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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 136: A Clash of Kings

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Chapter 136: A Clash of Kings

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Huang Yun was shaken; he felt a sense of oppressive dread—the kind of aura that only their old ancestor could emit. Yet, from this young man came a similar aura that suffused the air, causing him to tremble in apprehension.

He wanted to scream, just what kind of monster had he provoked?

He had even hunted down this youth personally, tearing his plane apart and chasing him down—that was only a few days ago! Now, Chu Feng had evolved, becoming a full fledged king level entity.

Huang Yun stepped backwards, his heart was full of terror and trepidation. Even more so because he was the one who tried to harm Chu Feng’s parents.

Hearing Huang Yun’s exclamation, how could the other beasts not be terrified? They all felt their hairs stand on end, all shifting backwards away from Chu Feng.

"I have neither grievance nor hatred against your race, yet you lot not only wanted to kill me, but also attempted to harm my parents from the shadows. Enough of this! I don’t give a damn about any peacock race or Mount Pan lineage. You have seriously touched my reverse scale [1] by moving against my parents. Today, I will break the sky down upon you! I shall flatten this mountain and level this fort. Henceforth wiping your entire race from existence!"

Chu Feng thus announced expressively.

He didn’t know what the future holds for him, but he was certain that after this incident, he must make everyone who wanted to harm his parents think twice. If anyone dared touch his parents, he would trample their whole race and give all these vicious beasts a terrifying warning!


Huang Yun only had one leg left, but nonetheless, he was still a quasi beast king. With an abrupt step, he had flown off like an arrow, reaching astonishing speeds, hoping to escape towards the back mountain.

However, Chu Feng’s speed was even more shocking, though he didn’t bother to use the Thunderous. This was because he felt a powerful foe within the vicinity.

Chu Feng tore through the skies like a bolt of lightning. He was flying at supersonic speeds as the air behind him exploded with a boom.

By the time he landed, he had closed a distance of 200 meters, and with a thump, he had stepped on the old weasel’s only remaining leg. The king level physique was truly terrifying.


Huang Yun miserably screamed as he rolled on the ground. His leg had been thoroughly decimated.

He was a quasi beast king, but before Chu Feng, he did not have the capacity to put up the slightest bit of resistance.

Additionally, the limestone floor had burst with fissures, as if a great earthquake had taken place, shaking the whole mountain.

All of this was caused by a single ferocious stomp from Chu Feng. How terrible was this force that shook the whole summit?

Chu Feng did not immediately kill Huang Yun. He tossed him to one side, barely alive.

The other weasels were all terror stricken. Before them was a quasi beast king, only second to the old ancestor and a peer of elder Huang Xian, and yet, he had been reduced to such a sorry state.


At this moment, from within the dust and debris, a red streak of sword light came shooting towards Chu Feng.

That cold beam of light tore through the void, carrying with it an astonishing destructive power.

Chu Feng was certain that this strike of the sword could’ve split apart the mountaintop. This was an imperial sword technique. Legends state that this ancient technique could be used to kill enemies over 50 kilometers away.

He had long since been prepared for this. A black dagger appeared in his right hand and swung forth, producing beams of terrifying dark light in the air.


Sparks showered out in all directions, as if the void was being torn apart.

The red mist-like flying knife faded into the surrounding with a swoosh. It could even be said that it came without a shadow and left without a trace [1].

Although it was fast and untraceable, the shockwaves produced by its impact unturned the earth and rocks.

Finally, everything was silent once more with Chu Feng standing on top of the mountain peak. He spoke with a cold expression, "You’ve arrived for quite some time already, yet you chose not to save your offspring Huang Yun. Truly an inherently cold character."

The next moment, the whole mountain had transformed. Covered in mist that blocked out the sunlight, the whole mountainous area became enshrouded in a mystifying haze.

Even Huang Yun and Kong Zhuo and turned silent. They were stricken with anxiety, wondering if the old ancestor would be able to kill this human quickly.

Chu Feng stood in place without movement, his ears focused on the surroundings, and his eyes flooding with divine light that pierced through the mystifying haze, allowing him to see everything clearly.

At the same time, his divine instinct activated with flaming lights dancing upon his forehead. It was a sign of his overflowing psychic power, constantly scanning his surroundings cautiously.

This weasel ancestor was indeed skilled. He hid himself within the mist, appearing here and there with his aura appearing in multiple locations at the same time, utilizing a bewilderment formation.

In a clash of kings, a clash of divine instincts was inevitable. The party in the light would have quite a hard time locking onto those hidden in the dark.


Suddenly, a red beam shot out from behind Chu Feng almost reaching his neck instantaneously, aiming to behead him with one strike.

It was a scarlet flying knife as long as a palm, glowing with a translucent radiance. It came flying with an indomitable momentum at supersonic speeds. If one were to react only after they had heard the sound of its arrival, then it would already be too late.


Chu Feng’s black dagger met the flying knife the moment he turned around, once again striking it in mid air. An ear-piercing metallic sound burst forth from the clash.


In the distance, some weasels were screaming in agony; this metallic sound was accompanied by a mysterious psychic power, a power that was derived after breaking a shackle.

The void pulsed and rippled as the several meters long weasels rolled on the ground, screaming in agony and collapsing onto the ground.


The red beam was hidden once again, dispersing into the mist.

Chu Feng examined his black dagger and found that there were no defects on it. This came as a surprise to him because the opponent’s red flying knife was extremely solid, being able to block his black dagger. He speculated that it, too, was unharmed.

