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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 130: A God-like Comeback

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Chapter 130: A God-like Comeback

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Huang Xiaoxian was feeling satisfied as he provoked the masses without disguise. Evidently, there were people on their way to kill Chu Feng, yet here he was putting on an act.

Within the live stream field of view, Chu Feng was standing alone within the forest. Apparently, he had noticed the assailants and was focused on his enemies.

At this moment, all the people were nervous. They realized that the beast race was really going to murder Chu Feng midway. Would it be like last time?

Within the mountainous forest, thick layers of fallen leaves carpeted the ground.

Chu Feng walked forward calmly, his steps rustling the leaves below. There was no longer a need for concealment since each side had already discovered the other.

Kong Sheng was hovering midair. Handsome and refined, his purple hair flowed smoothly. He wore a gentle smile on his face, as if there was not a care in the world.

He did not reveal his true form but a pair of luminous wings emerged from his back, allowing him to stay afloat in the air, looking down at the world below.


Kong Feng had made his move. He was a quasi beast king level expert of the peacock race. He spread his wings and flew through the air, appearing behind Chu Feng and cutting off his retreat.

He revealed an indifferent laugh, saying, "If you can still survive this, then it’ll be a miracle."

From his perspective, Chu Feng could not escape even if he was given wings. Who could stand their ground against three quasi beast king level experts in unison?

Kong Chen, however, was in his human form. His feet kicked off the ground and charged towards Chu Feng from the front, carrying a powerful aura.

He was an old man of 50 to 60 years, with his hands behind his back. Being a quasi beast king level expert, he was fairly conceited—disdain was written all over his cold demeanor.

Because, he felt that they had mustered too large a force for too small a prey.

Kong Chen started at Chu Feng and said, "Three quasi beast kings had been mobilized just to take care of a small character like you.

Chu Feng was calm and silent as he thought about how to prevent all of them from leaving alive. After all, they could fly.

On the internet, the people were losing their calm, and their hearts were in turmoil. The beast race had actually sent out three quasi beast kings. This would be the inevitable finishing blow.

People all knew that last time, Chu Feng had taken advantage of a special silver mine in the vicinity to kill one of his assailants and wound the other.

Now, what would he rely on? Even if he did, the beast race wouldn’t fall for such a trick twice. The situation at hand was truly perilous to say the least.

"This is bad, what do we do? Chu Feng is in great danger."

"Fear not, the agents from our race should also have mobilized. How would they allow this pack of beasts to run rampant and kill whoever they want?"

Someone speculated, and many were in agreement.

Huang Xiaoxian appeared once again and posted a photo, with the caption: "Everyone, don’t be too anxious, this is a hunting incident."

This weasel was still posting provocations at this critical juncture, and people couldn’t wait to give him a beating.

Within the forest, Huang Xian was personally recording the live stream.

Up till now, only Chu Feng was visible.

Huang Xian was a skinny man with messy yellow hair. He was smiling mischievously with an expression of tyrannical confidence. If Chu Feng was able to escape such a lineup, it would be inexcusable.

To him, this was a game of cat and mouse. He would torture Chu Feng quite miserably before ending the game.

"Let’s begin!" Huang Xian exclaimed, stepping forward and standing behind Kong Chen to record the battle in closer detail.

All the spectators felt depressed. They realized that the fight was about to begin.

Huang Xiaoxian was extremely delighted for he would soon be able to see Chu Feng suffer miserably. The time for revenge was at hand.

"Everyone, the most interesting part of this presentation is imminent. Let the hunt begin!" Huang Xiaoxian laughed ostentatiously.

The people were furious, but they could do nothing about it.


At this moment, the video imagery shook violently and the focus was lost. It appears that the experts have begun their battle and could no longer record the live stream, indicating that the battle was quite intense.

In the blink of an eye, a great amount of blood flew past in the video, causing a great amount of shock.

One had to know that the enemy party consisted of three quasi beast king level experts—it was almost impossible for Chu Feng to defend against them!

Huang Xiaoxian laughed in an unbridled manner as he felt great comfort and satisfaction.

People gasped in astonishment, feeling uncomfortable.

Because, following the spurt of blood, some teeth had also flown past the camera and were clearly visible to the onlookers.

People felt stifled, could it be that they were planning to deliberately humiliate Chu Feng on live stream? This was truly too cruel.

To the masses, Chu Feng was a respected hero who had killed the Ash Wolf and avenged the human race. But now, it seems that he was being humiliated, so they could not bear to watch this.

