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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 160: The Blood-stained Vatican

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Chapter 160: The Blood-stained Vatican

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This particular warplane was outfitted with the most recent technology; it had the interior space comparable to most airliners complete with showers, meeting rooms, etc. Additionally, it also possessed the tyrannical firepower of a warplane and was outfitted with several types of missiles.

The cabin crew all knew Chinese and were even more fluent than most Easterners.

"King Chu, according to your request, we have brought all the data the military has on the Chilin King," said the blonde middle-aged man.

He was an army officer but had personally accompanied Chu Feng on his journey to the Vatican. It was as if he was sending off a god of pestilence.

Chu Feng took the reports and read them thoroughly, observing his martial accomplishments and advancement levels.

"He had already severed his fourth shackle?!" The great black yak was surprised. He stared at the confidential report sitting on the desk; it had exceeded his expectations.

One had to know that the black yak had only severed three shackles.

"Chilin had only severed his fourth shackle very recently; there is no way for him to advance in levels for a while!" Chu Feng was focused on the report.

"No wonder Chilin was so disdainful every time Chu Feng was brought up. He is indeed quite terrifying," Yellow Ox exclaimed.

With his large eyes and prominent nose, he was just like a doll, yet his little face was unusually tense as he sat there tapping on the table with his fingers.

The Chilin King was definitely a cruel and frightening character, not an existence that any normal beast king could be compared to.

Not long afterward, news of Chu Feng leaving Greece and that he was headed for the Vatican had spread to the outside world.

The whole Western World was shaken.

Countless people felt their hearts beat faster as a sense of nervousness swept over them.

A huge tempest was imminent!

People noticed that the moment Chu Feng faced off against the Chilin King, there would be a huge life and death battle.

Very quickly, this upcoming battle had started to receive worldwide attention!

No matter if it was the East or the West, everyone was paying attention. They were all waiting for the great battle!

Before the great change, it took only a short flight to reach Vatican from Greece. However, with the appearance of folded space, it took exactly one day and night.

The plane landed over 50 kilometers away from Vatican City; they did not dare to go too near, lest they were targeted by the avian beast kings.

Nowadays, Vatican was a demonic location dyed red in blood. Too many humans and beasts have died there, including several king level entities!

Chu Feng, the great black yak and Yellow Ox got off and walked the remaining distance towards their target.

This whole area was different from before; a lot of human populations were surrounded by dense forests and folded spaces.

One had to know that this used to be one of Europe’s most flourishing zones.

The closer they got to Vatican, the denser the primordial forests became. It was as if they had come to another world.

50 kilometers was nothing to the trio; it was a distance which they very quickly covered.

The original Vatican was a very small place, not even 1 square kilometers!

However, its position was extremely high. It was the holy land of a whole religion, the center of belief for one-sixth of the world’s population.

Although it was small, it was full of religious power.

But today, most of the modern buildings had collapsed, turning the whole area into a wasteland.

The whole city had undergone drastic changes!

The city, which used to be less than a square kilometer in area, was now enlarged god knows how many times. It stretched as far as the eye could see.

At the same time, beyond the rubble of the modern buildings, several tall ancient buildings had appeared out of nowhere!

These things all suddenly happened, a truly mysterious development.

Vatican was now like a small world on its own!

Ancient, mottled castles and majestic cathedrals filled the land—no one knew when they were built, but they carried the dignity and vicissitudes of history.

These ancient structures had replaced the ones that originally stood; these incomparably old buildings had accumulated the powers of time, suffused with holy splendor.

Chu Feng, the black yak and Yellow Ox did not dare to believe their eyes. The Vatican before them was completely different and unrecognizable.

It was as if they had arrived in a mythological era—an era of vast, majestic and dignified structures. The tiles were all shining with a dark golden luster, truly splendorous.

Continuous chants, prayers, and hymns could be heard from within these old buildings accompanied by intermittent flashes of resplendent light that would shoot upwards and pierce through the clouds. It was like the sacrificial ceremonies during ancient times.

