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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 170: Offerings for the Dead Immortal

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Chapter 170: Offerings for the Dead Immortal

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Before dawn, the world was in a hazy state. However, they regained a sense of familiarity as the outline of the shore came into view.



The three rushed onto the ground—they had finally escaped the vast waters and arrived on their home ground.

In the sea, the sea beast extended a scale-covered claw and waved at them before disappearing over the horizon, riding on the waves.

"If you find the opportunity, leave the Mediterranean Sea and head for the East Sea. We’ll take you to walk under the Fusang Tree and towards the eye of the ocean so that you can evolve into a dragon," Chu Feng shouted.

After listening to Chu Feng’s words, with a pfff, the sea beast dived deep into the sea and disappeared.

"He was silently cursing; this demon wants to make me into his mount? Tour the East Sea? Ha! I’ve heard that the place is home to true dragons!"

On the shore, the black yak was feeling sleepy again. These days, it felt insufficient no matter how long they slept. His body felt hot; the side effects of the Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine had not receded yet.

"By this time, the Fusang Tree of the East Sea should have come into being. I wonder if it’ll be joined by flood dragons and golden crows. That place isn’t easy to approach." The black yak yawned.

They did not dare to tarry here. They wanted to immediately escape to the safety of Mount Kunlun.

Schiller had rockets and nuclear warheads at his disposal; just how powerful was he? The longer they lingered in Europe, the more dangerous it would become. Especially since they were in the process of evolution and required peace and seclusion.

"Let’s return quickly. It’s hard to say if there are satellites locked onto us." The black yak was now paranoid.

The three of them shot through the mountainous terrain, avoiding human settlements that could easily give them away.

The sun rose high above the mountains and its rays fell upon the dense mountain forests. The whole place was illuminated with prismatic lights, both brilliant and warm.

The journey was smooth; fortunately, their destination was not too far from their landing point.

After the great changes took place, many layers of folded space appeared in many areas around the world. 600 kilometers wasn’t such a long distance in this day and age.

When they were only about several tens of kilometers from the mysterious channel that connected Europe and the East, Chu Feng and the two oxen slowed down. They cautiously checked their surroundings, afraid of an ambush.

Moving stealthily and covering their tracks, they entered the bewildering mists, all of them yawning.

Even though the sun was very high, its rays could not penetrate the dense mists which enshrouded the valley in a mysterious haziness.

However, passing through such a place, one would arrive in the East.

Chu Feng took point, instructing the two oxen to hide in the distance to avoid being ambushed. The latter two were not in a state to fight; the drowsiness had come over them once again.

Chu Feng traversed the five-kilometer distance slowly, treading lightly and leaving as few traces as possible. He held the black dagger in one hand and the diamond chakram in the other—the scarlet flying knife was also ready to shoot out at a moment’s notice.

Finally, they arrived at the most mysterious area—the ravine which would take them to Xinjiang.

There were no ambushes!

Chu Feng had not relaxed—like a spirit, he stuck close to the cliff side and advanced, his whole person melding into the surrounding mist.

He was still worried that there would be enemies within the canyon.

At this moment, there was no way to detect his presence as his vital aura locked within his body.

Chu Feng walked for ten odd minutes along the deathly quiet path, prepared to do battle at any moment.

Finally, he walked out of the valley and arrived in the East. He stood in the Xinjiang basin which, too, was covered in dense white mists, making it difficult to see the surrounding landscape.

Knowing that he would be able to see the vivid scenery of the steppes once he passed this area, Chu Feng slightly relaxed.

However, at that split second, his body involuntarily tensed up as his hair stood on end. He knew, immediately, that something was wrong. The enemy was even more devious than he had thought—they did not lie in ambush at the entrance to the Valley but at its exit.

That was where the targets would be most relaxed, thinking they had escaped calamity.

Who would’ve thought that the perilous situation had just begun!


A bright beam of sword light split the white mist akin to a heavenly blade slashing down towards Chu Feng’s skull, aiming to split him in half.

Ovidius had made his move!

He held a resplendent greatsword in his hand, his body clad in radiant armor and his hair dancing in the air behind him. His eyes were cold and solemn, like a holy knight from ancient times, as he assailed Chu Feng.


It was too late to dodge. Chu Feng defended with the diamond chakram, causing both weapons to emanate brilliant lights and deafening sounds with each exchange.

Vast amounts of mysterious energy surged out like a hurricane and swept through the vicinity, sending rocks as large as millstones into the air and crushing them.

This was a major clash between the two warriors!

