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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 131: Return of the King

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Chapter 131: Return of the King

Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy

Huang Xian roared as all his hair stood up. At this time, he was the picture of ferocity, despite him being a weasel. In the dense forest, his body, which was well over ten meters long, appeared just as large as the other gigantic beasts.

But, he was lacking quite a bit in aesthetics. Most of its fangs were broken, knocked out on camera, in the earlier clash with Chu Feng.

Being a king level entity, Chu Feng was extremely powerful. But, at this moment, his pupils constricted and his muscles tightened. Instinctively, he dashed backward with a swoosh, covering over a hundred meters within an instant.

He had effectively evaded Huang Xian.


Almost at that exact moment, Huang Xian’s tail rose up, and a dusky, yellow mist sprayed out from his rear end, covering the whole forest.

This was the life-saving move of the weasel race. The smell of this "poisonous gas" was beyond offensive. The cloud of gas slowly suffused the whole mountain—its area of effectiveness was truly large.

Chu Feng did not try to resist but chose to maintain a distance. If one was to be bathed in this gaseous weasel discharge, the outcome would be unthinkable.


Kong Feng roared miserably. Due to the penetrating wound he had received from the prior exchange with Chu Feng, he had fallen from the sky and lay there on the ground unable to move.

As a result, he was completely drenched in the yellow mist, causing his nose to run and tears to fall. In fact, he almost lost his consciousness.


Kong Chen, with his wings thoroughly destroyed, was staggering within the "poisonous cloud", his face pale as a ghost. He was behind Huang Xian when the cloud was released, so he received the brunt of this attack.

It was such a strong odor that he wanted to vomit on the spot!

The two peacocks were fastidious and cared a great deal about their cleanliness, an inherent trait of their race. After being drenched in weasel gas, they felt their heads spinning, almost vomiting bile.

If they had a choice, they would rather commit suicide than suffer a humiliating beating, not to mention being doused in weasel gas.

All of this happened within the time it takes a spark to fly off the flint. Chu Feng stood hundreds of meters away, retrieving the longbow strapped around his back.

The Thunderous had always been carried on his body, wrapped in silk cloth. Now, it was time for action.

His target was not Huang Xian. Even though this old weasel was cunning and vile, Chu Feng was not worried about him escaping as long as he was on the ground.

His divine instinct had long since locked onto Huang Xian!


Chu Feng let loose an arrow from the Thunderous. With his current king level power, even a normal arrow would be turned into a killer weapon.

A terrifying clap of thunder resounded as the arrow shot through the air, drawing arcs of electricity as it went. Crackling with sparks, the arrow crossed the sky in an instant, flying for Kong Sheng’s head.

But Kong Sheng was just too cautious. After, seeing the unfavorable situation of the ground battle, he decisively flew higher into the air.


The iron arrow traversed the sky, flying several tens of meters in a split second. This was a terrifying speed for an arrow, almost catching up to Kong Sheng momentarily. This shocked the peacock so much that his face almost changed colors, disbelief written all over it.


Finally, the arrow struck him and exploded in a shower of sparks and brilliant arcs of electricity, an alarming sight to behold.

Kong Sheng examined his arm and discovered a bloody wound with extensive hemorrhage. Only a simple graze had caused such a shocking wound.

He rushed even higher, distancing himself from Chu Feng. His cold purple eyes flashed with great coldness. Today’s incident left with greatly shaken.

A young human youth had, within a few days time, broken through to directly become a king level entity without pausing on the quasi-king realm.

Chu Feng contacted Lu Tong immediately, saying, "Old man, arrange for some of the ground agents to lock onto the peacock in the sky. I will emerge for the kill momentarily!"

Afterwards, he leaped forth as if in flight, bounding over the forest and covering a few hundred meters within the blink of an eye.

This kind of speed greatly alarmed the two peacocks lying on the ground. It was no doubt the speed and momentum of a king level expert.

Huang Xian was thoroughly cowed. He tightened his muscles and ran frantically through the forest. His long slender body seemed like a yellow waterfall as it snaked through the rocks and mountains. He wanted to leave as quickly as possible; he had completely lost the will to go against this human youth.

If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have come here no matter what. Going against a true king? Ha, one would have to be truly tired of living!


