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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 175: Playing it Big

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Chapter 175: Playing it Big

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It was as if a huge earthquake had shaken the East.

The incident caused a great commotion.

Even the punitive army was no different. Some of the participating king level entities were starting to have misgivings. Just who could it have been? Even such powerful warriors as the White Bear had been roasted into a glistening golden color!

At this critical juncture, the Black Dragon came forth and pacified his troops.

"No need to fear! With this push, it is over for Mount Kunlun! We have great martial power, and very soon, our allies will all arrive and join the battle. It is time for the Home of Myriad Gods to change owners!"

His confident proclamation calmed down the great army.

This was not a good sign for the East—after word of this spread, all the observing powers were astonished—they still had more troops coming?

"It has been confirmed that the White Bear and Ovidius had encountered misfortune outside of Jerusalem!"

This piece of news astonished everyone.

Some people thoroughly analyzed the photos and their backgrounds, and had long since speculated that it could be Jerusalem.

Those within the punitive army, however, was not very concerned. Since the attack did not take place at their home base, it could be considered not so bad.

Many people in the East were reminded of the Holy City; there must have been a top-level expert holding the ground there.

Ovidius and the White Bear must have gone over there and offended the expert, meeting their ends whereupon.

It appeared that even people like Schiller and the Arctic King would not dare to pursue this matter. Who would dare to easily provoke the Holy Land of three religions?

"I just know it. This kind of tyrannical and valiant style must be the work of the presiding expert of the Holy City. They don’t put the Holy See in their eyes at all—killing or eating as they will."

The people of the East were in heated discussion, feeling that the Holy City was rather mysterious.

A normal power would not dare to do a thing such as killing and eating Vatican experts just because of some offense. This was simply too ferocious.

At the Vatican, Schiller was frowning. This was truly not good news—he had originally wanted to cooperate with Jerusalem. Who would’ve thought they would kill his envoys?"

The bright sun hung high in the blue skies.

Chu Feng took in the warm sunlight as he traveled along the mountainous forests. He had temporarily buried the beast skin bag at a hidden place and was feeling rather relaxed.

"I’m back!"

Chu Feng arrived in Greece. There, he did not make his move immediately but instead entered a clean and tidy city to lay low for a short period while he familiarized himself with the recent developments.

Athens, the capital of Greece—praised as the cradle of Western culture. Written records of this city had existed for thousands of years.

After running for his life for many days in succession and walking on the edge of life and death, Chu Feng was finally able to exhale a breath of relief. However, he also knew that he could not stop to rest now. The current state of affairs was extremely intense.

Mount Kunlun was being sieged by the punitive eastern expedition and was locked in intense battle.

From where should he enter this game? He pondered in all seriousness. Should he destroy their retreat portal and disrupt their morale? Or should he attack their home base and cause a commotion?

Where were the lairs of the Black Dragon and the Arctic King? Right now, the two were leading an army in an expedition to the East, and it was a certainty that their tribes were thinly defended. Chu Feng decided to burn their homes first.

Although they were frightening experts that have severed six shackles, they must surely have feelings and attachments. Decimating their homes would surely disrupt their state of mind.

"It would be perfect if they were killed by the Eastern experts during their emotional instability."

Actually, who he really wanted to kill was the group at the Vatican. However, Schiller was too terrifying. Since such an apex expert was presiding over the city, who would dare to carelessly enter?

This massacre at the Sacred Medicinal Garden was his plan!

"I really want to overturn Vatican!" Chu Feng muttered.

Very soon, Chu Feng had familiarized himself with the current state of affairs. It was only today that some major events took place that shook the world.

The Elder Lion King had accepted the Black Dragon’s invitation and was about to set off across Africa to join the battle at Mount Kunlun.

This elder lion joining the fray was like a terrifying tsunami. Twenty-one years ago, he was already an invincible existence and was a very famous among those knowledgeable about the "changes".

Following that, the ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin accepted the invitation and started heading towards Mount Kunlun. He claimed that he had been granted a nirvanic vision of great profundity that required verification at Mount Kunlun.

Following that, from an ancient castle in England, a blonde old man with fair skin announced that he would also join the battle for Mount Kunlun and stomp on the Home of Myriad Gods.

His tone of speech was tyrannical and was blatantly provocative.

This caused a huge ruckus because he was a terrifying king who had awakened from the human race. He had already become a king during the minor change twenty-one years ago, and was known as the Vampire King!

He loved to drink spiritual blood, striking fear in all those who were targeted by him.

Moreover, he did not set out alone—an army of followers came along with him.

After this news was circulated, all of the East was in an uproar. It struck fear in everyone; it was like an all-powerful expert alliance was about to descend upon Mount Kunlun.

The eastern punitive expedition morale was at an all-time high. With so many powerful experts on their side, how could Mount Kunlun hold out? Its destruction was inevitable.

They let out cheers, already imagining the crumbling Mount Kunlun and the various sacred trees and mutant fruits all waiting to be plundered.

"This group of disgraceful people have banded together to invade Mount Kunlun. How repulsive!"

