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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 168: Causing the World to Tremble

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Chapter 168: Causing the World to Tremble

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Countless corpses lay strewn across the Sacred Medicinal Garden, a shocking sight to behold. People like Chilin King and Ovidius had just returned from the Divine City, and their weapons were stained with dripping blood.

Naturally, the discovered escapees had been dealt with.


Even if the black yak wasn’t completely resigned, there was no other way to go about it. They immediately plucked the flower buds from the tree. If they tarried any longer, they would not make it anymore.

The fiver buds were extremely brilliant—as they were plucked, they emanated auspicious mists and brilliant beams of light suffusing the whole area with soul-penetrating fragrance.


The three immediately disappeared into the earth and fled.

They escaped along their original tunnel. Some places had been blocked by collapsed earth and rocks, but nothing could stop the trio as Chu Feng slashed open the way forward with his flying knife.


They successfully penetrated the boundary and fled in the direction of the Divine City. They were prepared to dig their way out of the Vatican.

However, very soon, they met trouble. The road ahead was blocked by a barrier of divine radiance, emanating vast amounts of energy and effectively barring their escape route.

That was the foundation of the Vatican City; boundless and majestic, it maintained a constant barrier to preserve the integrity of its underground structures.


The three frantically dug deeper and deeper into the ground. However, they found that the underground world of the Vatican was enormous. Many stone tablets were revealed, carved with pictures and words.

"According to these tablets, something is being sealed below us!" Chu Feng was astonished.

The barrier below the Vatican was extremely large and there were stone tablets of warning addressed to the later generations; this caused them to be rather uneasy.

"What do we do? Do we have to escape from the surface?"

The black yak was distressed, but then he decided to distribute the flower buds first. There were five in total; they would each take one for the time being. The brilliant flowers illuminated the dark underground.

There were two left; the black yak was preparing to tear them up and distribute evenly.

"Let it be, take two each. I’ll make do with just one; think of it as compensation for hoarding all the red crystals," said Chu Feng.

"Are you sure?" The black yak was stunned. These little flowers were worth several cities in value, if not more. An additional bud could possibly mean an additional evolution!

No one would decline such an item, even among siblings. Since they had all put in equal effort, it was only fair that they split it evenly.

Yellow Ox knew what Chu Feng needed the red crystals for. His eyes burned passionately, wanting to see if the red crystals could indeed cause those mysterious seeds to sprout.

Finally, Yellow Ox said, "Just split it like that. We both get two each and Chu Feng gets one plus the red crystals. Don’t worry, he won't be losing out in this deal. He might even be able to grow a divine tree later on!"

After hearing that, the black yak duly distributed the flower buds as agreed. After which, he stuffed his share directly into his mouth and swallowed it.

Yellow Ox did the same, chewing on the flower buds before swallowing it. There was no sense in waiting with so many pursuers on their tail; they would lose everything if they got caught and the flowers were taken away.

Chu Feng placed the flower bud in his mouth and felt the fragrance burst out; it was a little bit sweet. His mouth and nostrils were suffused with a gush of misty light and his whole person was enshrouded in a translucent radiance.

He quickly circulated the special breathing technique to absorb the pollen and catalyze his evolution.

Immediately, all three of them were enshrouded by auspicious mists which later returned to their bodies, leaving a curtain of haziness hanging around their bodies as their pores all opened.

Their bodies were visibly expelling some unknown substance which flowed out intensively together with sweat.

Now, the three of them had a tough choice to make; should they hide here in silence and wait for an opportunity? Or should they immediately make their escape?

"Let’s go right away. Didn’t you see that 90% of all beast kings have died? Schiller is simply too ruthless. It will be too dangerous to remain here!" Chu Feng suggested.

Even though they were hiding deep under the ground, they could hear the roars of pain and fury from the surface and understood who the mastermind behind the mass murder was.

We have to take advantage of the absence of those top experts—this could very well be our only chance to escape.

Otherwise, if we wait till Schiller returns with his divine instinct at the level of six severed shackles, he might be able to detect us.

