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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 143: Earth-Shaking

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Chapter 143: Earth-Shaking

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This was truly earth-shaking. Who would have thought that the Chu Feng that the Peacock Race and the Mount Pan Lineage wanted to kill so badly would actually stir up such an incident?

The whole world was boiling over!

Mount Pan lineage no longer had a beast king or any other expert for that matter. All of them had been massacred by Chu Feng!

This piece of news, like a bolt of heavenly lightning, shook the whole world.

The human race had produced one more king level expert, who had decisively and efficiently made his first move against a powerful beast king. He had conquered a famed mountain alone and killed the ruling beast king.

"I almost don’t dare to believe this."

Not to mention the civilians, even the major corporate powers were sighing in admiration. They had never expected such a development—everyone was stunned when they first heard the news.

Only a short period had passed before Chu Feng broke through and even proceeded to sever a shackle to become a king level entity!

Many people were regretting that they had not made contact with Chu Feng earlier. It was much better than sucking up to those beast king descendants.

Chu Feng had reached the king level at such a young age, and now, he was on the same level as the beast kings, with sufficient power to conquer famed mountains and massacre whole cities.

Who wouldn’t want to win over such a powerhouse?

"As expected of Immortal Chu. The ancestor of the Mount Pan Lineage demanded that he go and beg forgiveness, and how did that turn out? He had thrown himself in only to be blown apart under Chu Feng’s fists."

Many people were smiling, feeling extremely satisfied with the outcome. These days, the beast race had been absolutely domineering; they had tried to kill Chu Feng and then went after his parents when they failed. In the end, they wanted him to go and beg forgiveness at Mount Pan—it was truly infuriating.

Now, it was just as well. Chu Feng visited Mount Pan, leveling their mountain and destroying their fort. He had killed off all the experts of the Mount Pan Lineage.

Some leaked photos were being circulated on the internet, which caused many people to be flabbergasted and frightened. Corpses of gigantic weasels littered the ground; all of them were killed by a single arrow.

Especially that beast king—he had been burst apart by Chu Feng’s fist, his blood dying the whole summit. The scene was truly frightening.

"Are the beast races not fearful right now? Chu Feng had risen to power with great momentum, becoming a true king level expert. Where are those flamboyant beast race members? Do they dare come out of hiding?"

"Truly divine and mighty, this battle meant a lot to the human race as a whole, and many people are happily celebrating. The beast tribes would now have to think twice before stirring up trouble."

People throughout the world were greatly alarmed!

This incident caused huge ripples throughout the nation. Chu Feng going alone to suppress the whole tribe and eliminate the Mount Pan Lineage became the hot topic of discussion among both beasts and humans.

Even the beast races were all greatly affected—this battle had stirred up the beast race as a whole.

This was the fox lamenting the rabbit’s death; the fall of a beast king gave pause to many powerful experts, sending shivers down their back. They felt greatly threatened.

"This is a very dangerous person. Once anyone crosses his bottom line, blood and steel show no mercy as he massacres whole races, not leaving any survivors. He should not be provoked needlessly."

"He appears almost harmless during daily life, his smile cheerful and resplendent. If one can befriend him, he is happy to drink and chat merrily."

Within a short period, many beast kings had received detailed reports of Chu Feng. They studied him in all seriousness, hoping to understand his temperament, bottom lines, etc.

Any king level entity would cause the beast races to attach special importance. Especially this "Demon King Chu" warranted greater attention; his latest battle was the very picture of ferocity and cold-bloodedness. He had actually gone and eliminated a whole race!

Not to mention the normal beast race members, even the beast kings felt nervous and worried. Just what kind of outcome awaited anyone who clashed with him?

Naturally, Chu Feng’s establishment of might had achieved the desired effect. Everyone now knew that he had attacked and destroyed Mount Pan, killing all their experts as well as the ruling beast king—all because they had touched his parents.

Some people have realized that the outcome for moving against his parents was even worse than scheming against the man himself.

As long as Chu Feng was alive, one should not mistreat his parents!

