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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 159: Assembly of Myriad Gods

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Chapter 159: Assembly of Myriad Gods

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Mount Olympus, the lofty and majestic mountain range.

Chu Feng, the black yak, and Yellow Ox had not left. They were staring at the mountainous path that led up the mountain with bloodshot eyes. They really wanted to climb higher, but the path ahead was sealed by a powerful mist.

This mountain range used to be termed the center of Europe. It was the focus of countless myths and legends, sacrifices and prostrated worship!

The trio walked around the gigantic mountain range and gained more information from the local beasts. They became greatly excited, so much that they felt like giving up on going to the Vatican.

To date, there had been no beast king capable of reaching the peak of Mount Olympus. Just how many divine flowers, pollen and fruits would there be at that place?!

It was so difficult to climb the mountain that there were few who had ever made it past the middle.

Their guide, the lynx, was terrified. Its sleek fur all stood on end and trembling; it said, "Three masters, please forgive my weakness. The summit is the holy land of the gods, I do not dare to approach."

According to the lynx, there had been previous instances of beast kings trying to climb the mountain. Without exception, they all died or went missing.

Beyond the midpoint, the ground was soaked with king level blood. To this day, the earth remained a vivid red color, an alarming sight to behold. This served as a warning to all who wanted to follow in the path of the fallen.

At the same time, the fact that existences as powerful as the Qilin King could only make their home at the base of the mountain said something about the dangers that awaited those who wanted to climb Mount Olympus.

"Very well, you may leave." Chu Feng waved his hand; he did not want to make it difficult for the little beast.

"Meow!" The lynx was relieved and excused himself with due haste as if he had just received a great amnesty.


The black yak drew the purple blade on his back and Chu Feng also readied his dagger, prepared to climb the mountain.

The trio moved with extreme speed. Even Yellow Ox’s child form was as agile as an ape. His golden hair trailed behind him as he dashed up the mountain, stepping onto the giant rocks and ancient trees. Very soon, they had reached the midpoint of the mountain.

The primary peak of Mount Olympus was enshrouded in clouds and mist, and the area above the midpoint was a boundless sea of clouds in every direction. According to ancient records, the main peak was the home of the gods!

"I refuse to believe that deities such as the sun god, the war god still exist in this world. Even if they did exist during an ancient era, they should be decayed remnants by this day and age," the black yak exclaimed. He made sure to emphasize that he only believed in evolution and not in deities.

The main peak was extremely vast. The mountain was brown in color with less and less vegetation towards the peak. However, the few trees that did exist were all ancient trees, verdant and glistening with dew, surrounded by astonishing spiritual vitality.

Chu Feng felt palpitations as he gripped the black dagger tightly. This place gave him a grave sense of danger, even though they had only just passed the midpoint threshold.

"This place is dangerous!" Yellow Ox warned them. There were many traces of blood on the ground. Even though the beast king blood had dried out, it gave the beholder a sense of alarm.

More than one beast king had come past here; there was virtually no one who did not want to enter this assembly ground of the gods.


Suddenly, the sound of thunder was heard accompanied by flashes of lightning. The scene was terrifying.

It was too sudden. One had to know that all the surrounding skies were blue and clear; only this peak was covered in misty clouds, emitting thunderous sounds.

"I think it will be very difficult to fight our way to the top." Chu Feng’s expression was serious. His divine instinct was sensing great danger and all his hair were standing on end.

Even with their combined efforts, it would be extremely dangerous.

In truth, Mount Olympus was even more dangerous than they had expected. The next moment, lightning struck down. The bolt was extremely thick, carrying with it a great destructive power.

The three evaded just before the lightning struck, moving several hundred meters sideways.


Behind them, the ground exploded. The glow of lightning suffused the air midway up the mountain. It was resplendent and mesmerizing, despite stones and debris flying everywhere.

"Don’t tell me that old fogey Zeus still alive?" The great black yak was upset.

According to legend, Zeus’s weapon of choice was a lightning bolt. And today, they had encountered a bombardment of lightning on their way up the mountain, so it was easy to come to that conclusion.

Chu Feng retrieved an ancient spear from the huge bag on his back and threw it out with a swoosh. Th spear inserted itself into a higher point on the mountain.


Just as expected, as another bolt of lightning descended, it was attracted by the spear. The electricity flowed through it, sending sparks flying everywhere.

"This doesn’t look good. Retreat!" the black yak shouted.

An incredible aura of danger diffused around the summit. This caused them to be greatly unsettled. They felt something or someone rushing through this sea of lightning towards them.


