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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 142: Accomplishments Exposed

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Chapter 142: Accomplishments Exposed

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It became increasingly lively outside the private room. Despite the manager trying to control the passionate mob, a crowd of spectators had already gathered around.

From one to ten, the news spread with great efficiency—the people were stunned after hearing that a group of mutant heirs was all forced to kneel in a certain private room. How could they miss the opportunity to witness such a scene?

Xiong Kun of the Black Bear Tribe, Lu Qing of the Five-colored Deer Lineage, and Hu Sheng of the Fox Tribe were identified among them. Being beast king heirs, the scene caused huge waves among the spectators.

They were seen kneeling humbly on the ground, and some were even trembling. Just what sort of traumatic experience had they been subjected to?

Some people understood that it was Chu Feng inside the private room. They had seen him enter earlier.

"Chu Feng’s inside? Then it’s no surprise!" A wave of discussion ensued.

On the ground, Xiong Kun, Lu Qing and Hu Sheng were all feeling incomparably humiliated. Having lost all their prestige, they truly wanted to find a hole and hide.

However, they were all being suppressed here, and their minds were filled with terror. In fact, none of them dared to move a muscle.

The beast race had risen to power at a rapid pace since the great change. However, they still had some inherent fear of humans within their hearts—this was something deeply branded within them.

Even after gaining advanced evolution and great power, these races still formed alliances for fear of a counterattack from the humans.

"This is bad. Something big has happened! Chu Feng has stirred up more trouble. He forced a group of young beast race experts to kneel before him in apology."

The news was like a bomb dropped on the internet, causing everyone to be dumbfounded.

What kind of situation was this? Angel Ox has stirred up more trouble? Wasn’t he already in a situation where even his life's in danger? How could he do something so high profile?

The masses were no longer calm as they discussed this matter.

Some photos were released, in which the backs of some obediently kneeling youths could be seen. Some knowledgeable people were able to confirm that these were the heirs of beast king lineages with great backgrounds.

"Oh god, those are all beast king descendants. How could they possibly be kneeling obediently like this? Inconceivable!"

This situation stunned everyone. Not one, not two but a whole group of young beast race experts was being forced to kneel here.

The masses were dumbfounded; Angel Ox was was truly unyielding. Wasn’t he simply too fierce and fearless? It was as if he could pierce a hole through the firmament.

In the eyes of the public, Chu Feng had stirred up big trouble. The peacock race and the Mount Pan Lineage were looking to kill him, however, not only did he not hide away, but he also caused a group of beast king heirs to kneel before him.

"This is so Angel Ox, it's absolutely his style!" someone shouted.

It truly causes one to sigh in admiration. Who apart from Angel Ox would be so daring? Even those corporate powers have to mind their attitude when faced with the beast king lineages.

"Who knows where Chu Feng is. I need to go and take a look. Even if I can't be of help, I can cheer for him!" Someone posted.

"88th floor of the Clearsky tower, let’s form a group and go together!"

As a result, a large group of boisterous people set out towards the Clearsky Tower.

Meanwhile in a private room, on the 88th floor of the Clearsky Tower.

The Golden Bat came and after seeing the whole floor full of kneeling acquaintances, his eyes shot out fiery light akin to the essence of the sun, blazing and terrifying.

Normally, bats possessed bad eyesight, but he was an exception. After undergoing advanced evolution to become a quasi beast king, he had acquired a pair of fiery eyes—an example of how things could only progress in the opposite direction when an extreme was reached.

The Golden Bat was only of moderate height and build, yet in his presence, an aura of suppression could be felt, causing dread and fear. A terrifying and mysterious energy coursed through his veins.

He was a quasi beast king who could advance to the king level any day.

"You lot truly make me proud!" He looked down towards the group of beast race youths with flames dancing his eyes, then scorching golden light gushing forth.

The Golden Bat had a stern expression, a head full of long golden hair and even his skin had a golden hue to it. One could easily see that this person was a firm and determined quasi beast king.

