment, he charged like a bolt of lightning to exchange blows with Chu Feng. Blinding lights broke out from between the two of them, which illuminated the vast skies.

The distant scene was as if terrifying lightning was striking down from the nine heavens themselves.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Explosive flashes of light would burst forth each time the two warriors’ fists crashed into each other. The two were entangled in an intense melee like two demonic gods.


They soared into the air and hovered hundreds of meters above the ground where they continued their brilliant battle. Everyone present was stunned silly.

The fight was comparable to one between two gods!

Chu Feng’s expression was odd. He wasn’t expecting to meet such a powerful opponent.

The White Dragon’s heart was fluctuating wildly. He was a bona fide expert with five severed shackles, and was even working on his sixth at the moment. Naturally, he was extremely tyrannical.

But up to this point, he did not gain the upper hand at all and was still in a bitter struggle against Chu Feng.

"Time to end this!" White Dragon let out an earthshaking roar as he charged towards the skies, crossing several hundred meters in the blink of an eye.


He was enshrouded by the glow of lightning, like a thunder god descending from heaven.

In the distance, Mu Tian’s pupils constricted. He realized how horrifying this White Dragon was to be able to harness the power of lightning, the most troublesome sources of natural energy.

Controlling powers of lightning, he was poised to punish the sinners on behalf of the heavens!

This kind of method usually appeared in the legends.

Chu Feng was unafraid. He circulated his special breathing technique as his right hand burned with prismatic flames and his left crackled with electricity. His feet were also glowing as he activated his divine feet, raising his speed and power to the extremes. He had activated all the abilities he had in store.


Hundreds of meters in the air, the two experts crashed into each other amidst resplendent lights. They fought frantically, fell to the ground several times, only to fly back into battle again like bloodthirsty demons.

Flashes of lightning enveloped the two brawlers. The scene was truly alarming.

Mu Tian turned around and fled without loitering.

"Brother Mu!" Qi Sheng shouted after him.

Mu Tian, however, didn’t pay any attention to him and only gave him a cold glance. To be honest, Mu Tian had also been tricked by this Qi Sheng into meeting White Dragon. This made Chu Feng suspicious whether the three corporations were in on this together.

Although the Mu Family had a blood feud with Chu Feng, he couldn’t allow another person to take advantage of them in this manner.

Jiang Luoshen’s eyes were exuding a frosty air as she glared at the flaccid Qi Sheng. There was only anger in her heart because of all the injustice she had suffered today.

She was still thinking about what happened just now and felt greatly humiliated.

Mu Tian had left but Jiang Luoshen didn’t leave immediately. She stood at a safe distance to observe the battle.


Countless bolts of lightning tore through the air as the two madmen attempted to kill each other.

The two blurry images in the air intertwined with arcs of electricity, clashing with enough force to collapse a mountain. Their powers were shocking.

White Dragon was as angry as he was surprised at this point. After hundreds of exchanges, some blood had begun to flow out of his nostrils. It appeared he had been wounded by Chu Feng’s tyrannical fist, forcing him to stagger back in defeat.

This was a pure contest of destructive powers. The once majestic White Dragon was actually at a disadvantage. His opponent seemed to be able to control electricity and did not fear the power of lightning at all.

"Enough, time to send you on your way!"

The furious White Dragon felt greatly humiliated after being beaten into retreat by the terrifying silhouette of this young human, dripping blood from his nose and mouth.

With a droning sound, a string of jade green pearls emerged from his body, each of them as large as an infant's head. There were a total of 36 blindingly bright pearls.

Chu Feng’s heart began to race and felt a shiver run down his spine. He immediately fell back in retreat.

He had seen these pearls before. Xia Lan had used one of them during their previous battle.

Only a single pearl was used back then and was duly thwarted by Chu Feng, but now 36 had appeared at the same time, placing him in a terrifying situation.

"It's no use. Don’t even think about fleeing!" White Dragon smiled malevolently. This was his trump card—he was able to easily suppress anyone with these pearls in hand.

The next moment lightning surged wildly amidst terrifying rolls of thunder.

The string of beads flew out in pursuit of Chu Feng, carpet bombing everything below with lightning like a heavenly tribulation.

Jiang Luoshen looked on with wide eyes and was badly shaken.

Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng and the rest were all pale. They felt shocked looking at the all-encompassing lighting.

Chu Feng was also alarmed. His hair stood on end as he flew away at full speed. The energy fluctuations from the string of pearls were comparable to a strike from one of those peerless experts with six severed shackles.

"This is, in a sense, a well-made imitation of a mythological weapon. Do you think you can escape such a treasure? You’ll certainly die without a burial site!" White Dragon growled.


Chu Feng swiftly evaded as the field of lightning descended. A huge bottomless ravine was left behind where it struck.

This caused Chu Feng’s expression to change. These pearls were indeed overpowered. It certainly wouldn’t bode well if the attacks were to land—he would be gravely wounded even if he didn’t die on the spot.

"I’ve warned you before that I can kill you with the flip of a hand. You’re just tired of living if you think you can triumph against me!" White Dragon growled confidently as he flew through the skies.

The terrifying string of pearls was able to chase down their foes on their own as they continued to pour down increasing amounts of electrical energy.

Many people in the distance were sighing inwardly. There was really no way to defend against this fatal attack.

Jiang Luoshen’s emotions were complex. She felt shocked after seeing powers that could control the natural energy of the earth and sky.

"Immortal Chu!"

"Brother-in-law, hold on!"

Hu Sheng, Xiong Kun and the rest of the party were pale with worry. They couldn’t help but shout out to Chu Feng anxiously. These people were already tied to Chu Feng, and naturally, they didn’t want to die.

Chu Feng was extremely fast. He dodged left and right, changing directions every few seconds. However, the jade green pearls were already locked onto him and followed tight on his tail, raining lightning at every corner.

Chu Feng considered the situation once more and felt that there was no way to shake them off. He stopped hesitating and suddenly threw out the diamond chakram!

With his current strength, he was able to shoot the snow-white chakram with frightening force. The bracelet burst with blinding light as it tore through the air.


It shot through the lightning glow and crashed into the string of mysterious pearls. They burst into a rain of resplendent light particles as if a supernova had just taken place.


Finally, a crisp sound came through from amidst the blinding light as the shattered string of jade green pearls came into view, and soon the broken pieces began to fall.

"Ah?! No!!!" White Dragon roared so loudly as if his lungs and heart were about to be torn out. The string of pearls was his life—it was the reason he could rampage through the sea and no one could stop him.

But now, his greatest treasure had been shattered.

The diamond chakram also fell to the ground, but it was still clean, white and unharmed.

Chu Feng rushed in at that moment and attached it once more to his wrist.


He then leapt through the sky and began to circulate his breathing technique. His whole body was glowing brilliantly like a god of war!

He gathered all his energy into a fist strike which almost blotted out the skies.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Hundreds of tyrannical blows rained down upon White Dragon, who was forced into a bloody defensive. In the end, he could no longer hold on and was sent flying with blood spurting out of his mouth.


Chu Feng utilized his divine feet, closing the distance at four times the speed of sound before catching up to the White Dragon. His right first, like a shooting star, shot right through the latter.


The White Dragon screamed miserably as his body was penetrated, spurting fresh blood all over.

His bloodstained body soon cracked apart and burst open at the chest!

Dragon Slayer!

Chu Feng’s ferocious attack had slain a sea dragon!
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