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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 177: Defense

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Chapter 177: Defense

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Fine and lustrous drops of rain gently fell, moistening the earth and cleansing the jade-like leaves. The fragrance of the earth and the grass suffused the area around the path.

Chu Feng did not mind the gentle rain falling on his body as he walked alone along the rural path. At a glance, he seemed to be rhythmically walking with ease, however, every step took him over ten meters.

He was not exerting at all—this was his normal walking speed—the miraculousness of the Divine Feet! It was comparable to the legendary "one inch earth shrinking technique", almost divine.

Perhaps it was due to him severing two shackles consecutively that allowed him to distribute power to both his feet simultaneously and thus unlocking this ability. This development caused Chu Feng to feel rather fortunate.

Chu Feng was now making his way towards the mysterious valley passage. With such a wondrous ability, even if he encountered dangerous situations, he could calmly escape with nothing to fear.

Chu Feng believed that his speed was now equal to those experts with six severed shackles.

However, king level entities had the same weakness regarding fast movement and that was the inability to sustain it for long periods. If they could keep up that kind of movement all the time, how terrifying would that be?

Finally, Chu Feng arrived in the vicinity of his destination.

The rain had stopped, and the scorching sun had immediately jumped out, scattering the remnant clouds and showering the world with golden light.

"I think I’m the first to arrive," Chu Feng murmured. He was already in Greece, and to begin with, he had traveled here immediately upon hearing the news. It was only reasonable that he would arrive before the large group of people.

The weather rapidly changed; before long, the moisture from the earlier rain had all but vanished as the sun was brightly shone in the sky.

As Chu Feng approached his destination, he plucked a yellowish wild fruit from the roadside and ate it as he walked, the very picture of leisure.

No matter how clamorous the world had become, he was as stable as Mount Tai—he did not browse the internet or take part in the heated debates regarding the Holy See.


Chu Feng tossed the wild fruit aside as he stared into the misty area before him. There really were people guarding this place? He quietly sneaked over, concealing his presence.

Within the valley, there were deck chairs, wine, vodka, all kinds of food and two king-level entities having the time of their lives.

They were posted in a very comfortable place. They drank and ate all day, finding ways to pass the time. They even had cigars in their mouth; apparently, they had completely adapted to the human society, habits, and luxury.

"Earth Dragon, tell me who was the real culprit behind the Vatican incident? He’s absolutely fearless… and vicious, actually daring to decimate Schiller’s divine city. I heard the Black Dragon and the Arctic King were also furious—they had sworn to uncover this perpetrator and strangle him to death. They had placed their hopes on the sacred garden of the Vatican, but now their dreams had all been dashed. Now, they can only push forward and have nowhere to retreat. They have no choice but to conquer Mount Kunlun!" A grey-haired middle-aged man leaned back on his chair, sipping on red wine, seemingly lost in thought.

Not far from him was a black earth dragon, his whole body flowing with a dark luster. He had evolved from a lizard; his head grew dragon horns, but he had no wings.

He was just one step shy from evolving into a Western Dragon. Even so, his strength at present was sufficient—he was extremely powerful and had long since severed his third shackle.

The black dragon spoke, "The culprit must be someone out of his mind. This kind of person won't be able to hide for too long; he’ll appear sooner or later, and when he does, will he be able to withstand the fires of fury belonging to an expert with six severed shackles?"

The grey-haired man nodded and did not mention this case further since they had been discussing this matter for quite some time already.

He mentioned the Elder Lion King, the Vampire King, and the Guru Fanlin—with three powerful experts joining hands in the punitive expedition, Mount Kunlun would definitely fall.

At the same time, they were also complaining that guarding the back was extremely boring. When it was truly the time to split the spoils of war, they would probably not be able to get anything good.

"This won't do. When the three apex existences descend upon Mount Kunlun, we definitely have to take the chance to follow them and join the offensive."

He believed that with the Elder Lion, Fanlin and the Black Dragon making their move in unison, flattening Mount Kunlun would be like pulling out dried weeds. There certainly wouldn’t be much danger.

"That’s true. Standing guard at such a remote place is not fun at all. We should join the battle and claim a slice of the cake," the black earth dragon squinted his eyes as light flickered within them, "don’t you think this eastern punitive expedition is similar to a certain historic battle?"

"The eight-nation alliance invading the East before the post-civilization era?" the grey-haired man asked.

"Yes, there are certain similarities. However, the benefits of this invasion are much greater. If they were really victorious at Mount Kunlun, the experts like the Black Dragon will rise to the apex, and as for us, we will also become powerhouses only second to them." The earth dragon felt his spirits rise as light shone in his excited eyes.

Following that, the two really started to contact people. They expressed their intense desire to join the front lines and requested to be relieved of their post.

"Hey, I’ve already obtained approval. After two days, the Golden Lion King and the vampire troops will arrive; we can go along with them to join the front lines!" the grey-haired man said.

Chu Feng walked out with a solemn expression. The two of them were too insolent—comparing the current battle to the eight-nation alliance’s historic eastern expedition, treating it as a great fortune.

