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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 146: Demonic Might

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Chapter 146: Demonic Might

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Hu Sheng warmly smiled, revealing all his white teeth. With his swaying long golden hair, he possessed a radiant aura about him. He said, "That would be the best."

Afterward, he looked towards the others in the private room. They were all people who had arrived before him. Like Mu Zhuo, they came with confidence in their extraordinary background and had not left since.

"Everyone, I suggest you all leave soon. Do not bother Miss Jiang," Hu Sheng said, his slender eyes blooming with a divine glow, subtly warning them.

What could they say? After realizing that they could not afford to provoke this beast race youth, they naturally did not dare to resist. Even someone from the Mu Family was kicked out in such a manner.

Outside the door, Mu Zhuo had been thoroughly trampled by Xiong Kun. He soon passed out from the pain and humiliation.

"Ah, Goddess Jiang, what coincidence!" At this moment, a man walked over and greeted Jiang Luoshen with great familiarity.

"Zhou Yitian?!" Jiang Luoshen ground her teeth as she glared at him. She hated him with extreme passion; it was all due to this man that she became a passive actress.

Zhou Yitian acted as if he did not hear her trembling voice as he very amiably said, "Goddess Jiang your memory sure is good. We had only met once before, but I’m honored to have left a deep impression in your heart.

"Honor your head!" Jiang Luoshen wanted nothing more than to loudly swear at him and cut him into eight pieces!

It was this Zhou Yitian who, in order to promote , had promoted all sorts of gossip like Vajra riding the pig and the three days and two nights between Angel Ox and Jiang Luoshen…

He gradually released several "explosions" in quick succession, causing Jiang Luoshen to rise on the hot search keywords ranking, until, in the end, she became the champion.

If it was positive news, then she could let it be; however, all the news were extremely negative. Even the photo where she was pressed to the ground by Chu Feng was released by this man.

In the end, this caused even more rumors and gossips to arise, such as her being pregnant.

After meeting the mastermind, how could Jiang Luoshen not be agitated? Her voice was trembling and she was almost overcome by the urge to kill.

"Goddess Jiang, this is my business card," Zhou Yitian approached her, holding out his card.

Jiang Luoshen’s brows almost became vertical at this moment; she considered whether she should smash the teapot on his head.

Xia Qianyu was speechless at the side—this director had no self-awareness at all. Why wasn’t he making himself scram right then? Not only did he not leave, he even pulled out a business card.

After Zhou Yitian saw Hu Sheng, Xiong Kun, and the others, his eyes brightly shone as he said, "All of you have a wonderful temperament. It is easy to tell that none of you are ordinary people."

This kind of flattery greatly pleased Xiong Kun as he nodded in response.

As a result, Zhou Yitian took out even more of his business cards and distributed them with practiced movements as he introduced himself to them: "I’m called Zhou Yitian and I’m a director. I feel that all of you are extraordinary, perhaps we might have the opportunity to work together in the future."

Jiang Luoshen was simply too angry at this moment. The scene before her eyes reminded her of the past because it was in the same skilled fashion that he had distributed his business card at the Taihang Mountains.

" was directed by you?!" Hu Sheng suddenly asked because he had investigated the origins of this movie and seen Zhou Yitian’s photo. Everyone was surprised and revealed expressions of interest.

"Correct!" Zhou Yitian nodded. He looked at Hu Sheng and said, "I feel that this gentleman would be most suitable to act the part of a fox spirit."

After hearing this, Hu Sheng’s smile froze and his expression turned dark.

Following that, he turned towards Xiong Kun and, with great passion, said, "This brother is extremely well built and full of might. I feel that your temperament best suits the role of the bear spirit in my upcoming movie."

Xiong Kun’s face turned black as he stared at him with hostility.

"This brother, on the other hand, is suited for the role of a metallic spirit beast." Zhou Yitian’s mouth was endless and indiscriminate as he offended yet another person.

"Are you tired of living?" someone spoke.

