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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 155: The Trio

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Chapter 155: The Trio

Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy
Mount Kunlun, within the vast and majestic mountains.

In front of the Ox King Palace, the great black yak and Yellow Ox were stunned. The mountain peak across them had entirely disappeared. After the dust had settled, they found that the mountain had been shortened by a fair bit.

Chu Feng dryly laughed, "I was careless and accidentally shaved off this mountaintop."

The two oxen were dumbfounded as they glared at him for quite some time. What kind of absurd logic was this? That was a fine mountaintop, large and sturdy. Within the blink of an eye, it was obliterated?!

Yellow Ox stared at the snowy white chakram on his wrists and suspiciously asked, "Is it that weapon?"

Chu Feng nodded with a laugh, extremely satisfied. It did not matter if it was garbage—with the ability to destroy a mountaintop, even a beast king might not be able to take an unexpected blow from this weapon.


The black yak rushed over and snatched the weapon, examining it thoroughly from top to bottom. He suspiciously asked, "I don’t sense anything extraordinary. How can this little toy flatten a mountaintop?"

"It has recognized me as the master, you can't use it!" Chu Feng calmly replied.

The black yak haughtily stood up on his hind legs, and with his hooves akimbo, said, "Recognizing you as its master? Do you think we're living in a mythical fairy tale? In this world, we only discuss evolution and not superstitions!"

"If you're not superstitious, then how did you gain spirituality?" Chu Feng retorted.

"Brat, you’re asking for a beating!" the great black yak started folding his sleeves, wrinkling the coat he was wearing.

Yellow Ox snatched the diamond chakram with a swoosh and weighed it in his hand. Afterward, he circulated the special breathing technique and immediately found the key to activating the weapon.

Following that, he violently threw it.

A loud boom resounded from a nearby mountain. After the dust and debris had settled, they found that the mountaintop was nowhere to be seen.

The great black yak was flabbergasted. Even a beast king might not be able to take on a direct hit from this frightening toy.

"Quickly go and find it!" he instructed the raven.

Chu Feng personally went over to search. Although preemptively sensing danger was impossible within Mount Kunlun, it was still possible to search for items with divine instinct.

Following that, the vicinity of the Ox King Palace was bustling with noise… explosive noise. In order to study the diamond chakram, the two crazed oxen were taking turns throwing the chakram at supersonic speeds.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Not long afterward, the ten surrounding mountaintops were all gone. Every mountain was now a bit shorter than before, and soon they began targeting mountains farther away.


"Ol Blackie, what the damn are you doing? You’ve crossed the boundary. I'm warning you—you can dismantle your own home, but don’t harm my cave palace, or else I’ll fight it out with you!"


"Old yak, are you trying to flatten my mountain and fort? Do you want to fight to the death with me?!"

"Demon Ox, have you no better things to do?

Actually, those beast kings’ palaces were far away. Only some of the mountains in the outskirts were struck, but they were greatly alarmed by the destructive force.

"My apologies, this king was recently enlightened on a new level of the Demon Ox Fist Technique. I practiced too carelessly!" The black yak dryly laughed, covering up their activities.

"This is a true treasure; it looks so light and agile, but in truth, it has such an ‘explosive temper’. This diamond chakram’s character is compatible with me. Brat, you already have the flying knife; why don't you give this to me," the black yak greedily asked.


Chu Feng reacted with supreme speedl; he snatched the chakram from the black yak and said, "Black boss, do you want to try out the power of this diamond chakram?"

"You dare?!" The great black yak took a step back, somewhat apprehensive.

He had thoroughly studied its powers and knew that this item was extremely terrifying. A small bracelet that could be shot at supersonic speed that weighs tens of thousands of kilograms. No one could take a direct hit.

"We can find the Chiru to test it out," Yellow Ox suggested.

"Right, I still need to find that kid to collect debt!" The great black yak nodded and, like a gangster, waved his hoof, saying, "Let’s go!"

The raven spread its wings, carrying the trio onto a beautiful mountain peak.

A splendorous gold and jade palace came into view. The Chiru was drinking tea outdoors, sitting cozily on a stone chair, admiring the view of the mountains. He was in a fairly good mood.

When he saw the three walking towards him, the Chiru felt his scalp go numb, his good mood thoroughly gone. He could not afford to offend these three grandfathers.

"King Ox, King Chu, he left his seat and greeted them hurriedly.

"Today we came to discuss compensation with you," the great black yak was extremely direct.