He silently passed through the mist and appeared right before the two of them.

Plop! Clang! Dang!

The grey-haired man and the black earth dragon were extremely shocked; they knocked over the chairs and tables in fright.

How could a dead man appear alive before them?

That day, they had chased him down along with Ovidius, the White Bear and Qiao Na. They chased him into a corner where there was no path to the heavens and no door to hell. Finally, he was forced to jump into the sea.

Finally, they saw, with their own eyes, Chu Feng being swallowed by the Whale King. They had firmly believed him to be dead, but now he had appeared right before their eyes!

"Brat, you sure are lucky!" the grey-haired man commented after recomposing himself. He smiled revealing his white teeth, giving off a feeling of malevolence.

Actually, he was quite apprehensive at heart. A dead man had actually reappeared—he associated a lot of things in his mind and felt extremely uneasy. However, he could not let that show on the surface.

"How the hell did you survive?!" the black earth dragon roared from over ten meters away; he had been genuinely shocked just now.

"I don’t want to talk too much with dead people!" Chu Feng’s murderous intent spread out as he took large strides towards the two king-level entities. These two were sure to die and there was no need for further words with them.


A scarlet light flew out, dispersing the mist and shining upon the valley. Chu Feng’s flying knife slashed out and, with two thumps, destroyed their communicators.

The two men were very cautious and had wanted to transmit this news to their superiors!


The earth dragon edged backwards as the black scales on his body opened up and glistened with dark light. He felt that things were bad; the Chu Feng at present was much much stronger than when he had chased him into the sea.

"Earth Dragon, we should work together to kill him. He’s merely a human who was once chased around by us like a stray dog!" the grey-haired man exclaimed.

"Very well, let’s kill him!" the earth dragon roared.

However, their subsequent actions were completely opposite of what they were saying. The grey-haired man sudden transformed into a grey falcon and shot into the sky, planning to fly away while Chu Feng fought the earth dragon.

After the earth dragon roared "kill", he also turned and fled. His large body leapt far away, landing with a boom and shaking the land. However, it had to be said that he was, indeed, very fast.

They were all fleeing for their lives; each of them wanted to use the other to stall for time. Being king level entities, they had keen senses and were able to tell that the situation was perilous.

Furthermore, since this human brat dared to come alone, he naturally had aces up his sleeve.

"Weren’t the two of you praising the eight-nation alliance’s invasion? How come you don’t even amount to this?" Chu Feng sarcastically shouted.

At the same time, the red blade rushed out, blending into the mist midway before bursting out with resplendent scarlet light like a divine rainbow, extremely magnificent.


Bloody light sprayed out in all directions; the grey falcon had only severed two shackles and was evidently not a match for Chu Feng. He was simply cut down from the skies, his body split into two.

"Ah…" the grey falcon miserably cried as he rolled on the ground.


The scarlet flying knife descended once more and cut off his head, effectively ending this bird king’s life.

"It was so convenient that I forgot to leave you alive to use as a mount. Chu Feng was slightly regretful; if he had a bird king, it would be even faster and more convenient than taking a plane.

In front of him, the black earth dragon was frightened out of his wits. A single sword strike had killed a king with two severed shackles?! This was too terrifying!

The earth dragon was stronger than the grey falcon, but not many times over. He had only severed one additional shackle.

He frantically fled for life—being a direct descendant of the Black Dragon, he would also rise in power if the Black Dragon became the master of Mount Kunlun. He could not afford to die here.

However, the next moment, a shadow flitted past and a person blocked his path forward. A scarlet blade glowing with red light was hovering in the air, aimed at him.

He was terrified; his assailant’s speed was ridiculous. It was even faster than Chilin who had severed four shackles, despite being unable to fly.

He knew he was done for!


The earth dragon loudly roared, spewing out black flames which, with a loud boom, engulfed the whole area. This was his most powerful move—even beast kings would be turned to ashes if caught in it.

However, it was completely useless against Chu Feng!

Before him, the young man did not move at all. His whole body shone with the brilliance of the mysterious energy, completely repelling the black flames.

Additionally, the scarlet flying knife came slashing down with a terrifying beam of light.

The dragon used his sharp claws to block the incoming blade, hoping to deflect it. However, he was, unfortunately, unable to contend with it; with a pff, a large dragon claw fell to the earth.

"Ah…" he cried miserably and roared, "the Black Dragon will not let you go. If I die, you won’t live either!"

He did not beg for mercy, knowing that Chu Feng would never let him go.

The scarlet flying knife came slashing down once more, and this time, the dragon had no time to defend. Blood splashed forth in all directions as his claws, tail, and limbs were all cut down.

Finally, the scarlet flying knife rotated upon itself and, with a pff, shot through the Earth Dragon’s neck, decapitating it and extinguishing all signs of life.

Chu Feng calmly took the place of the Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon as he waited for the incoming party. He would kill them one by one as they arrived—a massacre was imminent!

They wanted to be relieved of this defensive post? Just as well, all vampires and Golden Lions can forget about leaving once they enter.
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