In the earlier days, Chu Feng had extensively experimented with the black dagger. Apart from his stone box, there was almost nothing that could block the black dagger.

"Interesting, perhaps this is an ancient flying knife that is compatible with the Imperial Sword Technique?" Chu Feng wasn’t afraid. If anything, he was interested.

He knew that, being a famed mountain, Mount Pan would have some inheritances in the form of weapons. He was quite certain that the red flying knife was an inheritance excavated from the underground palace of Mount Pan.

"Little brother is indeed very capable, becoming a king level expert at such a young age!" At this moment, an old man appeared from within the distant mist. He was wearing a yellow daoist robe, with a red face and white hair. His eyes were colored a light yellow, adding to his exceptional temperament—a kind of immortal aura emanated from him.

So this was the old ancestor of Mount Pan?

The old man continued, "To think that I was only able to reach the quasi beast king level 21 years ago, and only recently had I reached the realm of kings, it was a gruelling journey."

During the post civilization era, there had been numerous episodes of mysterious changes in the world. The previous one was 21 years ago.

After that was the recent "great change".

The old ancestor shook his head with a gentle sigh. Apparently, he lost his enthusiasm for battle as he walked empty handed towards Chu Feng.


Within the blink of an eye, Chu Feng shifted his body to the side, and with a speed that broke the sound barrier, reflexively moved over ten meters away.

At his original position, a blurry red glow landed, and with a boom, cleaved a huge fissure in the mountain.

The power behind such a terrifying blow could be imagined.

"As expected of the weasels, inherently cunning and cruel!" said Chu Feng, addressing the white-haired old man, who possessed a kind and outstanding demeanor, but was hiding a sinister and cruel heart underneath.

His previous appearance was just a mirage, used to distract Chu Feng while the true body attacked from behind.

"Young people like you don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth. We asked you to come and beg forgiveness, yet you dare to start a massacre. Today, your head will fall to my blade!" the ancestor stated coldly, the source and direction of his voice constantly shifting.


This time, Chu Feng clearly grasped his presence. He sprinted at full speed before leaping several hundred meters through the air, closing in for the kill.

An old man appeared before his eyes, activating his scarlet flying knife to slash towards Chu Feng with an astonishing level of power. The brilliant sword light illuminated the whole of Mount Pan’s summit.

After coming into melee range, Chu Feng immediately initiated the battle with a "Dragon and Tiger Contend for Hegemony", his ultimate move from the Xingyi Fist Techniques.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chu Feng’s right hand ripped the black dagger, using it as the dragon, while his left hand formed the shape of a tiger. Two powers interweaved and resonated, and a resounding explosion erupted.

The air exploded with an astonishing clap of thunder, followed by the sound of a tiger’s roar and a dragon’s cry. The image of a dragon and a tiger took shape at that moment and appeared before Chu Feng.

The destructive power rushed forth with a terrifying momentum.

This was the power of an ancient technique. After breaking a shackle, he was able to draw out even more of its hidden potential, even to the point where the "dragon and tiger contend for hegemony" actually materialized.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The old weasel countered with his hands while utilizing his flying knife at the same time to defend against this move.


The scarlet flying knife flew past, narrowly missing his neck. Although he had dodged this strike, Chu Feng’s shoulder was grazed by the blade, releasing a flower of blood.

The Imperial Sword Technique was the master of all flying sword techniques. According to ancient legends, it was capable of killing enemies over 50 kilometers away; indeed it was terrifying.

After receiving a wound, his shoulder felt a burning pain as fresh blood flowed out continuously. However, the tiger form on his left hand also landed on the ancestor’s body, causing him to stagger back. Observing closely, some traces of blood could be seen at the corners of his mouth.

In a clash between experts, there were less complexities. Their moves were direct and violent, mostly aiming to wound the opponent in a single blow.

A clash of king level entities were indeed alarming. If a quasi beast king entered the fray, he would no doubt be reduced to a bloody mist within an instant.

Chu Feng did not dare to be careless. Initially, he had wanted to drag the battle and attempt to observe the enemy’s skills and abilities. However, current circumstances indicated that the slightest oversight could lead to danger.

He started to breathe out white mist, akin to an exhaling dragon as his breathing rhythm changed. He was now activating the special breathing technique.

The old ancestor of Mount Pan wanted to increase the distance between them and control the flying knife from afar.

However, Chu Feng explosively increased his speed. Like lightning and thunder, his strength and speed increased by a great margin after circulating the special breathing technique.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

The two blades clashed, and on quite a few occasions, Chu Feng had struck the flying knife with full force, blowing it away and causing it to strike some giant rocks to oblivion.



Chu Feng swiftly closed in. Forming a fist and extending his body, he struck out explosively, suppressing the old weasel while fending off the flying knife.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This was a battle of extreme intensity. Fists and blades were thrown against each other, and mysterious powers erupted with thunderous explosions.


At the critical juncture, Chu Feng erupted with the Demon Ox Roar, shaking his opponent’s mind.

In the split second that the old ancestor was dazed, Chu Feng struck out with great speed and tyrannical power. If it were not for the flying knife blocking this attack, it was possible that Chu Feng’s dagger would have pierced the weasel’s body.

Even so, his fist attack arrived with an earth-shattering momentum, and an incomparably terrifying force was exerted on impact. The Mount Pan Ancestor was sent flying through the air, coughing up large amounts of blood.


[1] Used to describe stealthiness.
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