Chu Feng leapt another couple hundred meters and landed in front of Huang Xian, cutting off his escape.


Huang Xian’s eyes glowed resplendently as he howled in indignation. He knew that begging for forgiveness was useless at this point. He could only try to use his most powerful move in desperation.

He targeted Chu Feng with a psychic attack, unwilling to just sit there and wait for inevitable death.


Chu Feng coldly snorted, diffused within it was the power of the Demon Ox Roar. It dispersed the energy from the beam of golden light while Chu Feng stood there, unmoving as Mount Tai.


In truth, that was not the weasel’s true ultimate move. At this moment, a small flying knife came flying from close to the ground and changed its trajectory towards Chu Feng’s abdomen.


With a flick of his finger, he tapped the bright flying knife on its body. The sound of vibrating metal resounded and fissures snaked across the palm-sized flying knife before exploding into a shower of metallic particles.

Huang Xian was frightened out of his wits. That flying knife was no ordinary item—it was refined from a rare excavated metal, sturdy beyond compare.

He had tried out his weapon on many occasions and it could even cut through diamond rock [1], the sharpness of its edge was shocking!

However, it was still destroyed with a flick of Chu Feng’s finger! What a terrifying physique!

After reaching this level, Chu Feng naturally did not put quasi beast kings in his eyes.

Huang Xian felt all his hair stand on end. His body once again glowed with golden light as his tail shifted upwards, trying to target Chu Feng with another gaseous attack.

But this time, he was not given such an opportunity. The moment that Chu Feng had shattered the flying knife, he had also stepped towards the weasel as a fist came down explosively.

Especially this time, he had used his god like power. Covering his fist with radiant lights, he flashed forward like a beam of laser.


It was a horrible sight to behold. After breaking a shackle on his right arm, the energy released therein was truly alarming. The silver light tore through the weasel’s defenses like a bolt of lightning, blowing him apart.

The light on Chu Feng’s fist was like a sharp sword, striking through Huang Xian’s skull and then slashing downwards. The silver light cut him into two, killing him on the spot.

Even Chu Feng himself was shocked at the results of his god like prowess. This was the first time he had used the ability gained after breaking his first shackle.


The air was split apart as if struck by lightning.

Chu Feng reached supersonic speeds when he ran, leaving behind a sonic boom in its wake.

After just a moment, he appeared before Kong Cheng and Kong Feng, blocking their escape.

Earlier, he had destroyed Kong Chen’s arms with a punch, turning them into bloody mist. Those were also the wings of his true form, which had now lost the ability to fly.

Beside him, Kong Feng was in an even worse condition. His chest had been penetrated through, and he was drenched in blood. He was so severely weakened that he could barely stand, let alone fly.

"We are quasi beat kings of the peacock race. There aren’t many experts of this level within the race if we were to die, the Peacock King will be infuriated. You are extremely strong, but you are still not a match for the Peacock King. Actually, we can sit down and clear up our misunderstandings through discussion. We are also willing to pay a hefty price."

Kong Chen tried to negotiate. Despite his prideful nature, he did not want to die here. He could only hope that his human will compromise and let them go.

"Threatening me?" Chu Feng coldly laughed. "This race is truly full of themselves. Using both hard and soft methods to negotiate despite the condition they're in."

"I’ll send you on your way." Chu Feng strode forward after finishing his words.

"No, you’ve misunderstood! How would we dare to threaten a true king level expert? We’re just trying to negotiate. Let's talk this over, don’t resort to violence."

Who would want to die if there was the slightest hope of survival? Although the peacock race was prideful in nature, they could not ignore the threat of death.

"If the Peacock King himself arrived, then perhaps we could discuss this. However, you two… are not worthy!" Chu Feng revealed a short dagger which slashed violently towards them. Two heads flew out.

That instant, they reverted back to their true forms, and two gigantic peacocks lay dead on the ground.

In close succession, Chu Feng had been hunted down by members of the peacock race, and all his assailants being quasi beast kings. How could he let these people go, even if they brought up the Peacock King as a threat?

"Old man, where did Kong Sheng go? Have you locked onto him?" Chu Feng contacted Lu Tong.

"He is moving straight towards the south. We have been bombarding him with firearms along the way. He is wounded, but not seriously disabled. He is still flying towards the south at the moment."