Many people from the East were furious. Naturally, these experts all coveted the godly lands of the East and now they were taking the opportunity to band together and conquer this place, laying down the foundation for their future evolutions.

Who knows what kind of divine flora will be revealed from the depths of this mysterious mountain range as the world continues to "revive". After all, this place was sufficient to be termed immortal soil—perhaps it could allow a king to continuously evolve.

Right now, Mount Kunlun was clearly not at that stage, but the outside world could not suppress their desire and wanted to launch an invasion.

The East was not calm. A tempest was imminent, and a large decisive battle was just around the corner.

"How astonishing! I think Mount Kunlun is doomed; it is destined to change hands!" some from the West commented.

"Not necessarily; there are apex experts holding the fort there. They will probably not sit by and watch as the Western Coalition swallows the mountain. They will surely emerge to lend their aid."

The East naturally had their experts!

The master of the Roaming Jade Temple had already moved out towards Mount Kunlun.

If it was not due to fear of the beast race revolting behind them, the masters of the Eight Visions Temple and the Hollow Jade Temple would have surely also joined the western defense.

Moreover, the White Crane of Mount Shu, the grandmaster of Wudang, and the Elder Ape of the Great Woods Temple had all immediately expressed their stance. Kunlun was an immortal land which belonged to the East, and invasions would not be tolerated.

Additionally, there were also people who had started moving in the secret.

The great demons of Mount Kunlun were of course not without friends; they just liked to keep lower profiles.

A tempest was imminent!

"Ah, these experts of Mount Kunlun. Have you not come to realization? This kind of momentum is unstoppable. Mount Kunlun is not just yours—it belongs to everyone. If I were you, I would welcome the newcomers into the mountain."

The Arctic King spoke from afar, his voice shaking the earth and skies, inciting rage among the defending experts. This was blatant bullying!

An explosive battle was imminent, and each side was waiting for their experts to arrive.

"Since things are at such a climax, it's time to add more intensity." Chu Feng sighed, frowning as he realized the gravity of the situation.

No wonder the Black Dragon and the Arctic King were so fearless and confident. It was because they had powerful backup on the way after communicating with the Elder Lion King, the Ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin, and the Vampire King.

Chu Feng felt that the situation was dire; this kind of coalition possessed astonishing destructive potential. So much that it could attract all the experts who had severed six shackles to arrive for a slice of the cake.

Back at the Vatican, Schiller was gently smiling. The current situation was greatly favorable for them—a terrifying vortex was brewing. Once the battle broke out, it could attract even more experts, and with their cooperation, the Home of Myriad Gods would fall without a doubt.

Finally, Chu Feng was prepared to move out. He did not plan to rush to the East, but instead, he would go to the Black Dragon’s lair to… help him rule the place.

"Knowing that the old master is presiding over the Vatican, no one would dare to charge in. If anyone wants to cause trouble, they will surely head to the lair of the Black Dragon or the Arctic King," a young girl commented with a smile. She was dressed in white, exquisite and pristine, emanating divine radiance.

The Arctic King hailed from the frozen lands of the north pole, and his lair was extremely well hidden; normal people would have a hard time finding it.

As for the Black Dragon, his lair was just in Europe, and with a thorough investigation, one would surely be able to find it.

Schiller’s wounds had long since healed. Despite being an old man, he was emanating an aura of vigorous vitality, his eyes clear and his person calm. He also moved out, prepared to catch a big fish!

"With such a big commotion and on the eve of such a historic battle, if I simply mess up the Black Dragon’s lair, it wouldn’t cause much of a stir. It wouldn’t cause much harm—neither would it have a great impact on the large battle. I need to do something big enough to cause them to become nervous, restless and maybe even fearful!

Chu Feng muttered to himself as he changed his original idea.

After much deliberation, he found a reliable target. He immediately set out, seeing as how the situation was rather critical.

He didn’t go far; he was still within Greece as he secretly approached the European cruise missile facility. Borrowing the black yak’s words, he was going to play it big.

"Last time, you lot targeted my plane with missiles and felt great, right!?"

Chu Feng coldly smiled; Schiller played no small part in the construction of this facility.

Right now, he was prepared to return this favor. He would lay low if he didn’t want to make a move, but when he if he wanted to, he needed something to shake the world.

That day, Chu Feng utilized his king level powers to sneak in and successfully hypnotized the most high ranking officer.

Now, after severing three shackles and in addition to his basic proficiency in the spiritual arts as well as the Imperial Sword Technique, his spiritual energy was naturally very strong.

Hypnotizing, to him, was extremely easy.

Everything went smoothly as planned; there were nuclear warheads within this facility and there was more than one!

"Very good, the target shall be the Vatican. I’m going to send Schiller a big firecracker!"

The monk can run away, but the temple cannot. Now, he was going to give them a taste of their own medicine by blowing up Europe in a shower of fireworks. Let Schiller, the Black Dragon, and the Arctic King all take a good look.

Not long ago, he had almost died in the West—today, Chu Feng had to demand an explanation and collect some interest in advance.
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