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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 179: One Man Holds the Pass

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Chapter 179: One Man Holds the Pass

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"Merely with one severed shackle, he dares to strut around in the West. Their kind doesn't know what’s good for them—we should kill them as they appear," the Vulture King commented.

The Dhole King was also speaking disdainfully about Chu Feng, "He doesn’t amount to much; if we were to fight fairly, I should be more than enough to deal with the likes of him!"

Following that, he added with a smile, "It’s good that he died. Now, brother lion won’t need to sully his own status and dirty his hands."

Back then, it was because of the Dhole King’s incitement that the Golden Lion King confronted Chu Feng at the Sacred Medicinal Garden.

In the mountainous region, vegetation was fairly sparse, but they were all verdant and bold. Some pine trees grew vigorously, comparable to a young dragon stretching itself while the roots intertwined like snakes.

The Golden Lion King stood tall and straight. He stepped through the thick layer of pine needles with a solemn and calm expression. Lights flashed within his eyes, and his whole being was the very picture of exuberant spirit.

His body contained vast amounts of blood energy akin to the open seas, containing terrifying power which spilled outward and suppressed everyone in the vicinity.

This group of people could be considered a formidable power; three king level entities and seven quasi-kings were currently on their way to Mount Kunlun.


A millstone-sized rock blocking their path was kicked away by the Vulture King and disappeared into the mountainous woods.

These people were all in their human forms as they gazed at the distant misty area. They were not far from the mysterious valley.

"After we pass through this misty canyon, we will reach the Eastern Lands. From there, Mount Kunlun is not far. I’m looking forward to the day we conquer those deep mountains." The Dhole King laughed in a disturbing manner.

"East, here I come!" the Golden Lion King announced. He had been influenced by the Elder Lion King and was truly looking forward to the East with great enthusiasm. His eyes were fiery; he truly wanted to reach the front lines immediately.

The Dhole King praised him, saying, "Except from those apex experts with six severed shackles, who would be brother’s match? At that time, it will be as easy as pulling out dried weeds to obtain victory. After we win and gain a foothold at Mount Kunlun, we can set our sights on the other famed mountains!"

The Golden Lion King nodded, his eyes extremely cold. "The Home of Myriad Gods must be taken; anyone who stands in our way shall be killed. This place shall become the root of our future deification!"

Naturally, Mount Kunlun was regarded as an extraordinary place by them, to the point of believing that deification was possible.

"If possible, we can push further into the East and take down the Pilgrimage Grounds!" The Golden Lion Kin coldlyg smiled, his eyes flashing with golden light.

"After we conquer the Home of Myriad Gods, we shall attack the Pilgrimage Grounds!" Behind them, some quasi-kings loudly cheered, their excitement could not be hidden anymore. When that time comes, they would also be able to evolve along with the others.

With that, the group of people entered the mist towards the valley.

It was at this time that a shadow approached them from the distance, and they were now about a hundred meters apart.

"There’s someone!" The Golden Lion King possessed keen senses. Chu Feng did nothing to hide his presence as he, too, had detected a group approaching from the front.

"Could it be the beast kings on guard duty? Knowing that we are coming today, it’s possible that they have come out to greet us," the Dhole King commented.

He was not alarmed at all; with the Black Dragon and the Arctic King pressuring Mount Kunlun at the front, who would dare to charge this pass? Who would risk so much to come to the rear?

Furthermore, they were together with the Golden Lion King; there was nothing to worry about an encounter with other experts. Whoever dares to block the road shall die without a doubt.

"Right, I’ve come to greet you all." Chu Feng appeared, laughing, from afar. Exhibiting his Divine Feet, he walked unhurriedly, however, each step took him ten meters forward in a flash.

"Who is that?! How come the voice sounds so familiar?" The Dhole King was suspicious.

Before long, Chu Feng had already appeared before them. He did not use supersonic speeds but instead walked leisurely towards the incoming troops through the thick white mist.

"How come it’s you!?" the Dhole King cried out. That sudden moment, he felt all his hair stand on end and his scalp grow tense. What situation was this? How come a dead man had appeared before them?

"The heavens couldn’t accommodate me. Naturally, I had to remain in the world," Chu Feng calmly answered.

"The nuclear strikes against the Vatican couldn’t be your handiwork, could it?" the Dhole King cried. As a king, he had extremely keen senses and had immediately made the connection.

After further thought, he felt his blood run cold with fear and trepidation.

Not to mention him, even the Golden Lion King’s eyes rapidly constricted. Today, unexpectedly encountering Chu Feng again greatly surprised him.

"That’s right. The firecrackers at the Vatican were my doing, giving them a taste of their own medicine." Chu Feng brilliantly laughed as he "shared" with them his unconcealed joy.

The faces of all those present swiftly changed; this news was extremely terrifying.

They were all shaken—this earth-shattering incident was Chu Feng’s doing. If this piece of news spread out, it would certainly cause a huge ruckus.

The Dhole King, the Vulture King and the quasi-kings behind them were all stunned as fear welled up from within their soul.

Everyone firmly believed that he had died, yet not only did he return, but also silently caused such an incident.

The most frightening part was that the world was still unaware that it was all his doing.