The trio looked at each other, their minds reeling.

This location used to be Vatican, but it had been completely replaced by an ancient holy city.

Its ancient lands were vast, and its layout was designed according to ancient religions; it was a style that could be traced back several thousand years.

"An ancient city had been uprooted and made to replace Vatican City!" Chu Feng sighed.

They found a high ground from which they could observe the whole city and saw a glowing zone from which dense spiritual vitality was flowing out like a spring.

"The sacred medicinal garden!"

They all nodded in unison; the medicinal garden of the Vatican was at the heart of the ancient city. There was a sealing boundary protecting the pristine plant life within.

In order to approach the medicinal garden, one had to first enter this ancient city.

Within a magnificent castle inside the ancient city, a heroic man sat on a stone chair, his eyes overflowing with divine light.

He was, in fact, the Chilin King. He had evolved from a fire lizard to a Western Dragon. This was a qualitative transformation which could be termed an advanced evolution.

The Chilin King was wounded, his fiery hair dyed with blood. A gruesome wound extended from his shoulder down to his abdomen, glowing with a mysterious light that prevented the wound from ever healing.

"The sacred sword of the Holy See [1] sure is powerful, it actually possessed such destructive powers!" the Chilin King muttered to himself, his eyes glowing with resplendent light.

"Your majesty, Chu Feng has probably arrived," a person cautiously entered the castle and gave his report.

"He came at such a bad time. I’ve been badly wounded, and the sacred medicinal garden is just about to open," the Chilin King complained.

Within the ancient city, the beast races were ever vigilant and on guard—not just anyone could enter.

Countless king level entities had visited the ancient city, each occupying their own ancient castles and temples.

They had set down a rule since much earlier: outsiders without sufficient strength were not allowed to enter.

Chu Feng wanted to enter the sacred city.

"Halt! Who are you?" A black wolf in front of the city gates asked. Its huge body was several meters tall and, while revealing its white teeth, looked extremely terrifying.

It shouted out in English and although it was not a beast king, it had the power to intimidate people here.

"Chu Feng!"

Chu Feng stood before the gates and announced his name. Even though his English was rather lousy, he was able to communicate.

"What?! You’re that Demon King Chu?" The black wolf stood up, shocked. He could no longer stay calm as all his hairs stood on end.

Naturally, he had received quite a fright; he turned and ran as fast as he could.

Not long afterward, two people emerged from within the city, followed up an entourage of beast race experts. Obviously, the two leaders were beast kings.

"Oh, King Chu of the East, you have finally arrived. We greatly admire your strength and courage; it was probably not easy to have come all the way to the West."

This was a young man with blonde hair, fair skin, and dark blue eyes, a typical Western man.

However, Chu Feng knew that he wasn’t. This was definitely a powerful beast king; he had a distinct aura of power about him.

"Dear Chu, please come this way. We have arranged lodgings for you. You can discuss the differences between you and the Chilin King later on. You should rest for now."

The blonde youth laughed as he introduced himself with a polite gesture. This youth who always wore a warm smile was called Andre.

There was a person beside Andre, standing shoulder to shoulder with him. That man appeared cold—every strand of his light golden hair was stiff and sharp. He merely nodded at Chu Feng. Naturally, he was also a beast king; his name was Homan.

"This way please," Andre smiled, cordial and brilliant.

Chu Feng expressed his thanks and followed them into the city. Walking along the limestone streets of this ancient city, one could see the marks left behind by the passage of time and the majestic thousand-year-old buildings.

Among them, many were ancient castles and temples. They were all glowing with a divine radiance.

Finally, they stopped at an extremely tall chapel; there were divine lights showering down from above, and the dense auspiciousness hung perpetually in the air.

Andre said with a laugh, "Dear Chu, welcome to the divine city. I think these majestic halls will live up to your great identity. Rest for a while here. At night, I will arrange a welcome banquet for you all. At that time, quite a few kings will be present."

