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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 137: Suppression

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Chapter 137: Suppression

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After landing, the ancestor took on a stance that was akin to the staunch grass. Lying close to the ground, he was tenacious and indomitable, unmoved by fists and unbroken by psychic attacks.

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, he lay close to the ground on all fours and with an astonishing speed, appeared hundreds of meters away.

Chu Feng followed close, his black dagger always chasing the vital areas. One expert in pursuit and another evading, their destructive power was overwhelming.

They were both utilizing supersonic speeds, detonating the air around them along with the giant stones and trees in their wake—nothing could stop them.

At these speeds, the strain on the physical body was immense. One would be lacerated badly without sufficient strength.


A rock over ten meters big was smashed to pieces as the Mount Pan ancestor ran into it, scattering debris everywhere. He was like a missile in flight, terribly destructive.

He wanted to maneuver close to the ground and avoid being targeted by Chu Feng’s long-range attacks.

However, Chu Feng had long since locked onto him like a shadow. Leaping forward, Chu Feng was once again on the offensive, his black dagger aimed at the ancestor’s back.

Brilliant lights burst forth from the scarlet flying knife by the old weasel's side, comparable to a resplendent volcanic eruption.


The scarlet knife struck the black dagger in Chu Feng’s hand, causing a resonant clang, akin to thunder that shook the whole peak.

The power of this flying knife was too great; it was probably sufficient to shave off a mountaintop.

Were Chu Feng not a king level entity, he would be hard pressed to block such an astonishing power. Hundreds of normal mutants attacking together could not compare to a single strike from this flying knife.

Chu Feng’s finger webs felt hot; they were slightly lacerated with some traces of blood. However, Chu Feng did not feel fury; instead, a glow of delight could be seen within his eyes. At the moment, he was truly looking forward to the spoils of this war.

He looked forward to learning the Imperial Sword Technique. If he was able to kill this Mount Pan ancestor, he might be able to get his hands on the inheritance in his possession. At that time, after mastering the control of this blade, he would be unrivaled in the four directions.

This kind of weapon was simply invincible against all matter in addition to being able to kill enemies hundreds of meters away—a truly terrifying weapon.


Although the black dagger was being hindered, Chu Feng’s fist had already landed on the ancestor’s back. The roar of a tiger resounded as a tiger image crashed squarely into the weasel’s back.

This was the tiger form from the 12 forms of the Xingyi fist technique. It was a skill that even some elder martial artists could not materialize after a lifetime of practice. Yet, Chu Feng had mastered such an art, fully comprehending its essence.

This strike was truly tyrannical. The white tiger’s appearance shook the sun and the moon, producing a magnificent yet violent scene.

The old ancestor was helpless as he flipped over, flying with his back to the ground and striking out with both his fists to defend against the relentless onslaught of the tiger.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

The two men crossed fists with fierce momentum. One was above continuously raining down blows, while the other was flying with his back towards the ground, defending desperately. The sounds of their fists clashing were even more alarming than the rumbling thunder.

This mountain area had been thoroughly wasted. The ground was cracked and several ancient trees had been blown away. Before the two king level entities, everything was weak and defenseless.


The old weasel coughed up a mouthful of blood; the endless barrage was taking a huge toll on his body. He flipped over and stood straight, almost going berserk as he roared in anger.

Chu Feng’s fists were too powerful; every attack would bring about frightening thunder despite the lack of lightning.

He had broken far past the sound barrier, and even the air was exploding as he moved.

The old weasel sensed danger the moment he came into range of Chu Feng’s terrifying fists. Although he was vicious, he had no way to defend against the torrential rain of attacks that were assaulting him.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

In this physical melee, the old ancestor was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and it was obvious that he couldn’t hold on much longer. He was like a scarecrow as he could only be on the receiving end, with lacerations even beginning to appear on his body.


Chu Feng roared. Every strike of his fist found their target, tyrannical to the extreme. He was like a demonic god, suppressing his opponent all the way.

The old ancestor of Mount Pan was struck flying and crashed into a distant cliff, apparently receiving grievous wounds.

The physical tenacity of a king level entity was astonishing. Even though he was in a fatal zone with these grievous wounds, the old weasel was still a formidable opponent. He flew out at supersonic speeds, shattering the rocks that were pressing down on him.


Chu Feng cried as another fist was thrown out with an earthshaking momentum, incomparably powerful.


The old ancestor’s body shone with light as blood seeped out of the surface wounds, forming a red mist that covered him. At this time, king level energy boiled within him.

With his power explosively surging, the old weasel had thrown caution to the wind and had decided to go all out. Otherwise, it was possible that he would fall under the relentless shock of those fists.


The two had clashed again, and blinding light burst out as their godlike energies surged outwards. The whole area was filled with flying sand, stone and debris as if a tornado was passing through.

The old ancestor staggered back several tens of meters. Beneath his foot, several cracks appeared one after another as the whole mountain area was on the verge of collapse. The extent of destructive energy involved could be easily guessed.

