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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 174: Clamor

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Chapter 174: Clamor

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Chu Feng held back his drool and ran all the way to the beach. He was really holding back from immediately killing the two king-level entities because the starvation was really torturing him from inside like a slowly burning fire.

"It’s really him?" Ovidius with his tall stature shot out beams of divine light from his blue eyes. "isn’t he already dead?"

The Vatican had already announced to the outside world that Chu Feng had died after touching some forbidden restrictions within the Sacred Medicinal Garden; this had already become common knowledge.

Moreover, this news had caused quite a stir in the East where Chu Feng was quite famous.

Now with his reappearance, Ovidius felt tense—emanating a dangerous aura, he broke through the sound barrier and gave chase.

This man has to die; only dead men were silent!

Otherwise, if he reappeared before the world, the Vatican’s testimony would be undermined. If someone who had already been announced dead emerged at Jerusalem, it would cause a great sensation, causing a negative impact on the Vatican.

Before them, Chu Feng had also raised his speed. He no longer kept himself hidden and quickly broke through the sound barrier with a huge boom.

"Devil King Chu, don’t run! We won’t hurt you. Let’s sit down and discuss things; you’re welcome to join the Vatican."

Ovidius communicated telepathically, his face all smiles. His tone was very gentle, and to someone who did not know the circumstances, he would be considered kind and amiable.

As for the white bear, he just grinned and said nothing. His whole body was beginning to grow larger, and his white hair was glistening in the wind.

"Chu, stop running. We don’t have evil intentions." Ovidius was still trying to communicate with his mind. His facial expression, however, had become slightly colder as he ran at supersonic speeds. His long golden hair danced in the wind like a golden lion, emanating dangerous fluctuations.

He spoke sweet words, but all he wanted to do was to kill Chu Feng and silence him, preventing him from revealing himself to the world.

"It’s good that he hasn’t died. I’ll enjoy the satisfying feeling of tearing him apart and smashing him into paste," the white bear violently roared, revealing his intimidating white teeth.

Before them, the sea and the sky had merged into a single color over the horizon, revealing a vast and boundless vista.

The golden sand upon the beach, being bathed in the ample sunlight, were warm to the touch. However, they were not quite as hot as the flames which burned within Chu Feng—the flames of hunger. At this point, he suddenly stopped.

Chu Feng held his steps as he turned around to face the two incoming king level entities.

"Chu, I’m much delighted to be able to see you again. We had originally thought you were done for within the Whale King’s stomach. That really made me sad," Ovidius revealed all his clean white teeth in a big smile.

Chu Feng understood the other party’s mindset very well; this was obvious acting. He looked peaceful and harmless, but deep in his heart, he was always scheming.

He did not have any good impressions of Ovidius; this man was too insincere. Back when they first arrived at the Vatican, he had passionately helped familiarize themselves with the city. In the end, he had torn off his mask and totally turned on them, chasing them down to kill them.

"Ovidius, you seriously think you can kill me?" Chu Feng calmly looked at him.

Ovidius smiled.

The white bear was very calm and collected; the teeth within his bloody maw shone like razor-sharp blades, cold and cruel, as he emitted a vast and vigorous murderous intent.

His whole body was glowing and throbbing with light like a silver sun. He coldly spoke, "You still think you can survive? A few days ago, we chased you down like a dog from a mourning household. Today, we can still easily kill you!"

"Chu, I forgot to tell you. I’ve just severed my fourth shackle and the feeling was rather comfortable. It was as if I had suddenly detached myself from this world and stood among the clouds, looking down upon this world."

Ovidius’s golden hair was dancing and swaying in the wind, his whole body suffused with divine radiance as a confident smile appeared on his face.

"The same goes for me!" the white bear announced. The bear was extremely large and possessed vigorous vitality. He stood up and looked down at Chu Feng with an oppressive expression, saying, "Could it be that you have severed your second shackle? This is good. Otherwise, it would not be meaningful to tear you apart. Oh, I forgot to tell you that we’ve also learned a breathing technique."

The white bear roared with a cruel and unbridled laughter as he looked down at Chu Feng. In his eyes, even if the latter had broken through, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Because, they had achieved great breakthroughs in the recent days; learning a breathing technique allowed them to grow increasingly stronger, enough to suppress Chu Feng.

However, the white bear found that Chu Feng was not the slightest bit intimidated; instead, the latter was staring at him, wiping the corner of his mouth.

Has this brat gone dumb with fright? Why is he acting oddly?

"Chu, don’t be afraid. Come, tell me, just what did you go through these days? How did you escape from the Whale King’s belly?" Ovidius smiled at Chu Feng’s odd behavior, believing it to be due to intense anxiety.

Chu Feng swallowed hard and wiped the drool off his mouth once again, allowing them to finally realize what was going on with him just now.

