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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 154: The Ultimate

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Chapter 154: The Ultimate

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Yellow Ox was extremely excited. If even the Refinement Sacred Tree had to cause over a hundred flowers to blossom in order to refine it, how miraculous was this material? There were huge waves rolling in his heart, almost causing him to scream out.

"This has to be the mother of all gold; only one piece would be gestated in the whole of the home of myriad gods!" [1]

Mount Kunlun was this home of myriad gods!

"What was the mother of all gold?" Chu Feng turned to him, puzzled.

"Naturally, it is the mother of all metals; a supreme material for refining weapons!"

According to him, the legendary spiritual bronze, spiritual silver, and immortal gold were all inferior to the mother of all gold. This was the most primordial of metals.

Yellow Ox had long known that there was a piece of this rare metal within Mount Kunlun. During the bygone era, it was obtained by Hsi Wang Mu and refined into a peerless weapon which was finally lost in the great battles and the passage of time.

Yellow Ox speculated that this kind of material could possibly have reverted to its original form.

"This piece of mother-of-all-gold was also known as the Hsi Wang Mu Gold!" he solemnly explained. This piece of metal was extremely famous, every world in which it had appeared would have records of it.

Speaking thus, Yellow Ox raised his hoof, preparing to smack Chu Feng on the back of his head and rob him of the metal after knocking him out.


Chu Feng’s senses were extremely keen; he instantly moved over ten meters, saying, "I’m warning you, be mindful of my flying knife!"

With a clang, a palm-sized scarlet flying knife, emitting a reddish radiance, appeared in the air. It was aimed at Yellow Ox.

The Yellow Ox dryly laughed, appearing extremely treacherous. His voice, however, was extremely gentle. "I only wanted to test out your level of improvement. Not bad; your senses have become really sharp."

Chu Feng was well aware of the calf’s despicable character. After seeing the rare metal, he had lost his calm.

The Refinement Sacred Tree scattered pollen continuously onto the metal. Its dark outer shell had thoroughly come off, revealing a piece of snowy white metal within. It was similar to white jade, yet it also had the basic characteristics of metal.

It sparkled with a gentle radiance, and it was no doubt extraordinary.

"I say we’ve expended so many flowers. Would the other beast kings complain?" Chu Feng asked.

"Not a problem. These flowers have not wilted and still have pollen within them," Yellow Ox replied, glancing down the mountain. He also feared that the other beast kings would arrive and start a fight out of jealousy.

After all, even he had been greatly tempted.


At this moment, the Refinement Sacred Tree shook once again. Its flowers in full bloom rained down endless streams of pollen which landed on the silvery material.

The outer shell was too thick; the white mother-of-all-gold within was quite small. It was probably only enough for a single diamond chakram. At first, Chu Feng had wanted to refine a couple of them.

Even after a large amount of pollen landed on the metal, there was still no change in its shape.

"What kind of situation was this?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

Naturally, the Refinement Sacred Tree was also frustrated. It had caused hundreds of flowers to bloom in succession, yet he was unable to cause the metal to transform. This was truly strange; he felt greatly humiliated.

Pop, pop, pop…

The next moment all the remaining flowers on the sacred tree burst into bloom. Some were as big as a plate, all of them sparkling with a translucent radiance of various colors.

The whole ancient tree was shaking vigorously; pollen poured down in a torrential flow and focused onto the snowy white material.

Two hundred, three hundred… Finally, the whole tree was in full bloom. Hundreds and hundreds of flowers were swaying in the breeze, emitting prismatic lights. Finally, the snow white metal started to transform.

It continuously twisted and turned, as if it was being refined thousands of times.

Yellow Ox was completely flabbergasted—this situation was completely absurd. An initial refinement of the raw material had forced the Refinement Sacred Tree to go into full bloom! This was completely unprecedented.

He had previously heard that in the tribe that practiced the Thunderous Breathing Technique, such a phenomenon would occur when the ultimate treasure was being refined. However, that was not an initial refinement of basic materials, but the final upgrade for a peerless weapon incubated for tens of thousands of years.


A pure white diamond chakram descended from the tree, the sound emitted was crisp and pleasing to the ears. The rock it fell upon was thoroughly fragmented.


Chu Feng took advantage of the Yellow Ox’s dazed state to hurriedly pick up the weapon, fearing that it might be robbed.

"Eh? How come it became so light?" Chu Feng was alarmed; the current chakram was only a bit over 50 kilograms, a far cry from the original 50,000 kilograms.

The Yellow Ox recovered from his reverie and rushed over with a moo. His eyes were burning with a frantic flame, his gaze fixed on the chakram. He excitedly said, "Let me see, is it an ultimate weapon?"

"Something’s wrong, how come it feels so crude? There is form but no spirit to it." Chu Feng was puzzled; if it was an ultimate weapon, there would no doubt be a terrifying aura accompanying it.

Yellow Ox took over and thoroughly examined the weapon, his face the very picture of puzzlement. He was unable to find anything out of the ordinary with his diamond chakram.

