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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 163: Raiding the Sacred Grounds!

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Chapter 163: Raiding the Sacred Grounds!

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The outside world was not tranquil.

First, it was Chu Feng killing two beast kings right off the bat, causing huge waves and heated discussions.

Then came the news of the attempt to break the notorious boundary; everyone was on the edge of their seats!

What kind of place was the Vatican? It was a religious holy land enshrouded in countless legends. News regarding such a famous place definitely grabbed everyone’s attention.

The masses were all paying attention to the developments!

Even the people of the East were not an exception; they were all in heated discussion about this medicinal garden. Just what kind of mysterious divine ancient trees would be growing within? And, once successfully inside, how far would they be able to evolve?

Not to mention the mutants, even the normal civilians were passionate about this. Unfortunately, only the top-class experts were allowed to go to that place.

According to rumors, the various beast kings and major corporations have been greatly excited by the news. They have started moving towards the Vatican in succession, hoping to gain a piece of the pie at the last moment.

People in both the East and the West were all focused on this matter!

"Chu Feng is also there, but with such a large number of king level experts, would he be able to hold out? If he was able to evolve again, just how powerful would he become?"

Some humans were discussing this matter—they were all confident about him.

Within these two days, various reports came in non-stop. All the major newspapers and periodicals were printing news and discussions about the Vatican on the headlines.

It was receiving worldwide attention!

The Vatican, within the medicinal garden.

The beast kings of various affiliations were gathered before the boundary, ready to attack instantly.

There are so many beast kings? Chu Feng was surprised. He had been here for at least two days and had seen a portion of king level entities. However, he never thought there would be so many.

If one simply let his gaze wander over there, one could see the whole Divine City filled with crowds of beast kings.

After the Black Dragon, Schiller and the Arctic King had invited all the beast kings to break through the medicinal garden, the scene outside of the garden became utter chaos. Those who dared to come here were all supreme experts.

They were all living in seclusion within the city, only revealing themselves after hearing that the boundary was about to be broken.

A silver bird spread its wings, surrounded by a gale that kicked up sands and stones alike. A golden giant stepped onto the streets, shaking the Divine City with each step. A violet scaled elephant, as tall as a small hill, came riding upon violet clouds…

Various experts like the Golden Lion King, Chilin and Augustus all made their appearance.

Most of them were in their human forms.

All experts had to listen to the arrangements of the five supreme kings; each of them was designated to attack a different area.

"Everyone, the boundary’s instability is a great chance for all of us. Let us all charge in," said the Black Dragon. He was in the form of a middle-aged man with dense jet-black hair, his eyes glowing with divine radiance.

Some of the warriors present lowered their heads, not daring to meet his eyes.

"Kill!" The Silvermoon Wolf uttered this single word. After which, this gallant man with brilliant silver hair took the initiative to start bombarding the boundary.

The Black Dragon, the Undead Phoenix, Schiller, the Arctic King and the Silvermoon Wolf all took their positions at different parts of the boundary and started their onslaught.


Suddenly, human voices, beast roars and the screech of avians shook the sacred and ancient city—the number of king level entities was too great.

Not to mention their abilities, the mere aura of their attacks caused a huge pressure to descend upon their surroundings. Those below the king level fell weak onto the ground.

This was a battle at the level of kings, all humans and beasts below that level had to retreat out of the city, lest they receive grievous wounds.

From a distance, one could see a dense crowd of experts at the center of the Vatican. All of them were attacking in unison, surging with terrifying energy, as if they were about to tear apart the earth and sky.


The boundary that sealed the sacred medicinal garden was starting to crack. There were even some places that were directly penetrated by the powerful attacking forces.

So many king level experts gathering within a single city was completely unprecedented. Naturally, it was due to the temptation of the sacred medicinal garden.

These experts came from all over the world!

The boundary stood under a halo of divine splendor, like a huge bowl. However, it was now dripping with burning gases, apparently unable to hold on much longer. Under the relentless onslaught of the numerous experts, Its collapse was inevitable.

Some cracks have even appeared on its surface.

"All kings, follow me and charge!"

Schiller loudly roared. At this moment, he was nothing like an old man. Glaring lights emanated from his body, akin to a god of war. His twisted hair was puffed up as he swung his greatsword at the boundary.

At this moment, the experts present were all able to witness the terrifying power of those who had severed six shackles. His greatsword glowed with resplendent lights comparable to a supernova. With a pfff, it cleaved open the boundary, which burst forth with divine lights, a frightening sight to behold.

In a distance, Chu Feng drew a cold breath, this was the realm of those top experts. They were really too powerful, much more so than the other beast kings.

One sword strike from Schiller was more powerful than a group of king level entities attacking in unison!