Ovidius’s level was extremely high; he had long since severed his third shackle in addition to having a solid grasp of the profundities of light and mastering the radiant sword arts of the Holy See.

If any other person with one severed shackle was ambushed in such a manner, they would’ve been hacked into two in the first exchange.

However, Chu Feng’s diamond chakram was extremely terrifying—it directly clashed against the radiant great sword and with a loud crack, broke the silver blade.


The menace that befell Chu Feng was not only in a single direction because there were a large number of king level entities here. All of them rushed over almost simultaneously.

Behind him, a huge snow-white beast came down upon him like a small mountain, its claws as large as bamboo wickers.

After Chu Feng damaged Ovidius’s sword, he immediately shifted to the side. The incoming claw struck the ground where he had previously stood, shaking the earth and mountains.

In an instant, the earth was split open as rocks weighing hundreds of kilograms were sent hurtling into the air—this beast king was incomparably powerful.


Chu Feng had not found a stable footing before a blinding sword light appeared, blocking his escape. It was a young lady, clad in radiant armor and carrying a silver sword which stabbed swiftly towards Chu Feng.

This lady was also an expert with three severed shackles, just like Ovidius.


Chu Feng utilized his scarlet flying knife and blocked the potentially fatal strike. If he was not well versed in the spiritual arts, he would probably be stained in fresh blood, unable to block that final strike.


However, there were even more troops here than expected. Other beast kings appeared in succession amidst flying sands and stones, rushing in for the kill.

Chu Feng loudly roared, utilizing his Demon Ox Sonic Attack to shock the group of assailants. And at the same time, he circulated his special breathing technique to boost the sonic waves and assail their spirits.

Wielding the diamond chakram, the black dagger, and the bright red flying knife, he pushed back a beast king and blocked other fatal incoming attacks as he turned and fled into the valley.

The road towards the East had been locked down and was inaccessible.

"Where do you think you’re going?!"

With Ovidius on the lead, the people chased after him, all of them emanating powerful king level pressure. They cracked the earth with their supersonic stampede.


The air exploded thunderously and shook the whole misty zone.

Chu Feng shot through the valley and returned to Greece, running frantically and avoiding direct confrontation. He was not in good condition; although it was not as bad as the two oxen, his mind had been dulled to a certain extent.

He was in the process of evolution and the changes to his body were still ongoing. This was not a suitable period to do battle.

Moreover, his assailants were a group of king level entities. If he really did meet them head-on, he would no doubt be in a perilous situation; after all, the weakest among them had already broken two shackles.


Chu Feng passed by the hiding place of the two oxen and dashed towards the distance, cracking the earth and kicking up gales that swept rocks and plants along with it.

The pursuers were similarly rushing forth at supersonic speeds or even faster, and the gap was slowly growing smaller.

Yellow Ox and the black yak were astonished as their eyes went wide. They wanted to rush into the battle that instant, but they had made a promise to Chu Feng not to reveal themselves. If there were people chasing him, that was an opportunity for the duo to run towards the East and seek reinforcements.

One had to know that Mount Kunlun was the dwelling of various experts.

With the two oxen in their current condition; their bodies burning, drowsy and their senses dulled, they were completely unsuited for combat. If they charged in, they would only be throwing their lives away. Having eaten two flower buds, the magnitude of their side-effects was greater than Chu Feng’s.

At this moment, their eyes were red; a sense of discomfort permeated their hearts—they were not cold-hearted beasts. Thus, upon seeing their brethren in danger of being chased down by the group of enemies, the two trembled in rage.


Finally, the two dashed into the mist and through the valley, towards the East.

"Chu Feng, brother, you have to survive. We will return with reinforcements!" the black yak roared.

"Schiller, just you wait!" Yellow Ox cried. Although they were lethargic and drowsy, they ran frantically with all the strength they could muster. They ran across the great plains of Xinjiang towards Mount Kunlun.

Unfortunately, the distance was too great, and Kunlun remained fairly distant.

The two oxen were burning with the sense of urgency. They wished they could instantly vanquish a flying beast for faster travel.

However, this was not Mount Kulun—flying beasts were not a common occurrence here. Even if they did see one, it was not easy to approach it.

"Chu Feng, you must survive!"

The two oxen were almost mad as they ran till they almost burned out; their muscles spasmed and their blood boiled.

At this moment, Chu Feng was in big trouble. He had eight king level experts hot on his tail; even if he was in his peak condition, he wasn’t their match. He was still on the level of one severed shackle after all.

How could he resist them?

