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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 171: Revival

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Chapter 171: Revival

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"Little Feng… are you really not there?" Back at Chu Feng’s home, his mother, Wang Jing, was crying her eyes red, she was extremely emotional.

"Don’t cry, this kid has always had good fortune. Who knows when he’ll show up all fine," Chu Zhiyuan consoled his wife although he himself had become rather haggard.

Chu Feng was their only son; the news of his misfortune struck them like thunder on a clear day. The husband and wife were burning with distress and sorrow, and their state of mind had hit an all-time low.

Within the Hollow Jade Temple, Lu Tong sighed as he stood near the window looking at the verdant willow tree swaying in the wind. He became momentarily absent-minded; he regretted agreeing to Chu Feng’s Western excursion.

The moment he heard the news, he still held onto some distant hopes. He thought that Chu Feng might not have met his end at the Vatican, but after four or five days without any news of him, he had come to calmly accept this fact.

Major powers like Bodhi Biogenetics, Overseas Cultural Institute, abd Tonggu Alliance were all speculating just what could have caused the incident at the Vatican. Many were also wondering if Chu Feng really had died.

Finally, they concluded among themselves that Chu Feng truly had died there—otherwise, according to his character, he would have shown his face much sooner and cause a huge ruckus on the internet.

"This time, he has certainly died. Who would’ve thought? The notorious Demon King Chu had met his end in the West."

Discussions were ongoing amongst the beast races. To them, Chu Feng was a truly extraordinary human youth.

Those transformed beast race descendants that have joined the human society had become much more restrained because of him.

"Ha… Ha… Demon King Chu is finally dead! This is a cause for celebration! Even if he didn’t die, we were preparing to kill him anyway."

Naturally, there were those of the beast race who hated Chu Feng to the bones; for example, the peacock race and the Ash Wolf lineage were all looking to settle the score with him. They were all hoping he would die.

Things were not peaceful in the East; all the people were in heated discussions about what had transpired inside the Vatican.

Not to mention the major powers, even normal civilians were doubtful about this matter. How could such a large number of king level entities die so suddenly just by triggering some restrictions?

Especially since they had specifically involved Chu Feng; the news were all reporting that the trio were the cause of all this and that they had dragged everyone to their deaths.

Many races were skeptical and did not comment.

"Demon King Chu, even after death you remain a sinner. You have harmed so many others!"

Finally, some races started strutting around, blaming Chu Feng. Those were the races that were originally on bad terms with Chu Feng.

"Who dares to slander my brother?! This father will obliterate him!"

Within Mount Kunlun, the black yak was in rage. His eyes were red with fury; Chu Feng had suffered misfortune in order to let Yellow Ox and him escape to the East.

At this point, even the black yak and Yellow Ox were not hopeful—they believed that Chu Feng had met his end in the West.

They were now preparing for the upcoming battle; to fight to the death with this so-called punitive army. They would kill until rivers of blood flowed in order to avenge their brother.

The Black Dragon and the Arctic King were about to lead their armies on a punitive expedition towards the East. Those were actual King level experts possessing torrential momentum, bearing extremely wild ambitions and schemes. Their eyes were set on Mount Kunlun—the home of myriad gods.

This incited a huge uproar; the whole world had focused their attention towards the upcoming battle.

"Demon Ox of Mount Kunlun, are you still trying to deny everything? If not for you three, how could so many people have died?"

Some people had ulterior motives; they wanted to muddy the waters and pin the blame on the two oxen.

"Insolence! A mere minor character dares to sully my brother?! The truth will be revealed soon!" The black yak truly wanted to slap those vile people to death.

He knew that there were many people who harbored enmity towards Chu Feng. Especially certain beast tribes and those beast king forces from the West, they wanted to invert right and wrong.

How could the two oxen remain silent? They had already started writing in detail about the matters that had transpired at the Vatican!

"This is the truth!"

Yellow Ox stood out and announced, in a long and detailed report, about the incident at the Vatican and their journey.

This was done after discussion with the black yak.

The whole world was shaken. According to Yellow Ox’s testimony, all the king level entities had been killed in an earth-shattering scheme?!

Was Schiller, the Black Dragon and the Arctic King so formidable? Everything was a plot devised by them? Even all the major powers felt momentarily apprehensive.

So the Vatican wanted to play it big? Many people recalled the Holy See from the legends and myths—a colossal power at the peak of their glory. One decree from them would have to be obeyed by the whole of the West.

Especially when the people thought about the Crusader's Army invading the East.

"Ridiculous! If it was really Master Schiller’s scheme, how could you three escape? All of this was caused by your greed!"

Some people started berating the two oxen.

"We can testify! Chu Feng is the true culprit here. Greedy yet incompetent, Chu Feng coveted the Vatican’s Sacred Tree. He rashly moved against the tree and triggered divine retribution, implicating all the other kings in the process."

People like the Golden Lion King and the Dhole King stood out to testify. They were beast kings of Africa and should not have had any relationship with the Vatican. Hence. they leveraged their "disinterested party status" to testify.

The lion king still being alive and even standing out to testify astonished the two oxen.

Naturally, the lion was tyrannical to the extreme. As an expert with four severed shackles, he truly had the qualifications to be so. He used to be disdainful of the trio and wanted them dead!

In truth, he truly was very powerful. If Chu Feng had not used the diamond chakram, the three would have been in danger that day.

"Things are not looking good. That lion still has the old lion king supporting him. Word is that he was already unparalleled 21 years ago, a true expert with six severed shackles!"

The black yak realized that their problems had escalated even further. It appeared that the ones who had allied with Schiller were not just limited to the Black Dragon and the Arctic King.

The whole world was in an uproar; all the major powers were suspicious. Since even the Lion King had stood out to express his stance, the waters had grown even muddier.