"Then let’s go. We shall make our escape and evolve on the way!" the black yak was also resolute.

Finally, they emerged on the border of the Sacred Medicinal Garden. The scent of blood attacked their nostrils as they saw piles and piles of corpses around them, belonging to no less than a hundred experts. It was truly cruel.

Anyone of these entities possessed power enough to destroy entire cities and counties. These terrifying existences were all murdered in the hundreds.

One could imagine the sensation it would cause in the outside world.

These experts came from all around the world and were influential characters in their own lands. This incident could be considered a tsunami that would sweep through the whole world!

"Run!" Yellow Ox whispered.

Taking advantage of the period in which the cleanup crew had gone into the depths of the garden, they emerged from under the pile of corpses and entered the Divine City. They then proceeded to run frantically.

Naturally, they did not dare to break the sound barrier lest they produce a huge explosion that would alarm those people.

They immediately rushed out of the Divine City and into the primitive mountains. After they had covered a safe distance, they went all out, fleeing at supersonic speeds.

The lands around the Vatican had transformed into vast mountains and forests akin to a prehistoric landscape.

Chu Feng and the two oxen ran as fast as lightning and without pause, causing the air to explode amidst thunderous booms. They were headed towards the airport located about 200 kilometers away.

They could not maintain such speeds for very long; even king level entities were not an exception. After running for 200 kilometers, their bodies began to feel scorched as their blood boiled. Alarmed at the development, they reduced their speed.

At this moment, the energy within the flower buds was being released, continually catalyzing their evolution and completely healing the wounds on their body.

"Eh? My blood has returned to normal. We can run at supersonic speeds again!" the great black yak was pleasantly surprised. The intensive exercise had actually increased their pollen absorption rate and efficiency.

Suddenly, the three halted their steps. Even before raising their speed, they could hear the thunderous explosion and beast roars in the distance.

The trio felt their hair stand on end as they felt the approaching danger. They climbed a tall peak and gazed afar.

From the summit, they could clearly see and hear the ongoing battle; a giant snow white wolf the size of a small hill was in an intense battle, his whole body stained with blood.

"The Silvermoon Wolf!"

The trio were astonished; the wolf king was in a miserable situation. At this moment, he had revealed his true form—one of his bloody hind legs had been severed, and he was roaring in fury and pain.

His opponent was none other than Schiller, who was wielding a radiant greatsword, which, with every strike, surged forth with divine light. The sword attack slashed off the two nearby mountaintops, extremely terrifying.

"Misfortune again!" the black yak’s expression was bitter. They had run all the way out here only to realize that they had been going in the same direction as Schiller and the Silvermoon Wolf. That was a sure way to court death.

Luckily, all three of them had noticed it sooner. If they had utilized their supersonic speeds here and were discovered by Schiller, they would, no doubt, be dead.

"No matter; perhaps it will even be safer. Who would’ve thought we would escape in the same direction as Schiller? We will press on once their battle is concluded," said Chu Feng.

Yellow Ox nodded; it was the most logical course of action.

In the distance, the Silvermoon Wolf had used up all his cards and was still unable to block Schiller.

He had received too great a wound within the Medicinal Garden, losing the use of one of his arms and receiving a huge wound on his chest. Naturally, he was not Schiller’s match.


The Silvermoon Wolf howled. His silver body was as if it was refined from metal and with every strike of his claws, he would crack the mountains and split the earth.

Even missing one limb, he was incomparably nimble as he leapt onto a mountain and assailed Schiller.


The mountain peak was burst open as wolf king’s massive claws swiped down. Unfortunately, Schiller had taken to the air and dashed towards the opposite mountaintop.

The battle between the two experts was increasingly intense.

Although the Silvermoon Wolf was extremely valiant and powerful, he could hardly defy the heavens.

Schiller was like a holy knight, enshrouded in a holy radiance and wielding an incomparably brilliant sword that illuminated the earth and sky. The Silvermoon Wolf received an additional wound on the chest, causing blood to splash out uncontrollably. He had fallen into a perilous state.