He had the diamond chakram and he could use it to kill one of this enemies in an instant.

However, the moment he stopped running, even for a split second, his demise would already be a given.

"Brother Chu, don’t run. Let’s discuss this over," Ovidius shouted from behind. A mocking smile drawn across his face; his golden hair blazing behind him like flames in the wind.

Chu Feng did not mind him at all; it was true that one could not judge a book by its cover. During his arrival at the Vatican, this man had taken them around the city and introduced them to the various places. He was such a passionate and amiable man.

Who would’ve thought that he was Schiller’s right-hand man, now bent on killing Chu Feng?

Without a doubt, the moment Chu Feng stopped or even paused, Ovidius would come forth, swinging his radiant greatsword.

Chu Feng frantically ran—there were no weaklings in the group of kings behind him. They were fast and strong, having broken many shackles.

A giant white bear, the size of a small mountain, jumped up and smashed down towards him.

Its speed was extremely frightening; like an avalanche, the attack covered the earth and sky, almost drowning him under the attack.

Chu Feng had no choice but to change directions; Ovidius took advantage of this split second to leave a bloody wound on his back, lacerating his skin to the point where even his bones were almost visible.

"If you don’t kill me today, you will pay a bitter price!"

Chu Feng fled through mountains and forests. He was more familiar with the mountainous terrain than his pursuers since he had just recently come from the mountains.

"You still want to survive? Schiller wants you dead; the Black Dragon and the Arctic King are out for blood. Yet, you’re still deluded about remaining on the surface of this earth. What a joke!" One of the beasts laughed.

"Where’s Chilin? Why isn’t he here yet? If he had joined us and given chase from the air, we would’ve caught this eastern brat long ago!" another beast king complained.

"Dear Chu, as long as you stop running. You still have some chance at survival; we will protect you since we’re of the same race."

The blonde lady giggled—she was very young and possessed great liveliness. Her facial features were delicate and her skin was as fair as porcelain. Her golden hair danced in the wind as she maneuvered with lithe movements as she chased after Chu Feng with a silver sword in her hand.

"Qiao Na, Chu Feng is a coward; he doesn’t trust us. Let’s just force him to stay." Ovidius laughed.

"What Demon King Chu, he doesn’t even have the courage to fight in a head-on battle with us. He still dares to cause a ruckus in the West? Too weak!" a black earth dragon roared.

He was the Black Dragon’s subordinate and was fairly powerful.

Chu Feng ignored all their taunts—he had only one motive and that was to run! To survive!

As long as he lived, there was hope.


Finally, Chu Feng dived into the sea.

"That’s bad, don’t let him escape!" Ovidius’s expression changed.

"Who has good affinity with water? We have to kill him right here!" Qiao Na wore a suit of radiant armor and appeared stately and cool. Her beautiful face and cold eyes were stained with murderous intent and no longer possessed that amiable smile from before.

"I’ll go!" The White Bear jumped into the sea with a plop.

"Let’s all go together, we can’t let him escape. It’s easy for accidents to happen with the White Bear alone." Despite all of them being rather unfamiliar with underwater travel, they were king level entities that could move quickly under the water.

Naturally, they were much slower in the water.

Schiller, the Black Dragon, and the Arctic King had sent their most trusted aides—a total of eight experts were hunting him down, causing a huge stir in the Mediterranean Sea.

They were not afraid of the appearance of sea beasts—with so many king level entities grouped together, what was there to fear?

Additionally, they also knew that the Mediterranean Sea was not home to any terrifying sea beasts.

"Demon King Chu, is this all you’ve got? You only know how to run; truly a disappointment.

"With this level of ability, you dare to call yourself a demon king?!" the black earth dragon roared!

"Chu, don’t be scared, we’re here." Ovidius was also transmitting his voice as he chased Chu Feng through the Mediterranean Sea.


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded in front of them. There were two large sea beasts locked in an intense battle, and the resultant waves shot towards the skies.

"Oh god, what kind of beasts are those?!" Qiao Na screamed.

The water waves were too powerful, comparable to a tsunami.

They could vaguely make out a black beast, thousands of meters long, jump above the water surface.

"That’s a king level whale. How could it appear here? I thought there were no more such lifeforms within the Mediterranean Sea," exclaimed Ovidius in surprise.

The powerful suppressive energy being emanated from that beast caused Ovidius’s group to tremble—it was a powerful entity with at least five severed shackles.


Finally, the other beast was defeated by that whale king amidst a shower of blood and fled.

"He escaped towards the whale, should we chase?"