All of them glared at Zhou Yitian with serious expressions.

Hu Sheng regretfully spoke, saying, "I hate everyone related to your film!"

Xiong Kun nodded. Even though he was wrapped in bandages, his strong build gave everyone a sense of suppression. He said, "I hate that damned male lead!"

Hu Sheng beckoned the other beast race youths to give Zhou Tianyi a lesson, while he himself, with a brush of his hair, turned towards Jiang Luoshen and said with a smile, "Miss Jiang, let us go. When your guest arrives, just let him find his way to us by himself. He actually dares to let you wait so long, I truly do not know what gives him the right to be so arrogant."

Suddenly, within the blink of an eye, he felt his hair stand on end and extremely uncomfortable, as if something terrible had locked onto him. He was familiar with this feeling.

Hu Sheng looked through the corner of his eye and saw Chu Feng smiling at him, revealing all his white teeth. This shocked him so much that he nearly cried out in alarm.

At that moment, Hu Sheng put two and two together, realizing that the one Jiang Luoshen was waiting for had to be Chu Feng. This shocked him greatly.

Chu Feng’s eyes were locked onto him just now, causing him to feel uneasy.

The others had not yet realized Chu Feng’s presence, especially Xiong Kun, who was pointing at Zhou Yitian’s chest and saying, "Do you really know how to choose your cast? Did you really think you chose the right male lead for ? Even I would have been a better choice, you understand? Your eyesight and vision is truly too poor!"

He got more and more excited as he spoke. After being forced to kneel and suffering a painful flogging from his grandfather, he was full of anger.

He rolled up his sleeves, preparing to give Zhou Yitian a lesson. He wanted to pretend Zhou Yitian was Chu Feng and give him a good beating.

At first, he had a good impression of the man, but this director shouldn’t have reminded him of a certain man.

At this moment, Hu Sheng was completely quiet. He didn’t utter a single word!

Xiong Kun looked suspiciously at Hu Sheng and said, "Why did you stop speaking? Why are you keeping your mouth shut tight? It’s just like that last time, it reminds me of those unpleasant memories.

He naturally thought of the previous incident where Chu Feng had threatened to kill Hu Sheng if he dared to utter a word. As a result, Hu Sheng stayed in complete silence.

After hearing his words, Hu Sheng shut his mouth even tighter.

"I say, can you not be like this? Now you’re making me a bit uneasy. What sort of silent meditation are you practicing?" Xiong Kun glared at him.

At this point, some of the others had already felt that something was off. Glancing back, they were so shocked that they nearly screamed out loud. The demon had come, and he was standing just behind them.

Xiong Kun stared at Hu Sheng, saying, "Look at you, how unimpressive! Isn’t it just Demon King Chu? Wait till we brothers become king level entities, then we can go and give him a good beating!"

At this moment, everyone was scared. They had all seen Chu Feng after he stepped into the private room, and only Xiong Kun was ignorant.

After seeing Chu Feng, Zhou Yitian was all smiles as he rushed over. When he first met Chu Feng back then, he would’ve never thought would be so popular.

"You, stand still. Have I allowed you to leave?" Xiong Kun glared at him.

The others were all winking at him, trying to warn him.

"Brother, we meet again. Today is truly a good day!" Zhou Yitian ignored Xiong Kun and rushed over to greet Chu Feng with an embrace, acting extremely familiar.

"Demon King Chu?!" Xiong Kun finally realized something was wrong. He staggered backward in fright, almost falling to the ground before running towards the door.


He stepped onto Mu Zhuo’s body. A muffled groan was heard under his feet; the man had been roused due to the pain.

What situation was this? Mu Zhuo was dumbfounded. His whole body ached as he opened his eyes and saw Chu Feng standing there amidst the crowd as well as the group of beast race youths with their heads lowered in fear.

This scene caused him to be greatly humiliated.

"You guys are truly capable, discussing me behind my back. And someone even wants to fight me?" Chu Feng asked.