"No problem. If you find a tree that you fancy within my herb garden, dig itout and take it with you!" The Chiru heroically stated; there was no other way out of this. With three king level experts before him, he could only lower his head.

"The fruits on your trees have long since been picked clean. Who knows when they will blossom again. And it might also die during the translocation. It's best to let you continue caring for them. When they start bearing fruit the next time, I will come back to gather them," the great black yak instructed.

The Chiru was bleeding in his heart; he knew those were not empty words. At that time, his medicinal garden would have to be opened to the two oxen and was certain to face terrible losses.

"Doesn’t the woodpecker’s medicinal garden cover the recompense?" he asked without much confidence.

The great black yak glared at him and said, "That mountain was conquered by my brother Chu Feng and it should rightfully belong to him. You joined in from the side and, naturally, you would also have to compensate.

"Ok, that’s quite enough." Yellow Ox amiably laughed, stopping the great black yak. Then he turned to the Chiru and said, "I’m here to ask you for some help."

"What kind of help?" asked the Chiru.

Yellow Ox was full of smiles and his voice was tender, looking completely innocent and harmless. "Its very simple," he said, "help Chu Feng verify if his weapon is a failure."

"No problem, it should be fairly simple!" The Chiru agreed immediately, wasn’t this simply evaluating a weapon? Even if he was not an expert, it wasn’t too hard for him to make up something.

However, his smile very quickly disappeared. His hair stood on end as he saw Chu Feng was brandishing his diamond chakram, indicating him to stand farther away. It was evident that he was going to be attacked with it.

"Don’t do it, we can talk peacefully, don’t get violent!" The Chiru was quite anxious.

"Don’t misunderstand, I only want to try out the power of this new weapon. You should stand back further and defend with all your might."

"No… Don’t!" the Chiru miserably screamed.

The golden chakram had come flying over, breaking the sound barrier. The Chiru reacted with extreme speed, stepping sideways and blocking with his two arms. Even so, he was struck.

Both of his arms used to block the chakram were fractured.


Finally, the diamond chakram struck the place where his horn had been cut off, shattering what's left of it. The Chiru fell to the ground, no longer moving.

The diamond chakram continued flying forward, smashing into a small hill in the distance, completely tearing it apart.

Yellow Ox, rode the large raven over to find the chakram, while Chu Feng and the great yak rushed over to check up on the Chiru. They found him spasming on the ground, still alive, at least.

However, the place where his cut-off horn used to be had been completely destroyed; even the skull bone underneath had almost cracked.

"Old antelope, wake up—we didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry about this. No need to compensate me anymore," Chu Feng shouted, feeling sorry for the beast king.

"Brat, are you trying to commit murder?" The black yak was speechless.

"I didn’t even use any power; I just wanted to test this weapon privately," Chu Feng quietly said.

The great black yak was astonished; this little chakram was an awesome killer weapon.

Chu Feng also did some math and noticed that it was all too frightening. It was faster than a bullet but over hundred thousand times its weight.

Every other type of ammunition would pale in comparison.

"Lucky you didn't aim for his skull, otherwise you might’ve blown it apart," the black yak whispered. If they had killed a beast king for no good reason, they might have aroused the ire of the other beast kings.

"I held back quite a bit; I almost didn’t use any force at all!" Chu Feng replied.

When the Chiru awakened, he found himself lying on the jade bed within his palace. He also found the two oxen and Chu Feng were smiling at him; this caused his blood to run cold and his scalp to go numb.

He had finally come to understand why Chu Feng was called Demon King Chu in the outside world. How was this "simply testing a weapon"? He had come this close to being blasted apart.

"Brother Chiru, let us let bygones be bygones. We have troubled you today," Chu Feng warmly said.

The Chiru looked at his smiling face; then at the sparkling bracelet. He did not feel the slightest bit of warmth and goodwill—he only felt his hair stand on end.

"I’ll be recuperating these days; if you have no urgent business, then please don’t come find me," said the Chiru King. He spoke tactfully, but what he actually meant was that he did not want to see Chu Feng anymore.

He already had had enough of all the frightening experiences. Whenever he saw Chu Feng, his hair would stand on end, and to him, Chu Feng’s smile was like seeing the demon’s grin.

Seeing as how unwelcome he was, Chu Feng simply turned and left.

The black yak stayed behind to instruct the Chiru not to leak information about this weapon.

Finally, Yellow Ox brought the show to an end by consoling the Chiru. He taught the unfortunate beast king a set of fist techniques called… "the Hornless Antelope".

