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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 213: Madman Chu

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Chapter 213: Madman Chu

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"Ah…" The slender white dragon roared in fury. His dense silver hair dancing wildly behind him. Flashes of silver light shot out from his pupils like bolts of lightning.

What had he just witnessed? His follower, an expert with four severed shackles, had just become food on the table!

The giant lobster was enshrouded in scarlet mists and overflowing with divine radiance. Its white flesh was sparkling and succulent, and a dense and peculiar fragrance emanated from within.

The white dragon was infuriated; he flipped out completely. He roared loudly and pointed a trembling finger forward, "You, you’re courting death!"

It wasn’t only him. The other three people had also become dumbfounded. They could hardly believe the bizarre scene playing out before their eyes.

Who would’ve expected such a thing to happen?

King level ingredients were completely unlike normal food. A very special type of fragrance suffused the surrounding air, assaulting the nostrils with its enticing aroma, causing everyone to drool!

Chu Feng was slightly tipsy with a jade cup in his hand. He glanced sideways at the group of people and smiled amiably. Hidden under the subtle effects of the alcohol was a violent intent which looked down upon them.

He had even killed a true dragon during the Western Punitive Expedition. Did he have anything to fear from these petty tricksters?

Even though the marine race expert White Dragon had arrived in person, so what of it? He was still fearless.

"Chu Feng what’s the meaning of this?!" Qi Sheng screamed. His expression was extremely ugly at the moment. How would he explain things to the marine race now that such a troublesome incident had taken place under his jurisdiction?

Especially since the perpetrator was Chu Feng, whom he had disliked and was planning to scheme against. He never expected the other party to make the first move and stir up such a trouble.

If he couldn’t handle this correctly, his guest of honor might fall out with him.

Chu Feng completely ignored him. He put down the wine cup and proceeded to pick up a pair of chopsticks before placing a piece of misty lobster meat into his mouth.

He was completely ignoring those present and continued to eat and drink in a carefree manner.

The king level lobster dishes were sparkling brilliantly on the table. Some were steamed, some were sauteed, and the others were stewed into congee. There were even plates of lobster sashimi that he added on later.

Four different recipes to bring out the maximum flavor of the highest grade of ingredients.

Qi Sheng understood that things were turning bad and said, "Demon king Chu, don’t go too far. You’re too reckless! How dare you not put our Pre-Qin Research Institute in your eyes. Where do you think you are right now?!"

He took the initiative to rebuke harshly in order to prove his stance to the White Dragon. He had to let the White Dragon understand this incident was not related to him in any way.

"Who do you think you are? You dare come barking in front of me? Scram! Ask your grandpa to come meet me or I’ll trample the Pre-Qin Research Institute!" Chu Feng raised his head and replied calmly.

A wave of powerful suppression surged out from his body, causing the surrounding people to palpitate.

It was almost as if a sleeping dragon was waking up from his hibernation—the whole hall turned quiet.

The next moment, he withdrew his aura and his eyes shifted back to their hazy state as he resumed his drinking.

"A king level lobster is indeed wonderful. I’d rank it fifth in the Gourmet Rankings."

Still intoxicated, Chu Feng raised his chopsticks and began to pick up the other side dishes.

"Sauteing really brings out the overflowing spiritual essence. It’s filled with such an intense fragrance. What good quality food!"

Chu Feng rated the food one by one in a drunk manner.

"The king level sashimi is also top grade. It tastes fresh and sweet, almost melting as it enters the mouth and leaving a rich aftertaste!"


The enraged White Dragon had made his move. This drunkard actually dared to act so insolently before him.

One had to know that this so-called food was actually his follower and sworn brother. The scene playing out before him greatly angered him.


Chu Feng didn’t even rise from his seat, only his eyes turned cold and vicious. He simply raised his right hand after noticing the approaching palm strike and shot out a brilliant beam of divine light from his palm.

With a great boom, bright lights shot out from between the two experts and shook the whole palace.

Chu Feng’s control over energy was extremely precise. The power engulfed the whole palace, and yet the food and wine before him remained untouched. Moreover, he didn’t even get up from his seat!

