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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 134: Tempest

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Chapter 134: Tempest

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"Chu Feng, will you or will you not give our tribe an explanation?" The man from the peacock tribe was making it quite high-profile, choosing to address Chu Feng publicly.

The atmosphere turned quite odd. The corporate agents were all paying rapt attention. None of them expressed their opinion, only observing current developments.

Both the peacock tribe race and the Mount Pan lineage were specifically making it difficult for Chu Feng—the outcome was largely uncertain.

Especially the peacock race, their recent influence was just too great!

These were extraordinary times. The battles for famous mountain strongholds were reaching the climax and the casualties were staggering. The peacock race was one of those races that had solidly established a name for themselves, albeit with blood and murder.

The Peacock King daring to move against the Pilgrimage Grounds of the human race spoke volumes of their races power. A single Peacock King might be more powerful than several beast kings combined.

Now there was an agent of this race berating Chu Feng and demanding an explanation. This caused even the unrelated powers to be slightly apprehensive.

They were all afraid that the Peacock King would lose his temper and involve everyone.

Right now, many mountains were being dyed with blood as experts vie for hegemony. Many corporate powers had their own ambitions. If the Peacock King charged over to these warzones and started a massacre, no one would be able to defend against him.

However, normal people did not care about existences like the Peacock King. These kinds of existences are too distant and it was impossible to be singled out by him, and as such, these people kept supporting Chu Feng.

Many people were of the opinion that the peacock race was simply too domineering. It was obvious that they were the ones who had gone to kill, and Chu Feng had only acted in his own defense. Ironically, they were now the ones blaming Chu Feng.

So much so that a peerless expert of the peacock race came forth to suppress and intimidate Chu Feng, demanding that he be given an explanation—this was simply inexcusable!

On the internet, many people were in support of Chu Feng.

"Chu Feng, we support you! Give it your all, I just don’t believe this peacock race can command everyone under the sky!"

"Even if the Peacock King is unrivalled, their race shouldn’t be throwing their weight about. Otherwise, they’ll bring disaster upon themselves one day."

Some people did not believe the Peacock King would personally move against Shuntian. They simply couldn’t stand the domineering attitude of the peacock race.

The many corporate powers were obviously silent. They could not express their stances immediately, lest they provoke the Peacock King and invite a calamity upon themselves.

That’s why they were all feeling weird about the current state of affairs.

Very soon, quite a few people discovered the depressed atmosphere. Could it be that the Peacock King was actually coming to Shuntian in person?

"Where is that agent of the peacock race?" Within the Hollow Jade Temple, Chu Feng was asking the old man.

Lu Tong replied, "He didn’t come to Shuntian, probably staying in another city."

According to Chu Feng’s character, how would it be possible for him to give the peacock race an explanation. He had killed a few peacocks in succession, and if he met more in the future, he would also kill them. Their plans to threaten and intimidate him were of no effect.

The following days, the mood of the whole community was stifled and depressed. The major powers were also cautious in their choice of words while stating their stance.

They were all of the human race and, naturally, would not lean towards an external force, but they were all careful not to offend the Peacock King.

Even the normal people slowly began to realize the threat this Peacock King posed after seeing the caution exercised by each party in response to the possibility of the king mobilizing in person.

This level of deterrence was quite terrifying.

Only at this point did the civilians become aware of the trouble Chu Feng might be facing. If even the major powers were apprehensive, would he be able to deal with it alone?

"Oh the noise has finally died down. The Peacock King sure is powerful, suppressing all the major powers to the point of suffocation."

At Mount Pan, an old man spoke thus. He was indeed Huang Yun, an elder quasi beast king of their race. He had escaped with his life after losing a leg and having his tail chopped off by Chu Feng.

Sitting across him was a middle aged man. Although not a quasi beast king, he was not far from it. He was Kong Zhuo who had travelled to the north to represent the peacock race in berating Chu Feng.

The scenery of Mount Pan was majestic. From below, the cloud and mist flowed, encircling halfway up the mountain. At the summit, the verdant trees and grass glistened as numerous ancient trees bloomed, comparable to an immortal realm.

Kong Zhuo sat atop the mountain, taking in the beautiful scenery. He said, "This Chu Feng has the audacity to kill a quasi beast king of our race. This is a debt of blood. Were our king not occupied at the Pilgrimage Grounds, how could he hang on to his life?"

A baleful aura hung about him. It appears that even the powerful peacock race could not digest such a loss. Within a few days they had lost three great experts at Shuntian.

There was a huge uproar within their race.

"This Chu Feng must be killed. Even if the peacock race did not ask this of us, we would not give him the chance to grow into a true beast king level expert." Huang Yun laughed.

"En, our race has the same thought. We cannot ignore him any longer. He definitely has some tricks up his sleeve to be able to go against and kill three quasi beast kings. This is somewhat terrifying."

Within the recent days, the two races have thoroughly analyzed Chu Feng’s strength. They were greatly alarmed. If this kind person was allowed to become a beast king level expert, it would be completely terrifying.

The Peacock King was also the same during his rise to power. He was undefeated even when surrounded by multiple enemies as he conquered all his competitors and took control of the mutant tree of that mountain.

And now within Chu Feng, there was such a potential, and there were signs of him being unrivalled within the same realm. If he was allowed to become a true king level expert, it would be a great problem.

