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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 138: Conquering a Mountain

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Chapter 138: Conquering a Mountain

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A silvery light flickered on Chu Feng’s forehead as he recovered with a godly momentum and incomparable resplendence. His whole person was enshrouded in prismatic divine light.


He shouted as he took but a single step to charge forth, with some of the silvery light on his forehead shooting out. That was the purest form of psychic power, immolating the 15 centimeters long golden weasel.

It screamed miserably as it ran back to the old ancestor and disappeared into his head.


Chu Feng followed up immediately with a strike of his fist, sending the old weasel flying with lacerations all over his blood-drenched body, very nearly disintegrating him in the process.

The Mount Pan ancestor, suffering from psychic backlash, was in excruciating pain. His miraculous trump card, which he gained after breaking his second shackle, was actually defeated and resulted in him suffering immense pain instead.

The worst part of this exchange was that his psyche had been traumatized and he was no longer able to control his scarlet flying knife, which dropped onto the ground; at the moment, it was no longer able to protect him.

Chu Feng put away his black dagger and walked forward in large steps. At this time, his forehead was glowing with saturated psychic power, and within his physical body was a terrifying king level power.

The victor had been decided!

With a strike of Chu Feng’s fist, the old ancestor was thrown out yet another 20 meters, crashing into the stone cliff. His body was embedded into the mountainous terrain, causing the stone to crack and shatter.

"Young man, let’s stop it here. I’ll compensate you," the old ancestor persuaded Chu Feng, admitting his defeat. After extracting himself, he was full of pain and trepidation, with blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

"Killing you is enough recompense for me," Chu Feng calmly replied. He came here to flatten this mountain stronghold and establish his might. Alone, he would suppress this whole race as a warning against future enemies who wanted to harm his parents.

"You have to know that I’m part of the Peacock King’s coalition," the ancestor of Mount Pan stated with a hidden tone of threat, even as he humbled himself.

Chu Feng approached him in large strides, saying, "You dare to threaten me? I don’t care about your little alliance at all. Even if the Peacock King himself arrives now, I’ll still kill you!"


With a flash, he had crossed 200 meters in a single step to arrive in front of the old man. It was no different than if he was flying.

The old Mount Pan ancestor roared as his eyes shot out beams of golden radiance—he had thrown caution to the wind and started to burn his king level blood. A shocking level of king level energy began to circulate within his body. If he found the slightest opening, he would escape and he would take Chu Feng down with him if he couldn’t.

Even though he held the absolute advantage, Chu Feng didn’t relax. He mustered all his power and executed his most proficient technique, the Demon Ox Boxing Style, radiating a terrifying aura of might.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This was a clash of grand proportions, a battle of kings! Chu Feng’s fist was incomparably dominating, and the old ancestor was not able to endure it for long before his body started to show signs of disintegration.


Chu Feng’s fist landed once more and the old weasel felt his arms go numb. He could no longer move his arms, leaving his front wide-open. He could only watch as another strike landed. Bang! His chest caved in and was penetrated, spraying flowers of blood behind him.


The Mount Pan ancestor was flung onto the ground over ten meters away. He had suffered grievous wounds and had transformed back into a golden-colored weasel.

At 1.7 meters, he could not be considered large compared to other beast kings. His whole body was suffused with a yellow glow as if he was refined from pure gold and his eyes shone little miniature suns.

After sensing his imminent death, he had paid a steep price to draw out all his power. In this state, he was much stronger than before.

Sacrificing everything for this battle of kings, the old weasel’s power had increased explosively. He roared in a berserk manner, releasing powerful psychic attacks.

"Aou…" He turned into a flash of light as he charged at extreme speeds towards Chu Feng, engaging him in melee combat.

Chu Feng was prepared for this; he knew that cornered animals were the most dangerous. He circulated his special breathing technique, and both his mind and body respired in sync as a silvery light danced brilliantly on his forehead.

He blocked the penetrative psychic attack, and with a strike of his fist, saturated with mysterious power, he struck forth.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The old weasel could not handle this onslaught. Even after utilizing all the power he had, he still could not defend against war-god-like young man as he was sent flying miserably.

After gaining the advantage, Chu Feng had only kept on pressing forward with unrelenting suppression. He kept on beating the old beast king, his fists glowing with power akin to the sharp horns of the demon ox, sending the old weasel flying time and time again, like a broken scarecrow.

Pu! Pu! Pu…

During these few moments, Chu Feng had punched six or seven holes on the old weasel's body, and now, he could be literally "seen through".

"Ah…" the old weasel screamed; he had never suffered such a miserable defeat. He felt the aura of imminent death encroaching upon him.

"Impossible?!" he roared, extremely unwilling. Even after drawing out all his power and going berserk, he was unable to fend off this godly youth.

One had to know that he was a beast king who had broken two of his shackles, unlocking a terrifying and mysterious power within him. It was only right that he would dominate this human youth who had just recently reached the king realm.

But reality proved him wrong. Very wrong, in fact!

After reaching the king realm, every time a shackle was broken, one’s strength and speed would exponentially increase in addition to advanced evolution. This was an extremely terrifying realm! Add to their supreme abilities, the beast kings were almost unrivaled existences.

The old weasel had broken two shackles, meaning that it had undergone one more evolution than Chu Feng. Even so, he was not a match for Chu Feng; whether in speed, strength or physique, he was inferior.

Bang! Bang!

Chu Feng attacked twice in quick succession, blowing the ancestor away with two more holes through his abdomen.

The weasel had lost all hope. The power he had received from breaking two shackles were all associated with psychic powers, and it so happened that Chu Feng was immune to them.