"Good!" Chu Feng quickly reached his helicopter, and very soon, the blades were spinning in full motion as he was flown due south.

The agents on the chopper were staring at Chu Feng with passion and respect in their eyes. They had witnessed Chu Feng’s battle with their own eyes. They were now firm believers that Chu Feng was a god of war.

This battle was extremely swift and clean, akin to pulling out dried weeds. With just a single man, he swept through three enemy quasi beast kings and now he was now on the trail of another, over 500 kilometers away.

Kong Sheng was escaping towards the south at full speed, with a fire burning in his heart. This battle was simply too humiliating.

Their race had lost another two quasi beast kings, which was an extremely painful loss.

Three quasi beast kings had gone to hunt a human youth, yet the other party had effortlessly swept through them.

He was now frantically escaping, his whole body drenched in blood. He also suffered a rocket attack during his escape, nearly losing his life on the spot.

"Very soon now, I’ll be leaving the area under human control!" Kong Sheng bit his teeth as he muttered. His face was the picture of sullen unwillingness.

He was wounded, and he nearly lost a wing under the attacks from firearms, decreasing his speed due to the injury. He also did not dare to fly too high, lest he becomes an open target.

He stuck close to the treetops and fled towards the mountains. The landscape here was very complex, and it would be difficult to net him in with firearms, making his escape easier.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

A familiar shout could be heard from behind. To Kong Sheng, it sounded like a shocking clap of thunder.

Kong Sheng turned back and saw Chu Feng giving chase on a helicopter. The side door was open, and an arrow was nocked on the Thunderous.


He wanted to dodge, but he wasn’t able to react in time. That was a king level attack at full power! Blood sprayed out as he screamed miserably.

One of his wings had been reduced to bloody mist, and only some small remnants fell to the ground.

Kong Sheng grimaced. He was flying in his true form, and such a wound was too severe for him in his current state.

However, he had some tricks up his sleeve. Luminous wings appeared behind his back as blood and vitality diffused throughout his body. A bright red glow covered him as if he was being immolated.


He raised his speed by a great deal and disappeared into the great forest, blocking the vision and access for the helicopter. He ran for his dear life, hoping to escape Chu Feng’s sniping range.

"Chase!" Chu Feng ordered, standing within the chopper and looking forward coldly. The longbow in his hand was ready to kill at a moment’s notice.

The helicopter rumbled as it rushed into the mountainous area in pursuit of Kong Sheng.


Chu Feng let loose the second arrow. It was like a shocking rainbow as it flew several kilometers, screaming through the air.


This arrow also found its target, but unfortunately, ut didn’t hit any vital areas. Kong Sheng screamed as another of his wings was shot through, exploding on the spot.

Now, he could only rely on his luminous wings to maintain flight. He ran into the deep mountains and snaked through the hilly regions, effectively shielding himself from the onslaught.

He was extremely astonished. He had powerful divine instincts and keen senses, yet he could not evade Chu Feng’s arrows. This left him with a deep sense of defeat.

When Chu Feng’s third arrow was shot, he felt his feathers contract while a chill spread through his bones. He ran for his dear life, away from this youthful yet terrifying demonic god.


He was once again unable to dodge as his tail end burst, scattering his colorful feathers everywhere and causing him to fall onto the great mountain.

"Ah…" Kong Sheng cried out in pain. The last arrow came close to knocking him out.

With a swoosh, his whole body exploded with burning vitality. His speed was once again increased as he broke the sound barrier and escaped.

This astonishing speed was extremely taxing on his current physique, leaving him with many small bloody lacerations.

But, this was not the time to care about these small matters as his only priority was to escape.

On the armed helicopter, the pilot and the agents all shivered at the scene despite being mutants.

"His senses are truly very keen. He dodged that last arrow which was aimed for his heart!" Chu Feng exclaimed.

The expressions of the other mutants changed.

At the moment, Chu Feng’s every move received the reverence and admiration of those present. Killing quasi beat kings and chasing down the peacock race’s genius descendant, this was an incomparable display of power.

"Not good!" the pilot exclaimed. The helicopter is out of fuel! All the way from Jinmen to Shuntian, the trip was too long and now chasing down the enemy had also consumed a fair amount of fuel.