The white bear was shaken; this kid was wiping off drool?

Following that, he was greatly infuriated. This little Eastern brat was staring at him and acting in such a manner! Preposterous!

There had not been anyone who dared to act in such a manner up till now. This was as if he was being treated as an easy prey.


The white bear had gone mad with fury; this brat’s eyes were too evil, incomparably searing as they stared at him in locked focus.

At this point, Chu Feng did not need to pretend anymore.

With his back towards the sea and his head towards the blue skies, he planted his feet on the golden sand while looking at the vigorous and fat bear. He felt that it was a "wonderful world"; should he roast the meat or just simply steam it? His drool kept flowing out; he could finally solve the problem of his intense hunger.


The white bear could no longer hold back. He immediately made his move, smashing down towards Chu Feng with his massive paws. With a boom, the beach had cracked open and the calm sea was badly shaken, forming waves tens of meters tall.

This white bear was extremely violent; once it came forward, it did not hold back. He had been enraged by Chu Feng’s dreamy expression—no one had treated him like a prey before.

It repeatedly struck out in sweeping strikes which split the earth and sent pillars of water shooting into the air, truly an astonishing sight to behold.

However, his attacks eventually failed to catch the agile Chu Feng, causing him to be rather dazzled.

On the other side, Ovidius had retreated swiftly. He felt a surge of coldness wash over him, causing him to be rather fearful. Chu Feng’s speed was too fast—much faster than the white bear and himself.

Chu Feng was not in a hurry to kill; he was attempting to adapt to his newfound powers in battle.

Finally, he was satisfied with his current state and started going on the offensive, throwing forth a fist strike. The white bear suddenly howled in pain, unable to block the incoming blow. Drowned in a field of terrifying light, he was gravely wounded.

With a thump, he swiftly pulled back, his nose and mouth all bleeding profusely.


The white bear was shocked, furious and most of all upset. The force behind that single punch was too powerful!

Ovidius saw everything clearly and felt his hair stand on end. He had already realized that Chu Feng’s power had grown to a terrifying level, giving him a feeling that the current situation was rather dire.

"Chu, just what realm have you reached?" he couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Feng raised three fingers. With the rumbling of his stomach growing louder than ever, he proceeded to push towards the white bear.

"Impossible! You only had one severed shackle just a few days ago. How could you have broken two in succession? This should have required time!" The white bear couldn’t believe it.

At the same time, his dual claws became more resplendent. He utilized all the mysterious energy within his body, aiming to launch a fatal blow.

Chu Feng solemnly warned him, "Don’t act rashly. Those bear paws are for the main course!" [1]


This greatly infuriated the white bear; the other party looking down upon him.

Earlier, he was being disdainful of this human brat, but now, the roles had been cleanly reversed.

He exhibited his godly abilities, throwing his glowing paws towards Chu Feng in a deadly attack.

However, Chu Feng did not bother with him at all. With a sudden swoosh, he rushed towards Ovidius for the kill.

Ovidius was clad wholly in radiant armor, but he actually turned tail and ran without fighting. He was rather decisive and knew that the situation was not favorable.


The air exploded as Chu Feng gave chase at close to four times the speed of sound. He caught up to Ovidius, overtook him and stood in front of him, blocking his way.

"Chu, I have no malicious intentions towards you. You have misunderstood." Ovidius revealed an awkward smile; he never thought he would encounter such peril in Jerusalem.

After coincidentally discovering Chu Feng, he originally wanted to silence the brat, helping rid the Vatican of a hidden trouble. Now, it was clear that only death awaited him.

Chu Feng didn’t have much to say and directly raised his fist for an explosive attack.

Ovidius’ eyes were cold and his hair was in disarray. Since he could no longer escape, it was time to fight with all his might!

However, the next moment, he felt a heart-wrenching pain from his fist which had just come in contact with Chu Feng’s. The force from the impact had apparently fractured all the bones within.


His fist was riddled with bloody lacerations, dripping with blood. This overwhelmed him—the enemy’s strength was too tyrannical!

Chu Feng no longer held back. He circulated his special breathing technique and beat down upon his opponent with the Demon Ox Fist.

With a clang, Ovidius drew out his greatsword and hacked towards Chu Feng.

The coldly glowing blade was made of the finest quality materials, a much better equipment than the one Chu Feng broke last time.

Dang dang dang!

Chu Feng’s fists struck the blade on its sides, sending droning vibrations down the blade and astonishing Ovidius. At the moment, he suddenly noticed that cracks had appeared on the great sword!

He frantically slashed out with the power of the Radiant Sword Technique, however, it was not enough to deal with Demon King Chu.


Chu Feng pierced through the sword light and a fist landed upon his body. Within a split second, the radiant armor protecting Ovidius cracked open and burst into pieces.