"Hundreds of flowers blooming, showering this material with an endless amount of pollen. This scene was extremely rare, witnessed by few across the ages. Even if it did not take the form of an ultimate weapon, it should at least be spiritual. How come the end product is neither?" Yellow Ox questioned.

"This piece of metal is truly odd. It is not the legendary mother-of-all-gold; it is truly not suitable for weapon refinement." The sacred tree helplessly sighed.

He had gone all out and expended a large portion of his reserves in order to refine this diamond chakram. Yet, oddly, it was unable to bestow the slightest bit of spirituality to it.

"Don't tell me this is the legendary ultimate… garbage," Yellow Ox doubtfully said.

"It probably is," the sacred tree replied.

There were some materials like the mother-of-all-gold, primordial gold, universe stone and void lava stone that were able to cause even the greatest powers to scramble for them. There was a possibility that these rare metals could be refined into an ultimate weapon.

At the same time, there was a mysterious material which looked just as extraordinary as the aforementioned top-grade materials, however, when actually refining it into a weapon, one would find that the weapon was an empty husk with no spirituality. This was the legendary ultimate garbage.

Theoretically, with such ridiculous amount of flowers in bloom, there should have been at least some changes. But this… thing was completely indifferent.

After hearing Yellow Ox’s explanation, Chu Feng was thoroughly dumbfounded. Had he gone to such lengths just to obtain a piece of useless metal? Moreover, it was the most useless among all useless materials—the ultimate garbage!

Chu Feng squeezed the bracelet; it was extremely solid. Even with his current king level strength, he was unable to deform it. He brought out his black dagger and slashed at it; there was still no damage.

In the end, he cruelly hacked at it with the black dagger putting his full force behind the blow.


Sparks flew in the four directions as a large defect appeared on the black dagger. This caused Chu Feng to be shocked; he felt heartbroken.

One had to know that this black dagger had always been able to destroy every other weapons. It did not fear the Imperial Sword Technique; its durability was unprecedented.

But now, it was damaged.

Chu Feng glanced at this diamond chakram and discovered that it did not even have a scratch mark on it. It was still sparkling softly, white and gentle as the falling snow.

"What a solid piece of garbage!" Chu Feng exclaimed.

"Well, even though it's the ultimate garbage, it still has ultimate in its name. But sturdiness is all there is to it; it won't be able to produce any sort of terrifying might," said Yellow Ox, no longer covetous.

"I refuse to believe it. I’ll keep this garbage for the time being!" Chu Feng exclaimed as he wore the new chakram on his wrist.

After that, he brazenly asked the Refinement Sacred Tree to repair his black dagger for him. After all, it was his most used weapon, so he could not bear to leave it damaged.

The black dagger was then taken by the tree; ten flowers bloomed as moderate amounts of pollen rained down on it. The dagger glowed with flowing black light, emitting crackling sounds.

In the end, it became smaller; it was not even 60 centimeters long. The ground was littered with black fragments as the pollen caused it to cast off impurities, leaving only its quintessence.

Chu Feng was pleasantly surprised. He laughed as he took out his scarlet flying dagger, beseeching the tree to help him refine it. This sacred tree was able to temper the weapons, casting out impurities and consolidating the essence.

The sacred tree did not refuse. He took the palm-sized flying knife up to its treetop and used fifteen flowers to bathe the flying knife in pollen.

Chu Feng was surprised to find that the scarlet flying knife was made of even better quality material than the black dagger.

Finally, the flying knife also shortened by a bit. Now, its length was less than a palm with increased splendor and spirituality. Red particles were scattered on the ground below the tree during the process.

Chu Feng tested out the weapon and was greatly satisfied. Its range of attack had increased from 130 meters to 160 meters.

At this moment, a group of beast kings started making their way up the mountain, including the great black yak. Their laughter rang loudly, indicating that all of them had a good harvest.

Chu Feng immediately felt somewhat guilty. Anyone who saw the tree in full bloom would be incredibly jealous. It was still justified if he had obtained an ultimate weapon, but what he had gained in the end was an ultimate garbage; a grand waste of resources.

"Senior, can you retract the blossoms?" He quietly asked.

The Refinement Ancient Tree shook its branches, closing all the blossoms turning them back into flower buds.

Yellow Ox was speechless at the scene. At the same time, he also understood the sacred tree’s mood. Such a greatly revered sacred tree had to go into full blossom on its first refinement, only to produce a useless weapon. It was possible that the tree also thought of this as a humiliation.

"What kind of weapon are you two refining?" the great black yak merrily asked. He was carrying a piece of bronze that weighed well over 50 kilograms. He boasted happily, "This is probably the legendary pure copper essence."

The other beast kings were also very happy with their bountiful harvest.

Yellow Ox’s lips twitched, saying, "Chu Feng picked up a piece of garbage that was refined into a useless coarse weapon."

They were looking on doubtfully when the ancient tree spoke, "An extremely rare piece of garbage indeed."

"Ha, ha…" the group of beast kings roared with laughter.

At this point, Chu Feng felt quite uncomfortable.