The white bear was nervous. He wanted to chase down Chu Feng, but he was afraid of provoking that powerful sea beast.

However, if they did not give chase, Chu Feng would soon disappear into the vast sea.

"Not good, run!"

Qiao Na cried out in surprise; that whale had opened its huge mouth and was starting to form a dark vortex, drawing everything nearby into its devouring maws.

"Chu Feng has been swallowed?" The eight experts were surprised.

Following that, they turned and fled. They no longer dared to approach this area again.

"Who would’ve thought he would die just like that." Ovidius sighed, shaking his head. "it’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to bring his head back."

In the outside world, the events of the recent days had caused an upheaval.

This battle at the Vatican saw the deaths of countless beast kings, which formed mountains of corpses and bones, shaking the whole world.

This was more terrifying than a grade 20 earthquake; no matter if it was in the East or in the West, this news caused a huge uproar.

With so many king level entities dead, it was as if the sky had been pierced through. Many tribes were boiling over as furious discussions were taking place everywhere—they all wanted to know just what had happened?

All the major corporations were intimidated. Who knew just what had happened within the city? How was it possible to kill so many king level entities in such a short time?

However, no one dared to approach the Vatican to investigate. After all, even a horde of beast kings had died there. There were clear photos of the ghastly scenes circulating on the internet.

"Someone barged into the forbidden area of the Vatican, inciting an earth-shattering tribulation that caused this tragic disaster."

Finally, the Vatican came forth with its official statement.

"I don’t believe this; there must be a conspiracy behind this!"

"Where is the Silvermoon Wolf?!" Someone asked, "Don’t tell me an expert with six severed shackles died in this so-called disaster?"

"The Silvermoon Wolf has fallen, he was decapitated." A photo soon surfaced, shaking the East. Such a top level expert had fallen just like that.

Who would dare to go and investigate this dragon’s pond and tiger’s den? [1]

These days, huge waves surged throughout the East and the West. There was no peace and quiet as this incident impacted too many people across the world.

"Where is Chu Feng, did he die too?" someone asked.

"Dead," a Vatican spokesman replied—they had already received confirmation of Chu Feng’s demise.

"What?! Immortal Chu has passed?!" Many people from the East sighed. Although they had their suspicions, the confirmation still hit them quite hard.

At this moment, many people who were involved with Chu Feng were greatly saddened; they did not want to accept this fact.

"Nonsense, my brethren cannot be dead! Just you wait, I’ll go and seek revenge!" after one day, a huge roar resounded on Mount Kunlun.

After a day of bitter travel, the two oxen had returned to Mount Kunlun. They had finally subdued a giant bird to carry them back to the mountain. The horde of beast kings was all astonished—they encircled the duo and bombarded them with questions.

Because the world had been flipped over and only these two had returned unscathed.

"We have to go and save our brother!" the two oxen shouted; their eyes were red and their tempers short. They were frantic and agitated as they asked the other beast kings for their aid to save Chu Feng.

However, before they could set out, a shocking news was spread throughout the East.

The Black Dragon, the Arctic King and Schiller intended to step into Mount Kunlun to demand them to hand over the two oxen. They announced that the bloody incident within the Vatican had something to do with Chu Feng, Yellow Ox and the black yak.

This astonished everyone.

Two top-level experts with six severed shackles were about to head East on a punitive expedition. Two great experts were set on killing their way into Mount Kunlun.

The world was in a huge uproar. The experts of the East were surprised and furious—just what did these western kings want to do?!

Some were worried and some were gloating. At the very least, many beast races were smiling when they heard of Chu Feng's downfall.

Within Deity Biomedical’s Lin family, Xu Wanyi was extremely happy. She hummed a little tune while sipping on her red wine, feeling extremely at ease.

"I refuse to believe the chief died just like that. He will surely return in one piece; at that time, he will vanquish all these demons and monsters!" Du Huaijin, Ouyang Qing, and the rest refused to believe that Chu Feng had died.

"Immort Chu has died, we should burn some papers offerings," Hu Sheng stopped being silent and started becoming chatty.

Xiong Kun ranted, "Damn fox, can’t I curse him a few times now? He’s likely gone. The Vatican has confirmed it."

"This time it’ll be, indeed, hard for him to escape this calamity," Hu Sheng replied.

"Isn’t this guy always escaping death? He died just like that?" Jiang Luoshen pondered.

Lion Naoi stood beside the East Sea, dialing Chu Feng’s number. However, it really did not go through.


[1] 龍潭虎穴 — Used to describe a dangerous place.
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