Just what else was he planning? These people all became apprehensive—Demon King Chu still hiding in the dark means that he definitely had bigger plans. This caused everyone to be uneasy.

Within a few moments, the group started to connect the dots!

"Could it be that Ovidius and the White Bear had succumbed to you?!" the Vulture King asked.

"True!" Chu Feng admitted.

The whole group was sent into a daze. The person who had roasted the White Bear was actually him?! The so-called "expert of Jerusalem" was, in fact, Demon King Chu!

If this knowledge was spread out, it would cause an even bigger sensation. This was explosive news that would make the headlines in every country!


Spraying red mist, Chu Feng’s scarlet flying knife was like a flood dragon as it drew an arc through the air and destroyed the communicator of a quasi-king expert.

"Ah…" the victim screamed—he had wanted to reveal this astonishing news to the outside world.

The whole world was in discussions and heated debates about this case. Who would’ve thought that the culprit was a "dead" person?

"You are merely one person. Are you dreaming of killing us all?" The Dhole King’s eyes shone with cold flashes of light. He was deeply intimidated, but at the same time, he was also furious and hostile towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng laughed but did not say anything. This was his aim all along—to kill the reinforcements and shake the morale of the Eastern punitive army!

"What arrogance!" The Dhole King coldly laughed.

"You are welcome to step forth and try me!" Chu Feng strode towards them. At the Vatican, the Dhole King had targeted him time and again. With this reunion, there was nothing more to say before sending him on his way.

"With the Golden Lion King present, you are not allowed to be presumptuous!" The Dhole King was not confident about making a move. Even the White Bear had been roasted—he would not stand a chance if he went out for a direct confrontation.

"Weren’t you the one who had always wanted to kill me? Why are you backing off now?" Chu Feng pressured further.

The Dhole King’s expression changed as he retreated further.

Behind him, the quasi-kings all wore odd expressions. Just now, the Dhole King was telling everyone that Chu Feng didn’t amount to much and was not a match for him in a fair fight. But now, he was retreating even without a battle.

The initially calm Golden Lion King finally made his move. Walking forth, he was completely unafraid; on the contrary, he released his violent aura while his eyes burned with fury.

His body was emanating frightening fluctuations of energy!

"Very good. You haven’t died after all. This is the best gift heaven has given me so far; allow me to kill you personally!" the Golden Lion King roared. His blood energy surged towards the skies as his might enveloped the whole land.

However, Chu Feng was fearless as he replied, "Let me finish my business with the Dhole King first, then I’ll give you a turn!"


The next moment, he had taken action. He dashed towards the Dhole King, closing in for the kill.

"You.." The Dhole King was astonished. He did not dare to directly clash against Chu Feng and instead retreated rapidly. He had a feeling that he was absolutely not the latter’s match.

At the same time, the Golden Lion King made his move. With a roar that shook the heaven and earth, vast amounts of golden light surged out from him and came rushing towards Chu Feng in a seemingly fatal attack.


Chu Feng briefly turned towards him and delivered a palm strike but did not change his direction as he chased down the Dhole King.

"You dare!" The Golden Lion King’s eyes were cold. Daring to pass by him to kill his subordinate was something this king could not tolerate—this blatant arrogance!

"Why wouldn’t I?" Chu Feng kept up his pursuit; he broke through the sound barrier with a speed that exceeded the Dhole King’s by many times. Within the blink of an eye, he had caught up to the Dhole King within the woods.

The Dhole King felt his hair stand on end. He had not imagined that Chu Feng would be able to get past the Golden Lion King to arrive before him. This was tyranny at its extremes; his power was evidently much higher than before.

He roared and used all his strength to clash with Chu Feng in melee, wanting to drag on until the Golden Lion King arrived to kill the latter.

However, with a single exchange, the Dhole King’s expression rapidly changed. His face became deathly pale as one of his arms became lacerated and hemorrhaged before exploding into a bloody mist.


The Dhole King roared in extreme pain. He didn’t think he would receive such a major wound with a single exchange. Just how powerful was this Demon King Chu?

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chu Feng struck out explosively, determined to kill this Dhole King.

Within the blink of an eye, his fists surged with resplendent light, like the sun, lighting up the whole area.

The Dhole King miserably cried as he lost both his arms. He was coughing up large amounts of blood as his body flew out for a distance before smashing against the trees and rocks.

"You sure have guts!" The Golden Lion King was enraged as he charged towards Chu Feng in an attempt to block him.

At the back, the group of people was shaken. With just a few moves, the Dhole King was evidently unable to hold on; his arms had turned into bloody mist, his shoulders burst open and one leg was severed.

Just how powerful was this person? How shocking!

By the time the Golden Lion King arrived, it was already too late. Chu Feng’s powerful fists struck down successively!

The Dhole King had given up all hope. Previously, he had run at full speed, and when the assailant caught up, he thought if he defended with all his might, he could drag out until the Golden Lion King arrived. However, in the end, his savior did not make it in time.


Chu Feng’s penetrating fists arrived; the Dhole King was only able to let out a final mournful cry before he was blown into pieces mid-air.

The people at the back were all trembling!

In the presence of the Golden Lion King, Chu Feng had attacked and killed a king level entity. This caused the rest of the squad to feel greatly intimidated and felt shivers run down their backs.
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