Finally, the group of beast kings started refining their weapons. They had found various refinement materials that caused five or six flowers to blossom. Compared to common weapons, these were indeed treasures that were a whole grade higher.

Chu Feng squat down and observed the black powdery residue that came from refining the outer shell of the snowy white material. He found that it was very light, almost like sand.

This caused him to be quite surprised—the original material was over 5000 kilograms in weight and after refinement, it was only about 50 kilograms. Where did all this excess weight go? He was greatly puzzled.

He suspected whether the Refinement Sacred Tree had absorbed the essence, but it wasn’t very likely either. In the end, he helplessly got up and left.

The material excavated by the great black yak was of great quality, causing over ten flowers to blossom. The tree helped him refine a violet longsword according to his wishes.

This sword was comparable to Chu Feng’s black dagger, able to overcome everything.

Chu Feng asked, "Yellow Ox, since we're about to head to Europe soon why don’t you also refine a weapon? Or you could also turn into human form and I’ll lend you my black dagger."

"No thanks, I have my own weapon," the Yellow Ox calmly replied.

The horde of beast kings was all satisfied. They all went back in a fine mood.

After Chu Feng returned to the Ox King Palace, he started to research the diamond chakram. He weighed it carefully and found that it weighed exactly 54 kilograms [2], which was a very specific number in Taoism.

He repeatedly tested it, but it was virtually impossible to do the slightest damage to it.

Finally, Chu Feng circulated the special breathing technique. A mysterious energy suffused his whole body. In this empowered state, he tried to twist and tear the chakram.

When Chu Feng’s mysterious energy entered the chakram, it became increasingly heavy. Very quickly, its weight went over 5000 kilograms.

"Eh?!" Chu Feng was surprised, this was very odd.

After that, he once again injected his energy into the weapon. He continuously circulated the breathing technique and diverted all the energy within his body into the diamond chakram. In the end, the weight of this little item had exceeded 25000 kilograms.

It was essentially unheard of for such a small weapon to weigh so much.

Chu Feng stood on the mountaintop and shot the diamond chakram at supersonic speeds toward another mountain. He wanted to test out its destructive capabilities.


There was a mountain of the same height across from the Ox King Palace. If not for the fact that it did not possess any mutated flora, it would also have been occupied by a beast king. At this moment, this mountain violently exploded, sending mud and rocks flying everywhere—the whole mountain peak had been smashed apart.

Chu Feng inspired a breath of cold air, only recovering from his daze a good while later. He quickly summoned the raven and ordered it to take him there.

He wanted to immediately go and find his diamond chakram. This was definitely a powerful killer weapon and he was afraid of losing it.

The raven swiftly flew over with Chu Feng on his back. He scanned the area with his powerful divine instinct and it was promptly recovered.

It was still glowing with a gentle white radiance. It was still 54 kilograms and without the slightest bit of damage.

Chu Feng handled the item lovingly. This so-called piece of garbage was definitely more than meets the eye!

If it was used at the right time, it would definitely be a major killer item.

He looked forward to the Vatican journey. With this diamond chakram, he could possibly have great accomplishments.

Previously, he had discussed this trip with the two oxen and was ready to leave anytime.

"What have you done? Where is the mountaintop?" The great black yak was greatly alarmed. He ran over with a bewildered expression as he observed the obliterated peak.

In the outside world, things weren’t so calm.

Chu Feng had killed the Bird King and appeared quite calm when he stated that he had endured a heavenly tribulation.

Even the foreign media were reporting on this incident. After all, it was his second regicide; it would be difficult even if he didn’t want this attention.

Many people were astonished in the West. They were all talking about inviting Chu Feng to the West in order to suppress those terrifying beasts such as the Black Dragon.

At the same time, there were also people who were trying to stir up trouble. They questioned the Qilin King whether he still held Chu Feng in contempt.

Previously, this beast king had made sarcastic comments about Chu Feng. He stated that if Chu Feng dares come to Europe, he would teach him a lesson.

Now there were people introducing him to Chu Feng’s latest battle accomplishments. The Qilin King, however, conceitedly replied, "I’m at the Vatican, fighting alongside the top rate beast kings. Does he even dare to come here? He probably does not have the qualifications!"

Similarly, the human expert called Augustus was also questioned if his opinion of Chu Feng had improved?

"My opponent is the Peerless Lion of Africa. And look at the opponents he’s killed—weasel, woodpecker, what a joke!"

This golden-haired man was quite conceited and was full of disdain. Suddenly, huge waves were being caused between the East and the West. Many people were greatly incensed, causing clamorous debates everywhere.

Augustus, like last time, was quite adverse towards Chu Feng.

"What kind of place is the Vatican? It’s a holy land! Various top grade beast kings are vying for hegemony; not just anyone has the right to set foot here. If anyone wants to compare him to me, first let him gain the qualifications to come here!" Augustus exclaimed with hostility.


[1] Actually, in addition to gold, the word 金 is also used as a generic term for all lustrous and ductile metals.

[2] 108 Jin
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