To these two races, eliminating a potential threat like Chu Feng was better done sooner than later.

"Do you think this kid might have already become a king level expert?" Kong Zhuo asked in a low voice.

Deep down, he did not believe this to be true, because breaking through to the beast king level was a gradual process. Someone who had just advanced to the quasi beast king realm could not have directly advanced to the king realm.

Huang Yun replied, "We also had our suspicions, but after analyzing that live stream video, we concluded that he is still at the quasi king level.

Kong Zhuo nodded in agreement, saying, "Well, it doesn’t matter anyway since your ancestor had already broken through to the beast king realm and severed two of his shackles, his power should be unfathomable. Even if a human had broken through to the beast king realm, he will not be able to escape death."

Huang Yun nodded with a smile, saying, "True, our old ancestor had some success in borrowing the power of Mount Pan’s mutant fruit to cultivate the dao and is currently training his sword arts in seclusion. His imperial sword arts should be even more terrifying now."

A light smile hung on Kong Zhus lips as he said, "I, on the other hand, do hope that he’s strong. Only then would it be worthy of the ancestor making his move and it would produce a better intimidation effect."

The two looked at each other and laughed knowingly for they would soon kill off Chu Feng with great ease.

Right now, the beast race was on the rise, and some of them were absolutely terrifying—it would not be an exaggeration to call them peerless.

If they were pressured into a corner, these experts could charge right into a major human establishment and start a massacre. This was a fatal menace and some of the beast race felt secure in the knowledge that the humans would do all they can to avoid such an outcome.

To a certain degree, it could be said that they had the confidence to challenge the humans.

Huang Yun replied with a laugh. "It’s best to keep a low profile. Our old ancestor will make his move from the shadows. With one flight of his sword, he could behead an enemy 100 meters away."

Kong Zhuo said with a smile, "But I think that we should take this chance to intimidate the other powers since we have already invited him to come and beg for forgiveness. But I’m quite certain he won’t come. We should keep pressuring him on this matter. This can also be counted as a form of humiliation."

These few days, the major powers were all carefully working in the dark for fear of the Peacock King. The more they observed, the more they realized that this race was not to be trifled with.

Many people clearly understood that with the top level experts such as the Peacock King and the Golden Crow in alliance, offending one of them could lead to a grudge with the whole group.

The normal civilians were also worried. Was this a sign of a great tempest?

Everyone felt the atmosphere was strange; they had a premonition that a "not too encouraging event" was about to unfold.

Some people even thought that Chu Feng should leave the area until the storm had blown over. The situation was extremely unfavorable for him, and it was possible that a terrifying beast king might rush over to kill him.

"Chief, you better go and hide. The situation isn’t good. There might be beast kings targeting you!" Ouyang Qing and company contacted him, immediately persuading him to leave.

If even they had this kind of idea, it was not hard to guess all the people’s thoughts. They were all bracing for the arrival of a hurricane.

Ye Qingrou spoke with a serious tone, "Perhaps the beast race wanted to use you as an example to establish their might. After all, you had killed the Ash Wolf and many experts from the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage in succession. It is natural that some beast kings might have their eyes on you."

Chu Feng simply told them not to worry.

Meanwhile in the outside world, the atmosphere was heavy. Many people believed that things had take a turn for the worse.

Chu Feng had killed several quasi beast kings in succession, but he had also landed himself in a dire situation.

There was a haze hanging in everyone’s heart. They felt the imminent arrival of torrential rains and tempest, and thunder and lightning.

As expected, on the third day, an agent from Mount Pan arrived personally at Shuntian and delivered a letter in a high profile manner.

"You have murdered too many people, but it is also not a matter that can’t be resolved. Come to Mount Pan and beg for forgiveness, everything can be discussed then."

Although this didn't sound too serious, everyone knew once Chu Feng went, there would be no return.

Chu Feng met the messenger from Mount Pan personally, but after one glance, he paid him no more heed, not evening open the letter that was delivered.

"Young man, your conceit will cause you to pay bitterly. I suggest you lower your head and beg for forgiveness at Mount Pan," the middle-aged man turned to leave after giving his advice.

Chu Feng stated, "You people almost killed my parents, and now you repeatedly tell me to go to Mount Pan to beg for forgiveness. Is this an attempt to humiliate me?! Since you’ve come here, then leave something before you go! Do you think I’m fun to taunt?"

"You… Ah!" The middle-aged man screamed miserably.

This caused a huge ruckus in Shuntian. The messenger sent by the Mount Pan lineage was not only chased off by Chu Feng, but he was also beaten into his true form and his tail chopped off.

The people all saw a giant weasel scurrying away, drawing a trail of blood as it fled.

This caused huge waves as the people were shocked. The people were now even more worried, yet Chu Feng himself was indifferent.

"This is a major incident. It is likely that a beast king will make his move!" someone cried.

"How could Chu Feng do such a thing? If he doesn’t run away now, I fear he’ll meet a fatal calamity." Some people were worried.

The situation at hand was truly dire. Several days after that, the atmosphere fell into a depressing state. Many people guessed that Chu Feng should’ve gone into hiding by now.

In truth, Chu Feng was now ready to make his journey towards Mount Pan. A journey to flatten the mountain and level the fort.
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