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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 135: To Flatten the Mountain and Level the Fort

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Chapter 135: To Flatten the Mountain and Level the Fort

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While the people were guessing whether Chu Feng should hide away at a remote place and wait for this storm to die down, Chu Feng had already set out to begin his assault.

At dawn, an armed helicopter carried Chu Feng and flew away swiftly. Its target—Mount Pan.

He sat there in meditation, with all preparations complete. There was nothing to hold him back as he went forth to flatten the mountain and level the fort [1].

The few mutants flying along with him were all looking towards him with reverence.

Going alone to kill a beast king and conquer the mountain, this was like a mythological story. Such valiance! When these people first heard of the plan, they were flabbergasted.

No one spoke on the way, afraid of disturbing Chu Feng.

Chu Feng sat there with his eyes closed as he rested his mind. Just like a stone statue, he was completely motionless.

The vehicle screamed through the air over the mountains and forest, basking in the morning mist. It was flying at an incredible speed towards the east.

Close to noon, they arrived in the vicinity of Mount Pan.

Mount Pan, neighbor to Shuntian and falling within the Jinmen territory.

After the great change, space itself had folded and distorted. For example, from Shuntian to Mount Pan, they had to fly through an area of distorted space that spanned several thousand kilometers.

The misty clouds were blushing resplendently, noble and steadfast. From after, Mount Pan was akin to a realm of immortals, magnificently scenic.

Within the northern region, this was also a famous mountain. The armed helicopter landed at a suitable site and Chu Feng instructed them to return.

He was afraid that the chopper would receive damage from the aftershocks of his imminent battle with the weasel beast king.

The agents did not linger; they took to the skies and flew into the distance. They knew that they were not able to provide any help, so they might as well not become a burden to Chu Feng.

On Mount Pan, there was a certain person complaining to Huang Yun, his eyes full of tears. "Please invite the old ancestor to emerge and kill this Chu Feng. He bullies people too much. My tail was cut off, sob... sob…"

This was naturally the messenger of the weasel race, who had flown back through the night on an avian mount. He had come before the elders today, beseeching them to kill Chu Feng.

Huang Yun’s face was ashen. He ground his teeth in sympathy because he too had his tail cut off by Chu Feng.

Especially since he was a quasi beast king, it was all the more humiliating to let someone cut his tail off.

"Rest assured, the old ancestor will emerge today. He had been cultivating his sword for many consecutive days, and is now ready to go and claim the head of this ignorant brat. Stop crying now!" Huang Yun was frustrated.

Kong Zhuo also consoled him, "The ancestor of Mount Pan is going to make a move himself. Chu Feng does not have much longer to live, we can start counting down now."


It was at this moment that a huge explosion resounded from the base of the mountain, followed by miserable screams that could even be heard from the summit.

"What had happened?" Huang Yun had only one leg left, but even so, he leaped to his feet upon hearing this alarming sound, his eyes radiating with golden light.

"This doesn’t look good, someone is assaulting Mount Pan and is making his way up the mountain!" A weasel frantically informed.

Huang Yun was infuriated as he roared, "Who dares to attack our Mount Pan? They must be tired of living. Which race is it? How many people are there?!"

"Only one human, he’s going on a rampage on the mountain, shooting down our mountain gates with a single arrow. He’s charging up now!" That weasel gave his report.


Kong Zhuo stood up in surprise, a single person breaking into Mount Pan. Which king could it be? This guest has ill intentions!

After breaking down the mountain gates with a single arrow, Chu Feng stepped through the dust and debris to rush up the mountain with large strides, leaving the screams and dead bodies of weasels in his wake.


A single arrow was fired, striking a transformed weasel and causing him to explode into a bloody mist.

"Who are you? What great audacity! Do you know this place is the dao grounds of the Mount Pan ancestor?" A weasel shouted, already transformed into human form, a sign that he was a direct descendant of the race to be able to obtain a transformation fruit.

Behind him were over ten weasel warriors, each revealing their long fangs with their golden hair erect in an aggressive posture.

Chu Feng looked at them coldly before silently drawing his bow. He immediately fired, emitting a thunderous roar as the arrows flew out like lightning.