"I’m not willing, I’m a beast king! How could I die in the hands of a human youth?!" he roared in anger.

But nothing he did could change the outcome!

Chu Feng loudly roared as his right arm glowed with radiant light. Silvery light began to cover his fist with vigorous energy, a force that was comparable to the raging flames, and akin to thunderous lightning. It turned into a stream of light that flew towards the enemy.


Horror was written in his eyes as he was struck by this single fist which threw him into the air and annihilated him with an explosion.

Thus. a beast king had fallen, his body torn apart, dying the summit of Mount Pan with fresh blood.

With the death of the old weasel, the mist enshrouding Mount Pan receded. This was a technique used to confuse his opponents and interfere with their mental defenses.

The sun’s rays showered down upon the battleground and upon Chu Feng, illuminating him. His tall yet muscular frame shone with a translucent radiance, a picture of slender perfection. Yet, his body was filled with king level energy that was terrifying to the extreme, akin to a god of war.

In the distance, Huang Yun and Kong Zhuo were pale as sheet, scared silly by the battle they had just witnessed. In their eyes, Chu Feng was simply a demon king, even beating up an existence like the Mount Pan ancestor.

And he was so young, furthermore, he was a human. This caused them to be unable to accept the shocking scenes which had just transpired at the summit.

Their beast king ancestor was bathed in blood and had fallen.

This was the end of the show for Mount Pan’s beast king lineage.

"No… This cannot be real!" Huang Yun’s voice and body were both trembling. With even the ancestor dead, how would they live?

Chu Feng walked further away and picked up a bag, from which he fished out a new set of clothes and got changed.

During the battle with the old weasel, he had pushed himself past supersonic speeds. His body suffered from a huge amount of stress, not to mention his clothes.

Afterwards, Chu Feng strapped on his quiver, and while grasping the Thunderous, he aimed down the mountain.

The remaining weasels had nowhere to hide as Chu Feng hunted them down, shooting arrow after arrow. These projectiles carried arcs of lightning with them as they shook the entirety of this famed mountain.



All the way to the base of the mountain, the weasels lost their lives one by one. Their panic gave rise to a huge commotion; some were screaming in beast language, and some were in the human tongue. They were all terror-stricken and frantic.

One shot would take one life, and as tens of arrows flew out, over half of the Mount Pan lineage fell to the torrential onslaught. It was decided that they would probably never again rise to prominence.

There was a portion of weasels who had run away earlier. At that time, although they were quite certain that their ancestor would prevail, some were inclined to play it safe.

Chu Feng descended from the mountain, and using his king level divine instinct to scan the surrounding mountains, he hunted down the fleeing weasels. Only after he had passed by several villages did his wrath calm down.

In the days, the villages surrounding Mount Pan had all been deserted. Many people fled when the weasels occupied the mountain, and those who decided to stay became their food.


Chu Feng gave chase, not wanting to let off even one of them.

Finally, he shot down over 90 weasels, ranging from just a few meters to several tens of meters long. His quiver of a hundred arrows was nearly exhausted.

When Chu Feng returned to the summit, Kong Zhuo and Huang Yun looked to him as if they had seen a demonic god, trembling and apprehensive.

Earlier, these two people had conspired together to have Chu Feng come to Mount Pan and beg forgiveness. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect him to really come and not only that, he had leveled the mountain and eradicated their whole tribe.

Even the beast king here had been killed, a truly terrifying development.


With a few slashes of his black dagger, they were forever crippled but remained with their lives intact.

He contacted Lu Tong, saying, "Old man, I’ve already leveled the mountain and eradicated their camp!"

With just a few simple words, Lu Tong was greatly shaken, unable to speak for some time. Although he had already guessed the outcome beforehand, it was still overwhelming to hear it confirmed. Chu Feng was truly a miracle.

One man conquering a mountain and suppressing a whole tribe in addition to killing a seasoned beast king level warrior. This was a whole new level of impressiveness!

Chu Feng had promised him before that he would gather some research subjects for him, but only two of these "vicious beasts" were left since the rest had been eradicated.

Lu Tong was dumbfounded once more; he opened his mouth but no words came out, so he closed it again.

Back at Mount Pan, Chu Feng fished out a scarlet flying knife from underneath the rubble. It was only about as long as a palm, completely bright red in color and glistening brilliantly under the light.

He did not recognize the material with which it was made, but it was a fact that this scarlet flying knife was not inferior to his black dagger. Even after clashing hundreds of times, there were no defects on either of them, proving their sturdiness.

"It’s only the length of a palm, a true flying knife!" Chu Feng confirmed. It was an ancient weapon, unlikely to have been refined by the old weasel.

It was not only sturdy, but it was also extremely sharp and beautiful, emitting a rare and resplendent scarlet color.

"This is good stuff." Chu Feng sighed.

His mind burned with passion as he rushed towards the back mountain. He wanted to obtain that rare Imperial Sword Technique. Its strength was truly extraordinary, surpassing all conventional standards.

Chu Feng was certain that if he could grasp this Imperial Sword Technique, his offensive power would increase by another level.


The outside world was far from peaceful.

In the opinion of the masses, the Peacock Race and the Mount Pan lineage had colluded to suppress Chu Feng, pushing him into a corner and forcing him to make a difficult choice.

"What should Chu Feng do?"

"I think he should hide for a period of time, discretion is the better part of valor. I think this is the better strategy!"

Some people were discussing this matter.

Apart from Lu Tong and the victims themselves, no one else knew he had just conquered a mountain!

Even those major corporate powers would not have speculated this outcome of the battle of Mount Pan.
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