Even with so many people attacking in tandem, the boundary remained unharmed. However, with a single strike, he had cleaved through the boundary. What astonishing strength!

"Attack!" Schiller shouted. He needed the cooperation of the other beast kings because the opening he had torn was starting to heal, with divine splendor pouring out from the wound.


From behind, a group of king level entities roared in unison as they attacked. There were black claws, golden fists, sharp spears, etc. All of them charged in unison.


Their portion of the boundary directly shattered. With Schiller taking the lead, the masses worked together to blast it apart!

A group of experts rushed in!

At almost the same time, another segment of the boundary shattered, rocking the whole area as it disintegrated.

The various experts all crowded in like a horde of bees.

Within a short moment, the boundary would be unable to reconstruct itself. This was a chance for everyone; their eyes all red with greed—they had finally killed their way inside!

Last time, only a portion of them were able to charge in, causing them to suffer grievous losses. This time, they were all on guard as they rushed towards some ancient trees. They could not waste this opportunity no matter what.

Only after actually entering did they realize that the interior was extremely spacious. It was like Mount Sumeru in a mustard seed [1], vast and mysterious.

Chu Feng, Yellow Ox and the great black yak stood together and rushed towards a certain direction. Fortune was already laid out before them, now it all depended on individual abilities.


In front of them, a long spear extracted itself from the ground. Initially, it was dark in color, and it even had patches of rust on it. However, with the increasing number of kings charging in, it started to emit bright lights.

"Work together to suppress it. Even if it used to be the weapon of a holy knight, we can’t back down with all those divine fruits up ahead!" A person shouted.

A king level expert made his move, and a mysterious energy gushed out. It struck towards the spear like the rolling tides.


Suddenly, the spear flashed with blinding light, and like a bolt of golden lightning, it came flying towards the king level expert and tore through him. King level blood sprayed everywhere.


That person screamed, his hair all stained with fresh blood, and his face grimacing in agony. He was struggling to retreat, but that spear was too terrifying. With a light shake and a thud, the man was torn asunder.

The various beast kings were stunned. Was the result going to be like last time? One had to know that the beast king horde this time was larger in number. Even with so many experts working together, were they still unable to suppress these ancient weapons?

Chu Feng glanced at Yellow Ox; he wanted to know just what kind of weapon it was. It was quite alarming to see a king level expert torn asunder within a few simple exchanges.

"This spear contains traces of an ancient seal within and that is supporting the weapons killing intent!" Yellow Ox informed solemnly.

Within the whole medicinal garden, there was about six or seven of these weapons, flying and dancing in the air in every direction. With every attack, king level blood would be spilled—it was hard to defend against them.

"These are the defining weapons of the Holy See during its glory years. How did they all end up here?" A human shakily exclaimed. He was a westerner and was thus familiar with such history.

The legendary weapons of the Holy See were all sanctified equipment, extremely terrifying. Any one of them were peerless in might—who would’ve thought they were hidden within the medicinal garden?

"Schiller, the Black Dragon has made his move. He actually wants to vanquish one of the weapons of the Holy See!" Someone exclaimed.

Indeed, apart from them, the Undead Phoenix and the Silvermoon wolf were also attacking those weapons and suppressing them together in unison.

"I wonder if we can vanquish one too?!" the great black yak was almost drooling.

"Don’t even think about it. Even those with six severed shackles will have to struggle despite the support of the beast king horde," said Yellow Ox.

At this moment, the pressure on the other experts lessened as the five top experts, with the aid of their helpers, each held down an ancient weapon.


The other saw this as an opportunity; they avoided the hot battles and made for the depths of the garden. Their targets were those divine fruits and pollen. Who would be willing to let go of such a good opportunity?

Last time, the path was blocked by those weapons and had to retreat in misery. Today, they finally had the chance to charge in!

Nonetheless, flowers of blood still blossomed. Despite the top experts raining down attacks on the ancient weapons, it was not easy to suppress the ancient weapons of the Holy See that were suffused with murderous intent.

The lightning-fast spear and the rusted greatsword would occasionally break free and whenever they did, they would take a handful of lives.

A large group of people was blocked, suffering heavy casualties. Some of the lucky ones got past and were progressing towards their target.

Chu Feng and the two oxen made their way into the garden. Their eyes were shining with desire, fixated on the ancient trees.


Suddenly, the agonizing roar of a beast resounded. It had been cut in half and very soon it was disintegrated.

What sort of situation was this? The ones who rushed inside were alarmed. Hadn’t they just avoided those ancient weapons?

"The life forms growing from the ancient tree roots… they’ve revived!" Someone screamed.