Naturally, the humans had also been busy assessing the battle. All the major corporations utilized various resources in order to better comprehend the battle at Mount Pan. At the same time, they dispatched much personnel to contact Chu Feng—this kind of powerful king level entity had to be roped in.

Deity Biomedical, within a mansion of the Lin Family.

A hearty old man with light golden skin color spoke, "I want to know just who was it that tried to stop Chu Feng from approaching Naoi?! Such a good son-in-law was knocking on the door and yet we shooed him away. What lack of foresight!"

"Granduncle, don’t be angry. At that time, we never harassed him. Besides, who can control Lin Naoi? No one dares—she has her own ideas. If she thinks Chu Feng is a good match for her, we should allow her. None of us can see through her and don’t dare to butt in. There’s also that possibility that she might leave one day."

Their voices were kept rather low within the meeting hall.

Outside, Xu Wanyi’s expression was deathly pale; she was absolutely terrified. She had never even dreamed that Chu Feng would be a king level expert with one shackle severed.

To her, this came as a terrible shock akin to the clap of thunder. When Chu Feng’s martial accomplishments were revealed, she almost fainted. Even now, she could neither eat nor sleep.

Bodhi Biogenetics, some people were in a heated discussion.

A smiling old man with silver hair was saying, "I heard that Jiang Luoshen has a rather close relationship with this youngster. The two have been found secretly meeting just recently; it was even on the news. Maybe we should give them a push?"

The group of people wiped the sweat off their brows. The old master had touched a sore spot and didn’t even seem to have noticed it. Did he really think Jiang Luoshen was pregnant? If the lass knew of this discussion, she would surely go berserk and tear out his beard.

"Second Grandpa, this matter can be discussed slowly with Luoshen."

A man in this thirties suggested; among the upper echelon of the company, he was considered rather young.

All the others were glaring at him. Even Jiang Luoshen’s father was casting sidelong glances at him. He felt that this brother was too naive—this was a sure way to urge Jiang Luoshen and the old master into a showdown.

"We do not rule out this possibility. But, we need to take it step by step," the others commented.

The Tonggu Alliance, the Foreign Culture Research Institute and the Pre-Qin Research Institute, etc. all sprung into action. Even if they could not rope in Chu Feng, they had to, at least, establish good relations with him.

An existence that could kill a beast king, no matter where he was, would be revered and provided for by the major powers. They would do anything to pull him into their camp.

Experts like the Buddha’s Disciples and Lei Zhenzi were the hidden aces of the major powers and now Chu Feng was on the same level.

That day, not to mention his own communicator, even his parents’ were ringing non-stop.

Chu Feng switched it off and enjoyed a much-needed rest at home. During dinner time, he snuck into the Hollow Jade Temple to practice his Imperial Sword Technique.

He was very clear that all the praise and olive branches were the results of his own rise in power. If he had not been able to kill the beast king of Mount Pan, the story would progress in a different direction. He might even be dead.

"The imperial sword attacks can also be considered a technique involving psychic object control!" Chu Feng mused as he sat cross-legged in meditation.


A scarlet red blade flew past like a streak of red lightning. It was extremely fast.

Chu Feng controlled the weapon; this was a "spiritual art". He manipulated the flying knife and used it to slash down—the area within a hundred meters radius was within effective range.


Like a red coral, the crystalline flying knife was resplendent and fast as it danced through the air; Chu Feng was now becoming increasingly familiar with its usage. Just as the arm moves the finger, it was as if the blade was now a part of him. His combat prowess had advanced by at least a grade.


He controlled the flying knife with his psychic powers and slashed at the weapons rack far away. With a clang, several spears refined from spiritual iron were cut in half by the incomparably sharp flying knife.


Following that, under his spiritual command, the scarlet flying knife descended upon an iron wall that was over 60 centimeters thick. It cut open the wall with relative ease, and the cut surface was extremely smooth.