"Hold on!" Qi Sheng shouted and strode forth.

He was first completely ignored by Chu Feng and then rebuked in front of many people. With an incomparably dark expression, he said, "I don’t think I’ve ever offended you. Why are you causing trouble here? Why did you kill my guest of honor? Demon king Chu, you’re going too far!"

"You shameless hypocrite! You were scheming against me from the dark, trying to incite the White Dragon to kill me. You think I don’t know? I do wonder if it's more suitable to call you sinister and vicious or to comment that you have no concept regarding the immensity of heaven and earth. You truly think you can scheme against me?! With just you?!"

Chu Feng stood up and gazed at the nearby Qi Sheng. His palm swung out swiftly and landed squarely on Qi Sheng’s face.

"Ah…" Qi Sheng screamed loudly. He had eaten countless mutant fruits, but he was still a quasi-king. There was no way for him to evade this slap.

The force behind that slap wasn’t something he could endure. His facial bones and lower jaw shattered while a mixture of blood and teeth flowed out.


He was flung out of the palace and crashed into one of the imitation mountains in the courtyard before landing on a patch of vines.

"Brother!" Qi Teng called out weakly. He could hardly make a sound at that moment after being tormented by Hu Sheng and Xiong Kun. His whole body was littered with wounds and he was almost dying.

Qi Sheng was seeing stars and his ears were ringing. His head hurt as if it was about to burst. He realized there was no way to salvage the situation after his scheme against Demon King Chu was compromised.

The White Dragon didn’t intervene during the whole process. He didn’t try to save Qi Sheng despite his intense hatred for Chu Feng.

He was no saint! His own sworn brother had died in Qi Sheng’s domain. There was no way for the latter to escape responsibility.

At the same time, he was also laughing inwardly at how Qi Sheng had wanted to use him as a killing tool, borrowing his strength to kill Chu Feng.

The White Dragon did want to hunt Chu Feng in order to research the secrets hidden on his body. He suspected Chu Feng possessed a kind of breathing technique that allowed him to raise his powers rapidly. Another reason was because he fancied Jiang Luoshen and wanted to get rid of this man who was rumored to have some hidden scandal with her.

"Chu Feng!" Qi Sheng struggled to get up. His face was ashen, and it appeared as if he had something to say.

"Shut up!" At that time, Chu Feng walked over and threw out another slap. Qi Sheng was once again sent flying into the distant wall.

"How dare you question me? What insolence!" Chu Feng stepped onto his chest as soon as he arrived and proceeded to gaze coldly at him from above. "You’re not qualified!"

Green veins crept through Qi Sheng’s grimacing face. His earlier refined manner had completely disappeared. He had never expected to be humiliated like this one day, being treated like so in front of Jiang Luoshen, Mu Tian, and White Dragon.

"You…" He wanted to curse.

"I’ve told you that you’re unworthy of speaking to me." Chu Feng stomped down at that moment, breaking all of Qi Sheng’s ribs and causing his chest to cave in.

Qi Sheng miserably cried out and had almost fainted from the pain. His forehead was dripping with sweat, and his countenance was deathly pale.

"A tiny mutant at the awakened realm dares to plot against me?! Insolence! Go find your grandpa and tell him to come meet me. I have to settle the score with him. If I don’t get a satisfactory answer from the Pre-Qin Research Institute, I really don’t mind killing you all."

Chu Feng’s calm words were spoken with a merciless expression. His foot began to glow as he shattered all the bones in Qi Sheng’s body. The latter now lay flaccid on the ground without even the strength to talk, terror written all over his face.

Only now did Qi Sheng discover the true meaning of terror. Demon king Chu was even more vicious and terrifying than the legends. He wanted to secretly scheme against the other party but was seen through. It was simply courting death.

Furthermore, he clearly realized that he had implicated the whole Pre-Qin Research Institute.

Many thoughts ran through Qi Sheng’s mind. Who was this Demon King Chu? He was someone who was able to point his blade at the Vatican and turn it into a wasteland. He naturally didn’t fear the Pre-Qin Research Institute!

Chu Feng turned around and stopped looking at him.

