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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 172: Divine Feet

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Chapter 172: Divine Feet

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Chu Feng was greatly confused. The shore of the Holy Land? Looking at this radiant and brilliant little girl, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had actually come to Atlantis, the great western continent.

After the great change, many legends had come to life.

Even if that great sunken continent reappeared, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

After all, the first traces of Atlantis originated from Greek records and Chu Feng had also arrived here from Greece, albeit after crossing the sea.

And hence the reason for his speculation.


In the sea, the thousand-meter Whale King was roaring, sending waves surging towards the skies, truly a terrifying sight to behold. Despite being a marine animal, its roars were louder than wild beasts.

Its body emanated boiling blood energy which surged to towards the skies, and its power of five severed shackles allowed it to exhibit astonishing power, enough to strike against a rocket.

He was greatly dissatisfied that Chu Feng had taken advantage of his poisoned state to hide within his body.

"Okay, that's enough. Don’t be angry, you two aren’t enemies either," the fair little girl consoled the Whale King.

"Thank you!" the Whale King transmitted its thoughts telepathically as its calmed down. They did not know each other's language and could only communicate in this fashion.

Afterwards, it remained there glaring at Chu Feng like a tiger watching its prey. It was, after all, a beast king with five severed shackles and could not allow a lesser king to tarnish its prestige.

"My apologies. I was being chased by a group of assassins at that time and was on the run for my life. I was swallowed by you at that time and passed out for a few days. It could be said that I had narrowly escaped a huge disaster," Chu Feng explained.

The Whale King glanced at him through the corner of his eyes; this kid was talking as if he was the victim?!

The little angelic girl, with her otherworldly purity and her large sapphire eyes, seemed to have noticed Chu Feng’s misgivings. She explained, "This is the Holy City of Jerusalem."

Chu Feng was stunned; just how long had he been adrift on the sea? He had actually arrived in the Middle East. One had to know that the sea after the great change was extremely vast.

He couldn’t help but glance at the Whale King—this gigantic beast was indeed powerful. Chu Feng wondered if there was a way to con him into the battle for the Fusang Tree?

He had just expressed his idea telepathically when the the Whale King cut him short, "Then are you going to carry me all the way to the East Sea?"

It appeared that there was no way to talk amiably with it, and as such, Chu Feng turned away.

The Whale King was not dumb; he realized that the brat was just looking for a free ride to the East.

Chu Feng was extremely curious about the little girl; he simply could not see through her. She was merely seven or eight years old, but she possessed an extraordinary temperament, not to mention her whole being was suffused with divine radiance.

If he didn’t already know that such extraordinary entities were the result of evolution, he would have suspected whether this young lady was an heir of God.

Even at such a young age, she was enshrouded in such powerful divine radiance.

Chu Feng talked with her for a while, trying to learn more about her. However, she didn’t divulge much, only that she lived in Jerusalem and that she liked to study ancient records.

Chu Feng did not pry further as he realized that the girl was not willing to reveal too much at the moment. However, his mind could not remain calm because he had felt a special aura from this seven or eight-year-old girl.

She had certain characteristics to her that resembled the Yellow Ox.

After Yellow Ox morphed into his human form, he possessed long golden hair and beauty comparable to a porcelain doll.

Chu Feng was shocked due to this speculation. He felt a type of transcendent spiritual aura from her—could it be that this little girl was also not of this world?

"I should leave now, see you." The little girl waved at them and left towards Jerusalem, the divine radiance receding back within her body.

"One day, I should bring Yellow Ox over and look deeper into her origins. Could she be one of the ‘descenders’?" Chu Feng solemnly pondered.

He had long since known that such life forms with the ability to survive despite the perilous situation and descend to earth through the mysterious path were definitely outstanding.


Behind him, the Whale King stirred up the water into waves hundreds of meters tall, akin to a tsunami and sent them crashing towards Chu Feng.

"Damn you!"

Chu Feng ran swiftly, but he was still soaked by the raging tides as he stood there glaring at the Whale King.

The Whale King was extremely delighted in Chu Feng’s miserable state. It was a vengeful creature, but not malicious; it merely chose to play some mischief at Chu Feng’s expense, in order to get back at him.

"You really won’t consider going to the true dragon nest of the East Sea, to evolve into a dragon? At that time, you would be able to soar through the nine heavens and no longer be trapped in the water."

"Little bastard, I’ve lived several hundred years. Do you think you can trick me just like this? Go play with some mud!" the Whale King mocked.