"N-No… King Chu you have misunderstood. Who would dare? We are all here to save the damsels in distress, protecting Miss Jiang in your stead," one of the beast race explained.

"Hey black bear, your clothes look quite fashionable, almost looks like you're wearing bandages," Chu Feng said as he stared at Xiong Kun.

Xiong Kun almost cursed, but he did not dare. He explained in all honesty, saying, "My grandfather beat me up in punishment for my big mouth and also as a form of apology towards Demon Ox."

"Naturally, it is also to make amends to you, Chu Feng," Xiong Kun honestly. spoke He did not dare to go against Chu Feng so he could only face him with a smile.

"Let it be. Since everyone is here, then sit down, let's have a meal together. We could also take this opportunity to get to know each other," Chu Feng invited everyone with a smile.

Zhou Yitian was immediately overjoyed. If only Jiang Luoshen was not glaring at him with murderous eyes causing him to feel greatly insecure, he would’ve sat down beside Chu Feng. In the end, he moved towards the opposite side.

The group of beast race youths felt their scalp go numb. They were feeling very uneasy, regretting that they had come to this place, only to meet Chu Feng once again.

One had to know that they purposely avoided the Clearsky Tower because the place was reported to be frequented by Chu Feng.

Who would’ve thought that even after changing venues, they were still unable to avoid the devil; this was too much of a coincidence.

Lu Qing, Hu Sheng, Xiong Kun and the rest were all smiling on the surface, but their faces were even uglier than when they were crying. As if they were sitting on a carpet full of needles, they only wanted to escape from this uncomfortable situation as soon as possible.

At the same time, they felt extremely bitter towards Jiang Luoshen. Was this the "unimportant person" you were waiting for? This was serious cheating!

"Come, please introduce yourselves," Chu Feng invited. He let all the youths report their race and hometown.

Chu Feng was fairly interested in Xiong Kun, asking him in detail about the situation in the western region, causing him to be greatly alarmed.

Even the other beast race youths suspected that Chu Feng wanted to go looking for the Black Bear for revenge.

Chu Feng faintly smiled, saying, "Relax, there’s a saying that people do not truly become acquainted unless they fight. On that note, we’re already well acquainted—as long as we let bygones be bygones, we can become good friends. Who knows, I might pay a visit to your racial home one day."

This caused the others to be greatly agitated as their blood ran cold. How could Chu Feng knocking at the door be a good thing? Did he really want to demolish another stronghold?

"Chu Feng, we had some misunderstandings between us, but I guarantee it won't happen again. I swear I’ll never harbor any hostile intentions, ever again!" Hu Sheng stated his stance.

With his whole body wrapped in bandages, Xiong Kun jumped out of his seat in agitation, his eyes were almost tearing up. Chu Feng had previously asked him about the general situation of the western region. If he wanted to conquer a famed mountain in the west, the first to be targeted would no doubt be their race.

"Brother Chu, God Chu, Grandpa Chu, what happened before were mere misunderstandings. We will never speak ill of you behind your back again, please calm your anger."

Xiong Kun was as strong as a metal tower, yet at this moment, he was almost crying as he tried his best to express his stance, afraid that Chu Feng would really eradicate the Black Bear Lineage.

At the side, Xia Qianyu was absolutely dumbfounded. Previously, she had personally witnessed just how unrestrained these beast race youths were—sending someone from the Mu Family flying with a single slap. They couldn’t care less.

Now, after seeing Chu Feng, this black bear was akin to a small kitten, losing his wild behavior and begging for forgiveness.

Jiang Luoshen couldn't help but lightly sigh. She already had some idea of the level of threat Chu Feng posed to the beast race, but she never thought it would be this exaggerated. Even sitting together caused these unbridled heirs to be extremely nervous, not even daring to exhale loudly.

She finally understood why Bodhi Biogenetics wanted to rope in Chu Feng at all costs—this was an extremely powerful killing machine.

"Let it be, you guys can go. Seeing you all like this makes one lose appetite. Oh right, also take that man by the door with you," said Chu Feng.