"Ha Ha… even this teeth has been knocked out! How delightful!" Huang Xiaoxian laughed wantonly. He quickly left a joyous comment, saying, "Let’s hope he can make a comeback!"

This was obviously intentional. He despised humans and wanted to provoke them during their moment of pain. This greatly infuriated the people; they wanted nothing more than to drag him out and give him a good beating.


The live stream was no longer clear due to the intense vibration. Even the camera had fallen to the ground.

The people were puzzled, what had happened?

Huang Xiaoxian was also bewildered—something was not right.

Very soon, the people heard screams of bitter agony, and after which, the communicator was picked up by someone.

With the camera held in a selfie position, Chu Feng’s face came into view—he was unharmed.

"What’s going on?!" The people on the internet were pleasantly surprised. It appears that the one who was wounded wasn’t Chu Feng.

Huang Xiaoxian was dumbfounded, what had happened? Just now, he was laughing delightfully and the smile on his face hadn’t even faded yet.

Chu Feng aimed Huang Xian’s communicator towards the ground.

The people went silent for a moment, then everything flared up controllably.

The truth had been revealed!

An old yellow-haired man lay on the ground, battered and bruised beyond recognition, coughing up blood and teeth.

"This appears to be a weasel, he must be one of the quasi beast king experts!" someone exclaimed.

Huang Xiaoxian was thoroughly dumbfounded. This was one of the elders from his tribe! How could he be beaten into such a miserable state? Huang Xian’s eyes were swollen, forming two straight lines. His nose had caved in, and most of his teeth were missing.

"Impossible!" screamed Huang Xiaoxian.

How could such an accident happen with three beast kings going in for the kill? This was supposed to be an anticlimactic battle.

"Ha ha, that weasel said one thing right, the plot had indeed reversed!" The people were constantly laughing at those words.

"A god-like comeback indeed, Huang Xiaoxian your words are truly valuable, they really came true!"

The people broke out in an uproar of laughter, calling out to Huang Xiaoxian to come forward and make another prediction.

Haung Xiaoxian was greatly incensed. How could something like this happen? Especially during a live stream, they had originally planned to humiliate Chu Feng on camera, but now the tables had turned on him right at the beginning. The quasi beast king expert of his tribe had been beaten until his teeth were all over the floor, what utter humiliation!

Meanwhile, within the forest.

Right off the bat, Chu Feng had ignored Kong Chen and directly lept for Huang Xian. Simply because he felt the old man to be a great eyesore—going so far as to record a live stream, taking him to be a piece of meat on the chopping block.

Chu Feng dashed towards him with great ferocity, attacking with tempestuous momentum.

Naturally, he was also restraining his power, afraid that he would scare off the experts from the peacock race. He only utilized part of his strength as his fist landed squarely on Huang Xian’s face, beating him until he was screaming in agony.

Huang Xian discarded his communicator to engage him, but the result was utter defeat. He was sent flying in a miserable fashion as his teeth scattered everywhere.

He felt extremely furious and humiliated.

He was a quasi beast king level expert, yet, in his carelessness, he had suffered a sneak attack. Chu Feng had pressed him to the ground and beat him continuously.

Naturally, he was also greatly astonished after sensing Chu Feng’s strength, which was every bit his equal. This young man had only disappeared for a few short days before returning with a great leap in power.

Not far away, Kong Chen was greatly shocked, and he could no longer keep his hands behind his back. When he saw Chu Feng rush towards Huang Xian just now, he was still laughing derisively, knowing that the old weasel would make short work of him. He never would have expected such an outcome.

Mid air, Kong Sheng and Kong Feng were awed by the increase in Chu Feng’s strength.

"Quasi beast king level!"

"You have ingested a mutant fruit, reaching the quasi beast king realm."

Up to this point, no one had realized that Chu Feng was actually on the beast king level. This was natural, since he had only been gone for a few days.

According to convention, even if one had ingested a top grade mutant fruit, he could only breakthrough to the quasi beast king level. Only after a period of stabilization and assimilation could he advance to the beast king level.

They were all at the same realm and knew these principles well.

Even Chu Feng was doubtful if he could actually break through, but in the end, he had succeeded.

"Old man, you sure keep up with the times, even playing with live streams. Very well, I’ll help you get some close-up shots, come on, smile!" Chu Feng brought the camera towards Huang Xian’s face, smiling resplendently.

"You… go away!" Huang Xian was as angry as he was ashamed. This was too humiliating.