"Chu Feng, you are indeed very powerful. But isn’t this going a bit too far? After showing such blatant disregard towards several beast races, do you expect to survive?!" the Golden Bat asked.

He was very severe and dominating towards Chu Feng because he was also at the quasi beast king realm and there was no reason to fear this "Demon King Chu".

Chu Feng glanced at him and said, "If their ancestors come to realize the circumstances, they will only feel that my punishment is too light. You don’t understand anything, stay out of this."

"Insolence!" The Golden Bat glared at him. The other party was looking down on him, causing his glare to turn cold and sharp akin to a blade.

"Speaking to me in this manner, it seems that you don’t wish to live anymore?!" Chu Feng spoke in a serious tone.

All those present were stunned. Even the beast race youths kneeling on the ground felt their hearts pounding. They were all sighing in their hearts. As expected, Demon King Chu was as tyrannical as ever.

The beast race youths on the ground were all terrified. Even though they wished that the Golden Bat would make a move to save them, they were afraid that he would not be Chu Feng’s match. They all knew deeply how frightening Demon King Chu was.

If only they were not being misled into firmly believing that Chu Feng was a quasi beast king, they probably would have guessed he was a king level entity by now.

Actually, they already had their doubts at this moment. Would a quasi king have such frightening psychic powers? They were uncertain since they had never actually experienced true combat against a quasi beast king before.

"Others may be apprehensive, but I’m not afraid of you. It’s not as if I’ve never killed or defeated a quasi beast king before. You don’t have the right to be so presumptuous before me," the Golden Bat coldly stated.

The next moment, fiery golden radiance began to surge out from his eyes towards Chu Feng, raising the surrounding temperatures to an alarming degree.

A golden spark from that attack strayed onto the dining table, which melted the wine glass completely and evaporated its contents.

Silvery light danced around Chu Feng’s right hand as he effortlessly grasped the incoming golden bean with his bare hands.

The Golden Bat’s expression turned serious. Even a fiery spark from his eyes was enough to melt rocks and refine gold—its temperature was so extremely high that even quasi beast kings would not dare to directly meet it. Now, this Demon King Chu had effortlessly extinguished a whole beam with his bare hands!


The Golden Bat felt something was off; he immediately used his full force without holding back. He opened his mouth and golden ripples spread out. This mysterious energy wave was an ability specific to their race, gained after advancing to the quasi beast king level.

Chu Feng lightly activated his Demon Ox Sonic Attack.

If he was alone here, Chu Feng wouldn’t have bothered to defend, but his friends were around him and they might not be able to take this attack.


The two masses of energy collided mid air, sending the Golden Bat staggering backward, blood spurting out of his mouth and an expression of astonishment on his face.

This man cannot be a quasi king level expert! This was his very first impression. Everyone has been fooled! Having deduced this, he felt his blood run cold.

At the same time, taking advantage of his period of contemplation, a majestic psychic energy penetrated his mind. It was like a sharp slash aimed at his mind, causing him to cough up more blood and turn listless and dispirited.

Being a quasi king level expert, it was almost impossible for him to be mentally suppressed by another. However, his previous emotional turmoil in addition to Chu Feng being extremely well versed in mental attacks caused all his defenses to crumble.

"Ah…" the Golden Bat cried. He fell to the ground while suffering a blistering headache.

"Is that really a quasi beast king?"

The numerous spectators did not know what to say when they witnessed an additional member among the kneeling party, and this time it was a quasi beast king.

Many people were shaken. Just how powerful was Chu Feng that even a quasi beast king had to kneel before him?

Within an instant, the news had spread all over the internet along with posted photos. This time, the uproar was quite intense, causing a lot of people to be flabbergasted.

"Even a quasi beast king has knelt?"

This caused huge waves in the outside world as the masses were stunned. Just how powerful was Chu Feng that he could suppress an expert one-sidedly?

After hearing of this development, the senior executives of those major corporations were also stunned speechless.