The shocking roars of beasts could be heard as the tens of beasts scrambled into action. They rushed towards Chu Feng, showing off their snow white fangs, all ferocious to the extreme.

Pu! Pu! Pu…

However, Chu Feng was just too quick. He killed off over 30 of those gigantic golden beasts in an instant. Not a single whole carcass was left, all died of explosion!

The earth was covered with a gory mess of terrifying fresh blood, which dyed the mountain red.

The remaining weasels were frightened out of their wits, not knowing whether this person was a human or a demon. How could he be so terrible, killing over thirty experts with one move?

Before Chu Feng came over here, he had received a confession from Huang Xiaoxian stating that there were over 90 mutant weasels. As such, he brought a hundred arrows in his quiver, strapped onto his back. A beast king who could occupy a mountain was definitely not simple, at least being able to gather experts of their race and pushing all of them towards evolution was not something wild beasts could compare to.

Given enough time, these races would thrive even further with ever increasing numbers of mutant members.

The remaining weasels wanted to run away, however, Chu Feng’s longbow kept shooting one arrow after another without even bothering to chase them down. All of these arrows found their targets, mowing them down without exception.

"Oh god, run! A demon has invaded!"

From a distance, a scene of carnage could be seen. Scattered weasels were running up towards the summit, their courage broken before this merciless and formidable human.

Chu Feng ascended the mountain along the stony steps.

His divine instinct was extremely keen. He kept on firing arrows as he walked, repeatedly killing mutant beasts with every shot. Up till now, he had killed 20 to 30 weasels.

Every dead carcass was several meters long, sufficient to cause a panic if brought to the outside world before the masses.

"Who goes there?!" From the summit, Huang Yun roare. At the same time, he ordered the retreat of his clansmen, refusing to let them suffer more losses.

Chu Feng kept moving forward through the mist, towards the summit area.

Mount Pan was draped in a layer of mist all year round, through which the light shone into an array of prismatic colors. Otherworldly and nirvanic, many ancient trees form a dense forest of flower fragrance and pollen that permeate the air.

Upon some of the vines, sparkling flower buds, akin to raw jade, wept with dew, scenic, fragrant and mesmerizing.

The golden rays of the sun washed over Chu Feng, dying him in a faint hue of gold. As if he was a god of war climbing Mount Pan, he would soon arrive at the peak.

"What?! It's you!" Huang Yun roared in fury! He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was actually Chu Feng who had come knocking at their doors. This young human expert had killed his way to the summit.

He wasn’t able to comprehend how Chu Feng could be so audacious. Could it be that he had some king level human expert behind his back?

Kong Zhuo was able to easily identify Chu Feng despite being their first meeting. But then again, not many human youths had that same sort of terrifying power so it was only natural.

"You sure are foolhardy, actually daring to ascend Mount Pan!" Kong Zhuo berated, yet at the same time, he transformed into his true form, trying to fly to the back of the mountain.

That was because the old ancestor was in seclusion there and his loud voice just now should have alerted him.


Chu Feng didn’t say anything. His only response was an arrow, cracking with arcs of lightning and emitting a thunderous sound as it blew apart one of Kong Zhuo’s wings.

With a thump, Kong Zhuo fell to the ground, half his body dyed red with fresh blood. He was crying miserably, pained at the hemorrhaging wound where his wing used to be.

With a swoosh, another arrow flew out, penetrating his thigh and, with a puff, turning it into bloody mist. This caused the peacock to roll on the ground in unbearable pain.

Chu Feng kept him alive but denied him all possibility of escape.

"Didn’t you all want me to come to Mount Pan and beg forgiveness? Here I am. From whom should I beg this ‘forgiveness’?!" Chu Feng asked in all coldness.

Since the beginning, he had been fairly calm, initiating a massacre like a merciless demonic god, causing the weasel tribe to tremble in fear and trepidation.

On the ground, Kong Zhuo was rolling and moaning in agony. In the distance, Huang Yun’s face was extremely pale. He could hardly believe that Chu Feng had such an imposing momentum, killing his way to their doorstep.

"You’ve reached the king level?" Huang Yun was trembling as he roared, "Old ancestor, please reveal yourself and kill this person!"


[1] The meaning is quite literal — meaning, to utterly destroy the home base of a certain party.
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