This so-called radiant armor had turned into scrap metal before the power of Chu Feng’s fist.

This was a top grade alloy with excellent toughness and protective abilities. Even so, it was rendered useless at this moment.

Ovidius was sent flying, coughing up large mouthfuls of blood—a large bloody hole had appeared on his chest, through which light shone through from his back. It was obvious that he was done for.

"You… you… how did you become so strong?!" Ovidius was not willing.

He was one level higher than Chu Feng, yet he was not the latter’s match.

Chu Feng did not give an explanation; he swiftly brought out his red flying knife and with a pfff, took down the enemy’s head, thoroughly ending his life.

In the distance, the white bear was running frantically. He was still running, hoping to escape this beach, away from the terrifying Demon King Chu.

However, how could one hope to escape against four times the speed of sound?

Within a short moment, Chu Feng had already caught up to him.

The white bear was now hopeless. He turned back to fight it out with Chu Feng to the end. His whole body glowed, spitting out white mist and locking down the whole beach in a field of ice—this was his ability.

However, the cold domain which was sufficient to kill other beast kings was ineffective against Chu Feng who easily dispersed it with a blow. After which, he took one step and arrived before the white bear, forcing him into a melee

There was no suspense; the white bear was duly killed and turned into a corpse.

Chu Feng carried his large carcass and walked back to the previous location.

Following that, he started to clean and cut the white bear within an abandoned villa that he discovered nearby.

Then, with roaring flames crackling upon the golden beach, he pierced Ovidius’s greatsword through the bear meat like a skewer and started to roast.

His stomach was rumbling incessantly; it had been waiting for so long. Finally, it was time to savor the food.

What followed after was Chu Feng opening up a feast; he gobbled up the large amount of food in large pieces, his body like a bottomless pit.

King level flesh was transformed into great amounts of energy which diffused into and nourished his body. Chu Feng’s body was glowing with light—the more he ate, the more resplendent it became.

"I cannot waste the bear paws,"

If he roasted such a rare delicacy, it would be such a waste.

Finally, after some deliberation, he carried the bear paws into the city and once again arrived at that particular restaurant he had visited before. This shocked the manager and caused his blood to run cold.

Chu Feng smiled at him and requested him to help him stew the bear paws, reassuring him that he wouldn’t disturb them anymore after this.

After that, taking some other dishes with him and also "borrowing" the manager’s communicator, he left.

Once again, he arrived at the beach and unhurriedly proceeded to roast the remaining pieces of meat while taking photos.

In the end, Chu Feng had eaten his fill. His whole body was comfortable, and his pores were overflowing with spiritual aura as a mass of vigorous energy surged throughout his body.

His intense hunger had finally disappeared. With his stomach full, he was now feeling extremely spirited, his body enshrouded in a translucent radiance that concealed the terrifying strength within.

Chu Feng had never felt so great before!

At night, he returned to the Holy City and returned to the restaurant at dawn. After a whole night of stewing, the bear paws had been exquisitely prepared.

This would become Chu Feng’s breakfast; the paw of a bear king! He ate his fill with great satisfaction and delight.

That same day, Chu Feng left in a plane headed toward Europe.

After flying for a full day, he arrived safely.

At this time, the punitive army had already started exchanging initial blows with the Mount Kunlun army. Although it was just a probing assault, both sides had suffered casualties!

After his safe arrival, he immediately released the photos that he had taken. He didn’t post these photos on his personal media platform but circulated it randomly throughout the internet.

"What’s this? Oh my god! Such a large white bear was killed on the beach!"

After that, things escalated when people saw someone roasting the bear meat—the golden fat was glistening, appearing extremely tasty. Moreover, a large blade was being used as a skewer to roast the meat.

Unfortunately, the photo only captured the arm of the roaster.

Boorish and intrepid!

After those few circulating photos came to the attention of some experts, it caused a huge quake!

"Oh god, that’s the white bear! He’s been killed and roasted?!"

This caused a huge sensation, and everyone was put on the edge of their seats!

That was an extremely powerful beast king. How could he have died just like this? He was even roasted into a glistening snack, this was unimaginable!

"Wait a min… that sword…"

Some people were able to notice the details on the Vatican-style sword. A name was carved upon it: Ovidius.

The whole of the Western world was shaken—the white bear and Ovidius had encountered misfortune at the same time!

Everyone was dumbfounded; those were two great experts! One had become food, while the other’s weapon had been turned into cutlery. This was big news!

"Oh god, there’s someone as fierce as this? Who could it be?"

This also caused a huge stir in the East!

"Eastern expedition, have you all seen it? This is a warning!" Many people were excited. "Do you lot still plan on invading Mount Kunlun?!"


[1] Bear paws are considered a rare delicacy in China.
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