This caused a great sensation on the internet, causing great waves.

Everyone was startled. This was truly a 180 degree reversal, not just empty words. Chu Feng had become a quasi beast king level expert? It appears that brutally beating the old weasel was not just by a fluke.

Huang Xiaoxian was extremely depressed. He blamed his inauspicious remark. It was just a casual comment to draw attention, but he never would have thought of such an outcome.

"People who come from the weasel race are truly extraordinary, all of them are great immortals [1], their words all come true. Ha ha!"

"Huang Xiaoxian, you are truly awesome. In the future, we should just call you straight shooter immortal Huang!"

A group of people were laughing with great delight, feeling extremely satisfied at making fun of Huang Xiaoxian.

However, the laughter died down just as fast, because they knew that Chu Feng was actually up against three quasi beast king level experts. It was not certain if he could escape with his life.

Within the mountains, Chu Feng intentionally spoke with a serious tone, "We are all of the same realm. If I want to leave, none of you can stop me."

At this point, he started moving back and fixed a direction to break through his assailants.

"Where do you think you’re going? Kill him!"

Huang Xian was extremely angry as he led the charge. His body explosively grew as he turned into a gigantic yellow beast over ten meters long. He roared loudly as he lept towards Chu Feng.

Strong gusts of winds kicked up the sand and stones, and even the trees were broken by the gale—a berserk quasi beast king was truly terrifying.

"Kill him!"

Just as Chu Feng was planning to "escape", Kong Sheng had rushed over with a whoosh, reaching subsonic speeds. He exhibited his Ming Wang Fist as he smashed down at Chu Feng’s back.

"Since you have come, then don’t think about leaving with your head intact!" Mid air, Kong Feng coldly proclaimed. His peacock form was resplendent with prismatic halos, especially his tail feathers, which were incomparably vibrant.

He dived down towards Chu Feng, aiming for the kill.

The grand battle had begun—three quasi beast kings fighting in unison was a force to reckon with. The whole patch of land was filled with thunderous explosions, and even the earth was split open by the force.

Within the blink of an eye, the four experts had engaged in melee combat. They were constantly on the move, raining destruction upon the forest in their wake.

It was hard to believe that these experts were built of flesh and blood. Before their attacks, giant stones, mountains and even ancient trees were demolished without exception.

It was hard to associate mere bodies of flesh with such destructive force, so it was evident that normal firearms would have no effect on them.

Chu Feng frowned. Kong Sheng had maintained his position mid air with no intention of coming down into battle.

"Uncle Feng, Uncle Chen, be careful!" Kong Sheng warned from the air, with a serious expression on his face.

Chu Feng frowned in frustration. He knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to make his move, and as for Kong Sheng, he would probably have to find an opportunity to kill him with the Thunderous.


Suddenly, Chu Feng broke the sound barrier with a resounding explosion. This terrifying speed was the defining strength of a beast king level warrior.


Like a sudden clap of thunder, Chu Feng lept up and faced the prismatic peacock diving towards him. A fist was thrown upwards with such power that it pierced the air and produced a thunderous explosion.


Kong Feng screamed in agony as he grimaced in pain. The fist had penetrated his chest, painting the vicinity in fresh blood.

After punching out with a resounding boom, he lightly pressed on the giant peacock and leveraged the force to dive back towards the experts on the ground, aiming for Kong Chen.

He wanted to take care of the beasts who could fly first.


Kong Chen trembled with shock. Everything happened in a flash. This young man suddenly exploded with tremendous power, which startled him quite badly.

How could this be a hunting session? They were obviously up against a ferocious beast. Wanting to hunt him down seemed like a joke, and they were more likely to become food. They had delivered themselves into the tiger’s jaws.

This was a king level entity! Their information was grossly incorrect and their current situation, ridiculously comical. Wanting to challenge a king level expert with a mere three quasi beast kings?


Kong Chen was sent flying. He had crossed his arms to defend this chest, but they were turned into bloody mist in the blink of an eye. He had no chance of blocking such a terrifying strike.

If he had not blocked by sacrificing his arms, the strike would have blown a hole in his chest.

"Too terrifying!" Huang Xian felt his hair stand on end as he turned tail and ran.

"Want to leave?!" Chu Feng had caught up to him with a swoosh! It was almost as if he was flying.

At this moment, he was like a demonic god.

[1] Weasels are also called Huang Daxian, meaning "great immortal huang". Huang Xiaoxian’s name means "little immortal Huang"
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