Chu Feng turned around and left, not wanting to waste his breath.

In the distance, many people appeared, rushing over in order to catch a glimpse of the Whale King.

Because it was common belief that there were no whales in the Mediterranean. Now that there was such a colossal whale that appeared, almost as large as an island, the people were all astonished.

Chu Feng hurriedly avoided the crowd, but his picture had already been captured by some of those people.

They were all excited as they started snapping pictures with their communicators. Naturally, they did not dare to get too close to the beast king.

The Whale King waved its tail and leisurely swam away.

The area regained its peace only after quite some time. Hoisting a huge beast skin bag, Chu Feng appeared extremely miserable, which surprised the nearby people.

He communicated in lousy English and convinced one of the bystanders to lend him a communicator for a while as his own had been shattered during the battles.

Chu Feng immediately called his parents, afraid that they would be worried. As the call went through, the moment he called out "mother", the other side became silent, followed by repeated sobs.

After that, Wang Jing kept crying and crying, unable to hold back her feelings.

Chu Feng felt rather uncomfortable in his heart; he knew that he had caused his family great distress. His parents must have had a hard time during this period.

"Mom, stop crying. I was wrong—I’ve caused you two to worry," Chu Feng softly spoke; this was the first time that he truly realized how weak he was.

True experts won’t ever let their family suffer such distress.

Wang Jing cried for quite some time before she regained her composure, and amidst her sobs, she narrated the recent developments.

She asked Chu Feng’s experiences in detail and repeatedly reminded Chu Feng to be careful and not to act rashly. She also asked Chu Feng to find a way to return home safely.

Following that, Chu Feng also talked awhile with Chu Zhiyuan, who told him that everyone at home was fine and that he didn’t need to worry.

Finally, Chu Feng told them that he would return shortly and that they shouldn’t worry about him; he would put personal safety above all else. With that, he ended the call.

Chu Feng returned the communicator as his face became solemn. From his parents, he understood the outline of what had transpired in the recent days.

During his absence, the Black Dragon and the Arctic King had initiated a punitive expedition to the East and was already at Xinjiang. A battle could break out between them and Mount Kunlun at any moment!

"Truly intolerable bullies!" Chu Feng tightened his fist.

They were first schemed against by people at the Vatican, then shot down by rockets, then chased by a group of experts, and now finally, they were being tagged as the villains who had caused the disaster at the Vatican and implicated many other beast kings, leading them to their miserable deaths.

The Black Dragon and the Arctic King would now lead an expedition to the East in order to demand an explanation, but their true motive was the Mount Kunlun.

This was truly throwing one’s weight about; Chu Feng’s party was obviously the victim who narrowly escaped the West. But now, they were being blamed, and the two beast kings even want to bring the fight to their doorstep. This was too tyrannical.

"If I don’t let you feel some pain, I won’t be satisfied," Chu Feng roared.

He temporarily avoided going into Jerusalem; he was not familiar with this holy land of three different religions. It was even more famous than the Vatican, and it was possible that their agents could be posted within.

"I have to get stronger!" Chu Feng muttered.

There was a fire of fury burning within him. Since his enemies were leading expeditions to the East, he would attack the West and bring them down from behind.

Borrowing the black yak’s words: play it big!

The whole world firmly believed that he was dead; some were filled with sorrow, and some were slandering him even in death—he had to give all of them a big surprise.

Chu Feng traveled great distance along the coast before arriving at a deserted area.

The golden beach was extremely soft and warm from soaking up the sun rays all day. Chu Feng stepped barefooted onto the sand and savored the comfortable feeling. He threw down his beast skin bag and started to circulate the special breathing technique.

After hibernating for several days, an astonishing amount of energy had accumulated within his body. His blood and muscle were sparkling with a translucent radiance, filled with powerful vitality yet mellow like jade.

Without a doubt, he was only half a step away from a major breakthrough!

The mysterious energy that had accumulated within his body was now sufficient—he would soon sever another shackle.

During the recent period of hibernation, Chu Feng had thoroughly absorbed the medicinal effects of the pollen as his whole body glowed with divine lights.


As Chu Feng fully exerted his power, it was as if he was pulling out dried weeds. The area around his feet burst forth with auspicious mists and surging radiance as a powerful and astonishing aura began to emanate from his body.

After reaching such a powerful state, he was able to directly sever a shackle just like that.

At this moment, he felt that his right foot was emitting a vast amount of energy which spread throughout his right leg and towards his whole body.