The Chiru was filled with complex emotions—he no longer wanted to see Demon King Chu ever again.

After a couple of days, Chu Feng had given up. He had been planting his seeds on several mountains within the Kunlun Realm to no avail. They just wouldn’t sprout.

"The earth is still recovering. Later on, there will definitely be four, five or even nine colored mutant soil," Yellow Ox consoled.

According to him, the fruit from those kinds of mysterious ancient trees would become increasingly potent.

"Some of the famous mountains have been occupied by certain powers. But when those divine trees fully revive and display their miraculous medical potency, rivers of blood will flow as the experts vie over them."

After a couple of days had passed, they were all ready to head to Europe.

Zhou Quan came to send them off. He grabbed onto Chu Feng with tears and snot streaming down his face. The truth was that he sorely missed humans and human society. He had always wanted to return to take a look.

The black yak had promised him that, when they return from Europe, he would let Zhou Quan go back for a visit.

In Western China, there was also a mysterious passageway which connects them to Europe.

However, it was not in the vicinity of Mount Kunlun. It was near the Turpan Basin in Xinjiang. With that, the trio set out on the raven, crossing over countless mountains.

Finally, they arrived at Xinjiang.

Within the basin, a huge poplar tree had taken root there. At 3000 meters, It stood even taller than some of the surrounding mountains.

This was originally a thousand-year-old ancient tree. After the great change, it underwent a period of hibernation after which it grew at an incredible rate before finally transforming into this tree king.

It had already developed a conscience and did not fear beast kings at all.

"Poplar Tree King, we are just passing by and bear no ill will," the black yak stated.

"You may pass!" The three thousand meter tall poplar tree gently shook and spoke with a booming voice. Its divine instinct was extraordinary, and it naturally knew that the three kings were not to be trifled with.

The way forward was shrouded in dense mist. It was hard to see one’s own five fingers after extending the arms. Furthermore, it also blocked divine instinct.

"Be careful, stick together and don’t get separated," the black yak reminded.

Finally, after passing the misty area, they realized that they had left the Turpan Basin and had arrived at a completely new place.

"What place is this?" Chu Feng noticed they had arrived in a mountainous area.

"This is probably Greece," Yellow Ox replied. Previously, other beast races have crossed the misty corridor to travel back and forth between Greece and Turpan Basin.

"If I remember correctly, that Qilin King is in Greece, right?" Chu Feng asked.

Yellow Ox nodded. "That’s right. He lives at the base of Mount Olympus. Suspected to be a scarlet dragon, he is quite powerful. The people call him the Fire God."

"Augustus and that Qiling King are quite contemptuous; they even challenged your qualifications to join the Vatican battle." The black yak laughed loudly.

"Black Boss, do you have any advice?" Chu Feng asked.

"Didn’t that Western Dragon say that he would teach you a lesson as soon as you arrive in Europe? I think we should fight our way into his nest and teach him a lesson first."

"I like that idea!" Yellow Ox raised a thumbs-up.

Chu Feng smiled, saying, "I’ve heard that this dragon loves to hoard treasures. We can help him make inventory afterwards!"

With the three of them together, peaceful solutions are not quite possible!

Gangs and bandit armies are too weak compared to this trio.

After the walked out of the mountainous area, Chu Feng looked towards the distant city and then glanced at the black yak who was standing on his hind legs, with a large violet longsword strapped on his back. Then, he shifted his glance at the golden-colored Yellow Ox and said, "This won’t do. We’ll probably end up on the headlines before arriving at our destination. You two should morph into your human forms."

"Easily done!" The great black yak had no qualms.

Yellow Ox was conflicted; he was quite unhappy with the idea.

However, he couldn’t go against the other two and thus he finally agreed.

That night, the great black yak went and ransacked a whole store. When he returned, Chu Feng’s mouth went wide in astonishment. He could not recognize Ol Blackie at all.

The great black yak had transformed. He was over 195 centimeters tall, with a strong, muscular build. He was fully suited, wearing shiny black leather shoes, black sunglasses and his hair was combed in a swept-back style. With a huge cigar in his mouth, there was no mistaking who this person was!


NOTE: "The Red Qilin" has been changed to "the Chilin King". The Chinese word was "赤鱗王" which means the red scale king. But the similarity of word scale 鱗 to the word Qilin/Kirin 麟 in addition to the Red Qilin being a popular mythological creature in many Xianxia/Xuanhuan novels, I made a careless mistake of translating it as "the Red Qilin".
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