Not far away, the culprit could be seen—it was an ancient tree. From deep within the earth, a snow white palm had emerged, grasping a luminous sword.

This area is also extremely dangerous. There were living beings in the earth that were connected to those ancient trees.


Chu Feng’s group also came under attack. However, he immediately produced the scarlet flying knife which blocked the luminous sword. Their exchange caused large amounts of mysterious light energy to flood out.

The beings underground could not move very well, but they were powerful living beings that could take part in battle.


The most terrifying was the half-buried lady, emanating an aura of powerful suppression. Her snow white back actually started growing a pair of pristine wings and the ground in which she was trapped started vibrating as if she was escaping her confinement.

"It's an angel. Just what kind of being was grown from the earth?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

The other beast kings were also shaken. Could it be that the existences buried beneath this soil were all beings like angels?

"I don’t care what you are. Kill!" Being beast kings, none of them were timid. After being stunned for a short period, they all started shouting and proceeded to attack those beings.

One had to say that even though the angels had not fully grown and were still surrounded by tree roots, they were still extremely dangerous. They were able to extend their arms which contained terrifying destructive powers.

Within the sacred medicinal garden, every step was met with danger. However, faced with such great rewards, they had to try their luck even if they risked throwing their lives away.

Within the garden, fresh blood blossomed, splashing everywhere. Some were attacked and even lost their lives beneath the divine ancient trees. The garden was painted with the terrifying red color of king level blood.

The great black yak cursed. On his arm was a gaping wound; he had narrowly escaped losing an arm.

Chu Feng, Yellow Ox and the black yak finally got through this frightening area and were approaching the grove of divine trees.

"Oh god, I feel like I’m about to levitate and obtain ascension, ha, ha…" Some people were laughing excitedly.

A small portion of the king level entities had arrived. They stood there amidst the flowing lights of the medicinal garden, stunned by the sight before them. There were ancient trees bearing fruits and flowers, incomparably radiant.

The trio also arrived there and although they had received bloody wounds, they did not feel the pain, only joy, and excitement.

They felt extremely relaxed within this medicinal garden; all their pores opened up allowing the medicinal fragrance to seep into the flesh and blood. Their bodies felt light and agile, almost floating.

"Ha, ha…" The great black yak laughed heartily; he was excited.

Chu Feng and Yellow Ox were also in high spirits; they immediately made their move, rushing up the ancient trees where bright flowers and sparkling fruits hung.


A cold snort came through, which full of murderous intent.

A group of people were approaching the area at this moment. It was led by a tall and straight young man whose hair burned like golden flames and eyes that overflowed with golden light. His whole person was like a burning sun god!

The Golden Lion King had arrived!

There were several people in his entourage, including the Panther King and the Dhole King. These two coldly laughed, their eyes focused on Chu Feng’s party.


Another cold snort was heard as the tall silhouette of a person appeared in the distance. His long scarlet hair draped across his shoulders and his face as fair and bright as jade, emanating a mighty aura. The Chilin King had arrived!

Originally, there was a wound on his body, left behind by the rusty greatsword during the last assault on the medicinal garden. It did not readily heal until later on when the Black Dragon lent a hand, forcing out the divine energy from within the wound.

The Black Dragon looked out for him, both being dragons.

At this moment, the Chilin King’s body was emitting profuse killing intent. With his scarlet hair swaying in the wind, a cold smile appeared on his handsome face.

The trio frowned, knowing that they were in trouble.

Chu Feng calmly saidm "Opportunities never knocks twice. This is not the time to settle our differences; pick the divine fruits first and then we will fight outside!"

It was too dangerous here. No one knows when and where accidents would happen.

The Chilin King did not say anything. However, the Panther King and the Dhole King on the other side coldly laughed.

"You still want to reap profits? Do you think there is a place for you here?!"

The two started taunting Chu Feng; their lackeys chiming in with unbridled laughter.

Chu Feng’s resplendent eyes focused on the Dhole King and the Panther King, causing them to involuntarily stop speaking.

The Golden Lion King stepped forward, his golden hair swaying behind him. His whole body started glowing with an intimidating light, akin to a bright sun.

"Everyone, scram!"

The Golden Lion King commanded, his voice cold and tyrannical. He glared at Chu Feng and the two oxen, intent on driving them away.


A scarlet flying knife tore through the air, emanating dense murderous intent!

Chu Feng’s eyes were cold as he stared fearlessly at the Golden Lion King. Since the enemy wanted to fight so badly, he would kill him without hesitation.


[1] There’s a part about bodhisattvas hiding Mount Meru in a mustard seed in some Buddhist Sutras. I was not able to find detailed references. It is used to describe containing/hiding something big within something small.
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