Back at the 88th floor of the Clearsky Tower, the elevator door opened with a ding as an old man walked out from within. He wore a traditional Chinese suit [1] on his body and a gentle smile on his face.

"These youths are habitually unrestrained. It might do some good for them to encounter some hardship. With Golden Bat’s skills, he should be able to stand his ground against Chu Feng. Now, it’s time for me to clean up this show. How could I let a human youngster suppress our beast race till we can’t raise our heads."

This was a beast king!

The beast race youths being so confident also had to do with his presence in Shuntian.


The old man was not too tall, but he had a strong aura about him. Yet when he arrived at the private room, he was flabbergasted—the Golden Bat was kneeling?!

At the same time, he felt all his hair stand on end as his eyelids twitched—there was a sensation given off by an expert of the same level.

Was there a beast king supporting that brat? He suspiciously scanned the private room only to find an extremely calm Chu Feng revealing all his teeth, smiling at him.


The old man felt his blood run cold. He immediately realized that this "king level entity" was none other than Chu Feng, giving him an incomparable shock.

He was a man full of vigor and boasted great agility. In the blink of an eye, the old man had retreated a long distance. He felt that this youth was truly dangerous.

"Swallow King!" the Golden Bat cried, despite being painfully suppressed and kneeling on the ground.

The others were all surprised because this was a beast king!

The people within the restaurant were all shocked; they all swiftly made their exit, leaving only a brave man edging away step by step—he wanted to observe the outcome and was reluctant to leave.

The internet was now bursting with news of Chu Feng confronting a beast king.

Many thought that Chu Feng might be in danger since there was no way he could be a match for a beast king. They thought that he should have left Shuntian much earlier before such a disaster struck.

The internet was abuzz with news and discussions, leaving many people on the edge of their seats.

"Just what is happening, does anyone here know the results?!"

Some people were too anxious and directly wanted to know the outcome of this confrontation.

A photo which caused the people to be stunned speechless was one in which the old man was greeting Chu Feng with cupped fists. He did not have the usual overbearing and proud attitude of a beast king.

"All of you get up and apologize to King Chu!"

Within the private room, the old man kicked each of these beast race youths into the air, allowing them to move, albeit temporarily. He reprimanded them harshly, ordering them to apologize to Chu Feng.

Xiong Kun, Lu Qing and Hu Sheng were all stunned. This old man actually wanted them to apologize to Chu Feng in full ceremony? This was too shocking.

Was this not just a quasi king? How come he was being addressed like a king level entity? At this point, they trembled despite the heat, feeling that their earlier provocations were simply asking to die.

"I’ll let you all off this time. A repeat of this incident will not be tolerated."

This was as if a nuclear weapon detonated on the internet, causing huge waves. Chu Feng was now a king level entity?!

This was truly astonishing!

Within the blink of an eye, the whole internet was abuzz with debates and discussions regarding this matter.

"Now that Chu Feng is a king level entity, he might not be afraid of the Mount Pan Lineage anymore!"

"Now I really want to know just how that old weasel will force Chu Feng to go and beg forgiveness."

The masses were pleasantly surprised, all of them in passionate discussion.

Even the major corporate powers were stunned. The senior executives were all flabbergasted, albeit slightly doubtful.

Very soon, another breaking news was released on the internet, adding fuel to the fire.

This explosive news was akin to a grade 18 cyclone which swept through everything. "Oh god, this is truly unbelievable! Mount Pan has been flattened!"

"Oh god, is this really true? Chu Feng had single-handedly conquered Mount Pan and killed the residing beast king!"

The whole world was boiling over. This news was simply too overwhelming!

Within the Hollow Jade Temple, Lu Tong released the piece of news at the right moment, effectively shaking everyone under the sky!

The beast kings of every region were greatly astonished, and the major corporations were all petrified.


[1] Tang Zhuang is the traditional Chinese suit that common during the Tang Dynasty. Most kung fu masters wear such clothing, as well as certain other… experts— such as the one seen in the following link.


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