The three had just stepped out when their former location was shattered explosively. The earth fragmented and cracked open as the glow of arcing electricity suffused the whole area.

The huge rocks melted and the ancient trees turned to ash.

When the powerful electric currents burst forth, they were incomparably resplendent and terrifying.

"That was a whip?!" Even Yellow Ox was surprised and felt his scalp go numb. Could it be that there was actually a living entity at the summit?

This whip was capable of killing a beast king; its destructive power was incredible.


Chu Feng made his move—the scarlet flying knife drew a prismatic arc in the air as it slashed forward.


Sparks flew in every direction as the sound of vibrating metal resounded. One segment of the whip was cut off, but it remained largely unaffected.


The black whip carried with it a powerful glow of crackling electricity, kicking up gales in whichever direction it swung. It seemed that the entity at the summit of Mount Olympus was greatly annoyed by the intruders and launched a continuous assault.


The great black yak shouted; he did not want to keep on fighting. He felt that their assailant was an extremely terrifying existence, an existence they could not go up against.

The three retreated in a flash, changing directions and evading the incoming attacks. Behind them, the mountainous ground was fissured and punctured under the onslaught of the jet black whip. Its attacks channeled the power of lightning.

"Just how long is that whip?! From the summit to where we were attacked, there is at least a distance of 1200 meters. He can actually control such a long whip to attack so easily." The great black yak was greatly shocked.

At this moment, they had already rushed down the mountain after some ten odd whip blows.

One could visibly see that the jet black whip carried the power of lightning. It was so powerful that a cliff was completely destroyed by a single strike from this whip; it was unstoppable.

"This isn’t a metallic whip; it's part of the body of a lifeform!" Yellow Ox explained.

They stopped to rest when they reached the base of the mountain. The jet black whip had also stopped chasing them; instead, it gradually retreated.

"A vine!" Chu Feng exclaimed. He saw a leaf on the black whip far away—it also possessed a sable glow and carried powers of lightning.

"Zeus is a vine king?!" The great black yak was both surprised and furious.

They did not know what kind of entity Zeus had evolved from during ancient times, but the one on the summit of Mount Olympus now was definitely a vine.

The three were shaken!

They discussed whether they should fight their way up. In the end, they decided that it was too difficult; even if the three of them worked together, it wouldn’t be easy to reach the summit. That vine was simply too powerful.

"It is probably on the same level as the Peacock King—at least with six shackles severed! It is one of the apex existences of this era," said Yellow Ox.

To date, an existence that had severed seven shackles had yet to appear.

"Let’s try again, isn’t it just a vine? If push comes to shove, we can just burn down the whole mountain!" The great black yak was dissatisfied with the previous battle.

"Don’t act rashly, a beast king at this level won’t be afraid of fire!" Yellow Ox shook his head.

The three were unreconciled, but this was Mount Olympus, home of gods. It didn’t take a genius to know that there would probably be ancient trees and fruits at the summit.


Finally, the three decided to continue their assault. This time, they split up and approached the vine from three different directions, hoping to sneak up the mountain.

However, they had only just passed the midpoint when they were once again hunted down by the black vines. They descended with thunderous momentum carrying great destructive power.


This time, the chase was even more intense; three black vines chased them all the way down to the base of the mountain and kept on attacking them. Most of the lesser hills nearby were reduced to rubble.

The three were also in a miserable state, their faces ashen and their clothes torn. There were lightning marks on their body as they constantly retreated; their plan to charge up the mountain had failed quite badly.

"Do you think us three great kings cannot handle a single vine like you?!"

If it were a beast king with six shackles severed, they would not dare to fight their way to the top. However, their enemy was a plant that had to be rooted somewhere and unable to move about freely. This was an opportunity for them.

So much that they wanted to lure this vine king into chasing them down the mountain, while one of them circled around to the summit to collect the pollen and pick fruits.


Suddenly, a bright light appeared on the summit of the main peak. Tens of thousands of golden rays radiated outwards like the sunrise. Following which, the lights started to descend the mountain.

"Not good, that entity is coming down!"

The three quickly left the main peak and braced themselves for the upcoming battle.

The enemy was truly like a small sun, radiating intense golden light. A small waterfall by the mountain path was directly evaporated, giving rise to a white cloud of vapor.

"Impossible, don’t tell me that’s Apollo?!" The black yak was dumbfounded.


At this time, the golden sun finally stopped. It paused near the midpoint, suspended in the air, gradually retracting its golden mist.