"Tsk, he got lucky!" Chu Feng put away his longbow.

At the same time, he found a suitable place to land and let the other agents ship back the tail end and the fallen feathers.

These people were ecstatic, excited about the upcoming waves photos of these battle would cause.

After a long while, a few helicopters took to the air, bringing back Chu Feng’s many battle trophies. There were quasi beast king carcasses and peacock feathers among others, causing them to be greatly shocked.

Chu Feng went ahead towards Shuntian.

At this moment, the masses were all nervously waiting for the results of the battle.

The reason was that after Chu Feng started engaging the quasi beast kings, the communicator fell to the side with no one to record the scenes.

Time went by at a crawl, and several hours had passed in this manner, yet there was still no news regarding Chu Feng.

"The victory of our race is a certainty. With three quasi beast kings working together, what if Chu Feng had broken through to the quasi king level, his pitiable life cannot be preserved!"

Huang Xiaoxian appeared again and even though he felt a twinge of uncertainty, he felt like encouraging himself with the firm belief that Chu Feng would be defeated.

"Hey weasel, you still dare to talk? Careful lest we see another of those godlike comebacks!" someone mocked.

"Ha ha, it's you again! With you putting it that way, we all feel quite relieved. We’ll be waiting for another godlike come back to happen!" Many people chimed in to make fun of Huang Xiaoxian.

"Nonsense! If he turns this battle around, I’ll kneel here and call you ancestor. Hell, I’ll swallow this communicator! I just don’t believe it'll happen."

Huang Xiaoxian was now utterly agitated. The earlier incident about the "godlike come back" came as a huge blow to him. He sat there in a daze for quite some time.

Right now, he was naturally praying that the three great quasi beast kings would eliminate this hateful Chu Feng. He truly did not want to see him again.

"No way, if you kneel and call me ancestor, then wouldn’t I become a weasel?"

"Ha ha, no matter, I’ll wait for him to kneel before me. Let the comebacks continue and anger this weasel to death!"

Countless people were verbally sparring with Huang Xiaoxian on the media.

Huang Xiaoxian, in his anger, wrote: "You group of wicked people, just you wait! This Chu Feng is surely dead by now. Still want to turn things around? Dream on!"

However, just after saying that, he was utterly shocked as his hair all stood erect. He turned back slowly and into his vision came a familiar image.

Chu Feng was standing just outside his room. A smile was on the former’s face, revealing all his snow white teeth. Chu Feng greeted, "It’s been a few days since we last met, are you well?"

"Oh mommy!" Huang Xiaoxian screamed in shock, nearly falling off his chair.

His whole body was shaking, and his face was pale as a ghost. Never did he once think that Chu Feng would appear at his door. This was a new location that he had moved to in great secrecy, so outsiders would never know.

Huang Xiaoxian was about to cry; this was too terrifying! To him, this was the greatest fright of his life.

His expression was a mixture of wanting to cry but have no tears. "Hello, Big Brother Chu, I’ve always had the utmost respect for you. Please don’t come near me, let's talk this over."

His hair all stood on end as he screamed and kicked.

"Ha, aren’t you the media expert? Let me see. Oh, you’ve sent so many messages. Many people are following you." Chu Feng picked up his communicator and browsed through all the messages.

"Oh, you’ve not only repeatedly cursed me, but you also made a bet?" Chu Feng laughed gently.

"Come, let’s take a selfie and then you can post it," Chu Feng "suggested". They then took a selfie together. Within the photo, Chu Feng was smiling with splendid radiance while Huang Xiaoxian was on the verge of tears.

"Upload!" Chu Feng told him.

"Big brother. Can we discuss not uploading this photo? Let me help you take a proper photo so as to bring out all your splendor," Huang Xiaoxian said with teary eyes.

"Quickly!" Chu Feng released his murderous aura.

Finally, Huang Xiaoxian released the photo.

The result was that the whole internet became silent for a moment followed by a huge uproar!

"Oh god, what am I seeing?"

"Ha… Ha…"


[1] 經剛(石)- is a fairly conceptual term. It means something very sturdy and robust, something immovable or something that could destroy everything else. The word’s origins likely come from Buddhism, where there is also a scripture called the Diamond Sutra.
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