"The so-called Imperial Sword Technique is actually using psychic power to control the blade. That was the basis of this art; the legends had merely over-exaggerated its power," Chu Feng mused.

He was a very practical person and practiced the technique just like he would a spiritual art. If he had been influenced by the legends and myths, he might have deviated from the true path and would have difficulty advancing.

In truth, the ability to use psychic powers to control objects and blades was not limited to flying knives. Short spears, halberds, etc were all useable.


He used his psychic powers to move a giant bronze cauldron, flinging it afar with terrifying strength!

Chu Feng’s felt weak and his body swayed. His head was swimming. Controlling such a heavy object and throwing it at sonic speed in this manner had caused him to expend a great amount of spiritual energy. He had to rest a while before he recovered.

"At the current stage, I’m unable to control objects that are too heavy. Once my spiritual capacity increases, I can consider trying again!"

He weighed the scarlet flying knife in his hand. It was indeed very light; he did not know what material it was made from. It was even more agile than any type of known metal, comparable to a wooden blade.

However, it was solid to the extreme—almost nothing could stop its advance. It was able to clash head-on with the heavy black dagger and remain unscathed.

"It appears that ‘spiritual weapons’ are highly specific, requiring specialized materials to refine. Normal powers might not be able to get their hands on such valuable materials."

At least, he had never seen this type of material ever before. It did not require much deliberation to guess that this material was extremely rare and priceless.

Chu Feng stood up, pausing his spiritual art training and proceeding to train in the Demon Ox Fist Technique [1]. Suddenly, he felt his body became warm and his spirit saturated; it was a very comfortable feeling.

All the previously expended spiritual energy had recovered.

This caused him to be speechless.

"Physical fist technique and spiritual arts, when used in tandem, yielded good results." Chu Feng discovered.

Following this revelation, he conducted various training regimens that switched between fist techniques and spiritual arts. The effects were evident—both his physique and spiritual energy saw great improvement.

"Those two are able to mutually promote the other." He was pleasantly surprised.

Following that, he remembered the special breathing technique. The more he understood, the more he discovered its terrifying aspects.

"This technique is extremely mysterious. Initially, it was only the physique that was respiring; however, during the battle with the Mount Pan Ancestor, he had actually caused the spirit to respire accordingly."

This technique was a combination of physical fist techniques and spiritual arts. If one was able to master this technique, both the physique and the psyche would be able to evolve at the same time.

Chu Feng analyzed everything thoroughly. The following couple of days, he isolated himself within the Hollow Jade Temple and trained. The yield was impressive, and his strength improved rapidly.

The outside world was in an uproar. During the two days of his isolation, many powers and organizations were looking for him, trying to establish relations.

In the end, Lu Tong could take it no longer and came to find Chu Feng directly, telling him that he could no longer hold the fort. This old man has had enough these two days and was about to be pestered to death!

Even the Hollow Jade Temple signboard was unable to halt the enthusiastic horde of potential visitors.

It was at this time that a beast race expert released word. There were actually beast kings openly threatening to deal with Chu Feng.

Following that, the Peacock Race also expressed their stance saying that their quasi kings must not die in vain.

Following that, a member of the old weasel's former alliance released a warning.

At almost the same time, the master of the Hollow Jade Temple who was at the Pilgrimage Grounds spoke: "All who act indiscriminately will be killed!"

The master of the Eight Visions Temple only said one simple word: "Exterminate!"

The master of the Roaming Jade Temple exclaimed, roaring with killing intent: "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!"

Following that, the old grandmaster of Taiji, who single-handedly conquered Mount Wudang, addressed that beast king, stating that if he dared to touch Chu Feng, it was the same as declaring war with him!

In quick succession, the four peak experts of the human race had voiced their support for Chu Feng, shaking the whole world!

At this moment, Chu Feng himself stood forth and expressed his resolute determination!

"Who wants to challenge me? Bring it on! I’m raring to take down another famed mountain!" he stated, extremely bold and fearless.

[1] Demon Ox Boxing Style will be changed to Demon Ox Fist Technique from now on.
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