Then, after a parting hug, Andre left along with the whole group of people.

"What a passionate group. But even after all that, we still don’t know which race that beast king belonged to," the black yak mumbled, looking at the disappearing silhouette of their hosts.

After they had gone a fair distance, Andre’s radiant smile abruptly disappeared. "Three idiots! What makes them think they can easily establish themselves in the Vatican?!"

Homan and the rest of the entourage also heartily laughed. They all congratulated Andre in successfully sending Chu Feng to his demise so easily.

"The so-called King Chu is merely that. He was so easily delivered into the mouth of the Undead Phoenix. How disappointing!" Homan was also coldly laughing.

When he mentioned the Undead Phoenix, all the other beasts felt a shiver run down their backs. Because this was an avian beast king that had severed six shackles, an apex existence.

At this time, there were only a handful of beast kings who had been able to break six shackles. When one reached such a realm, he would possess astonishing powers, allowing him to look down on all other beast kings.

The Undead Phoenix liked to feast on other experts. That was his rule; so long as someone sets foot within his area, he would be hunted down.

At this time, Andre’s golden hair was spread out behind him. His previously passionate smile had disappeared and was replaced by a cold demeanor. He said: "Oh, I had originally wanted to kill him myself; a beast king with only one severed shackle dares come to the Vatican. But, I never imagined he would be so dumb. Such a small mischief was enough to send him to his death. Truly boring."

His expression was one of ridicule; he did not care the least about the trio’s survival.

"It was definitely lacking in delight. We should’ve killed him ourselves." Homan shook his head. Being a beast king with three severed shackles, he was rather conceited.

Behind the two, the group of beast race experts chimed in, making fun of Chu Feng and his party. They had just arrived in the West, yet they had already forfeited their lives.

"Could it be that the Eastern beast kings are all so weak? I think we should go and invade the East after the Vatican war draws to a close." Andre laughed.

"Oh, that’s really not a bad idea." Homan nodded.

At this time, three people walked out of the street corner in front of them. It was indeed Chu Feng and company.

"You two sure look happy." A cold smile was drawn across Chu Feng’s face.

Andre and Homan froze. Immediately, they released a terrifying king level suppressive force and revealed their unconcealed murderous intent.

"Not bad, at least you guys are not stupid. Then we should personally send you off. With just your low-level strength, you dare to act unrestrained in the West?!" Andre coldly laughed.

Although Chu Feng appeared calm, he was furious inside—this blonde man dared to trick them. Even though he had deduced their intentions much earlier, he felt angry at their arrogant and conceited attitude.

"Didn’t you two feel that the Eastern beast kings are too weak? Today, I’ll allow you all to see for yourselves!" Chu Feng roared.

The black yak and Yellow Ox stood to the side, ready to restrain the two beast kings should they attempt to escape.

"You’re just a low-grade king and yet you want to challenge us?! Come on!" Homan replied, his countenance cruel and malicious.

However, he was extremely cautious and constantly circulated all the mysterious energy within his body. He wanted to kill Chu Feng and make the Chilin King owe him a favor.

As for Andre, his blonde hair started dancing in the wind, ready for battle. He actively attacked, dashing towards Chu Feng frantically, with a malevolent expression.

"I’m too lazy to waste time on you!"

Chu Feng roared and threw out the diamond chakram that he was wearing. With a huge boom, the weapon flew out at supersonic speeds. It tore through the air, producing thunderous sounds akin to heavenly lightning.

The Chakram, in this state, was tens of thousands of kilograms in weight. Thrown at such speed, it was truly terrifying.


Andre’s body was torn asunder as fresh blood sprayed out in all directions. His upper body fell to the ground, screaming. "Ah…"

His pained voice shook the whole divine city with its misery.

After the diamond chakram penetrated his body, it did not lose its momentum. With a huge boom, it proceeded to strike Homan, shattering his thorax and splashing the vicinity with blood.

"Ah…" Homan’s miserable cries reverberated within the Vatican.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_See
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