In that previous exchange, the two weapons were also clashing non-stop. Their murderous auras surged with sky-splitting momentum as sword light filled the whole summit.

Chu Feng, however, was fine, apart from the shoulder wound he had previously received as the scarlet knife brushed pass.

The Mount Pan ancestor’s body was riddled with lacerations, and a mist of blood was circulating around him; they were the result of Chu Feng’s fist strikes.

He activated his secret technique, paying the ultimate price and consuming his king level essence blood to provide himself with increased strength. He had no other way to defend against Chu Feng.

"I underestimated you," the ancestor muttered, his eyes cold.

"You asked me to come and beg for mercy, and I answered the call. But are you able to bear the consequences of such an invitation?!" Chu Feng strode forth, keeping up the suppression with an imposing manner.

Chu Feng was tall and well built, and his body was sparkling with crystalline radiance. This perfection was a sign of his terrifying king level physique, containing within him the extremes of strength.


The intensive battle continued once more, and Chu Feng’s fists were once again suppressing the old ancestor from all directions, sending him flying with blood seeping out of his mouth and nose.

At the same time, their two blades were also clashing—sword light illuminated the whole summit, making it seem like a battle between sword immortals.


The old ancestor cried out, his blood boiling violently. Even after using all his hidden moves, he was still not Chu Feng’s match. The latter sent him crashing into cliffs and rocks several times.

If not for the scarlet flying knife, he would’ve been defeated much sooner.

Even so, he was still able to move at supersonic speeds. With Chu Feng at his tail, he leaped from the mountain peak, quick as lightning, leaving behind a trail of afterimages and destroying everything in his wake.


The old weasel was now bleeding from his seven orifices, and things were looking grim for him.

Chu Feng closed in once again, but at that moment, he felt something was off. He vaguely felt a sense of danger, even with his current king level power. This meant that something was seriously wrong.

Almost immediately, he activated his special breathing technique and braced himself!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Chu Feng felt all his hair stand on end and his head ached horribly as if something was drilling into his mind. This caused him to stagger backward, unable to firmly stand on his feet.

Within the air, a small golden weasel, which was about 15 centimeters long, was using all its strength to bore into Chu Feng’s skull.

If not for his cautious nature and shockingly keen senses, he would’ve been struck by this ambush. Even though he had escaped the brunt of this attack, he had still suffered a fair bit of mental trauma.

"Die! I’ve been bearing with you for too long!"

The old ancestor roared as his true body rushed over and furiously launched his counteroffensive. His king level blood essence could be seen seeping out of his body, which after ignition diffused into a most brilliant and resplendent scarlet mist, providing his failing body with a mysterious and godly energy.

He had gone all out against Chu Feng—that small golden weasel, formed from his mental energy, gave him the opportunity to retaliate and turn things around.

This was the ability that he had gained after breaking his second shackle. It allowed him to nurture a second independent spiritual avatar.

This was the old weasel’s hidden ace. However, it was not easy to summon, so he had to bring Chu Feng into a lull, then suddenly use his ultimate move at the most unexpected moment.

To some extent, Chu Feng had already expected such an ambush. He had been rather suspicious when the ancestor was sent into a daze when he used his Demon Ox Roar.

Knowing that the weasel race possessed extremely powerful psychic capabilities, it was rather doubtful how the ancestor was easily dazed by his roar.

The old weasel had been coveting Chu Feng’s king level physical body all along. If he was able to possess this body, the independent spiritual avatar would have a host, which was also a true king level body.

At that time, he would possess the power equal to two king level experts, increasing his battle power dramatically.


The old ancestor cried out as he frantically activated his psychic powers. The miniature golden weasel was going all out in an attempt to gain access into Chu Feng’s head, wanting to immediately occupy it.


Chu Feng shouted explosively. Although he was in great pain, his consciousness was still very clear. He activated his special breathing technique and spat out a white electric radiance from his mouth.


At the moment that he roared loudly, he exhibited his Demon Ox Boxing Style as well as the Demon Ox Roar. This was a type of psychic attack that was able to repel the invading force from the golden weasel.

"How is this possible?" the old ancestor screamed in anger.

He had greatly suffered luring Chu Feng in, and now that he had chosen the most optimal moment to reveal his ace and take over Chu Feng’s body, he realized that he was facing a man whose skin was made of bronze and bones made of iron—completely impenetrable.

Now, the old ancestor was in deep trouble. With the circulation of Chu Feng’s special breathing technique, not only his muscle and flesh was respiring in rhythm, but also his mind, explosively increasing their respective powers.

At this moment, Chu Feng was shocked as he felt, for the first time, that his mind was also respiring in synch with his breathing technique. His forehead glowed, overflowing with a blazing silvery white light that threatened to immolate all living things in its way.


That 15 centimeters long yellow weasel fell from mid-air and started rolling on the ground while crying out miserably. Defeated in a clash of psychic powers, it was burnt and wounded.

Its shrill screams indicated the end of its great momentum and its eventual demise.
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