He still remembered Mu Zhuo, and although he didn’t know the name, Chu Feng had seen him together with Mu Tian.

"Yes sir!"

The whole group of people vanished swiftly like a wisp of smoke, not lingering in the slightest.

"Miss Xia, we meet again. I do feel that we are quite fated," Chu Feng greeted Xia Qianyu.

Xia Qianyu’s face blushed bright red as his words touched her sore spot. Every time they met, it was in supreme awkwardness and yet this Chu Feng was not embarrassed to say such words.

Especially when she thought back to the time of their blind date, she had thought that Chu Feng was spouting nonsense, but in the end, everything he said was the truth and he couldn’t be blamed at all.

In the end, even though she had somewhat become a minor star, she did not expect the great black horse, , to gain such widespread fame.

Every time she was reminded of this, she felt extremely awkward.

As for Jiang Luoshen, she also couldn’t help grinding her teeth when she thought of the past. She felt that Chu Feng was too evil in trying to hide his identity, misleading her towards several wrong judgments.

"500 grams of quasi beast king flesh and blood for 50 kg of mutated soil. That is the price, there will be no bargaining."

Finally, they arrived at official business. Chu Feng firmly stated his price and added that it was not negotiable.

Zhou Yitian was oblivious to the atmosphere as he sat there observing the intense verbal battle. Jiang Luoshen’s face and ears were already slightly red. In the end, with a snap, he took a picture of this scene.

"Zhou Yitian, if you dare circulate my photos again, I’ll definitely kill you. I’ll have someone capture you and throw you to the mutant sharks!"

Zhou Yitian awkwardly laughed as he hurriedly explained, "This photo is just for a keepsake, I definitely won’t cause trouble again."

"Since we are unable to reach an agreement, then let it be. Here, I have a letter addressed to you, from my father," Jiang Luoshen said as she handed him a golden envelope.

She did not agree to Chu Feng’s conditions since they were too unreasonable. Even though Bodhi Biogenetics was a large corporation, they were unable to provide such large amounts of mutated soil, unless they conquered a famed mountain. And even so, they might not be able to part with such a large amount since they needed the soil to grow more mutant trees.

Chu Feng opened the letter and read through it carefully before he said with an oddly amused expression, "Your father wants me to marry you, he’s giving us two thumbs up!"

Jiang Luoshen face flushed completely red as she stood up with a start, angrily exclaiming, "Impossible!"

Afterwards, she turned and left, unable to bear the extreme awkwardness. Just what was that old man thinking? He didn’t even tell her anything; this was too embarrassing.

One had to know that she had personally delivered this letter to Chu Feng. It actually contained such contents! Jiang Luoshen was frantic.

"Ah, you can take a look if you don’t believe me," Chu Feng shouted from behind, enthusiastically inviting her to read the letter.

At this moment, Jiang Luoshen wanted nothing more than to grow a pair of wings and fly away. Xia Qianyu glared at Chu Feng before rushing after her friend.

"Seriously?" Zhou Yitian inquired.

"The letter was hinting at it. So, I just summarized the letter for her," Chu Feng calmly said.

"Is that proper?!" Zhou Yitian was dumbfounded. "It appears that Goddess Jiang received quite the shock. I suspect she will run back to her family on the first flight."

"I couldn’t care less about her, let’s drink. This time, I’m in a hurry so there’s no time to toy with them, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so reserved," Chu Feng said.

Zhou Yitian’s eyes brightly shone as he asked, "Brother, what exactly does this ‘unreserved’ entail?"

"Just focus on your food!"

The following day, the sky was lit with a hazy glow as Chu Feng headed towards the airport, the Thunderous on his back and his two blades on his body. Soon, he was boarded on a large commercial plane.

Only after flying two days straight and changing flights two times mid way did he arrive in Western China.

"Yellow Ox, I have arrived in the Tibet area!" He contacted his two bovine friends the moment he landed.
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