The black yak and Yellow Ox, naturally, would not stand by as they inverted right and wrong. They refuted the claims but that led to more heated debates and topics of discussion; the East did not see much peace.

In the Western world, some people were celebrating. With the death of so many beast kings, they felt less pressured.

And as such, some government representatives favored the Vatican and believed them to be innocent.

"I only ask one thing. Who was it that gave the order to shoot down the ten odd passenger planes? He indirectly harmed my brother Chu Feng—we will settle this score one day!"

The black yak was enraged as he announced his desire to seek revenge.

This naturally caused great waves!

Chu Feng was shot down from the sky and missed the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, he would have arrived in the East long ago.

"Chu Feng… truly died too early. What a pity."

Many people felt sorry for Chu Feng. He was young and had boundless potential; other king level entities were all old monsters who had obtained their fortunes during the small-scale changes that occurred 21 years ago.

Chu Feng was a new generation king level expert, however, he had fallen too early.

The Black Dragon and the Arctic King rallied their followers and were now on the path towards the East. This incited immense commotion; this was not a joke—they were truly in operation.

"Settling scores is just a blatant excuse. They just want to get their hands on our Eastern immortal mountain!"

The people all noticed this fact. This was the first major clash between the East and the West. What Mount Kunlun signifies was too great a temptation; it was known as the number one immortal mountain, the home of myriad gods.

The Black Dragon and the Arctic King had lofty aspirations as they crossed thousands of kilometers in order to conquer Mount Kunlun!

In the Mediterranean Sea, a thousand meter long giant monster was dripping blood as it crossed the vast waters.

This was a giant whale!

Normally, there shouldn’t be such powerful life forms within the Mediterranean Sea. However, there was one such whale king in existence, a king with five severed shackles whose blood energy surged towards the skies.

Such a large beast could easily turn over rivers and seas, and a swing of its tail could break apart underwater mountains.

It had been wounded in an intense battle with another tyrannical entity. Although it had driven the opponent away, it was also poisoned in the process, so it swam laboriously towards a holy land that it remembered.

In the end, even its consciousness had become hazy. However, it kept on swimming at extreme speeds toward its destination.

Within its stomach, Chu Feng’s situation was not any better; he remained drowsy and only half conscious. He was drawn in when the whale drew in water to expel the poison.

Initially, he didn’t move about rashly—he planned to borrow the whale’s body to escape this area. However, his whole body soon felt hot, so hot that he could barely hold on.

Initially, it wasn’t like this. He had only eaten one flower bud, so the side-effects were not that strong.

However, he had been constantly interrupted during the process of evolution. First it was a nuclear warhead, then it was a rocket barrage, and finally, he was chased down by a group of king level experts.

All of this seemed to have affected his body; the Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine’s side effects came out explosively.

Chu Feng almost blacked out and was barely conscious.

He was struggling and very unwilling, however, at the most critical moment, he discovered that his body was glowing, enshrouded by a layer of mysterious energy that protected his physical body.

Moreover, even when he stopped breathing, his body was still maintaining life.

Afterwards, he noticed that his body had begun to hibernate while his spirit remained breathing. During this half-asleep half-awakened state, he was well aware of the surroundings and that he was being protected from harm.

Finally, he let everything go and fell asleep. His whole body was covered in a layer of energy as he underwent great changes and evolution. His breathing had almost stopped, like a hibernating animal.

For many days straight, Chu Feng lay in hibernated seclusion.

Finally, the whale used up all its power to reach a distant shore. Its situation was not good and was extremely weak.

After it was bitten by that other sea beast, the poison was extremely vicious. As powerful as it was, it found it difficult to deal with the poison, and as such, it had come to this place to seek help.

Because, last time, someone here had saved it.

A melodious tune of flute music came through; the sound was extremely pleasing to the ears, especially among the sea and the waves.

The Whale King’s mind trembled as it felt boundless joy. It realized that the person it was looking for was still in this area, so it swam forward even faster.

On the shore, there was a young girl. Her long hair was dancing in the wind, sparkling with crystalline radiance—her whole person was emanating an auspicious and divine halo. She appeared to be a young Western girl, playing an Eastern flute.

A young girl of seven or eight years old; she was extremely beautiful. Her facial features were exquisite and flawless, and her large eyes were like sapphires.

When the sound of her flute resounded, the whole coastal area seemed to have fallen silent. Many seabirds landed in the vicinity and many fish swam closer to the shore—all just to listen to her music.

The Whale King swam even closer, and it was about to run aground.

"You’ve been hurt again," the little girl exclaimed. Her whole body radiated golden light as she laid down her flute, producing an ancient sheepskin scroll and proceeded to chant from it.

Immediately, the radiance on her body grew blindingly bright along with the scroll. The light enshrouded her before shooting out towards the Whale King—very soon, the whale had recovered its vigor.

The Whale King spouted water and shook its tail vigorously to express its gratitude.

Chu Feng was awakened at this point. He was being rolled around inside its stomach. He quickly sat up and realized that the side-effects from the Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine were gone.

He felt that his condition was greatly improved and even stronger than before.


Finally, Chu Feng dashed out from the Whale King’s open mouth. At the same time, he circulated his special breathing technique. His physical body was no longer in hibernation and had recovered all of his previous vigor and power, so at the moment, he was surging with resplendent radiance.

Chu Feng landed on the shore and turned around to glance at the Whale King and then back at the curious little girl on the beach.

"Who are you?" The radiant little girl, with the sheepskin scroll in her hand, was like a little angel. Her large and bright sapphire eyes were looking at him in astonishment.

"Where is this?" Chu Feng enquired.

Behind him, the Whale King was roaring, emanating a terrifying king level suppression.

"This is the coast of the holy land," the little girl replied.
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