Only then were Chu Feng and company able to see its true form.

"A sunflower?!" Even Yellow Ox was wide-eyed, surprise written all over his face.

No wonder it was burning with a resplendent golden radiance. This was a dazzling sunflower, its whole body flowing with the essence of solar fire.

The whole sunflower, from its leaves to its root, was burning with a fiery light.

"Zeus is a vine king with the power of lightning and Apollo is a sunflower—is there anything more unreasonable than this? Are these the so-called gods stated in the ancient legends?!" Apparently, the great black yak was shaken quite badly.

Suddenly, the three felt their bodies tense up. They reacted immediately and dispersed in different directions.

The sunflower was fairly large and intimidating, especially its seeds; they were over 30 centimeters long and appeared metallic. At this moment, they were suddenly shot out.


When a golden sunflower seed struck the ground, it caused a huge explosion, leveling an area of 100 square meters and forming a huge pit in the center.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

From the midpoint of the mountain, a continuous barrage of resplendent golden seeds was raining down upon the three men running for their lives.


Mount Olympus was as if it had been bombarded by artillery. The mountain and forests have collapsed, and the earth fissured—some smaller hills had been leveled altogether.

"You call these sunflower seeds?! They’re even more frightening than bullets!"

The black yak was almost cursing out loud. His face was ashen, and he was in a miserable state as he ran frantically. Behind him, a minor hill had exploded, sending him flying through the air and crashing into a cliff.

Only after a long while did everything calm down.

Chu Feng and Yellow Ox were in a better state; at least their wounds were not severe. As for the great black yak, he was less fortunate. After being locked onto by the sunflower, he was continuously bombarded with seeds. His clothes were a mess and his swept-back hair was disheveled and dirty.

They turned back to look at the mountain; the mountainous grounds were an absolute mess. Some smaller hills had been completely decimated, and the ground was cracked and fissured. The three were dumbfounded and were unable to speak momentarily. How could a mere sunflower possess so much destructive power?!

A couple of seed bullets were negligible, but when tens of 30 cm long seeds erupted, its destructive capabilities were truly astonishing.

"Use the diamond chakram and kill him!" The black yak was indignant. He had nearly been crushed to death by a crumbling hill.

"It’s gone!" Chu Feng said.

"Polo, come back here!" The great black yak challenged from the base of the mountain.

"His name is probably Apollo," reminded Yellow Ox.

"I don’t give a damn. Polo, come back down here; you nearly caused this grandaddy to die. I’m not through with you!" the great black yak shouted towards the summit.

"Stop shouting, he might also have a sister, Athena for example," Chu Feng reminded.

At this moment, one man and two oxen were out of ideas.

Since Zeus was a vine and Apollo a sunflower, could there be other odd beings? According to legends, there were 12 major gods on Mount Olympus.

Even Yellow Ox found it too troublesome. "Let it be. Let us leave. Those two might not be the actual Zeus and Apollo, but with two beast kings guarding the path, we won’t be able to fight our way to the summit!"

According to their speculation, the sunflower should be a terrifying existence with at least five shackles severed. Add to that an apex vine king, not many people could afford to provoke them at all.

The three left resentfully; they decided that there was no need to return to this legendary mountain within a short period.

They stopped at a store in a nearby village to change out of their tattered clothes. They were once more in great spirits. The great black yak had once again combed his hair into a signature shiny swept-back style and was extremely flashy.

"Destination—Vatican, set out!"

They travelled to the airport in great leisure, but midway, they were caught up by over ten limousines, from which emerged several men who approached them cautiously.

"Demon King Chu of the East, may I ask where you might be headed? We would like to escort you on your journey," offered a blonde middle-aged man, his voice slightly trembling with nervousness.

"We are headed to the Vatican—please help us arrange a flight." Chu Feng did not hold back at all since he knew what they were thinking. They wanted nothing more than to send Chu Feng and company off to another place.

They had just wrecked the Qilin King’s lair and stirred up a huge storm. That beast king would certainly not let this go; a huge battle was imminent.

The Greek Army was extremely wary of such incidents. A battle between two beast kings would only bring about destruction to the country, no matter how far away from the cities they fought.

"We shall arrange for it immediately!" the middle-aged man replied instantaneously.

They all wanted Chu Feng to kill the European beast kings, but they did not want him devastating their own country; they wanted him to take the battle to remote places.

That day, a roaring fighter plane took off from Greece and, crossing the Adriatic sea, flew towards Italy at great speed.
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