Qi Sheng felt extremely sullen. He was suffering intense pain throughout his flaccid body, and all of his bones and nerves had been severed. This was utterly humiliating.

He clearly felt Demon King Chu’s blatant disdain towards him. He was never an opponent in the latter’s eyes. In the end, he was being ignored again.

At this moment, the White Dragon was unusually quiet. He felt Chu Feng’s strength was far greater than the other kings with four severed shackles.

This was an exciting discovery for him, because he suspected that the other party possessed an extraordinary breathing technique which allowed him to evolve perfectly each time.

He had powerful trump cards and was not afraid of the enemy. On the contrary, he was feeling more and more excited at the thought of hunting such a worthy target!

Chu Feng was enveloped with the fragrance of wine as he kicked Xiong Kun and Hu Sheng awake. He was worried that they would be wounded once the impending battle began.

They had drunk too much. The wine stock had been completely emptied.

"Ah…" They cried out in alarm as they were flung to the side.

Afterwards, Chu Feng’s gaze swept across the people across from him and landed on Jiang Luoshen. His expression was frosty.

He wondered if Mu Tian and Jiang Luoshen had taken part in this scheme against him?

Mu Tian of Deity Biomedical had reason to hate him. He had killed the former’s little brother after all.

Jiang Luoshen represented Bodhi Biogenetics and yet she was in the company of the other two, including White Dragon. It was natural for Chu Feng to be suspicious.

Were major corporate powers meeting up with the marine race in order to get rid of him? Chu Feng’s eyes were glowing with murderous light.

"Miss Jiang, wasn’t this person bothering you before? The one who tarnished your reputation? I’ll kill him for you right now!" White Dragon declared to Jiang Luoshen with a smile before turning to look at Chu Feng with cold eyes.

Jiang Luoshen was already feeling greatly uncomfortable standing beside them. She shuddered at the White Dragon’s words. What did this dragon mean? Was he trying to woo her? Or were the words spoken intentionally to drive a wedge between Chu Feng and her?

Although there was truly nothing going on between Chu Feng and her, she felt rather uncomfortable being sabotaged in this way.

Chu Feng’s expression turned odd. What did the White Dragon mean by that? He shouted, "Luoshen, come to me!"

Jiang Luoshen was puzzled, but nonetheless, she walked over because she knew there was no enmity between Chu Feng and her. She believed he wouldn’t harm her.

But she had apparently underestimated Chu Feng’s current "dangerous state".

Chu Feng was already suspicious whether she was on the same side as Mu Tian and Qi Sheng.

Add to that the fact that Chu Feng was already rather tipsy from all the alcohol, he was now rather uninhibited and had no fear of consequences.

With a pop, he slapped Jiang Luoshen’s curvy buttocks in an unruly and licentious manner.

He was enveloped with the fragrance of wine and was in a half-drunk state as he "attacked", after which he glanced sideways at the White Dragon and then back at the woman before him.

Jiang Luoshen was shocked. She could hardly believe what had happened.

Her legs were long and slender, while her figure was impressively curvaceous—truly elegant and refined. She was frozen in place because she had never expected to be "attacked" in this manner.

At this moment, her snow-white skin had flushed red all the way up to her neck. Her pure and translucent countenance first revealed great astonishment, then embarrassment. She couldn’t believe what had just happened and was almost driven mad.

Chu Feng was half intoxicated like a madman. He was acting fearless and unrestrained as he felt the softness and elasticity transmitted from his hands before slapping on it once again.


"Ah…" Jiang Luoshen screamed in shock, feeling miserable and frightened. She soon regained her senses and her elegant body flew swiftly through the air to escape.

She stood in the distance and glared at Chu Feng in anger and embarrassment.

"Go home and take care of our baby!" Chu Feng waved his hand at her in a tyrannical and ostentatious manner. He then turned back to the White Dragon with a mad expression, "Come, I’ll kill you!"

At this moment, not only the White Dragon but also Mu Tian and the flaccid Qi Sheng felt something was indeed going on between Chu Feng and Jiang Luoshen.

The White Dragon was furious! His face turned ashen as he glanced at Jiang Luoshen and then turned back to Chu Feng in anger. "You’re courting death!"
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