The shackle had been severed!

Chu Feng lowered his head and saw his right foot pulsating with light golden energy which expanded towards all his bones and limbs; his whole body was emanating a divine radiance as his energy surged to terrifying levels.

This phenomenon proved that he had just severed a shackle.

At this moment, after taking that half step across the threshold, his whole body had undergone massive changes and achieved great improvements to his constitution—his vitality had reached a whole new level!

Chu Feng’s aura immediately increased by a great margin after breaking a shackle. As he released his mysterious energy, his whole body circulated with divine radiance that could clearly be felt.

At this moment, his strength had increased explosively and was greatly different from before.

Chu Feng violently stomped his foot on the ground. A huge boom reverberated as the whole area cracked open. It was as if a huge meteorite had fallen, and a huge crater appeared on the beach.

Chu Feng pulled back, astonished. Just now, he hadn’t used much strength. After breaking the second shackle, his foot was actually able to unleash such terrifying power!


He had a feeling that he could assail another shackle.

This astonished him. Under normal conditions, it was very rare for someone to achieve continuous breakthroughs as they needed a period of consolidation.

However, Chu Feng believed that he could. The accumulations this time were extremely abundant, and his instincts were telling him that another breakthrough was possible.

He was not willing to give up on this opportunity. If he gained so much power after breaking through that previous shackle, just how much would he gain after breaking a third shackle? With that, he started his attempt at another breakthrough.

This time, it took a long time; Chu Feng tested out every combination and found that the shackle on his remaining left leg was the most suitable for breaking—it had already started to show signs of breaking.

At the moment, he thoroughly investigated with his inner vision and clearly saw that it was a light golden shackle winding itself around his left foot, the embodiment of mysterious energy.

Chu Feng circulated his special breathing technique, causing his whole body to glow like a brilliant sun, lighting up the jade blue sea and the sandy beach.


This time, he had severed the shackle on his left foot. Immediately after, he felt his left foot become light and agile. An extremely comfortable feeling came over him as the foot emitted a light golden brilliance.

Mysterious energy suffused the vicinity, completely enveloping his left leg, which gushed into his bones and limbs. Chu Feng’s whole body was bathed in the golden divine radiance, feeling extremely relaxed.

Moreover, he felt an explosive surge of strength within him!

He knew that he had grown much stronger. Up till now, he had severed three shackles!

Only after a long period had passed did the golden lights recede into his body. It returned to his blood, flesh, and bones; every punch and kick performed by Chu Feng now carried terrifying power within.


Chu Feng stepped into the vast seas, releasing the golden mysterious energy from his body. It surged out with great momentum and immediately swept the waves away—truly an astonishing sight to behold.

This even caused himself to be alarmed.

One had to know that he had only released a small portion of his energy. Even so, he was able to exert such power.

Following that, Chu Feng rushed out at an astonishing speed; he could hardly believe it himself!


The sound of the explosion was startling—just as he raised his speed by a notch, he had crossed thousands of meters.

Not even a second had passed—just what kind of frightening speed was this?!

Something was not right because usually, when he ran, it was faster than the speed of sound, but only by a small margin. Even if he had severed two shackles, it shouldn’t have increased as much as it did.

The reason was that after reaching the king level, it was more difficult to raise speed than it was to raise power.

At the current realm, his speed should fall between 1-2 times the speed of sound. Even if he was innately faster than the others and had an advantage in speed growth, it shouldn’t have been so exaggerated.

It became increasingly difficult for king level entities to increase their speed.

Following this, Chu Feng tested out the limits of his speed and performed calculations. With a resounding boom, the air exploded, and within the blink of an eye, he was over a thousand meters away.

Close to Mach 4! Almost 4 times the speed of sound!

Chu Feng stood there in a momentary daze. Afterwards, he slowly started to realize just what sort of ability he had obtained from his severing.

Divine Feet!

Today, he had severed two shackles in succession. His feet had become incomparably agile, and at the same time, they possessed unfathomable power. He could almost shatter a small hill with one kick.

However, the most amazing was his unprecedented speed.

His whole body had undergone evolution, his vitality was off the charts, and he had obtained an amazing ability—the Divine Feet!

The attacking power of his feet was astonishing, and his speed was now far above the avian beasts.

Chu Feng wanted nothing more than to kill his way to the west right now!

News in the outside world was that Chu Feng had died, but here he was rolling up his sleeves and anticipating the upcoming battle! He would definitely play it big!
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