"Schiller, you’re intolerably oppressive!" the Silvermoon Wolf howled in fury. Even as a top-level expert with six severed shackles, he had fallen into such dire straits.

With a loud crackle, bolts of lightning appeared in the air and enveloped the Wolf King within, raising his speed by a great margin.


The earth and sky were shaken. Throwing caution to the wind, he charged at Schiller, aiming to wound him severely.

"It’s the end. The tyrant of the Mongolian Plains has met his end under such circumstances." The Black Yak sighed.

The death of experts at this level would cause a huge sensation; it was destined that the world would tremble today.


As Schiller’s blade swung down in all its glory, the Silvermoon Wolf’s gigantic head fell to the ground, sending tremors throughout the area and dying it in red.

A top-level expert had been murdered!

The Silvermoon Wolf was one of the most powerful beast kings of the era, yet today he was beheaded!

Chu Feng and the two oxen felt complex emotions run through their hearts.


The Silvermoon Wolf’s colossal body burst with silvery light, like the explosion of a silver sun. The blast filled the sky with beams of lightning; the largest one among them shot towards Schiller with great momentum.

With a thump, Schiller evaded fatal danger, but the beam went through one of his legs, sending him flying with a muffled groan.

Schiller, having lost a leg, fell miserably to the ground. This was the Silvermoon Wolf’s final retaliation.

Schiller’s body glowed as he adjusted his breathing and recovered. After which, he proceeded to carry the wolf king’s large carcass towards the Vatican.

Chu Feng and the oxen were astonished. One had to know that Schiller had one of his legs severed and it was difficult for him to exert force. Even so, he was able to reach supersonic speeds as he disappeared from within the forest.

"This Schiller is simply too powerful. Even the Silvermoon Wolf was killed and decapitated!" the black yak exclaimed.

"Let's go!"

They left at top speeds, running towards the airport several hundreds of kilometers away.

Meanwhile, within the Sacred Medicinal Garden.

"That’s odd, I thought I saw some flower buds on the sacred tree a while ago. Why is it gone?" Ovidius mumbled. He had previously observed the brightly colored tree from outside its barrier.

"I’ve also seen flower buds on them, although they were quite small. Now there’s none." A lady clad in radiant armor also spoke. She was also a king level expert.

"This is terrible! There must be someone else!" Ovidius was gravely alarmed!

After which, he notified everyone and began to search.

"We’ve found it, there are traces of blood here. And there’s also a hole!" a keen king level expert had found traces of the trio.

"Could it be Chu Feng?!" Chilin King cried involuntarily. He had been constantly looking for that human but was unable to find even his remains.


All the king level entities within the garden were furious as they prepared to give chase.

In the distance, a powerful ripple appeared amidst the diffuse radiance. People like Chilin King and Ovidius couldn’t help but tremble.

Schiller had appeared, carrying the corpse of the wolf king. From far afar, he tossed the Silvermoon Wolf’s corpse, which landed in the garden with a thump.

"Milord!" Ovidius and the others rushed over, trembling, to greet him.

In one dash, Chu Feng’s party ran towards the airport, and after finding out that there was a flight towards Greece, they boarded, using "special methods".

With their king level spiritual energy, they were able to hypnotize normal people with ease.

They were only able to relax after the plane took off.

"That’s odd, the evolution this time around is special. It has not stopped since and my body is still feeling hot right now," Yellow Ox pondered. Moreover, he felt muddle-headed and sleepy.

Chu Feng and the black yak was also in the same state.

Very soon, they had fallen asleep on the plane.

Before long, a piece of news shook the whole world. Mountains of corpses and bones have formed within the Vatican. All the beast kings that went there were dead!

This explosive news spread like wildfire and caused the world to tremble!

Following that, all the airplanes that took off from airports near the Vatican, without exception, had been destroyed.

This, once again, caused a huge sensation. The people all noticed that the aftermath of the Vatican massacre had even affected so many passenger flights.
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